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DMG Newsletter for September 1st, 2017

DMG Newsletter for September 1st, 2017

Let’s Build an Ark and Sail Away
Forget About the Nonsense for Another Day
And Take Some Time to Savor the Sound
And Listen Closely to What We’ve Found
Here is Another Bunch of Wonderful Discs from:

Wadada Leo Smith / Satoko Fujii / Ikue Mori / Natsuki Tamura! Matt Shipp / Daniel Carter / Michael Bisio / Whit Dickey! Musicianer: Josh Sinton / Jason Ajemian / Chad Taylor! New from Not Two: Bobby Zankel’s Tribute to William Parker With Dave Burrell / Steve Swell / Muhammad Ali! Barru Altschul 3Dom Factor: Jon Irabagon & Joe Fonda!

Ken Vandermark / Mark Tokar / Klaus Kugel! Jeb Bishop Trombone Tribute for Johannes Bauer! Agusti Fernandez Trio & 4 CD Set! Plus Historic Discs from: Cecil Taylor / Jimmy Lyons/ Sunny Murray! Paul Bley with Annette Peacock & Han Bennink! Jon Hassell & Brian Eno! New Tony William Lifetime! Klaus Schulze! Caspar Brotzmann / Massimo Pupillo! Jacques Berrocal! Francois Tusques!


Sunday, September 3rd: Two Debut CD Release Sets in One Night

 Sunday, September 10th:
Two Bass Clarinets / Acoustic Bass / Drums!

Sunday, September 17th: No in-store... 
Bruce up at Guelph Jazz Festival!

Sunday, September 24th:
6pm: KYOKO KITAMURA / KEN FILIANO / DAYEON SEOK - Vocals / ContraBass / Percussion
7pm: IRENE KEPL - Solo Violin

DMG is located at 13 Monroe St. (between Catherine & Market Sts) in a basement below a small gallery. Take the F train to East Broadway or the 6 train to Canal or the B or D to Grand, or the M-15 bus to Madison & Catherine. Come on Down, the Sunday Music Series is Always Free & the Vibes are Always Cosy


WADADA LEO SMITH / NATSUKI TAMURA / SATOKO FUJII / IKUE MORI - Aspiration (Libra 204-043; Japan) Featuring Wadada Leo Smith & Naksuki Tamura on trumpets. Satoko Fujii on piano and Ikue Mori on electronics. This session was recorded at Firehouse 12 in New Haven, CT and has splendid sound. All four members of this quartet are master musicians, elder statesmen or women and multi- bandleaders. All are also quite prolific as far as recordings go. Both Mr. Smith and Ms. Mori and Ms. Fujii & Mr. Tamura have worked together previously on many discs, hence they have a bond which links their creative spirits. Ms. Fujii brought four compositions to this session. while Mr. Tamura brought one plus there is one group improv piece. It is pretty rare to hear Wadada play with another trumpet player, but all four members of this quartet are integral to the focused group sound. The opening piece, “Intent” is a suspense-filled chamber-like work. Although Mr. Smith’s trumpet is featured, stark, surreal and soaring, the other members play their parts majestically together. Even the one completely improvised piece has that sublime, cautious, chamber-like sound, perfectly balanced upon a spacious canvas. Ms. Mori, who records a great deal for the Tzadik label, is well-utilized here, adding sly, subtle electronic shades which weave their way like a golden thread through a nimble, hypnotic tapestry. The title track is an elegant, somber, thoughtful piece where each sound is well sculpted, a most organic vibe. There is section on “Evolution” where Wadada plays eerie, distant muted trumpet solo while Ms. Fujii selectively adds several fragmented lines, occasionally just laying out while Wadada’s trumpet flickers on top. The final piece, “Stillness”, is calming yet somehow quietly disoriented. As I read reports of Hurricane Harry, I worry about my friends in Texas. When will things get better and not worse..? Hmmmmmmm. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $16

SATOKO FUJII QUARTET w/ NATSUKI TAMURA / KEISUKE OHTA / TAKASHI ITANI - Live at Jazz Room Cortez (Cortez Sound 0005; Japan) Featuring Keisuke Ohta on violin, Natsuki Tamura on trumpet, Satoko Fujii on piano and Takashi Itani on drums & percussion. The ever-ambitious pianist Satoko Fujii is forever juggling her time between several bands or projects. Besides several large ensembles, Ms. Fujii has numerous solo, duos, trio, quartets and more. For this new quartet offering she uses her longtime partner Natsuki Tamura, along with a couple of lesser familiar names: Keisuke Ohta on violin, who has worked with Kazutoki Umezu, Carlo Actis Dato & Junko Sumi, and drummer Takasahi Itani,who has played in Ms. Fujii’s trio and quartet. Unlike most of Ms. Fujii’s other CD’s, this disc consists of just two long pieces, clocking in at around 50 minutes in total. Although Ms. Fujii composed this music, the quartet gets a chance to stretch out at length. This includes short bits of odd vocal sounds which blend in well with the other mysterious sounds/music. Ms. Fujii’s writing seems to be skeletal, balancing between longer sparse and short bursts of written segments. The written parts are especially well-selected and give the proceeding a recurring theme of sorts. Fujii has been exploring sounds inside the piano for many years now and has developed an array of strange yet mesmerizing sounds, rubbing strings or tapping on them with different objects. I caught a couple of sets by Kaze, another of Satoko’s great quartets, earlier this year at I-Beam and they were superb. Ms. Fujii has learned how to make magic/music and does this best in a quartet formation. There is a section on the second piece where Mr. Ohta (?) does a bit of soft chanting in another language and is backed by Mr. Tamura’s wah-wah trumpet lines. This section is especially enchanting. The rest of this fabulous CD comes pretty close as well. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $16

MATTHEW SHIPP / DANIEL CARTER / MICHAEL BISIO / WHIT DICKEY - Not Bound (ForTune 0124080; Poland) Studio effort featuring Matt Shipp on piano, Daniel Carter on reeds & trumpet, Michael Bisio on contrabass and Whit Dickey on drums. This is being dropped off on Friday so I will do a review for the following newsletter.
CD $15

MUSICIANER: JOSH SINTON / JASON AJEMIAN / CHAD TAYLOR - Slow Learner (Iluso Records 08; USA) Featuring Josh Sinton on bari sax & compositions, Jason Ajemian on acoustic bass and Chad Taylor on drums. Not long ago, I had a long talk with bari saxist & composer, Josh Sinton, about the difficulties of being a creative musician when paying gigs and recording opportunities are few. I was surprised since I thought that Mr. Sinton’s band, Ideal Bread, a tribute to Steve Lacy, were one of the brightest stars on the Downtown scene. Although Sinton has worked with Nate Wooley, Harris Eisenstadt and Jeremy Udden (in Hol-Us Bo-Lus), he says he has been somewhat discouraged in recent times. Perhaps this sentiment has pushed him to reach deeper and push harder since this disc showcases his immense sound on bari and composing skills as well. Plus he has selected one of the hottest rhythm teams around, two great Chicago transplants, worth their wait in gold, Jason Ajemian and Chad Taylor. Right from the gitgo, this trio sounds like they mean business. “Outside (today)” kicks thins off with a great, rather greasy groove. Yeah, get down! I dig the way the trio often strips things down to their skeletal parts yet that spirited slow-burn flame remains at the center. There is a quaint section on “Sunday’s Rehearsal” where the bowed bass and vibes (electric piano?) sound like a somber yet surprising oasis from the darker times that surround us. Considering that this is just a trio, Mr. Sinton allows the rhythm team to add their own earthy flourishes, bringing things down to their organic elements and then erupting into some joyous rip-roaring sax blasting moments. There is something rather magical yet modest going on here: without very much bluster, the trio is able to evoke a certain earthy grittiness which sounds like a reaction to the comforts of the past and the lack of a safety net for our futures. This disc sounds like a story unfolding with each song setting a different scene or part of the ongoing tale. This is one of the few discs I’ve heard recently which works its way into my heat and soul without knocking me upside my head. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $15

