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RAS MOSHE plays mostly tenor sax and occasionally flute. He is one of Downtown's most inspired and positive Underground heroes. Ras is also a noted Avant-Jazz historian, as well as a teacher. He leads several bands with MUSIC NOW his most acclaimed. He always finds like-minded spirits to collaborate with and we look forward to each and every visit! This set will feature the DMG Debut of the ZODIAC SAXOPHONE QUARTET and the personnel features: Ras Moshe Burnett, Charles Waters, Claire Daly and Lee Odom on saxes.

REDS & WHITES feature JOHN WELSH on guitar, AUSTIN WHITES on electric bass and ANDERS ZELINSKI on drums. This phenomenal trio are one of NYC’s best kept secrets! An intense, explosive power trio that draw from jazz/rock/punk and other post-whatever sources. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!?!

Sunday, August 27th: 6pm: GUILLERMO GREGORIO / MAT MANERI / NICHOLAS JOZWIAK - Debut set for a New Clarinet / Viola / Cello Trio!

Clarinetist and composer, GUILLERMO GREGORIO, is an original member of Argentinian avant/underground from the mid-sixties. Mr. Gregorio later moved to Chicago and was an integral part of the Windy City avant/jazz and New Music scene. Check out his diverse catalogue of more than a dozen discs on Hatology/Now, New World, Peira and Atavistic labels. Guillermo moved too NY last year and has played here at DMG many times. Each set has been special in one way or another, always blurring the lines between Avant/Free Jazz and New Music. Not to be missed by those in the know!

Violist & violinist, MAT MANERI, is one of the most distinctive string players to emerge from the vast creative music scene in the past couple of decades. Both Mat and his father Joe Maneri, were known for their unique microtonal explorations. Mat has continued to experiment with his own microtonal vision/sound and works with a number of other challenging musicians: Ches Smith Trio (ECM CD), trio with Evan Parker & Lucian Ban and another trio with Tony Malaby & Daniel Levin. All are amazing!

The third member of this trio is cellist NICHOLAS JOZWIAK. This is the debut set of this new trio and should be another of this year’s highlights!

Rare Tuesday, August 29 Set: 6pm: RAYMOND MacDONALD and GEORGE BURT - Sax and Guitar from Glasgow!

RAYMOND MacDONALD plays sax & GEORGE BURT plays electric guitar. Both of the musicians are longtime members of the Glasgow creative music scene and have had an ongoing co-led ensemble for many years. UK legends Lol Coxhill and Keith Tippett were both guests of this band and are on several of their recordings. Both are also members of the sensational Glasgow Improvers Orchestra. I believe that this is their time playing together in NYC and we are delighted to give them an opportunity to do their thing!

Sunday, September 10th Double Bass Double Header! 6pm: THOMAS HELTON and MICHAEL BISIO - Incredible ContraBass Duo! 7pm: DOU B 2: LISA MEZZACAPPA / JOSH SINTON / AARON NOVIK / JASON LEVIS - Two Bass Clarinets / Acoustic Bass / Drums! New West Coast/East Coast Co-Opt Quartet!

Texas-bassed bassist THOMAS HELTON comes to DMG around once a year playing solo or duo (William Parker) or trio (Tony Malaby & Joe Hertenstein) and never fails to knock us out! For this set, Helton will be joined by Downtown bass master MICHAEL BISIO! For the past few year Mr. Bisio has been playing in duo, trios and quartets with Matt Shipp, Kirk Kniffke and Ivo Perelman. Mr. Bisio's last two discs for Relative Pitch, a duo with Kirk Knuffke and a quartet with Knuffke, Art Bailey and Michael Wimberley are both underground classics!

Bay area bassist LISA MEZZACAPPA is one of the most ambitious, creative and diverse bandleaders & composers to emerge from the West Coast in the past decade. Ms. Mezzacappa has a half dozen different discs out on Not Two, Clean Feed and Leo, all excellent! Lisa has organized a phenomenal new quartet just for DMG featuring West Coast/East Coast All-Stars: Aaron Novik (several great discs on Tzadik, Evander & Porto Franco) and Josh Sinton (Ideal Bread, Nate Wooley & Harris Eisenstadt) on bass clarinets and Bay Area drummer JASON LEVIS, who has two swell but hard-to-find duo discs out with Ms. Mezzacappa.

This looks to be another one of Special DMG Double Bills that will discussed by future Downtown historians!

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