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DMG NEWSLETTER FOR June 10th, 2016

Vision Fest Twenty-One Continues to
Provide Us with a Hopeful Vision of the Future
The Communal Spirit of Creative Music Flourishes There…

It’s Time for Another Weeks’ Worth of Treasures from These Folks:

Mats Gustafsson MG 50 Box Set! Peter Brotzmann’s Full Blast! 4 from
Hatology: Albert Ayler/Don Cherry Qt! Ellery Eskelin Organ Trio! Christy
Doran/Hank Roberts/Marty Ehrlich/Ray Anderson! Slam: Paul Dunmall/Mark
Sanders Sextet! George Haslam & Mario Rua!

Linda Sharrock & Itaru Oki! Two from Dave Rempis with Joshua Abrams &
Avreeayl Ra! 2 from Joachim Badenhorst: Carate Ursio & Celano/Baggiani
Group! The Sync: Sylvaine Helary/Fred Lonberg-Holm/Eve Risser/Mike Reed!
The Dwarfs or East Agouza: Alan Bishop & Sam Shalabi!

Plus Archival Discs from Sun Ra! Horace Silver! Tackhead! Leo Kottke! Rare
R&B! All Types of Psychedelic Oddities and Much More! Plus Many Rare LPs!


The DMG FREE Weekly In-Store Concert Series Continues With:

June 12th: Last Minute performance by:
6pm:  AUSTIN WHITE - Solo electric bass!
percussion 'Interpretations from the Disney Songbook'

June 19th: Bruce’s Birthday / Father’s Day Celebration! Snacks & Spirits!

Downtown Music Gallery 25th Anniversary Celebration at Roulette in
Monday, June 20th, from 7pm til 11pm:
$25 in advance / $30 day of show - tickets on sale now at:

Sunday, June 26th:

Sunday, July 3rd:

Sunday, July 10th:
6pm: DISSIPATED FACE 2016: Steve X Dream/Kurt Ralske/Daniel Carter/Will
Dahl/Bill Milkowski/Michael Lublin/Jonathan Wood Vincent!

DMG is located at 13 Monroe St. (between Catherine & Market Sts) in a
basement below a former Buddhist temple & beauty salon. Take the F train to
East Broadway or the 6 train to Canal or the B or D to Grand, or the M-15
bus to Madison & Catherine.  Come on Down, the Music Always Free & the
Vibes are Quite Cosy!


MATS GUSTAFSSON AND FRIENDS - MG 50 - Peace & Fire [4 CD Box Set](Trost
140; Austria) In October 2015, a three-day was held at Porgy & Bess in
Vienna for the 50th birthday of Mats Gustafsson, saxophone player
extraordinaire in contemporary (free) jazz with The Thing, Fire!, and
various duo/trio/ensemble formations. Many collaborators of Gustafsson's
were invited to join in various formations. The first three discs of the
four-CD set were recorded October 26-28, 2014 at Porgy & Bess in Vienna by
Mikael Werliin. The fouth disc was recorded October 26-28th, 2014 at
"Strenge Kammer," Porgy & Bess, by Alexander Kasses. The discs are
presented in a heavy cardboard box with two thick booklets including essays
and many photos. Mixed in 2015 at Garnison7 in Vienna by Martin Siewert and
Mats Gustafsson. Mastered by Martin Siewert in 2016. Photos by Petra
Cvelbar and Ziga Koritnik. Artwork by Lasse Marhaug. Produced by Konstantin
Drobil and Mats Gustafsson. Includes performances by Mats Gustafsson/Didi
Kern, RISC (Billy Roisz/Dieb 13), Sven- Åke Johansson, Swedish Azz, Fake
The Facts + Paul Lytton & Martin Brandlmayr, Christof Kurzmann/Sofia
Jernberg, Fire! Plus guests, Klangforum Wien & Mats Gustafsson, TR!O + 1
(Günther Christman/Paul Lovens/Thomas Lehn/Mats Gustafsson), The Thing &
Ken Vandermark, Kjell Nordeson, Per-Åke Holmlander, Agustí Fernández, Erwan
Keravec, Christof Kurzmann/Ken Vandermark, and Anna Högberg.
4 CD Set $60

(Trost 148; Austria) With all the projects Peter Brötzmann is currently
working on, Full Blast -- with the precise and dynamic Swiss rhythm section
of Marino Pliakas and Michael Wertmüller -- is the most consistent and the
longest-running. Their fifth album finds the band in a studio again, with
time and the desire to try something new. Seven compositions in the
distinctive, strong Full Blast nature get an exciting electronic treatment
by Michael Wertmüller (with electronics by Gerd Rische, recorded months
before his death in October 2015) during and after the recording. For
mixing the band decided to work with Gareth Jones (well-known for his work
with Einstürzende Neubauten and Depeche Mode), whom they have used with
Pliakas's band Steamboat Switzerland before. Full Blast have created an
album that in its nonconformity and richness in variety stands on his own
in contemporary jazz. Peter Brötzmann: reeds; Marino Pliakas: e-bass;
Michael Wertmüller: drums. Recorded live on March 11 and 12, 2015 at
Garnison 7, Vienna. Mixed by Gareth Jones, London, November 2015. Mastered
by Martin Siewert, December 2015. Produced by Konstantin Drobil and Michael
Wertmüller. Cover art by Peter Brötzmann. Designed by Brötzmann and Klaus
CD $17

Four New Treasures from Hatology in Stock Early Next Week:
Special Sale This Week: Take 3 or more Hats & take $1 off of each one!

European Radio Studio Recordings 1964 (Hatology 678; Switzerland) Recorded
during Albert Ayler's 1964 European tour with Don Cherry on cornet, Gary
Peacock on bass, and Sunny Murray on drums, perhaps Ayler's best band and
most creative period, well captured at Hilversum in The Netherlands and for
Danish Radio Copenhagen, Denmark.
  “1964 was Ayler's annus mirabilis. The epochal Spiritual Unity,
featuring a trio with bassist Gary Peacock and drummer Sunny Murray,
instituted his connection with ESP-Disk, consolidated by New York Eye and
Ear Control, Spirits Rejoice, and Bells. In summer 1964, trumpeter Don
Cherry joined Ayler's group, and his dancing faux-naïve style provided an
inspired contrast to the leader. In September, the new quartet was invited
for a brief Scandinavian tour which extended to the Netherlands." - Andy J.
CD $17

(Hatology 741; Switzerland) 2015 recordings of tenor saxophonist Ellery
Eskelin's trio with Gary Versace on organ and Gerry Hemingway on drums, an
ebullient set live at the Jazz Festival in Willisau, Switzerland,
sequencing Count Basie, Victor Young, Ernie Burnett and Thelonious Monk
  “Gary Versace’s nearly telepathic musical mind along with Gerry
Hemingway's absolutely unique approach to the drums infused the music this
evening with a very special and rare chemistry. It was a great pleasure for
me and I hope you enjoy listening." - Ellery Eskelin
CD $17

LEIMGRUBER - In the Corner of the Eye (Hatology 702; Switzerlad)"Despite
the passage of time what's most striking about In The Corner Of The Eye is
just how innovative Doran's music sounds today, a quarter of a century
later. In The Corner Of The Eye is a thrilling affirmation of Doran's
status as one of contemporary music's most significant acoustic and
electric guitarists - on either side of the Atlantic." - Ian Patterson
CD $17

ROLAND DAHINDEN / HILDEGARD KLEEB - Stones (Hatology 739; Switzerland)
Married and working as a duo since 1987, Swiss pianist Hildegard Kleeb and
trombonist Roland Dahinden have a rare telepathic link in their freely
improvised duos, informed by their work with Anthony Braxton, Alvin Lucier,
John Cage, Pauline Oliveros, Christian Wolff…
  “The music of Roland Dahinden and Hildegard Kleeb has grown from a
combination of individual virtuosity, a shared life, a special environment
and the gradual mutation and transformation of things in time. Stones is
the expression of all of those things as well as a very special musical
conception that generates different patterns, cycling forwards and
backwards, inwardly and outwardly.” - Stuart Broomer, February 2016
CD $17

A Couple of New Discs from the Great Slam label just showed up. I will
review them next week and list another two or three then…

WALT SHAW /MARK SANDERS] - Subjects and Structures (Slam 2102; UK) First
new disc with our main man Paul Dunmall in a while and most likely great!
Review next week but why wait..?!?
CD $12

GEORGE HASLAM / MARIO RUA - Maresia (Slam 331; UK) Featuring George Haslam
on clarinet & tarogato and Mario Rua on drums.
CD $12