New from Not Two and Listen! Foundation:

BOBBY ZANKEL & THE WONDERFUL SOUND 6 [With DAVE BURRELL / STEVE SWELL / WILLIAM PARKER / MUHAMMAD ALI / DIANE MONROE] - Celebrating William Parker @ 65 (Not Two MW 962; Poland) Featuring Bobby Zankel on alto sax, Steve Swell on trombone, Diane Monroe on violin, Dave Burrell on piano, William Parker on bass and Muhammad Ali on drums. Philadelphia has had a long history of great jazz sax players who were born or moved there: John Coltrane, Jimmy Heath, the Grubbs brothers (nephews of Trane), Odean Pope. Byard Lancaster and Sabir Mateen. I went to college in south Jersey (Glassboro State, 1972-1976) and got to know a few other Philly-area sax greats like George Bishop (R.I.P.), Elliott Levin (still in Philly) and Steve Buchanan (Switzerland). Add to this list of Philly sax greats, Bobby Zankel, who moved there in 1975 and who has recorded a half dozen great discs for the CIMP, Cadence Jazz and Dreambox labels.
It turns out that Bobby Zankel also worked with Cecil Taylor, as well as with William Parker and Hamid Drake. Mr. Zankel put together a marvelous sextet of Downtowners like William Parker and Steve Swell, along side of four of Philly’s finest. The only musicians that I wasn’t previously familiar is violinist Diane Monroe who fits right in. This set was recorded at the legendary Painted Bride Art Center in January of this year (2017). Mr. Zankel starts off alone with what sounds like a familiar. melodic theme, poignant yet transcendent, before the rest of the sextet soon joins him, building in exuberance. Mr. Zankel has a tart, expressive, fiery tone on alto sax and sounds great at the center of the storm erupting tightly around him. Longtime Philly legends like Dave Burrell and Muhammad Ali (brother of Rashied Ali), have been playing free/jazz for more than fifty years and they do sound like they are masters of that type of music. Violinist Diane Monroe, who was/is a member of the String Trio of New York, takes one of the first solos and sounds consistently creative. This disc is dedicated to the amazing William Parker who is often at the center of this sextet, pumping up a storm. There is an excellent duo of Mr. Parker and Dave Burrell in an early section where they toss ideas back and forth at a furious rate of exchange. There are a number of extraordinary solos erupting throughout this disc from Mr. Zankel, Steve Swell, Dave Burrell and Ms. Monroe, as well as a great drum solo from Mr. Ali midway. In each of the four parts, Mr. Zankel plays a memorable theme which always rings true and stays with us after the disc is over. OUTstanding on several levels simultaneously. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG  
CD $17

BARRY ALTSCHUL and the 3DOM FACTOR With JON IRABAGON / JOE FONDA - Live in Krakow (Not Two MW 960; Poland)“Recorded at Alchemia club in Krakow, Poland during December of 2016, this is the third album for drummer Barry Altschul's 3dom Factor, and he is once again in the company of Jon Irabagon on tenor and sopranino saxophone and Joe Fonda on bass. The music is a very strong series of collective improvisations and these veteran musicians make the most of the open ended setting and the friendly and supportive audience. Irabagon is a powerhouse saxophone player, and he provides gales of sound along with Fonda's thick bass, meeting Altschul's deeply rhythmic drumming. "Martin's Stew" opens with a solo percussion feature, with the leader developing a diverse range of textures and rhythms. Irabagon glides in with a complex freebop approach that matches the percussionist very well. They move into a powerful collective improvisation that is impassioned and very fast paced. The music barrels forward relentlessly, before calming and offering a fine bowed bass feature. The shimmering drum work suits the edgy bowing perfectly. The saxophonist rejoins and draws squiggles of sound against the pummeling background. The Monk standard "Ask Me Now" gives the group ample ammunition for a raw and gritty performance. The music is more spacious and probing, hinting at the melody. Subtle saxophone and percussion frame another great bass solo, making for a more relaxed and understated conversation. "For Papa Joe, Klook and Philly" honors three great drummers from jazz history with some explosive percussion from Altschul and tight bass and saxophone in firm support. The group performance is very impressive with a muscular flexing rhythm and driving fast paced improvisation. After another strong bass solo, the focus shifts to dynamic exchanges of raw energy between the drums and saxophone, loud and thrilling, driving to the finish line. There is a subtle and gentle touch to "Irina" developing as a yearning ballad. Bass and brushes intersect and then are rejoined by Irabagon's high pitched sopranino saxophone. The album ends with a massive blowout on "The 3dom Factor" starting with riveting percussion and saxophone playing chunks of rhythm and melody. The group reaches a blistering tempo with their improvisation richly textured and tightly focused with concentrated energy. Irabagon backs out leaving a complex interaction between drums and bass with occasional saxophone comments. All three instruments then plunge back into a torrent of fast, loud and joyous free jazz playing deeply expressive and unique music. It's a stunning concert all told, with the music making for one of the most exciting albums of the year. The three members of the group are perfectly aligned and are able to move freely with complete confidence.” - Tom Hull
CD $17

KEN VANDERMARK / KLAUS KUGEL / MARK TOKAR - Escalator (Not Two MW 963; Poland) Featuring Ken Vandermark on tenor sax & clarinet, Mark Tokar on double bass and Klaus Kugel on drums. Chicago reedman and multi-bandleader, Ken Vandermark, played a week at the Old Stones last year (2016) and released a 6 CD box set earlier this year from that great week. Since that week, Mr. Vandermark hadn’t been back but recently played several great sets at the New Stone, including duos with Joe McPhee and C Spencer Yeh and a quartet with Sylvie Courvoisier, Nate Wooley and Tom Rainey. More recently there has been a handful of new discs from Mr. Vandermark, each with different personnel. Check out the ’Shelter’ Quartet with Nate Wooley.
This week, we have a new trio disc with two European players, Mark Tokar on bass and Klaus Kugel on drums. Tokar and Kugel have worked together on several occasions previously plus Mr. Tokas is also a member of Vandermark’s Resonance Ensemble. This disc was recorded live at the Alchemia Club in Krakow, Poland. “13 Lines” erupts quickly into a tight, fierce, hard swinging, free salvo, jeez what an exciting trio! Vandermark switches to clarinet for “Automatic Suite” and the trio strips things down to a bare minimum, making each note count with a somber, simmering resonance, which keeps building in intensity throughout, with Vandermark’s mighty tenor playing sounding especially strong as he gets to the frenzied conclusion. Mark Tokar’s powerful arco bass kicks off “Flight” by itself before Vandermark enters with his own spirited, swirling lines. The trio again, tight and powerful, soar higher and higher. Ken Vandermark always works well in trios and this one is particularly strong. - Bruce Lee gallanter, DMG
CD $17

