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Another Dynamite Double-Header at DMG! 1st set features an incredible all-star quartet - featuring two clarinetists: AARON NOVICK & JEREMIAH CYMERMAN plus two more Downtown guitar heroes: AVA MENDOZA and BRANDON SEABROOK! Both clarinet players have discs out on the Tzadik label which appear to come from separate worlds. Mr. Novick's Tzadik disc featured collaborators: Fred Frith, Carla Kihlstedt and Ben Goldberg and was a part of the Radical Jewish Series. Experimental clarinetist and sonic manipulator Jeremiah Cymerman plays in Bloodmist and Pale Horse and has worked with Evan Parker, Nate Wooley, Peter Evans & many more. Mr. Novik and AVA MENDOZA are from the Bay area and both played together in Fred Frith's Gravity project. Ms. Mendoza\s amazing power trio Unnatural Ways have a smokin' disc out on Tzadik from last year that you need! The ever in-demand BRANDON SEABROOK plays both electric guitar and banjo and has been blowing minds on both instruments. Brandon has an astounding trio called Seabrook Power Plant that must be seen & heard to be believed!?! Plus he works with: Gerald Cleaver's Black Host, Andrew Drury's Content Provider and Peter Evans Quartet.

Originally from Argentina and longtime resident of Chicago, GUILLERMO GREGORIO, also plays clarinet and has some a dozen discs out on labels: Hatology, Peira and New World, as a leader, composer and reeds player. Gregorio has recently moved here and played at DMG several times in the past. He will joined by French hornist VINCENT CHANCEY who has worked with Carla Bley and Sun Ra and many others. Up and coming contra-bassist, BRANDON LOPEZ, has been making a name for himself working with Chris Pitsiokos and many others.

This looks to be another amazing night!

Sunday, May 7th - DMG Double Header - 2 Amazing Duos: 6pm; BEN STAPP and ELIJAH SHIFFER - Tuba and Sax / Clarinet 7pm: CATHERINE SIKORA and BRIAN CHASE - Tenor Sax and Drums

BEN STAPP is a wonderful tuba player and composer! Ben played a great solo set here at DMG and has recorded with Stephen Haynes, Joe Morris, William Parker and Tony Malaby. The first two parts of his opera, 'Myrrha's Red Book: Act 1 & 2', show him to be a formidable composer and overlooked gems on CD. Saxophonist and composer ELIJAH SHIFFER is leader of the Robber Crabs, an avant-trad jazz quartet. His influences include Dadaism, no wave, and birds. 

CATHERINE SIKORA plays tenor sax and is yet another of those phenomenal Downtown musicians who rarely gets the recognition she long deserves. Her solo sax offering on Relative Pitch is inspired yet modest and she has worked with Eric Mingus, Roy Campbell, Vinny Golia and Ross Hammond. She recently moved to the UK so her appearances here are relatively rare. BRIAN CHASE is another low-key yet immensely creative drummer who has been involved in several strong duos over the past few years: Andrea Parkins, Alan Licht, Thollem McDonas and as well as a couple of fine collaborations with Jeremiah Cymerman. His solo effort on Pogus, 'Drums & Drones', is a personal faves that should be checked out at you next convenience.

Sunday, May 14th: 6pm: BEAKER: ALEC HARPER and TYLER GILMORE - Tenor Sax and Electronics

NYC seems to be filled an army of gifted free/jazz saxists! Every year more turn up and find their way to DMG. Alec Harper played a superb duo set here last year and is back with a new duo called BEAKER which includes TYLER GILMORE on electronics. They sent me this clip which you should check out:

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