LINDA SHARROCK With ITARU OKI / et al - The Network [2 CD set](Improvised
Beings 46; France) "From the new half live, half studio 2xCD, "They Begin
To Speak". Both discs present near hour-long versions of the title track
respectively. True to the spirit of the project, the live disc was actually
performed first in 2015, recorded at The Lescar in Sheffield, UK. Sharrock,
along with a mix of musicians, both new and from the prior performance,
recreated the experience two months later in a studio in
Issy-les-Moulineaux, France. She was aided by dozens of improv luminaries
during both events, such as Charlie Collins (I've heard of him!), John
Jasnoch, Dereck Saw and Itaru Oki. Still, Sharrock has an impressive way of
charging through their determined cacophony and taking center stage by
means of upping the ante. If the album is as wild and inspired in its
entirety as the above excerpt, then two hours won't seem much of a chore."
- Improvising Beings
2 CD Set $14

Two New Ones from Dave Rempis’ Aerophonic Label:

012; USA) Featured on Disc One: Dave Rempis on alto, tenor & bari saxes,
Joshua Abrams on bass & clarinet and Avreeayl Ra on drums & wooden flute
plus Jim Baker on keyboards & electronics (added on Disc Two). Chicago
saxist Dave Rempis’ Aerophonic label now has a dozen releases and this is
the second disc with his trio with the ubiquitous bassist & bandleader Josh
Abrams plus master-drummer Avreeayl Ra, who has worked with a number of
Chicago greats like Ernest Dawkins, Ari Brown and Nicole Mitchell.
  Disc One is just the trio and it is one continuous set recorded at
Elastic Arts in Chicago. It begins softly with the trio simmering with a
solemn resonance. The sound and balance is superb. Soon the trio is in full
force, blowing up a tidal wave with Mr. Rempis on tenor blasting tightly
the rest of trio all soaring together. Slowly the trio winds down in a most
organic way, The entire set feels like a story unfolding and builds from
scene to scene. The rhythm team here are one of the finest I’ve heard and
seem to match Mr. Rempis’ power, passion and creative energy just right.
Much of this set is on the slow, steamy side, the repeating bass and drum
line, ritualistic and often trance-like. The second disc features trio
recorded at The Owl in January of 2016 and adds keyboardist Jim Baker. Mr.
Baker is another Chicago player who in involved in a variety of situations
(Ken Vandermark, David Boykin & Paul Hartsaw). Mr. Baker adds a rich layer
in interaction on the piano when the set commences. Eventually things wind
down to a slow simmer, before they build to another boiling point. Again,
the disc has a wonderful, vibe which takes time to et to where its going.
Quite beautiful at times. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
2 CD set $15

(Aerophonic 011; USA) Featuring Dave Rempis on alto, tenor & bari saxes,
Albert Wildeman on bass and Ryan Packard on drums & electronics. The
ever-evolving Chicago new music scene continues to grow and he we have Dave
Rempis utilizing the talents of a couple of musicians with whom I hadn’t
previous heard. This is strong, intense, inspired trio and they are burning
right from the opening salvo. The first track is long and goes through
different sections, some over-the-top but always winding back down to some
less explosive parts. Mr. Rempis is in fine form here, letting it rip and
soaring into some furious tenor bouts. On the second track, Mr. Packard
plays quiet, eerie electronics at the beginning which sounds great as the
trio takes their time to build into another strong, moody excursion. There
is a strong and spirited bond between all three players here, sounding as
if they have been working together for a long while. Considering that the
rhythm team are not well known musicians, they still sound fantastic
throughout this dynamite disc! - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $14

Edition/Hand made cover] - Lover (Klein 6; Netherlands) Featuring: Joachim
Badenhorst on clarinets, tenor sax & keyboards, Sam Kulik on trombone &
guitar, Frantz Loriot on viola, Nico Roig on guitar, Pascal Niggenkemper &
Brice Soniano on double basses and Sean Carpio on drums. This is the second
disc from Joachim Badenhorst’s Carate Urio Orchestra, actually a six or
seven piece ensemble and an eclectic international crew. Like everything
Amsterdam-based reeds wiz Badenhorst does, there is always something
enchanting going on, transformative and dream-like. Their set here last
Sunday (6/5/16) was equally endearing.
  The first song, “Preacher,” was inspired by a trip to a
brewery/monastery (which looked like an ancient spaceship) in which the
ensemble sat through a mass. The music is sparse and ritualistic sounding.
Drummer Sean Carpio sings quietly on “Ar Antiphon” in a most fragile,
Robert Wyatt-like way, with the bowed bass evoking the sounds of distant
waves. Most sublime in the first half, but building to a rich, disorienting
conclusion. I really dig the soft, processed vocals on “Lover”, kind of
like an android singing in a dream. Please be patient and wait for the last
song, “Fremdenzimmer”, which is the most touching gem of the batch, the
chanted vocals are most hypnotic and have a way of taking us along for a
solemn yet engrossing journey. Right now it grey outside and it is raining
and a bit cold. This music fits the mood perfectly. - Bruce Lee Gallanter,
CD $16  (10 copies are all we got until Mr. Badenhorst comes to visit again)

559-059; Netherlands) Featuring Joachim Badenhorst on clarinet, bass
clarinet & tenor sax, Guillermo Celano on guitar, Clemens van der Feen on
double bass and Marcos Baggiani on drums. A few years ago, we received a
couple of discs from the Italian Celano/Baggiani Group with Michael Moore
as their guest. Due to a set for the North Sea Jazz Festival in 2013, the
co-leaders, Mr. Celano & Mr. Baggiani, organized another international unit
with two Amsterdam based musicians - Joachim Badenhorst on reeds and
Clemens van der Feen on double bass. Mr. van der Feen has also worked with
Michael Moore in recent times and I reviewed a new quartet disc just last
week (6/3/16), which included both musicians.
  Guitarist Celano Baggiani, wrote all of the songs on this long disc,
utilizing the strengths of all four members of this fine quartet and
covering a wide range of styles. The title track, “Erasing Borders” opening
up this disc and starts off with some swaggering tenor from Mr.
Badenhorst,  laid back yet infectious, groove-wise. All of the songs deal
with crossing the borders, both geographically and in styles of music.
Immigration concerns in Europe are obviously on many minds. On “The
Architect” Mr. Celano plays a long, fractious, inspired guitar solo which
moves though rock, noise and jazz streams. Mr. Celano does a great job of
writing those intricate, shapeshifting lines for the tenor and guitar to
play tightly together while the rhythm team shifts tempos and dynamics.
“Requiem for a Dying Planet” does sound like a requiem and features some
superb, exquisite guitar and clarinet together. The highlight here is “War
for Peace and Oil”, several intricate lines for the guitar and bass
clarinet to play together as well as a strong unaccompanied guitar solo
midway. Considering that this quartet had not played together before their
appearance at the North Sea Jazz Fest, they do sound as if they have been
working together for many years previously. Magnefico! - Bruce Lee
Gallanter, DMG
CD $16

Recordings 1501; EEC) Featuring Harmen Fraanje on piano, Brice Soniano on
bass and Toma Gouband on drums. Just last week (6/3/16), I reviewed a
couple of quartet discs by Michael Moore (from ICP), one of which featured
a Dutch pianist named Harmen Fraanje. Mr. Fraanje has worked with Michael
Moore previously, as well as with Ernst Reijseger and with Mats Eilertsen
(2 discs on Hubro). Danish bassist Brice Soniano played here at DMG last
week with Carate Ursio and has a duo disc out with Joachim Badenhorst.
Drummer Toma Gouband has worked with Kim Myhr, Benoit Delbeq and Evan
  Recorded in a studio in Brussels in 2013, these are mostly group
improvisations with some thematic or direction involved. The title track is
first and has a hushed elegance permeating, solemn, sublime. Since much of
this music is so sparse, each note or sound is well-placed. There is a
ghost-like, dreamy quality to this disc. Nothing is rushed, the restraint
and slower pace seems most organic. It does a bit of getting used to the
hushed resonance, it is as if we have to keep our pulse rate down to a
minimum. Eventually the tempo picks up and we get into a hypnotic, medium
groove which feels great. I just opened the window and let the cool breeze
blow in. It feels like a lovely Spring day and this music seems to fit
perfectly. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $15