JEB BISHOP / MATTHIAS MULLER / MATTHIAS MUCHE - Konzert for Hannes (Not Two MW 961; Poland) Featuring Jeb Bishop, Matthias Muller and Matthias Muche on trombones. Although there is a long history of inventive trombonists in jazz in the US, Europe was often the place where the most adventurous trombone pioneers have emerged. Consider Paul Rutherford, Albert Mangelsdorff, Wolter Weirbos and Gunter Christmann… And then there were the two Bauer brothers, Connie and Johannes Bauer, both members of Doppelmoppel and both amazing! This set was originally planned with Johannes Bauer as a fourth member but sadly Mr, Bauer was ill and passed away the same night that this set was recorded. Hence this disc is dedicated to him. Longtime founding member of the Vandemark 5, Jeb Bishop recently moved to Boston and seems to be keeping a higher profile. Trombonist Matthias Muller’s name did sound familiar to me and it turns out that we list his name on some ten different discs in our database on labels like Neos, JazzWerkStatt and Creatuve Sources. The other trombonist, Matthias Muche, also turns up on several discs from labels like Red Toucan, Clean Feed and Moers Music.
I recently reviewed a new CD from the late trombone master Paul Rutherford which featured solos, duo and a trio. It was/is an amazing effort, so I am in the mood to hear more trombone explorations. Also hearing Steve Swell on two new Cds by Jason Hwang and Bobby Zankel, shows how far the trombone has come into it own. This trio effort is also something else. This is a trio in which one member will start with an idea or repeating phrase and then the others join him with assorted dialogue or repartee. All three of these trombone players are well matched and do a fine of listening and interacting sympathetically. Even when they quiet down to a whisper, there is an incredible amount of tight tapestry swirling around. What I really like about this is that although all three of these players love to explore a variety of odd sounds on their trombones, this is more of group effort which is never too far out, yet is always musical or compelling of several levels. Although the great Johannes Bauer passed away the night that this concert took play, we can still hear his spirit in the room where three other great trombone players have combined their playing into something equally transcendent. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $17

KYLE BRUCKMANN With ARAM SHELTON / JASON HOOPES / JORDAN GLENN / WESTON OLENCKI - Degradiant - Dear Everyone (Not Two MW 955; Poland) Featuring Kyle Bruckmann on oboe, English horn, electronics & composition, Aram Shelton on alto sax & clarinets, Weston Olencki on trombone, Jason Hoopes on electric bass and Jodan Glenn on drums plus several readers doing minimal spoken words. Kyle Bruckmann is one of the most ambitious Bay Area musicians/composers who is nearly impossible to pin down. Mr. Bruckmann has more than two dozen releases as a leader or collaborator, each one with mostly different personnel and on a different label. For this project, Bruckmann has chosen reedman Aram Shelton (Chicago to Bay area to Denmark) and rhythm team from the current Fred Frith trio, Jason Hoopes and Jordan Glenn. I didn’t recognize the name of the trombonist here, Weston Olencki, but I do know of one of the spoken word artists, Theresa Wong, who has a CD out on Tzadik and who has also worked with Fred Frith.
I have listened to these discs several times so far, not knowing exactly what to expect and was consistently surprised by the changes in direction. I am not even so sure on what ego call this music..?!? The rhythm team plays furiously paced tight lines while the two reeds erupt together, spinning tight lines around one another. In between numerous burst of activity, Ms Wong’s assured voice gives brief descriptions of ideas not so easy to explain. Frontline of Bruckmann on double reeds and Shelton on alto sax or clarinet, play their well-written lines together in tight spirals or in a quick back and forth dialogue. For those of you put off by the inclusion of spoken words, the voices are used very minimally and balance with the music in a most cohesive way. Although the words often mention more serious matter like a scientific explanation, they are short enough to not be taken too seriously. Plus I think that the words add an even more humorous, non-serious side to things when you are listening to them very closely. Considering that this is a two CD set, it will take a while to absorb all of its ideas, whether buried below or on top of the waves of sounds the make up the entire spirited quintet. It is time for yours truly to find some of the two dozen discs which feature Kyle Bruckmann and his ever-changing crew. Is this West Coast Jazz of the 21st century?!? A solid offering whatever it is. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
2 CD set $24

AGUSTI FERNANDEZ / ARTUR MAJEWSKI / RAFAL MAZUR - Spontaneous Soundscapes (Not Two MW 957; Poland) Featuring Agusti Fernandez on piano, Rafal Mazur on acoustic bass guitar and Artur Majewski on drums. Another fine collaboration between the Catalan piano wizard and the two Polish masters.
CD $17

AGUSTI FERNANDEZ With BARRY GUY / RAMON LOPEZ / FRANCES-MARIE UITTI / JOEL RYAN / RAFAK MAZUR / WACLAW ZIMPEL / et al - River Tiger Fire - @60 - Ad Libitum Festival Residency (LISTEN! Foundation 01-2015; Poland)
4 CD Set $50

CENE RESNIK TRIO With GIOVANNI MAIER / ZLATKO KAUCIC - Shades of Colors (Not Two MW 959; Poland)
CD $17

Back in stock from Not Two and Listen! Foundation…

BARRY GUY / MAYA HOMBURGER / ZLATKO KAUCIC - Without Borders (LISTEN! Foundation FSR 05-2017; Poland) Featuring Barry Guy on contrabass, Maya Homburger on baroque violin and Zayko Kaucic on drums, electric zither and home-made instrument. Master contrabassist, Barry Guy, and his wife classical (baroque) violinist, Maya Homburger, have been collaborating for many years performing in duo, trios and with several projects led by Mr. Guy. Sometimes they play written material like Bach or John Dowland, while other times they improvise, like a trio CD with Swiss drummer Pierre Favre on Maya Records. Slovenian drummer, Zlatko Kaucic, has worked with Evan Parker, Peter Brotzmann and Agusti Fernandez in the past, hence a strong choice for Mr. Guy and Ms. Homburger. The music here is not completely improvised as Mr. Guy and Mr. Kaucic have both contributed composed material here as well as covering one piece by Steve Lacy. The title of this disc, “Without Borders…”, refers to the turmoil going on around our troubled world due to the fleeing of humans from different war-torn countries. The way this disc is recorded is just perfect. The sound of Mr. Kaucic’s zither and percussion is something to behold: creating his own world beneath the sea with rubbed cymbals and surfaces, ultra-cautious textural and timbral sounds. “Footfalls I-IV” for duo improvisations by Guy and Kaucic was named after a play by Samuel Beckett. The sound of Mr. Kaucic’s electric zither or unnamed homemade instrument is most mesmerizing, his drums also consistently engaging. There is some extraordinary, intense back and forth dialogue going on between Mr. Guy’s bass and Mr. Kaucic’s percussion in the long section. Guy is a master of altered and extending the sound of his contrabass by banging on the strings with a bow and other objects as well as putting things in between the strings. There is a lovely, haunting work called, “Peace Piece” which features some exquisite bass playing by Mr. Guy. What I dig most about this disc is how well Guy and Kaucic play together, both play percussively as well as with ever-dynamic explorations. At times, it is difficult to tell them apart. The blend of ideas, sounds and textures is too marvelous for mere words so just dig in..! - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $17