1502; EEC) Featuring Cesar Joaniquet on tenor sax, Brice Soniano on
acoustic bass and Kasper Tom on drums. Danish bassist Bruce Soniano played
here last week (6/5/16) with Joachim Badenhorst’s Carate Ursio sextet and
left us with a couple of trio discs. I hadn’t heard of saxist Cesar
Jaoniquet before this, although I am pretty familiar with Danish drummer
Kasper Tom (Christiansen), since he appears on a dozen discs on the
Barefoot and Fortune labels. ’Songbook’ was inspired by the music and songs
of Billie Holiday. The trio cover a half dozen songs that are associated
with Ms. Holiday as well as a few written by Mr. Joaniquet, inspired by
Lady Day. Commencing with “Polks Dots and Moonbeams”, the trio play this
song with a quaint, hushed elegance. So fine. You would think that it would
be difficult to evoke that ancient, sad, universal feeling or vibe that
Billie Holiday had at the center of all of her songs, but this trio do a
beautiful job. The three originals also capture that spirit just right, I
found myself humming along although I didn’t know the song they were
playing. Mr. Joaniquet has a rich, warm, buttery tone on tenor and sounds
more like on those old school tenormen of long ago. This is one of the most
laid back and exquisite discs I’ve heard in a long while. Hard to believe
that such younger folks could pull this off but they really do. - Bruce Lee
Gallanter, DMG
CD $15

The Bridge Sessions 02 (Across the Bridges TBS 02; France) The Sync is
Sylvaine Helary on flute, effects & voice, Fred Lonberg-Holm on cello &
effects, Eve Risser on piano & prepared piano and Mike Reed on drums. The
Bridge is a transatlantic network for creative music that brings together
musicians from across the ocean. For this session there are two French
musicians: Ms. flutist Sylvaine Helary (who has a great 2 CD set on Ayler)
and pianist Eve Risser (superb solo CD on Clean Feed & member of Pascal
Niggenkemper 7). I caught Ms. Helary sitting in with Kris Davis a few
months ago at Cornelia Street Cafe and she played a few flute solos, one of
which astonished everyone in attendance. Keep your eye on her! The other
half of this quartet features two musicians from Chicago: cellist Fred
Lonberg-Holm (plays with everyone) and drummer Mike Reed (a dozen great
discs as a leader).
  This disc was recorded both in studios in France and Chicago. The close
mic’d sound and balance are consistently superb. Ms. Risser has been
getting better and better at conjuring mysterious sounds from inside the
piano. The playing and interaction between the flute, piano, cello and
percussion is extraordinary. Mr. Lonberg-Holm takes a fascinating long solo
on the first piece, using a bit of sustain and sounding like Fred Frith’s
guitar from the Henry Cow era. Since both Ms. Helary and Mr. Lonberg-Holm
use effects, there are some mysterious sounds which are hard to place. Ms.
Helary also does some odd sounding spoken word (subdues yet strange) in
French which only adds to the already weird vibe. The first of three pieces
is 27 & 1/2 minutes long and is pretty incredible. Midway, the tempo shifts
into hyperdrive with some astonishing, furiously spinning piano, cello,
flute and percussion! This disc is nearly an hour long and is consistently
spell-binding! By bringing together an international quartet of gifted
improvisers, The Bridge has excelled at some well needed diplomacy,
breaking down established borders/barriers and showing how the combined
effort is even stronger than the separate parts. Outstanding! - Bruce Lee
Gallanter, DMG
CD $12

(Nawa 005; UK) The Dwarfs of East Agouza are a trio from Cairo featuring
Maurice Louca (Alif, Bikya), Sam Shalabi (Land of Kush, Shalabi Effect) and
Alan Bishop (Sun City Girls, The Invisible Hands, Alvarius B.). Born during
2012, the trio's instrumental improvisation-based explorations are
propelled by Louca's North African percussion loops and shimmering keys,
Shalabi's West African tinged free jazz guitar and grounded by Bishop's
driving Krautrock-style acoustic bass. Following many a late night jam
session, the band recorded hours of material during a three-day studio run
in April 2014. After compiling and mixing the album in Montreal's Break
Glass studio in July 2015, the refined result is Bes. From the lilt of the
four-minute Ethiopian tinged "Resinance" to the 30-minute free-form epic
"Museum of Stranglers", the album skirts the outer limits of a psychedelic
soundtrack to a North African road trip.
2 CD Set $22

MARYAM SALEH - Mesh Baghanny (Mostakell 1202; Egypt) Mesh Baghanny, Maryam
Saleh's debut album, presents her works, ones which grew throughout the
previous years in music, performance and politics. Maryam Saleh, Egyptian
singer and songwriter, is a major creative force and a powerful voice for
her generation. Saleh composes and performs music that is personal,
political and philosophical; intense, intelligent Egyptian music with
Arabic language and influences of trip-hop and psych-rock.
CD $17

MARYAM SALEH & ZEID HAMDAN - Halawella (Mostakell 001; Egypt) Halawella is
an experimental musical partnership between Maryam Saleh and pioneering
electro-music producer Zeid Hamdan, who has been described as the
"godfather of Lebanese underground music". The duo have developed their
blend of traditional Arabic songs, hip-hop and electronica to produce raw,
energetic and sophisticated music. Includes original music by both artists,
alongside covers of classic Arabic songs.
CD $17

TAMER ABU GHAZALEH - Mir'ah (Mostakell 801; Egypt) Tamer Abu Ghazaleh's
debut album Mir'ah (Mirror) was released in 2008. Recorded with a group of
Palestinian and Egyptian performers, the record's seven entrancing and
sometimes frenzied songs were written during a turbulent period of
demonstrations, bombardment and invasion of Palestinian cities. Composed
during curfews, the album expresses everyday human emotions - love, hate,
comfort, boredom, excitement - that were informed by the unreal experience
of living in Palestine during that period. Tamer Abu Ghazaleh is a leading
figure in modern Arabic culture. The Palestinian singer,
multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer has over the past few years
collaborated in many music projects and founded eka3, a regional platform
dedicated to promoting, producing, distributing, and touring independent
Arabic music.
CD $17

AZIZ MARAKA/MASHROU LEILA/RESSALA - Leka@eka3 (Mostakell 1001; Egypt)
Leka@eka3, the Regional Fusion Tour, was established in 2009. Artists that
have built their musical language and audience separately in each country
got the chance to meet and fuse their genres to blast a new experience
across the Middle East. Jordanian artists included Aziz Maraka & RAZZ ,
Sign of Thyme, and Jadal. Egyptian artists included Ressala and Omar Kamel,
while Mashrou' Leila and I-Voice participated from Lebanon.
CD $24

Historic & Archival Recordings:

SUN RA - Cosmos (Inner City 020; USA) An originally hard-to-find,
alternately chaotic and tightly organized '76 session [August at the Studio
Hautefeuille, Paris] that was issued on the Cobra [France], and then Inner
City [U.S.] labels. Sun Ra provided some stunning moments on the
Rocksichord, while leading The Arkestra through stomping full-band cuts of
atmospheric or alternately hard bop compositions, peeling off various
saxophonists for skittering, screaming, at times spacey dialogues. The
seven tracks include - "The Mystery of Two," "Interstellar Low-Ways,"
"Neo-Project #2," "Cosmos," "Moonshine Journey," "Journey Among The Stars"
and "Jazz From An Unknown Planet". Featuring a core line up of: Mr. Ra,
Eloe Omoe, Danny Thompson, Marshall Allen, John Gilmore, Danny Davis, James
Jackson, Craig Harris, Ahmed Abdullah, Vincent Chancy, Larry Bright and R.
Anthony Bunn. This is one of the best later period Sun Ra Arkestra studio
recordings and still sounds "cosmic" today! - Ron Wynn & Michael G Nastos,
CD $15

HORACE SILVER - 12 Classic Records: 1953 - 1962 [6 CD Set] (Enlightenment
9031) Horace Ward Martin Tavares Silva, born September 2, 1928, was an
American jazz pianist and composer. Influenced by a wide range of musical
styles, notably gospel, African music, and Latin American, Silver also
ventured into the soul jazz genre.Silver's big break came in 1950 backing
saxophonist Stan Getz at The Sundown Club in Hartford, Connecticut. It was
with Getz that Silver made his recording debut, for the 1950 Stan Getz
Quartet album. Silver moved to New York City in 1951, where he worked at
the jazz club Birdland on Monday nights, when different musicians would
come together and informally jam. During that year he met the executives of
the Blue Note label while working as a sideman. He eventually signed with
them, remaining there until 1980. In New York, he co-founded the Jazz
Messengers, a cooperatively-run group with Art Blakey. In 1952 and 1953
Silver recorded three sessions with his own trio, featuring Blakey on drums
and Gene Ramey, Curly Russell and Percy Heath on bass. Silver was also a
member of the Miles Davis All Stars, recording the Walkin' album in 1954.
The album Horace Silver and the Jazz Messengers was recorded on November
13, 1954 and issued in 1955. It was regarded as a milestone in the
development of hard bop. It featured the mid-tempo blues "Doodlin'" and
Silver's first hit "The Preacher". From 1956 onwards, Silver recorded
exclusively for Blue Note, eventually becoming close to label boss Alfred
Lion, who allowed him greater input on aspects of album production than was
usual at the time. During his years with Blue Note, Silver helped to create
the rhythmically forceful branch of jazz known as "hard bop", which
combined elements of rhythm-and-blues and gospel music with jazz. This 6 CD
compilation features all of Horace Silver's recorded output between the
years of 1952 and 1962, the first, and many would say most productive and
challenging, decade of this masterful composer, performer and musician's
6 CD Set $20