AGUSTI FERNANDEZ CELEBRATION ENSEMBLE With MATS GUSTAFFSON / NATE WOOLEY / JOE MORRIS / FRANCIS-MARIE UITTI / INGAR ZACH / et al - Celebration Ensemble (LISTEN! Foundation 04-2017; Poland) Featuring Agusti Fernandez on piano, Mats Gustafsson & Pablo Ledesma on saxes, Nate Wooley on trumpet, Joe Morris on guitar, Francis-Marie Uitti on cello, Ingar Zach & Nurio Andorra on percussion plus Sonia Sanchez - dance. Previously, this same Polish label (Listen Foundation) released a 4 CD Set featuring Agusti Fernandez with mostly Polish musicians live in Warsaw. For this concert/disc, Mr. Fernandez organized a nine-piece international all-star ensemble which includes some heavy hitters: Mats Gustafsson (from The Thing), Nate Wooley and Joe Morris, plus classically-trained cellist Francis-Marie Uitti. Although the music is freely improvised, it does sound as if someone is directing certain portions of this disc. Only a few of these musicians had worked together previously: Joe Morris, Nate Wooley and Mats Gustafsson (in Slobber Pup). The two names here I was surprised to see were percussionist Ingar Zach (from Mural & Derek Bailey) and Frances-Marie Uitti (with E. Sharp & Mark Desser). The music here unfolds slowly with insect-like creaks, cracks, smears and minimal bent notes. The musicians take their time to enter, adding short flurries at first: acoustic guitar, trumpet, bari sax, cello, piano and percussion in the early sections. I like the way certain players lay back from their usual tendencies. Norwegian sax giant, Mats Gustafsson is often heard in more maximal situations, but here he fits in just bright adding more restrained eruptions at the right time. I wasn’t familiar with percussionist Nurai Andorra before now but I do know Ingar Zach quite well from several bands. Mr. Zach often uses toys and odd hand percussion to coax quieter yet more mysterious textures. Eventually the stream thickens with layers of pulsating strings, rubbed surfaces or strings, eerie horn drones and inside-the-piano exploration. There are a number of sections in which things coalesce into that magical dream-like place which feels like another dimension. Considering that this disc is around 73 minutes long, I was riveted throughout, often at the edge-of-my-seat waiting to hear what came next. Joe Morris appears to be playing an acoustic guitar, rubbing the strings furiously at times and adding his own invented language which works well with cello, piano and Mr. Wooley’s ever-changing sounds on his trusty trumpet. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $17

DETAIL [FRODE GJERSTAD / JOHNNY MBIZO DYANI / EIVIN ONE PEDERSEN / JOHN STEVENS] - At Club 7 (Not Two 953; Poland) Featuring Frode Gjerstad on soprano & tenor sax & bass clarinet, Eivin One Pedersen on piano and ARP synth, Johnny Mbizo Dyani on acoustic bass and John Stevens on drums. This set was recorded live at Club 7 in Oslo, Norway in September of 1982. Detail was a project featuring Norwegian saxist Frode Gjerstad and British drummer John Stevens, which existed from 1981 until Stevens’ passing in 1994. Mr. Gjerstad and Mr. Stevens recorded as a duo although Detail was most often a trio with guests: Eivin One Pedersen (keyboards), Johnny Dyani or Kent Carter, Bobby Bradford and Billy Bang. This is the only recording of this particular quartet version of Detail and it is from the near beginning of their ever-evolving existence. Sadly, since this was recorded, three of the four members have passed away: Johnny Dyani (1866), John Stevens (1994) and Eivin Pedersen (2012). This is the eighth release by Detail. Nowadays Frode Gjerstad plays mainly alto sax and clarinet, although here (in 1982) he also plays tenor sax and bass clarinet. The quartet starts off quietly with free, sparse piano, clarinet, bass and drums, simmering and suspense-filled. Original Blue Notes (South African)/Brotherhood of Breath bassist, Johnny Dyani, had relocated to Copenhagen by this time. Legendary SME drummer, John Stevens, and Blue Notes bassist, Johnny Dyani, sound wonderful and create their own magic, providing a cosmic cushion for and spinning a web underneath the reeds and piano. When the quartet hit their stride, the interplay between all four members is extraordinary. While Frode has a strong, spirited dark tone on tenor, is his alto sax and bass clarinet that stands out. The late, great John Stevens is also in fine form throughout, often providing direction and keeping the (rhythmic) flow going. There is also a mighty fine bass solo from Mr. Dyani midway through this disc, a rare commodity from this contrabassist extraordinare. The under-recorded pianist Eivin One Pedersen, who quit the band right after this tour, also sounds great here. Currently only about half of the Detail catalogue is in print, their three records for the Impetus label long out-of-print. We might just have a couple of copies of their classic 2 LP set, ‘Plus: Ness’, so if you still collect & listen to vinyl, don’t wait to get your copy ASAP. In the meantime, this disc is well worth acquiring as well! - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $17

CD $17

This past Tuesday, August 29th, DMG had two of Glasgow’s finest musicians come down to play a rare set: RAYMOND MacDONALD on alto sax and GEORGE BURT on electric guitar. I have long known about these two since they have more than a dozen discs out on Slam, FMR and their own Iorram label. There was something immensely charming about these two musicians: they played in their own way, somewhere between free and fixed, which had a refreshing sense of fun in the center of their improv. Mr. MacDonald left us with a few of his own discs which won’t last very long, so…

RAYMOND MacDONALD / GRAEME WILSON - Cast of Thousands (Creative Sources 353; EEC) Featuring Raymond MacDonald on alto sax and Graeme Wilson on tenor sax. Both of these men are members of the Glasgow Improvisors Orchestra, a mighty fine collection of Scottish musicians with several strings discs out on the FMR label. Both men have warm, well-worn tones on their respective saxes. I like the way both men spin their lines around one another so gracefully without squeaking or screaming. These two sound like they are in no hurry and play with a warm sense of calm in the center. Mr. MacDonald and Mr. Wilson sound as if they have been playing together for a long while since they often bend notes together in a soft, somber way. This music often has a dreamy, laid back sound, not what one might expect from two free improvising saxists. By the halfway mark, the duo start to erupt and expand with a bit more bluster, bending notes carefully and stretching them out. Eventually the tempo and intensity increases and things get more interesting. It is always great to hear a sax duo that doesn’t go for the jugular but still remains fascinating throughout. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG - August 31, 2017
CD $12

GLASGOW IMPROVISERS ORCHESTRA & GEORGE LEWIS - Metamorphic Rock (Iorram ML 83; Scotland)40 minutes of free improvisation form George Lewis and GIO recorded in December 2007 mid way through preparatory work on Lewis's new piece, 'Artificial Life 2007' for the orchestra. One continuous take revealing the group in its subtlest and most raucous modes. Artwork by Sarah Tripp. CD 500 copies "This is the fifth disc the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra that we've mentioned, each of the previous ones have included collaborations with Evan Parker, Barry Guy, Maggie Nicols and the London Improvisers Orchestra. 'Metamorphic Rock' is a most impressive collaboration between George Lewis and the Glasgow Improvers Orchestra recorded in December of 2007. This disc was recorded during preparation for a George Lewis piece called "Artificial Life 2007". This version of the Scottish orchestra consisted of 18 members including George Burt (acoustic guitar) & Raymond MacDonald (alto & soprano sax) who are co-leaders of a fine ensemble with a half dozen releases out. Besides the regular instrumentation of four reeds, 3 brass, 2 guitars, piano, cello, 3 double basses, 2 drums & voice, Nick Fells adds shakuhachi & laptop. Although this piece is improvised, you can tell that this large ensemble has been active for a while. It is superbly recorded and well-balanced, you can pick out where each instrument is in the stereo spectrum. There is a dynamic duo exchange between acoustic bass & quiet, fractured electric guitar in the first section. Slowly other instruments fade in: flute, trombone, acoustic guitar, all hovering underneath the waves floating above. The piece often sounds as if it is being conducted or directed, building in tempo and density as it evolves. I like the way certain sounds combine and wrap themselves around one another. There is section where perhaps a bowed string, high-end reed, voice, laptop & acoustic bass blend into a singular, mysterious sound that is hard to define yet still fascinating to hear. I am reminded of the better moments in life where a large group of individuals communicate in a most positive way, listening closely and entering into a spirited dialogue. This entire session unfolds like a novel without the use of words, where action and interaction remain focused and mesmerizing throughout." - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery
CD $14 (back in stock after many years)

CECIL TAYLOR With JIMMY LYONS / SUNNY MURRAY KURT LINDSTROM - Complete Live at the Cafe Montmartre (Solar Records 4569969; EEC) Featuring Cecil Taylor on piano, Jimmy Lyons on alto sax and Sunny Murray on drums. These live sessions were recorded in November of 1962 at Cafe Monnmartre in Copenhagen, Denmark and were released as two separate albums on Debut Records (from Denmark) and Fontana (European label). It is said that this music was one of the earliest examples of truly “free music”. In the 1970’s, the Arista/Freedom label reissued both albums as a 2-LP set called, ’Nefertiti - The Beautiful One Has Come’, which many of you probably still have. In the 1990’s, the Revenant label reissued this set as a double CD set and added another 20 minutes of music found on the master tapes. The Revenant 2 CD set was later reissued as a 2 LP set and both versions are long out-of-print and sought after by free/jazz collectors. Recently, while doing some research, I found yet another version of this music. This 2 CD set was released last year (2016) and appears to have both of the original albums plus another 36 minutes of previously unreleased music from the same trio with the addition of bassist Kurt Lindstrom, recorded at the Golden Circle in Sweden, the same month as the Cafe Monmartre sessions. Cecil Taylor fan-addicts, you best grab this one quickly before it disappears once more. - BLG/DMG
2 CD Set $20

PAUL BLEY With ANNETTE PEACOCK - Improvisie (Bamboo 7019; UK) Bamboo present the first ever reissue of Paul Bley's Improvisie, originally released in 1971. Recorded Live March 26th, 1971 at Club B14 in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Improvisie is a part of the 1971 trilogy of Paul Bley and Annette Peacock's combined experimental recorded work. Together with recent reissues of 1971's The Bley Synthesizer Show (BAM 7020CD/LP) and 1972's Dual Unity (BAM 7018CD/LP), Improvisie is taken from a compelling period for two iconic figures of the free jazz movement, and their pioneering use of the first-ever Moog synthesizers. Includes expansive liners with interviews and rare archival photos; Professionally remastered original sound recording. CD version comes with a full-color 12-page booklet.
CD $17
LP $24

JON HASSELL & BRIAN ENO - Fourth World Music Vol. I: Possible Musics (Glitterbeat 019; Germany) Originally released in 1980, Jon Hassell and Brian Eno's collaborative album Fourth World Music Vol. I: Possible Musics is a sound document whose ongoing influence seems beyond dispute. Not only is the album a defining moment in the development of what Eno coined as "ambient music" but it also facilitated the introduction of Hassell's "future primitive" trumpet stylings and visionary "Fourth World" musical theories to the broader public. These vectors continue to enrich contemporary audio culture. Eno's ambient strategies are now fixed in the DNA of electronic music and the cross-cultural legacy of Hassell's "Fourth World" concept is apparent not only in the marketplace genre "World Music" but also more persuasively in the accelerating number of digitally-driven, borderless musical fusions we now experience. By the time that Eno and Hassell met, Hassell's experiments with a "Fourth World" musical vocabulary were well underway and in fact it was because of these experiments, particularly Hassell's debut album Vernal Equinox that Brian Eno purposefully sought him out. Within a couple of months of Hassell's performance at The Kitchen the duo entered Celestial Sound in New York City and began work on what would become Fourth World Music Vol. I: Possible Musics. Hassell invited previous collaborators like the Brazilian percussionist Nana Vasconcelos and the Senegalese drummer Ayibe Dieng to join the sessions. Most of the tracks carry a Hassell/Eno writing credit, though the 20-minute "Charm (Over 'Burundi Cloud')" was a carryover from Hassell's concert repertoire. Hassell has made it clear in several interviews over the years that the album's shared billing was at least partly inaccurate and that Eno's contribution was mainly as a producer. More spiky, angular and steeped in rhythm and exoticism than most of Eno's records and more drone-based, reflective and sonorous than most of Hassell's outings, Possible Musics -- whatever the actual division of labor in sound and concept -- is a seminal highlight in both of their discographies. A meeting of two of the late 20th century's most restless and prescient musicians, the album sounds as beguiling, indeterminate and otherworldly today as it did 34 years ago when it was originally released. The impact of Possible Musics on the contemporary music conversation was almost immediate. Just ten days after it was mastered, Brian Eno and David Byrne convened in Los Angeles to continue experiments inspired in part by Hassell's musical theories. The resultant album would be called My Life in the Bush of Ghosts. All parties involved agree that Ghosts was originally conceived as a trio project that included Hassell but the idea fell apart over disagreements about logistics and musical direction. Hassell still remains bitter about what he considers the projects un-credited appropriation of his musical signatures. From there it was a short jump forward to the chart-topping, Afro-futurism of The Talking Heads Remain in Light, an album that Eno co-produced and Hassell guested on. "Fourth World" strategies have echoed, and can still be heard echoing in the music of Peter Gabriel, Nils Petter Molvaer, Björk, David Sylvian, David Byrne, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Damon Albarn, DJ Spooky, Jah Wobble, Matmos, 23 Skidoo, Goat, Bill Laswell, Mark Ernestus, Adrian Sherwood, and of course, the ongoing projects of Eno and Hassell themselves. Glitterbeat is proud and honored to re-release and re-introduce this compelling, groundbreaking album.
CD $15