Enlighten Jazz CD Collections Back in stock:

THE BEAT GENERATION [V.A. With JACK KEROUAC et al] - The Complete Jack
Kerouac - Poetry For the Beat Generation/Blues And Haikus/Readings By Jack
Kerouac On The Beat Generation + Beat Generation Jazz + Diggin' The New
Breed: Interviews [5 CD box set] (Chrome Dreams/Enlightenment 9012 ,UK)
5 CD Set $22

ART BLAKEY - Complete Blue Note Collection: 1954-1957 [4 CD set]
(Enlightenment 9060 ,EEC)
4 CD Set $18

al - Complete Blue Note Collection: 1960-1962 [4 CD Set] (Enlightenment
9062 ,EEC)
4 CD Set $18

BARETTO / et al - Complete Blue Note Collection: 1957-1960 [4 CD Set]
(Enlightenment 9061 ,EEC)
4 CD Set $18

CLIFFORD BROWN With MAX ROACH/HAROLD LAND/ - 13 Classic Albums: 1954-1960
[6 CD Set] (Enlightenment 9032 ,EEC)
6 CD Set $20

HAYNES/ et al - Twelve Classic Albums [6 CD Set] (Enlightenment 9027 ,USA)
6 CD Set $20

12 Classic Albums [6 CD Set] (Enlightenment ,USA)
6 CD Set $20

DEXTER GORDON - 12 Classic Albums [6 CD Set] (Enlightenment 9044 ,EEC)
6 CD Set $20

HORN/HOWARD ROBERTS et al - The Complete Recordings 1953-1958 [5CD Set]
(Enlightenment 9057; EEC)
5 CD Set $20

BOHANNON/JOHN PISANO/ALBERT STINSON/ et al - The Complete Recordings
1959-1962 [5CD Set] (Enlightenment 9058; EEC)
5 CD Set $20

FREDDIE HUBBARD - Classic Recordings: 1960 - 1962 [4 CD Set] (Enlightenment
9035 ,EEC)
4 CD Set $20

ROLAND KIRK - Complete Recordings: 1956-1962 [4 CD Set] (Enlightenment 9019
4 CD Set $18

YUSEF LATEEF - The Complete Recordings: 1957-1959 [4 CD Set] (Enlightenment
9050; EEC)
4 CD Set $18

YUSEF LATEEF - The Complete Recordings: 1959-1962 [4 CD Set] (Enlightenment
9051; EEC)
4 CD Set $18

LOUVIN BROTHERS - Complete Recorded Works: 1952 - 1962 [6 CD Set] (
Enlightenment 9020; EEC)
6 CD Set $20

WES MONTGOMERY - The Classic Recordings: 1958-1960 [4 CD Set]
(Enlightenment 9039 ,EEC)
4 CD Set $20

WES MONTGOMERY - The Classic Recordings: 1960-1962 [4 CD Set]
(Enlightenment 9039 ,EEC)
4 CD Set $20

PHINEAS NEWBORN JR. - The Classic Albumes 1956-1962 [5 CD set]
(Enlightenment 9056 ,EEC)
5 CD Set $20

Roach 1953-1958 (Enlightenment 9037; USA)
4 CD Set $20

Complete Max Roach 1958 - 1962 [4 CD Set] (Enlightenment 9041; EEC)
4 CD Set $20

SONNY ROLLINS - The Prestige Years [5 CD Set] (Enlightenment 9030 ,EEC)
5 CD Set $20

GEORGE RUSSELL - Complete Collection: 1956-1964 [5 CD Set] (Enlightenment
9047 ,EEC)
5 CD Set $20

4 CD Set $20

RUDD/JIMMY LYONS/SUNNY MURRAY/ et al - The Complete Collection: 1956 - 1962
[5 CD Set] (Enlightenment 9018; USA)
5 CD Set $20

al - The Recordings 1956-1957 [8 Classic Albums = 4 CD Set] (Enlightenment
9071 ,EEC)
4 CD Set $18

JONES/ et al - The Recordings 1957 - 1961 (Enlightenment 9072; EEC)
4 CD Set $18

RANDY WESTON - The Complete Recorded Works Between 1955 & 1957
(Enlightenment 9076; EEC)
3 CD Set $18

RANDY WESTON - The Complete Recorded Works Between 1958 & 1960
(Enlightenment 9077; EEC)
3 CD Set $18


Germany) Tackhead, the legendary dub-funk-rock institution. Robo Bass Hifi
and Fats Comet, the legendary industrial hip-hop project behind Tackhead
and their alter ego. They were and still are known for producing dance
tracks that were densely layered in samples and ahead of their time. Robo
Bass Hifi lives and breathes a tight combination of jungle, dub, dubstep,
space and irregular pop. His electro reggae flavor (call it - nu school)
influenced drenched in bass music and is mighty in all its facets. Markus
Kammann aka Robo Bass Hifi stringently sticks to his path. After submitting
remixes to the three musketeers of German pop (Seeed, Fettes Brot, Jan
Delay), he also led the reggae legend Lee Scratch Perry into the dark room
and has shaken things up on the release Nu School Of Dub. David Lynch and
Ari Up bring a breath of Jean Michel Jarre pop and captivate the master of
the deep, thick bass. This is what German press has to say about Robo Bass
Hifi: A hybrid sort of sound, which occupies the mid-field between Major
Lazer and jungle, interspersed with breaks (filled with reggae off-beats).
A high-energy work stuffed to the brim with crazy ideas. If you're not in a
state of ecstasy and are capable of listening consciously to this musical
fireworks display, then you'll be amazed at the endless different layers of
sounds in these tracks, which take turns in sitting at the top of the dub
mixes. Tackhead and Fats Comet recorded the originals on the upcoming The
Message album - Robo Bass Hifi has taken them to a deeper level. With this
exceptionally fine release, Echo Beach welcomes the spring with the warm
throb of a deep bass.
CD $17

LEO KOTTKE - Warner Theater Washington September 1978 (Keyhole 9072; UK)
Leo Kottke live at the Warner Theater, Washington on 29th September 1978.
By the late 1970s, Leo Kottke was rightly regarded as a master of the
acoustic six and twelve-string guitar, with a distinctive finger-picking
style that effortlessly synthesized the folk, jazz and blues traditions.
This superb performance on 29th September 1978, was broadcast on WHFS-FM
radio, and finds him performing a cross-section of material from the
breadth of his career to date. It's presented here with background notes
and images.
2 CD Set $24

LES RALLIZES DENUDES - France Demo Tapes (BAMboo 7017; UK) This just might
be the single greatest side of OTT psych/noise guitar oblivion ever put to
disc from the most legendary Japanese underground group of all time, Les
Rallizes Denudes: the mysteriously-named France Demo Tapes have previously
only circulated on wildly dubious CD-R burns, often with contradictory and
conflicting track listings/material but the session (whether it was
actually recorded in France or not) is consistently dated as being from
some time in the late '80s. This gloriously out-of-nowhere release finally
delivers on the hype surrounding this much whispered-about session, two
massively deformed versions of their classics "Night Of The Assassins" and
"The Last One". You have heard nothing" like this and when Mizutani is on
this kind of form it's hard to believe that any other rock music exists
outside of this singular, blasted universe. If you buy one electric guitar
album this lifetime...
CD $17