THE NEW TONY WILLIAMS LIFETIME FEATURING ALLAN HOLDSWORTH - Live At The Village Gate (Hi Hat 3088; UK) The New Tony Williams Lifetime, featuring Allan Holdsworth, live from the Village Gate, New York, September 22nd, 1976. In 1975, the groundbreaking drummer Tony Williams assembled a new version of Lifetime, this time featuring the visionary guitar of Allan Holdsworth, as well as Alan Pasqua's innovative keyboards and Tony Newton's funky bass. They collaborated on two albums, as well as playing acclaimed gigs. Their unique brand of fusion is perfectly captured on this remarkable set, originally broadcast on WRVR-FM in New York. The entire broadcast is presented here, digitally remastered, with background notes and images.
LP $24 (now available)
CD $17 (available soon)

KLAUS SCHULZE - En=Trance (2017 Remastered)(Made in Germany 1742; Germany) "Re-release of the Klaus Schulze's classic En=Trance (originally released 1988 / re-release 2005). 'Emotional music, gems coming out of the sound computer' --"Fachblatt"/Deutschland, Mai 1988. Klaus Schulze about En=Trance: 'En=Trance is a 'pure Schulze' record, I made it all on my own. I have to say I only get other musicians when I notice that the song has something missing. For instance if I feel that the song must have a violin I call (Thomas) Kagermann, and if I need a guitar I would always ask Manuel Göttsching or Michael Lücker. With the songs on En=Trance I didn't have the feeling that something was missing.' This edition was completely new remastered 2017 by Tom Dams!"
CD $22

EPITAPH - Live At Rockpalast (Made in Germany 90380; Germany) "Epitaph are one of the most exciting and successful krautrock bands. On this Rockpalast re-launch, you will find the classic first two concerts from 1977 and 1979, as well as the amazing performance on the Kraut Rockpalast in 2004. Enjoy time travelling through the history of Epitaph; who is considered by many to be the best English language rock ever made in Germany. As a special bonus we could add on DVD two tracks from the famous German TV-Sow Beat Club (1972!)."
2 CD / 2 DVD Set $23

HOLLIS TAYLOR - Absolute Bird (ReR Megacorp HT1; UK) "This is an extraordinary and important work, breathtaking in its apparent simplicity but raised on a lifetime of study, thought and contrariness. All 41 tracks are, in one way or another, built around transcriptions or recordings of the Australian pied butcherbird -- mining every possible variation. Each composition pairs a bird, or other environmental sounds, with one or several instruments: standard, soprano, bass and contrabass recorders, violin, vibraphone, bassoon, viola, flute, cello, bass clarinet, vocal ensemble, bass or string quartet -- all seamlessly linked together. As with Berio's cadenzas, virtuosic and extended techniques are standard, and long stretches of each CD side are programmed for continuous and highly contrasted listening. The featured soloists are all recognized virtuosi. This is an important release because although it's clearly music, and clearly composed, it's also birdsong -- and we're not sure, culturally, whether we think that's music or not. Then there are the categorically non-musical sounds that play a central and continuous role. It's a CD that will attract attention in experimental and contemporary circles precisely because it puts these elements together in a new and provocative way. There's a story here. The recording quality is excellent, the performers, human and otherwise, virtuosic (without making a fuss about it) and the sweep quietly vast. Both CDs come in the inner covers of a very strong and substantial hard-cover book containing 48 full-colour pages of notes, reflections, explanations and photographs."
2 CD Set $40

CHARLES BOBUCK - Nineteen-Sixty-Seven (Klanggalerie 248; Austria) "The all-new album by former Residents composer Bobuck. Based on the H. Fox story, 'O-bay Scooplaws and the Summer of Love.' Scooplaws was one of the thousands of bands who pilgrimaged to San Francisco in 1967 with hopes of making it big. O-bay Scooplaws was one of the thousands of bands whose dreams were smashed like a Peter Townsend guitar. 'We planned to leave for California at midnight hoping for lighter traffic and avoidance of the excruciating heat the Southern Route is so famous for. But it was nearing 2:30 and the truck still did not have the drum set loaded. There was a nervousness in the air. Our parents had seen us off hours ago, telling us to be careful, the usual things they say when they finally accept that they no longer have any say in what their children are going to do. I started out in the cab. We listened to the all-night radio stations as we crossed the country. My turn to be in the back came somewhere in Arizona. It didn't go so well for me as I found the isolation and the flapping tarp challenging my mental state. I tried to sleep as best I could. When we arrived in San Francisco we had no real plans other to be a part of what was happening and try to get gigs. The only place we knew about in San Francisco was the Jefferson Airplane house on Fulton Street across from Golden Gate Park. The band members all lived in this huge mansion. It was famous. So we went there. Before we could say more, the man put a finger to his lips to quieten us and then motioned us into the house. We only stayed one night. Their manager found us a flat the next day. I bought a tape recorder and started learning how to use it by setting lyrics of some of my favorite songs from 1967 to new music. I saw it as a way of hearing these lyrics fresh again, of understanding deeper meanings in what was being said. Now it is fifty years later, 2017. Klanggalerie thought it was time to release my old recordings as a way of paying tribute to those golden times.’”
CD $19

LP Only Section:

SKY MUSIC With HENRY KAISER / NELS CLINE / RAOUL BJORKENHEIM / ERIK FRIEDLANDER / BILL FRISELL / DAVID TORN / JIM O’ROURKE / STALE STORLOKKEN / HEDVIG MOLLESTAD / INGEBRIGT HAKER FLATEN / et al - A Tribute To Terje Rypdal (Rune Grammofon 3194; Norway) Double LP version. Guitarist and composer Terje Rypdal (1947) is probably as close as one gets to a living legend in Norwegian music. He has received a number of awards, including three Norwegian Grammies (Spellemannpris), the last being the honorary award in 2005. Sky Music is a heartfelt celebration of an inspirational artist and truly unique guitarist who hasn't fully received the due credit and recognition he deserves for over 50 years of music making. Initiated by the experimental US guitarist and lifelong Rypdal fan Henry Kaiser, Rune Grammofon put together an all-star band including keyboardist and long-time Rypdal side-kick Ståle Storløkken (Elephant9, Supersilent), bassist Ingebrigt Håker Flaten (Scorch Trio, The Thing), drummer Gard Nilssen (Bushman's Revenge), guitarists Even H. Hermansen (Bushman´s Revenge) and Hedvig Mollestad, Finnish guitarist Raoul Björkenheim (Scorch Trio), and Swedish guitarist Reine Fiske (Dungen). Kaiser also played and produced while Hans Magnus Ryan (Motorpsycho) added bits and pieces and Jim O'Rourke beamed in his exquisite contributions to "Sunrise" from Tokyo. Bill Frisell, Nels Cline, and David Torn delivered their solo interpretations, Cline with the aid of cellist Erik Friedlander.
2 LP Set $30

SKY MUSIC - A Tribute To Terje Rypdal Vol. 2 (Rune Grammofon 2195; Norway)
A vinyl-only release of two epic outtakes that didn't make the main album, Sky Music: A Tribute To Terje Rypdal (RCD 2194CD/RLP 3194LP), due to lack of space. Guitarist and composer Terje Rypdal (1947) is probably as close as one gets to a living legend in Norwegian music. Sky Music is a heartfelt celebration of an inspirational artist and truly unique guitarist who hasn't fully received the due credit and recognition he deserves for over 50 years of music making. Initiated by the experimental US guitarist and lifelong Rypdal fan Henry Kaiser, Rune Grammofon put together an all-star band including keyboardist and long-time Rypdal side-kick Ståle Storløkken (Elephant9, Supersilent), bassist Ingebrigt Håker Flaten (Scorch Trio, The Thing), drummer Gard Nilssen (Bushman's Revenge), guitarists Even H. Hermansen (Bushman´s Revenge) and Hedvig Mollestad, Finnish guitarist Raoul Björkenheim (Scorch Trio), and Swedish guitarist Reine Fiske (Dungen). Kaiser also played and produced. The Sky Music project also includes additional contributions from Hans Magnus Ryan (Motorpsycho), Jim O'Rourke, Bill Frisell, Nels Cline, David Torn and Erik Friedlander. Includes CD.
LP CD $25

MASSIMO PUPILLO / ALEXANDRE BABEL / CASPAR BROTZMANN - Live At Candy Bomber Studios, Vol.1 (KarlRecords 038; Germany) Curtains up for a new power trio: bass player Massimo Pupillo (Zu, Laniakea), drummer Alexandre Babel (Sudden Infant) and Caspar Brötzmann on guitar. As the title Live At The Candy Bomber Studios, Vol.1 indicates, this album is the first cut from an inspired recording meeting. Raw energy with full focus; three instrumentalists, at the peak of their skills, blend noise rock, drone, and improvisation into two relentless, epic pieces. The line-up consists of Massimo Pupillo, bass player in Zu, Laniakea, and countless other constellations and drummer Alexandre Babel who is a prolific player in the experimental/contemporary field (artistic director of Swiss percussion group Eklekto, member of Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin, and soloist who has performed with Otomo Yoshihide and Keiji Haino) and a steady member of the noise band Sudden Infant. And last but not least there's Caspar Brötzmann on guitar who has gained high reputation as one of the most radical guitarists around, admired by acclaimed artists like Thurston Moore ("probably one of the best guitarists I've ever met!") and Stephen O'Malley. A powerful unit, recorded live in the studio by Ingo Krauss who had already worked with Brötzmann on the Caspar Brötzmann Massaker albums Der Abend Der Schwarzen Folklore (1992) and Koksofen (1993). 180 gram vinyl; Includes download code; Edition of 500.
LP $21

JAC BERROCAL - La Nuit Est Au Courant (Souffle Continu Records 028; France) Souffle Continu Records present the first vinyl edition of Jac Berrocal's La Nuit Est Au Courant, originally released on In Situ in 1991. Ornette Coleman's "Lonely Woman" on the radio, Renaissance motets, his grandfather in a Zouave military band, Syrian deserts... Columns of tanks in the streets, the soundtrack to Robert Bresson's A Man Escaped (1956), Juan Manuel Fangio's car, the fall of the Berlin wall: from the first and fantastic Musiq Musik (1973), this is where Jac Berrocal's trumpet comes from -- an indescribable cataclysm to which he constantly returns for inspiration. When he published, at the beginning of the 1990s, La Nuit Est Au Courant, Jac Berrocal had already recorded his famous "Rock'n'Roll Station" and collaborated three times with Nurse With Wound, he figures on their 1979 list as an important avant-garde influence. In Situ, the French label which published this album, produced several other historically important albums in the same year by people like Steve Lacy, François Tusques, Un Drame Musical Instantané, and Daunik Lazro in a duo with Joe McPhee: such were the times. Backed by two bassists (including the jazz critic Francis Marmande) and a drummer, Jacques Thollot (who recorded Jeter La Girafe À La Mer (1971), one of the highlights of the French underground), Jac Berrocal does here what he does best: defy labels and slalom between genres; constructing a strange kaleidoscope of enchanting mish-mash. "What is vulgar... ", he states, "... is to refuse what pleases you". Jac Berrocal refuses nothing and tries everything he can imagine. With the trumpet multiplied here and there by reverb, the nocturnal perambulations for insomniacs of La Nuit Au Courant make it an ambient album with Prague, Sartrouville, Ivry-sur-Seine or East Berlin amongst the backdrops... An album of what Fernando Arrabal called "panic music", an elegant term for "no wave"... Listening to it over and again, it sounds like Don Cherry jamming with David Bowie and Brian Eno in Berlin. There is one thing you should know: Jac Berrocal is an intrepid man. He stands exposed -- and "sullies his soul", on the edge of the precipice. The nights are all-knowing. Licensed from In Situ. Obi strip; Reverse printing; Includes four-page booklet; Edition of 700.
LP $24

FRANCOIS TUSQUES With MICHEL PORTAL / FRANCOIS JEANNEAU / BERNARD VITET / BEB GUERIN - Free Jazz (Cacophonic 020; UK) Cacophonic present a first time vinyl reissue of a pioneering album of French free jazz, François Tusques's Free Jazz, originally released in 1965. Comprising some of the earliest, uninhibited performances from musicians behind groundbreaking European records and films, Free Jazz captures the birth of an exciting movement that would soon earn its Parisian birthplace as the go-to European spiritual home of improvised and avant-garde music. Spearheaded by pianist and composer François Tusques, this 1965 French album laid the foundations -- alongside Jef Gilson's 1963 album Enfin! (OI 020LP) -- for a unique satellite brand of jazz that would later provide visiting Afro American avant-garde players with a vibrant Parisian platform. With Free Jazz, you not only hear the unique differences within the Gallic approach to the art form (combining masterful somber cinematic changes with aerated free-form percussion and erratic reed and brass), but you also witness the early, lesser savored secret ingredients that would carry France's mainstream pop culture into truly uncharted and unrivaled territories. Best known as the soundtrack composer to the horror-tica films of Jean Rollin, Tusques is joined here by sax and flute player Francois Jeanneau, who later led Triangle, France's leading French language prog-jazz-rock act. Featuring three players from Enfin!, Free Jazz combines the skills of Jeanneau, with clarinet player Michel Portal, and trumpeter Bernard Vitet. In addition to this, Free Jazz also boasts the inclusion of double bass master Bernard "Beb" Guérin, a contributor to Sonny Sharrock's Monkey-Pockie-Boo (1970). It is by no coincidence that this carefully selected ensemble would be enlisted as the backing group for politically driven singer-songwriter Colette Magny (arguably influencing Brigitte Fontaine to adopt The Art Ensemble Of Chicago as her backing band). This album also captures a rare glimpse of percussionist Charles Saudrais in free-form mode after his departure from the Barney Wilen Quartet, resulting in the follow-up record 1970's Le Nouveau Jazz (CACK 014LP) for actor Marcel Mouloudji's privately funded label. This glimpse into a seldom documented underground of a domestic, revolutionary, uncompromised spiritual art-form reveals the other-side of abstracted French music which, alongside musique concrète, protest pop, symphonic rock, and Zeuhl-skool electronic prog, created a homegrown, self-contained music industry that influenced a universe of Gallic magnetic inspiration. Taken from Tusques's master-tape archive. Features two rare original outtakes which did not appear on the original album; Includes a facsimile of the original Tusques-penned booklet.
LP $30