DUSTIN E PRESENTS… CORNFLAKE ZOO - Episode One (Particles 4058; UK) From
the minds behind Piccadilly Sunshine, Mixed Up Minds, Electric Asylum,
Upside Down, Velvet Revolutions, Beatfreak and The Electric Sound Show,
Particles present: Dustin E's...Cornflake Zoo. Join in the glorious pursuit
of seeking obscure, vintage psychedelic pop. There is no better joy known
to man than harking back to an era where an abundance of melodies and
psychedelic gestures unfold. This then, is the first leap into that world
where rules are broken, but standards are observed. Heavenly delights from
Holland, Germany, America, England, Canada, Poland, Brazil and the Pyrenees
collide in a captivating collection all presented with a loving touch of
restoration and mastery and utterly absurd and contemptuous liners.
Complete with a plethora of original, archival imagery, no lack of no-use
and a simple (minded) narrative, what more could you ask? Features: Casey
Jones and The Governors, David, Baby Py Grandmother, Jay Jays, The Toxic,
Blues Section, John Winfields, Los Iberos, Hearts and Flowers, Juan And
Junior, Wallace Collection, Tages, Octopus 4, Ro-D-Ys, The Klan, Boudewijn
De Groot and Roeks Family.
CD $17

BEATFREAKS! VOL. 2 - Rare and Obscure British Beat 1964-1969 (Particles
4059; UK) From the minds behind Piccadilly Sunshine, Mixed Up Minds, Upside
Down, Electric Sound Show, Electric Asylum and Cornflake Zoo, Beatfreak is
the pre-cursory journey through the glorious cultural dustbin where beat up
pop meets paisley R&B. Prestigious guests include pre-progressive rockers
audience in Lloyd Alexander Real Estate, a balladeer's stab at the Pretty
Things, a slab of Marjorine and some RAF engineers lost in Singapore, all
meeting up for an intoxicating marriage of fuzz and flute and delivered
with disgraceful adolescent abandon. Beware, it is not pretty. Particles
proudly presents a sonic showdown of rare and obscure British beat pop
pleasures delivered with a whiff of R&B. Professionally re-mastered
original sound recordings with expansive liners and rare archival photos.
Features: Lloyd Alexander Real Estate, The Moquettes, The All, Phase 4, The
Pentad, Bad Boys, Billy J. Kramer and The Dakotas, Force Five, Alex Harvey,
Dick Jordan, The Trekkas, Profile, Marjorine, Red Squares, The Cherokees,
The Frame, Split Image and New Breed.
CD $17

PURPLE IMAGE - Purple Image (Stoned Circle 3010; UK) Cleveland's Purple
Image faced an uphill climb in an era and country that expected "negro"
music from its "negroes": In a Hendrix landscape, young, black bands had
slowly started to emerge from the soul neighborhoods and R&B backdrop.
Purple Image traded on a thumping, harder-than-Parliament psychedelic noise
fortified by powerful group vocals and the twin guitar attack of Ken
Roberts and Frank Smith. Aside from their singles and super rare album,
they managed only a few profile gigs with the likes of Steppenwolf and
Country Joe as a local support act. However, along with bands such as Black
Merda, Fugi, Pure Hell and Death, Purple Image would inevitably lay the
foundations for future black crossover acts such as Fishbone, Bad Brains,
Living Colour. Stoned Circle proudly presents the intoxicating head sounds
of Cleveland's psychedelic upstarts. Equipped with the essential period
quota of fuzz, wah-wah and organ, their sound could best be described as:
"purple with yellow flashes". Professionally re-mastered original sound
recording with expansive liners and rare archival photos.
CD $17

BEAT OF THE EARTH - Beat Of The Earth (Stoned Circle 3011; UK) After being
discovered by fans of '60s underground psychedelia in the late 1980s, the
sole self-titled 1967 album by Orange County band Beat Of The Earth has
grown into a classic within the field, in spite of its rarity. The
improvisational music on the album cannot be easily categorized, but most
would agree that it represents a unique link between mid-1960s California
and the droning acid rock of the later era. From a preternatural surf-era
45 and a local b-movie soundtrack, Phil Pearlman's ascent (or descent)
presents a fascinating slice of music history for anyone to chew on.
Unbeknown to Pearlman and friends, they had unleashed a primal head record
that astounds still. Recorded in 1967 in Hollywood with legendary producer
Jim Sidore, Beat Of The Earth's legacy remains as fresh and inventive today
as it did in 1967. Stoned Circle proudly presents a collision of vision and
artistry. Professionally re-mastered original sound recording with
expansive liners, interviews and rare archival photos.
CD $17

MARTHA HIGH - Singing For The Good Times (Blind Faith 1002; Italy) Most
people don't know that, hidden on James Brown's milestone anthem "Cold
Sweat," and in all of James Brown's productions, is one of the best-kept
secrets in soul music: Mrs. Martha High. She is the one who sings that
crazy soprano note at the very beginning of the song and she is the one who
sang behind James Brown for about 35 years. She was with Brown and the JB's
in Boston on the infamous night after the Martin Luther King assassination,
she flew with him in the dangerous Vietnam skies to entertain the US
soldiers, and was also in Zaire celebrating the "Rumble in the Jungle"
between Ali and Foreman. Martha was truly a friend, confidant, and
supporter of the godfather of soul. Maybe she was just too young and shy to
jump over the other soul divas to ask for a solo record. In 2016, things
are different. Mrs. Martha High is the hardest working woman in show
business. She is still touring worldwide as a lead singer of Maceo Parker's
band, and, finally, has recorded the album she always wanted to make.
Eleven killer original tunes produced and arranged by Luca Sapio, the
Italian soul ambassador, in true analog sound. The tunes evoke the best
productions of the golden era of Southern soul as well as the sonic
landscapes of the Italian soundtracks of the '60s. This record is made of
truth, soul, love, and pain -- a full spectrum of emotions that only Marth
High could deliver to your ears. This is not a revival, this is not retro,
this is now.
CD $17

EXOTIC BLUES & RHYTHM - Vol. 1 + 2 (Stag-o-Lee 083; Germany) First time on
CD. The first four volumes in Stag-O-Lee's Exotic Blues & Rhythm series
were released on limited edition 10" vinyl and sold out in next to no time.
Enjoy amazing and danceable tunes from the late '50s and early '60s - a
handful of Popcorn dance-floor smashes, a few grinding tittyshakers,
awesome rhythm & blues - most of them with an exotic twist. 24 songs per
disc. Features: Claus Ogerman Orchestra, Artie Barsamin & Orchestra, Prince
Conley, Joe Valino, Chance Halladay, The Chiefs, Ike Turner & His Kings of
Rhythm, Jimmy Rushing, Eddie Cole & The Three Peppers, Sonny Til and The
Orioles, Emmet Davis, Classie Ballou, Jack La Forge, Marti Barris, Steve
Arlen, Bruce Cloud, Dickie Thompson, Rene Hall and His Band, Machito and
His Orchestra, Mamie Perry, Bill Haley and His Comets, Lord Kitchener,
Jamie Coe and Kip Tyler.
CD $15

EXOTIC BLUES & RHYTHM - Vol. 3 + 4 (Stag-o-Lee 084; Germany) First time on
CD. The first four volumes in Stag-O-Lee's Exotic Blues & Rhythm series
were released on limited edition 10" vinyl and sold out in next to no time.
Enjoy amazing and danceable tunes from the late '50s and early '60s - a
handful of Popcorn dancefloor smashes, a few grinding tittyshakers, awesome
rhythm & blues - most of them with an exotic twist. 24 songs per disc.
Features: Chaino, The Scholars, Donald Woods & The Vel-Airs, Carole
Bennett, Curtis Knight, The Electro-Tones, Googie Rene, The Marcels, Dick
Jordan, Troy Dodds, Les Elgart, The Three Suns, Sandy Nelson, Vince
Everett, Jack Hammer, The Sherwoods, Faye Adams, Jannie Williams, Chuck
Miller, The Go-Rillas, John Lee Hooker, Marty Hill, Billy and The
Moonlighters and Johnnie Moore And His New Blazers.
CD $15

LP Section:

MATS GUSTAFSSON - Piano Mating (Blue Tapes & X-Ray Records 004; UK) Clear
180-gram LP in screenprinted sleeve. Limited edition of 500. The two
side-long pieces on Mats Gustafsson's Piano Mating sound like two holes
puncturing the fabric of reality; holes that disobey laws of time and
space; black holes, even. The pieces are pure, simple-sounding, slowly
ascending drones that feel convincingly like conveyor belts for the soul.
X-Ray Records asked Gustafsson to compose an album using an instrument with
which he'd never recorded before. He responded with one of the most bizarre
instruments ever, the Dubreq PianoMate. It's a synthesizer from the 1970s
designed to be operated in conjunction with a piano, but Gustafsson here
manipulates the machine on its own to wring out strange, expressive sonic
prayers. "Microtonal electronic maracas is perhaps an apt description,"
says Gustafsson. "It is just a totally different beast compared to anything
else I ever played. The PianoMate does whatever it wants really. But I can
control pitch and volume and detune it while playing. The microtonal
clusters that it offers are highly inspirational to work with and really
something that is quite hard to achieve on the saxophones. And I just love
the sound of it. That color really kicks my mind and ass." Compositionally,
Gustafsson let the unique restrictions and limited tonal palette of the
PianoMate guide him rather than attempting to bend the unwieldy instrument
to his will. "Making this music was a lot about creating a specific state
of mind. Letting the music take over," he explains. "Letting the sounds
create the music. Slow. Listening for it and going for it. Never pushing
it. Hard to describe, actually. And of course, part of the mystery of it
all." Although he admits he rarely listens back to his recordings once he's
finished with them, Gustafsson says that Piano Mating has brought something
new and indefinable to his iconoclastic music. "I really hear very
different things every time I listen back to these recordings. I found them
still very surprising and, funnily enough, very inspirational to me. In my
sax playing, I get a lot of inspiration from listening to the PianoMate. I
love my PianoMate! -- there should be one in every household!!!"
LP $30

AKIRA SAKATA - The Tale of the Heike [2 LP Set](Trost 143; Austria) Akira
Sakata, a legendary Japanese jazz musician active since the early '70s
(Yosuke Yamashita Trio, Akira Sakata Trio) and a marine biologist, has
toured and recorded with The Thing, Jim O'Rourke, Bill Laswell, Merzbow,
Chikamorachi, et al. The Tale of the Heike is an intense solo performance
originally released on CD in 2011, and now available on vinyl for the first
time. This edition is expanded to include four pieces from the 2013 DVD
release of a live ensemble performance of the piece. Akira Sakata: reading,
voices, alto saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet, percussion, bells. On
tracks 8-11: Tatsuhisa Yamamoto: drums, percussion; Jim O'Rourke: guitar,
vocals; Chizuru Ishii: percussion, taiko, vocals; Yumiko Tanaka: shamisen,
reading. Tracks 1-7 recorded at GOK Sound, Kichijoji, Tokyo, in August 2011
by Yoshiaki Kondo. Tracks 8-11 recorded by Jim O'Rourke live at Pit-Inn,
Tokyo, on June 24, 2012. Mastered for vinyl in 2015 by Martin Siewert.
2 LP set $30

SAUGET - Musique Concrète (Cacophonic 017; UK) Reissue of 1960 BAM label
release. Musique Concrète represents an important milestone in the
development and progression of the genre of the same name. It marks a
crossroad for the genre and its originator, Pierre Schaeffer and another of
the genre's most important protagonists, Pierre Henry. In 1942, Schaeffer
and Jacques Copeau founded the Studio d'Essai (renamed Club d'Essai in
1946) as part of Radiodiffusion Française studios in order to experiment
with radiophonic techniques. In 1948, Schaeffer occupied his time with the
manner in which sound recordings "revealed what was hidden in the act of
basic acoustic listening". This resulted in a series of studies known as
Cinq études de bruits (Five Studies of Noises) (1948). With word of his
theories and experiments spreading, Schaeffer's studies grew in size and he
would need assistance. Pierre Henry was an obvious choice and sound
engineer, Jacques Poullin, completed the sonic powerhouse. The group was
renamed the Groupe de Musique Concrete. In 1951, RTF gave the trio access
to one of the earliest purpose-build electroacoustic studios, furnishing it
with state of the art equipment such as a morphophone and a phonogene, both
designed by Poullin. The studio attracted composers such as Karlheinz
Stockhausen and Edgard Varèse and in that same year Schaeffer and Henry
produced and premiered the first opera concrète, "Orphèe 51". Pierre Henry
began pursuing projects closer to his own heart, working with experimental
filmmakers and choreographers like Maurice Béjart. In 1957, following a
particularly prolonged absence on RTF duties, Schaeffer returned unhappy
with the direction the group had taken and tabled an idea to revitalize
both their approach as well as personnel. As a result, Henry and several
other key members soon left. Schaeffer lay the foundations in 1958 for a
new collective called Groupe de Recherches Musicales recruiting new members
Iannis Xenakis, Henri Sauguet, Luc Ferrari and Michel Philippot as well as
ushering in a new steady stream of musicians eager to study, including a
young Jean Michel Jarre. Featuring the full versions of these seminal early
works (abridged versions of which had previously appeared across two 7"
singles on Disques BAM) the recordings presented here are the first fruits
of this new alliance and served to lay the bedrock for the future of the
Groupe de Recherches Musicales which would later count the likes of Ivo
Malec, Philippe Carson, Romuald Vandelle, Edgardo Canton and François Bayle.
LP $25

BERNHARD LANG/PHILIP JECK/ALTER EGO - TablesAreTurned (God Records 006;
Austria) TablesAreTurned is a project by Bernhard Lang and Alter Ego with
Philip Jeck for turntables and amplified ensemble, based on the song by
Amon Düül 2. TablesAreTurned is the first collaboration between one of the
most significant Austrian composers of today, Bernhard Lang and prominent
English turntablist Philip Jeck. There is no doubt that mutual interested
in loop technique, led to the musical collaboration, connecting the worlds
of academic philosophy with underground aesthetic. Unlike his previous
works, where Lang was able to transform an ensemble into a big loop
generator (his series of "Differenz / Wiederholung" pieces, accomplished
with magnum opus opera, monumental Das Theater der Wiederholungen), here he
turns the ensemble into cellular automata, generating counterpoint based on
the rest of the loops. On the other side, Jeck offers a dozen of lo-fi
locked grooves, making the perfect extended interludes between powerful
ensemble episodes. Premiered at Berlinerfestspiele, but also performed at
Wien Modern and Huddersfield Contamporary Music Festival, the piece is now
available for the first time as a limited double LP. Bernhard Lang -
composition; Philip Jeck - turntables; Alter Ego: Manuel Zurria - flutes;
Paolo Ravaglia - clarinets; Aldo Campagniari - violin; Francesco Dillon -
violoncello; Oscar Pizzo - keyboards; Eugenio Vatta - sound projection.
2 LP Set $26

SILVER APPLES - Silver Apples (Jackpot Records 034; USA) "Formed in 1967 as
a psychedelic electronic duo featuring Dan Taylor on drums and Simeon on a
homemade synthesizer consisting of 12 oscillators (and an assortment of
sound filters, telegraph keys, radio parts, lab gear and a variety of
second hand electronic junk), Silver Apples quickly gained a reputation as
New York's leading underground musical expression. Their pulsating rhythmic
beats with the use of electronics laid the groundwork for what would become
'Krautrock' Silver Apples was released in 1968 and still remains an
innovative and revolutionary album. Their highly influential sound has
influenced countless bands from Stereolab, Beastie Boys, Blur and more."
LP $25

LAZY SMOKE - Corridor Of Faces (Jackpot Records 7107; USA) "Lazy Smoke -
Corridor Of Faces is held in high regards as one of the rarest psych albums
ever made. The sole offering recorded in Massachusettes in 1968, Lazy Smoke
is a cohesive, solid, classic album in every sense. The first remarkable
trait of Lazy Smoke's sound is the lead vocal's similarity to John Lennon.
Upon digging just a little deeper below the surface, we instead find a
darker tone and a patient, eerie feeling resonating through the songs.
While bands like The Beatles and Love were singing about love, lament and
hallucinated travel experiences, the songs on Corridor of Faces get
sincerely dark right away. Even the seemingly-light teenage love-themed
'Sarah Saturday' shares an undercurrent of on-the-edge uncertainty. It's
this undercurrent that calls to mind comparisons to Forever Changes era
Love. Originally privately pressed in MA in an edition of only 500 copies
in 1968. Now repressed again in 2016 in an edition of 500 transparent light
green vinyl."
LP $22


BLG / DMG Recommended Performances - June, 2016

VISION FESTIVAL 21 Begins this week: Tues, JUNE 7 to Sun JUNE 12, 2016
Celebrating the legendary Henry Grimes for his Lifetime of Achievement
It will take place at the Judson Memorial Church - 55 Washington Square, NYC

The Schedule continues:

Friday June 10 Visual Art Projection Marcy Rosenblat
5 PANEL The Creative Option : FreeJazz vs Fascism Part 1
7 William Hooker TRIANGLE: Symbol of Perfection
Chris DiMeglio – trumpet / Adam Lane – bass / Mark Hennen – piano
William Hooker – drums / Goussy Celestin – dance
Film "Approaching The Garden" – Ed Kasperak
8 Fay Victor SoundNoise Quartet:
Fay Victor – voice, text / Sam Newsome – soprano sax
Melvin Gibbs – bass guitar / Reggie Nicholson – drums, perc
9 For Billy Bang - Poet: Bob Holman, Todd Nicholson bass
9:30 Cooper-Moore Quartet - Alan Michael – alto sax / Brian Price –
Michael Wimberly – percussion / Cooper-Moore – multi-instruments
10:30 Michele Rosewoman’s New Yor-Uba: Alex Norris – trumpet / Chris
Washburne – trombone, bass trombone; Roman Filiu – alto and soprano sax /
Stacy Dillard – tenor sax; Michele Rosewoman – piano, vocals; Yunior Terry
– bass / Robby Ameen – drums; Roman Diaz, Mauricio Herrera, Rafael
Monteagudo – bata, congas; Lead Vocals: Amma Mcken

Saturday June 11 Visual Art Projection: Charlotte Ka
7 A Moving Line: Wadada Leo Smith / Miriam Parker / Jo Wood Brown
7:30 Hamiet Bluiett Quartet: Hamiet Bluiett – reeds / DD Jackson – piano
Bob Stewart – tuba / Hamid Drake – drums
8:30 Poet David Mills
9 Wadada Leo Smith Viola Quartet performs 'PACIFICA’
Stephanie Griffin, Jason Hwang, Tanya Kalmanovitch, Gwen Lester - viola
Hardedge - electronics / Wadada Leo Smith - trumpet
10:15 Paradox of Freedom: Dave Burrell – piano / Hamid Drake – drums

Sunday June 12 Visual Art Projection: Bill Mazza
4 p.m. Panel, The Creative Option : FreeJazz vs Fascism, Part 2
6 Breath and Stone
David Mills - poetry
Patricia Nicholson – dance poetry, comp.
Djassi DaCosta Johnson, Yoshiko Chuma - dance
Jason Kao Hwang - violin / Michael TA Thompson - drums
7pm: Mike Reed’s Flesh & Bone: Ben Lamar Gay – cornet / Greg Ward – alto
sax / Tim Haldeman – tenor ; Jason Stein – bass clarinet / Kevin Coval &
Marvin Tate – spoken text, Jason Roebke - bass / Mike Reed – drums,
8pm: James Brandon Lewis Trio: James Brandon Lewis – sax / Luke Stewart –
Warren Trae Crudup III drums
9pm: Three Sopranos and Percussion
Soprano Saxophones: Dave Liebman, Sam Newsome, Jeff Coffin
Percussion: Tatsuya Nakatani
10pm: Kidd Jordan Ensemble
Kidd Jordan – tenor sax / Joel Futterman – piano
Harrison Bankhead – bass / Alvin Fielder – drums
With guest Marlon Jordan – trumpet

"The aim of the Vision Festival is to keep alive in hearts and minds, all
of the idealism, integrity and sense of responsibility that lay at the
heart of the creative movements in the 60’s. In addition to his stellar
artistic achievements, Henry Grimes exemplifies this idealism and
integrity. And this is why we chose him to receive the Award, ” states
Patricia Nicholson Parker.


THE STONE is located at the NW corner of Avenue C & East 2nd Sts.


6/10 Friday
8 pm - Broken Arm Trio - Michael Sarin (drums) Trevor Dunn (bass) Erik
Friedlander (cello)
10 pm - Arrullo de la Noche Honda (NY premiere) - Erik Friedlander (cello)
Lucia Pulido (voice)

6/11 Saturday
8 pm - The Time Quartet (premiere) - Erik Friedlander (cello) Mark Helias
(bass) Uri Caine (piano) Ches Smith (drums) Join us for the exciting
premier of this great new band. All new music!
10 pm - Oscalypso - Michael Blake (tenor saxophone) Erik Friedlander
(cello) Michael Sarin (drums) Trevor Dunn (bass)

6/12 Sunday
Jon Irabagon (sax) Uri Caine (piano)
8 pm - Illuminations - Erik Friedlander (cello)
10 pm - Nothing on Earth - Shoko Nagai (piano, accordion) Satoshi Takeishi
(percussion) Erik Friedlander (cello)

6/13 Monday
Cornelius Dufallo (violin) Jennifer Choi (violin) Lev “Ljova” Zhurbin
(viola) Yves Dharamraj (cello) QUARTET ANIMULA: Pauline Kim (violin) Conrad
Harris (violin) William Hakim (viola) Okkyung Lee (cello) Two fabulous
string quartets perform their arrangements of John Zorn's Bagatelles!


6/14 Tuesday
8 and 10 pm 35 Year Anniversary of AMARCORD NINO ROTA - Hal Willner
(samples & stuff) Giancarlo Vulcano (arranger) Steven BERNSTEIN (arranger,
trumpet) Karen MANTLER (arranger, harmonica) Doug Wieselman (guitar,
clarinet) & more

6/15 Wednesday
8 and 10 pm - The words and music of Ken Nordine’s “Word Jazz” & Del Close
& John Brants’ “HOW TO SPEAK HIP”; Laurie Anderson (voice, violin), Adam
McKay (voice) , Hal Willner (voice, samples) with Terry Adams (piano) &
SPANISH FLY (Steve Bernstein (trumpet), Dave Tronzo (guitar), Marcus Rojas

6/16 Thursday
8 pm - Whoops I’m An Indian performs a tribute to Joel Dorn
Martin Brumbach, Mocean Worker (Adam Dorn) & Hal Willner
10 pm - Allen Ginsberg - words and music - Terry Adams (piano) Hal Willner

6/17 Friday
Chloe Webb, Janine Nichols, a handful of Saturday Night Live alumni with
Steve Weisberg & his Orchestra

6/18 Saturday
8 and 10 pm - GARTH HUDSON & HAL WILLNER & guests - Garth Hudson (organ,
accordion, synth) Hal Willner (samples, turntables) Eric Mingus (voice
guitar) & Karen Mantler (harmonica) & SPANISH FLY (Steve Bernstein
(trumpet), Dave Tronzo (guitar), Marcus Rojas (tuba)

6/19 Sunday
Elias Stemeseder (piano) Chris Tordini (bass) Jim Black (drums)
8 and 10 pm - DOING THE THINGS WE WANT TO - Chloe Webb (voice) Hal Willner
(voice, samples) Lee Ranaldo, Don Fleming (guitar) Sim Cain (drums) Jacob
Faulkner (bass) Steven Bernstein (trumpet) Doug Wieselman (woodwinds, voice)

There are no refreshments or merchandise at The Stone.
Only music. All ages are welcome.
Cash Only at the door. There is no phone.
There is no food or beverage served or allowed
just a serious listening environment.
The Stone is booked purely on a curatorial basis.


The CORNELIA STREET CAFE - 212-989-9319
29 Cornelia St in the heart of the West Greenwich Village, NYC

Friday Jun 10
9:00PM & 10:30PM - JON IRABAGON TRIO - Jon Irabagon, tenor sax; Gary
Versace, piano; Tom Rainey, drums

Saturday Jun 11
9:00PM & 10:30PM KEVIN HAYS, NEW DAY TRIO - Kevin Hays, piano; Rob Jost,
bass; Greg Joseph, drums

Sunday Jun 12
guitar; Sami Arefin, guitar; Eddie Hrybyk, bass

Mon June 13th:
8:30PM DAVID LOPATO QUARTET - David Lopato, pianist, composer; Lucas Pino,
saxes, clarinet; Ratzo Harris, string bass; Mike Sarin, drums

Tuesday Jun 14
8:01PM THE OUT LOUDS - Tomas Fujiwara, drums; Ben Goldberg, clarinet; Mary
Halvorson, guitar

Wednesday Jun 15
8:01PM MARIO PAVONE/MIXED QUINTET - Mario Pavone, bass; Tony Malaby,
saxes; Dave Ballou, trumpet; Oscar Noriega, clarinet, bass clarinet; Peter
McEachern, trombone; Michael Sarin, drums

Thurs, June 16th:
Tim Keiper; Shane Shanahan; John Hadfield: percussion

Friday Jun 17
9:00PM & 10:30PM JOHN HÉBERT QUARTET - John Hébert, bass; David Virelles,
piano; Tim Ries, sax; Billy Drummond, drums

Saturday Jun 18
Albert Marques, piano; Marc Miralta, percussion
9:00PM & 10:30PM JASON RIGBY: DETROIT-CLEVELAND TRIO - Jason Rigby, tenor
sax; Cameron Brown, bass; Gerald Cleaver, drums