Bruce Lee Gallanter’s Recommended Gig List for September of 2017


FRIDAY SEPT 1—John Zorn (sax) Marty Ehrlich (sax) Ikue Mori (electronics) Joe Morris (guitar) Erik Friedlander (cello) Jonathan Finlayson (trumpet) Jim Staley (trombone) Tomas Fujiwara (drums) and many special guests
SATURDAY SEPT 2—John Zorn (sax) Bill Frisell (guitar) Okkyung Lee (cello) Ikue Mori (electronics) Cyro Baptista (percussion) Uri Caine (piano) Tomas Fujiwara (drums) and many special guests

9/1 Friday
830 pm - Trio-convulsant play music from "Sister Phantom Owl Fish"
Trevor Dunn (bass) Mary Halvorson (guitar) Ches Smith (drums)

9/2 Saturday
830 pm - Dunn/Seabrook/Slick - Trevor Dunn (bass) Brandon Seabrook (guitar) Eric Slick (drums)

9/3 Sunday
830 pm - ProofReaders play "Ornette On Tenor" - Trevor Dunn (bass) Anna Webber (tenor sax) Nate Wooley (trumpet) Ryan Sawyer (drums)


9/5 Tuesday
830 pm - Kevin Hufnagel (guitar) and Craig Taborn (piano)

9/6 Wednesday
830 pm - Chris Potter—Craig Taborn Quartet - Chris Potter (sax) Craig Taborn (piano) plus bass & drums

9/7 Thursday
830 pm - Ancients - Dan Weiss (drums) Chris Speed (sax) Ben Gerstein (trombone) Craig Taborn (piano)

FRIDAY SEPT 8—High and Mighty Brass Band and Slavic Soul Party: The Festival opens on Friday, September 8, when curators Stephanie Richards and Gabe Medd present a night of Brass Bands with High and Mighty Brass Band and Slavic Soul Party that celebrates groove based brass band music from around the world. This program embraces music old and new.

SATURDAY SEPT 9—Multi trumpet celebration of our 15th season hosted by Dave Douglas with trumpeters Stephanie Richards, Jeremy Pelt, Nate Wooley, and David Adewumi with Brad Jones on bass and Gerald Cleaver on drums. Don’t miss. One time only special event.

9/8 Friday
830 pm - Heroics Quartet - Dave King (drums) Chris Speed (sax) Chris Lightcap (bass) Craig Taborn (piano)

9/9 Saturday
830 pm - Farmers By Nature - William Parker (bass) Gerald Cleaver (drums) Craig Taborn (piano)

9/10 Sunday
830 pm - Craig Taborn Solo (piano)

All Sets start at 8:30pm Tickets: $20
There are no refreshments or merchandise at The Stone.
Only music. All ages are welcome.
Cash Only at the door. There is no phone.
There is no food or beverage served or allowed
just a serious listening environment.
The Stone is booked purely on a curatorial basis


The CORNELIA STREET CAFE - 212-989-9319
29 Cornelia St in the heart of the West Greenwich Village, NYC

Friday Sep 01
6:00PM TAMUZ NISSIM & GEORGE NAZOS TRIO - Tamuz Nissim, vocals; George Nazos, guitar; Harvie S, bass Tamuz Nissim & George Nazos Trio image
8:35PM NOISE CEILING - Zach Lapidus, piano; Peter Brendler, bass; Paul Wells, drums

Saturday Sep 02
8:35PM DAN WEISS TRIO - Dan Weiss, drums; Jacob Sacks, piano; Thomas Morgan, bass

Sunday Sep 03
Ellie Goodman, violin; James Robinson, bass; Josh Kaye, guitar

Mon Sept 4th:
8:30PM AMRAM & CO - David Amram, piano, french horn, flutes, composition & surprises; Kevin Twigg, drums, glockenspiel; Rene Hart, bass; Elliot Peper,

Tuesday Sep 05
6:00PM ELEKTRA KURTIS & ENSEMBLE ELEKTRA “RITUALS FOR PEACE 2 - Elektra Kurtis, violin; Curtis Stewart, violin; Lefteris Bournias, clarinet; Bradley Jones, bass; Reggie Nicholson, drums
9:30PM VOXECSTATIC: DEANNA WITKOWSKI TRIO - Deanna Witkowski, piano, voice; Daniel Foose, bass; Scott Latzky, drums
Voxecstatic: Deanna Witkowski Trio image

Wed Sept 6th
8:00PM VOXECSTATIC: VERENA MCBEE - Verena McBee, voice; Billy Test, piano; Ethan O'Reilly, bass; Jon Di Fior, drums; Special Guests; Christian Contreras, tenor, soprano sax; Gabriel Dowdy-Terracciano, violin

Thurs Sept 7th
8:00PM ALYSSA MCDOOM QUARTET - Alyssa McDoom, vocals; Evan Wright, guitar; Daryl Johns, bass; Charlie Culbert, drums
9:30PM IMMANUEL WILKINS QUARTET - Immanuel Wilkins - alto sax; Micah Thomas, piano; Daryl Johns, bass; Kweku Sumbry, drums

Thursday Sep 07
8:01PM MARC MOMMAAS QUARTET - Marc Mommaas, tenor sax; Nate Radley, guitar; Matt Clohesy, bass; Ari Hoenig, drums

Friday Sep 08
8:35PM GUALICHU - Leo Genovese, piano; Tony Malaby, tenor sax; Juini Booth, bass; Francisco Mela, drums

Saturday Sep 09
8:35PM BEN MONDER TRIO - Ben Monder, guitar; Tony Malaby, tenor sax; Andrew Cyrille, drums

Sunday Sep 10
8:00PM MALNOIA TRIO - Jorn Swart, piano, comp.; Benni von Gutzeit, viola; Lucas Pino, bass clarinet
9:30PM NATHAN BROWN TRIO - Félix Lemerle, guitar; Nathan Brown, bass; Peter Traunmueller, drums

I-Beam Presents:

Thursday, September 21st 8:30 PM
8:30PM Mara Rosenbloom Trio (w/ special guest Michael Wimberly)
Sean Conly Bass
Michael Wimberly Drums
Mara Rosenbloom Piano & Composition
9:30PM Sean Conly Trio
Michael Attias Alto Saxophone
Jeff Davis Drums
Sean Conly Bass & Composition

Friday, September 22nd 8:30 PM
Javier Moreno Quintet
Javier Moreno: Bass and compositions
Michael Attias: Alto sax
Hery Paz: Tenor Sax, clarinet, flute
Santiago Leibson: Piano
Eden Bareket: Bass Clarinet, baritone Sax

I-Beam is located at 168 7th Street in Brooklyn, NY 11215 - Directions: SUBWAY: Take the F or R trains to 4th Ave & 9th Street. Walk down 4th ave to 7th street. Make a left on 7th and walk past 3rd ave. We are located on the ground floor, the grey doors to the right of the stairs of #168.