Sunday Jun 19
8:35PM JIM BLACK TRIO - Elias Stemeseder, piano; Thomas Morgan, bass;
Jim Black , drums


New Revolution Arts:

Friday, June 10
8 pm--Michael Foster's The Ghost with Henry Fraser, Connor Baker
9 pm--Yes Deer

THE GHOST is an electro-acoustic trio frantically falling somewhere between
noise and a Queer Free Jazz trio. They work to create dynamic, long form
pieces obsessively influenced by Jean Genet. Their first tape, "The Hole,"
will be released this summer on the UK-based Tombed Visions Records.
Michael Foster: saxophones, tapes, amplified objects
Henry Fraser: double bass, tapes
Connor Baker: percussion

YES DEER - makes music through physical and intellectual rituals. They are,
as a band, engaged in the friction between intellect and libido, pre- and
post, and collectivism and individualism. The sound can be described as a
massive cacophony of writhing textures, manic hammering and distorted
screeching, or as the sound of enthusiastic despair.
They started the band in 2010 and since then have been touring in
Scandinavia and elsewhere in Europe. Their first album, The Talk of Tennis
was released on Gaffer Records, in 2014, and now they have their second
album, Get Your Glitter Jacket, out as a joined release by Insula Music and
Gaffer Records.

New Revolution Arts
7 Stanhope Street
Brooklyn (Bushwick)
J/M/L Trains / Many Buses


Sound It Out series @ Greenwich House – Concerts, JUNE 2016

Greenwich House Music School: 46 Barrow Street, just west of 7th Avenue
South in New York City’s West Village;, 212-242-4770

Saturday, June 11, 8:00 p.m. – Album release show!
Rez Abbasi’s Junction - Rez Abbasi, electric guitar; Mark Shim, tenor sax
and midi wind controller; Ben Stivers, keyboards; Kenny Grohowski, drums

Thursday, June 23, 8:00 p.m. – Fantastical new sextet!
Brandon Seabrook’s Die Trommel Fatale - Brandon Seabrook, electric guitar
and banjo; Marika Hughes, cello; Eivind Opsvik, double-bass; Dave Truet,
drums; Sam Ospovat, drums; Chuck Bettis, drums

Friday, June 24, 8:00 p.m. – Star pianist with new band!
Aaron Parks & Little Big - Aaron Parks, piano/keyboards; Greg Tuohey,
guitar; Immanuel Wilkins, alto sax/clarinet; Spencer Murphy, bass; Kush
Abadey, drums

Tuesday, June 28, 7:30 p.m. – Hot double-bill!
Jesse Stacken Quartet + André Matos Trio - Jesse Stacken, piano; Tony
Malaby, saxophones; Sean Conly, double-bass; Tom Rainey, drums
André Matos, guitar; Tony Malaby, saxophone; Billy Mintz, drums


Shapeshifter - June, 2016 Schedule:

Jun 13
8:156pm: Philippe Crettien Quartet," November Dusk” project.
Philippe Crettien, tenor saxophone / Patrick Mottaz, guitar
Sean Farias, bass / Mike Connors, drums

Jun 14 -
JY-17 @ The Lab Double bill
7pm - Matt McDonald Group
8:15pm & 9:30pm - John Yao & His 17-piece Instrument
Saxes -
Alejandro Aviles
Aaron Irwin
Rich Perry
Jason Rigby
Andrew Hadro
Trumpets -
John Walsh
Jason Wiseman
David Smith
Andy Gravish
Trombones -
Luis Bonilla
Matt McDonald
Eric Miller
Jennifer Wharton
Rhythm -
Jesse Stacken
Robert Sabin
Vince Cherico

Jun 15
8pm: Harris Eisenstadt Recent Developments - Jeb Bishop trombone / Chris
Hoffman cello / Eivind Opsvik bass / Dan Peck tuba / Brandon Seabrook banjo
/ Sara Schoenbeck bassoon / Anna Webber flute, Nate Wooley trumpet

June 16
7pm: Gordon Grdina Oud Trio - Mark Helias-bass, Hank Roberts-cello & Gordon
8:15pm: Ben Allison Band - With Special Guest Joey Arias
me - bass / Joey Arias - vocals / Brandon Seabrook - guitar
Steve Cardenas - guitar / Allan Mednard - drums
9:30pm: Sivan Arbel CD release party
Sivan Arbel - voice and composition
Shai Portugaly - piano
Nadav Shapira - bass
Yogev Gabay - drums
Ron Warburg - trumpet
Jack Sheehan - alto sax
Ori Jacobson - tenor sax

Jun 17
8pm: Erica Seguine/Shannon Baker Jazz Orchestra - 5-year Anniversary
9:30pm: Scott Reeves Jazz Orchestra

Jun 19
Digital + Acoustic Sessions Part III: Setting Up Ableton Live for Live
Vocalists and Bands - Featuring: Daniel Mintseris: Keyboards and Ableton
for St. Vincent and Ableton Live Certified Trainer Dan Freeman (CØm1x)
Free Workshop: 6:30p-8p; Live Performances: 8:30 – 11:30

Shapeshifter is located at
18 Whitwell Place in Brooklyn, NY
R train to Union stop


I-Beam Presents - June 2016 Schedule:

Friday, June 10th 8:30 PM
Gutbucket + Special Guest Duets
8:30 pm - Adam Schatz/Michael Coleman (sax, keys, drums and…)
9:30 pm - Gutbucket

Saturday, June 11th 8:30
Gutbucket + Special Guest Duets
8:30 pm - Kaoru Watanabe/Tamango (flute, fue, tap dance)
9:30 pm - Gutbucket

Monday, June 13th 8:30 PM
8:30PM: Mara Rosenbloom Trio
Adam Lane Bass
Chad Taylor Drums
Mara Rosenbloom Piano

9:30PM: Darius Jones Quintet
Ben Gerstein Trombone
Jason Stein Bass Clarinet
Michael Bisio Bass
Jason Nazary Drums
Darius Jones Alto Saxophone

Wednesday, June 15th 8:30 PM
Kolker / Stillman / Lossing / Kamaguchi / Mintz
Adam Kolker – Saxophone
Loren Stillman – Saxophone
Russ Lossing – Piano
Masa Kamaguchi – Bass
Billy Mintz – Drums

Friday, June 17th 8:30 PM
Dirigo Rataplan (Night 1)
Ellery Eskelin-tenor sax
Dave Ballou-trumpet
Michael Formanek-bass
Devin Gray-drums/compositions

Saturday, June 18th 8:30 PM
Dirigo Rataplan (Night 2)
Ellery Eskelin-tenor sax
Dave Ballou-trumpet
Michael Formanek-bass
Devin Gray-drums/compositions

Wednesday, June 22nd 8:30 PM
Kresten Osgood & Friends
8:30pm Martin Philadelpy, Trevor Dunn, Kresten Osgood
Martin Philadelphy – Guitar / Trevor Dunn – Bass / Kresten Osgood – Drums
9:30pm Michael Blake, Max Johnson & Kresten Osgood
Michael Blake – Tenor and Soprano Saxophone
Max Johnson – Bass / Kresten Osgood – Drums

Saturday, June 25th 8:30 PM
First Set
Brad Linde – alto and tenor saxophone, clarinet, Hammond organ
Billy Wolfe – tenor saxophone, clarinet
Aaron Quinn – guitar
Deric Dickens – drums
Second Set
Brad Linde – tenor saxophone
Caroline Davis – alto saxophone
Russ Lossing – piano
Deric Dickens – drums

Wednesday, June 29th 8:30 PM
Eva Novoa Ditmas Quartet Live Recording!
Michael Attias – Alto Saxophone
Eva Novoa – Piano
Max Johnson – Bass
Jeff Davis – Drums

I-Beam is located at
168 7th Street in Brooklyn, NY 11215 - Directions: SUBWAY: Take the F or R
trains to 4th Ave & 9th Street. Walk down 4th ave to 7th street. Make a
left on 7th and walk past 3rd ave. We are located on the ground floor, the
grey doors to the right of the stairs of #168.


Every Saturday in June at Barbes!
4th, 11th, 18th & 25th

Italian Surf Academy
Reload the vintage sound of Spaghetti Western, Noir and Horror movies!
Marco Cappelli- guitar
Damon Banks - electric bass
Dave Miller - drums

Saturday June 11th, special guest Marc Ribot!

Barbes is located at
376 - 9th Street (at 6th Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11215
F/G Trains to 7th Ave or F/G/R at 4th Ave/9th St