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DMG Newsletter for August 4th, 2017

DMG Newsletter for August 4th, 2017

If the News is Fake, Then Who do We Believe?
Lies and More Distractions, Are We All Being Deceived?!?
When This Era is Over, Will We all Feel Relieved?
We certainly Hope So, Since We do need a Break…

Time for Another DMG Newsletter Blast
Of Creative Music from Around the World,
So Take Some Time to Consider and Dig In to the Sounds of:

Ken Vandermark / Nate Wooley Shelter! Pan-Scan Ensemble: Lotte Anker / Julie Kjaer / Sten Sandell / Paal Nilssen-Love..! Lean Left: Terrie & Andy Ex! Vinny Golia ‘ Ken Filiano Ensemble! Three from Relative Pitch: John Butcher/John Edwards/Mark Sanders! Fred Van Hove & Roger Turner! Magda Mayas & Jim Denley!

Carol Liebowitz/Claire de Brunner/Daniel Carter/Kevin Norton! Tony Geballe’s Zero Times Everything! More from Leap of Faith & Their Off-shoots! Tony Williams Lifetime With John McLaughlin & Larry Young Live! Klaus Schulze! The Fall! Controlled Bleeding! C-Schulze! Suzanne Ciani! Plus Magma on Vinyl and a Barry Guy 7”!?!



Sunday, August 6th:

Sunday, August 13th:
6pm: CHRIS PITSIOKOS - Solo Alto Sax - Welcome Home from Euro Tour Set
7pm: BRANDON LOPEZ - Solo ContraBass

Sunday, August 20th:

Sunday, August 27th:

Rare Tuesday, August 29 Set:
6pm: RAYMOND MacDONALD & GEORGE BURT - Sax & Guitar from Glasgow

 Sunday, September 10th:
Two Bass Clarinets / Acoustic Bass / Drums

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KEN VANDERMARK / NATE WOOLEY / JASPER STADHOUDERS / STEVE HEATHER - Shelter (Audiographic Records 010; USA)[LTD Edition of 500/numbered] Shelter is Ken Vandermark on reeds, Nate Wooley on trumpet, Jasper Stadhouders on electric bass & guitar and Steve Heather on drums & noise box. Mr. Vandermark and Mr. Wooley have been working together as a duo for the past couple of years with two fine discs out. For this disc they are joined by the rhythm team of Jasper Stadhouders and Steve Heather. Each member of the quartet contributed 2 or 3 pieces. I recall the name of Dutch guitarist, Jasper Stadhouders, from his work with Cactus Truck and Bureau of Atomic Tourism. The drummer, Steve Heather, has recorded with Tobias Delius, Joe Rose and Jorrit Dijkstra.
Oddly enough, this disc starts off with an odd, avant-funk groove, somewhere between Capt. Beefheart and Defunkt groove-wise with Ken slamming it down on bari sax and Nate playing a blistering trumpet solo over the top. Eventually the piece evolves into a freer, spacious second half with cautious percussion (chains) woven underneath. The rhythm team play some furious, tribal, el. bass & drums on “Accidentals Don’t Carry”, while the trumpet & tenor sax sail tightly on top playing quirky written lines. Each piece provides a different challenge for the quartet. Vandermark and Wooley have spent time on the road together as a duo and it sounds as if they have become kindred creative spirits who can shadow each other no matter where they go. Mr. Vandermark plays a good deal of bari sax here, something we haven’y heard in a while and this is great thing since he sounds so inspired and able to cut loose when need be. Although this quartet is a one-off, they sound like they’ve been playing for a long while. Here’s hoping we get a chance to hear them live, someday, soon, somewhere..! - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery
CD $15

PAN-SCAN ENSEMBLE With LOTTE ANKER / JULIE KJAER / STEN SANDELL / PAAL NILSSEN-LOVE / ANNA HOGBERG / THOMAS JOHANSSON / GORAN KAJFES / EMIL STRANGBERG / STALE LIAVIK SOLBERG - Air and Light and Time and Space (PNL 035/Hispid 007; Norway) “For many years, Scandinavian jazz and improv have mixed and matched musicians with no great concern about their nationalities. While the music has maintained its high quality, most listeners have not been overly concerned with the players' countries of birth. Now, as its name suggests Pan-Scan Ensemble has adopted a pan-Scandinavian approach and brought together nine fine players from across the region. Far more exciting than the ensemble's roots is its line-up of three female saxophonists and three male trumpeters alongside piano and two drummers, instrumentation that whets the appetite for the music. The band was put together by its drummers, Paal Nilssen-Love and Ståle Liavik Solberg, for a December 2016 Christmas concert at the Blow Out festival at Oslo's Mir club.
Air and Light and Time and Space was recorded live that night and features two tracks, appropriately entitled "Air and Light" and "Time and Space," the former running for twelve-and-a-half minutes, the latter for thirty-three-and-a-half. Although this was the debut performance by the ensemble, its members have a wealth of experience in large groupings to draw on, in such notable ensembles as Fire! Orchestra (alto saxophonist Anna Högberg, alto & tenor saxophonist Lotte Anker, trumpeter Emil Strandberg, pianist Sten Sandell), Angles 9 (trumpeter Goran Kajfeš) and Nilssen-Love's Large Unit (alto saxophonist & flautist Julie Kjaer, trumpeter Thomas Johansson).
Such experience explains why the music has no awkward "getting to know you" period at the start. After an extended drum duo leading into a trumpet solo, everyone else joins in, with a vengeance. Thankfully, the music does not turn into a procession of individual solos; instead the horns operate more as a coherent unit, lines overlapping and criss-crossing, with an individual voice occasionally bubbling to the surface, supported by the others, before returning to the ranks. Sandell's piano is a subtle presence, never hogging the limelight but adding support and coloration that is vital to the mood of the music. While adding full-on rhythm work when needed, Nilssen-Love and Solberg themselves can be just as subtle when the mood requires, adding percussion as detail and punctuation.
Ultimately, though, this band is not about the work of individuals but far more about nine musicians working together and pulling in the same direction to produce a collective triumph. Time and again, the music boils up into thrilling climaxes that set the pulse racing. Live, this must have been one hell of a gig to attend! Happily, this excellent recording has captured it well and conveys its excitement. We must hope that Pan-Scan Ensemble was not created for one night only but records again soon. “ - John Eyles, AllAboutJazz
CD $15

LEAN LEFT With TERRIE & ANDY EX / KEN VANDERMARK / PAAL NILSSEN-LOVE - I Forgot To Breathe (Trost 149; Austria) Lean Left, the quartet of jazz drummer Paal Nilssen-Love and saxophonist Ken Vandermark with The Ex members Terrie Hessels and Andy Moor, present I Forgot To Breathe. Personnel: Paal Nilssen-Love - drums; Terrie Hessels - guitar; Andy Moor - guitar; Ken Vandermark - reeds.
CD $19
LP $26

VINNY GOLIA With KEN FILIANO / SARA CUBARSI / RACHEL IBA / PATRICK BEHNKE / TAL KAZ / CATHLENE PINEDA - Music for Woodwinds, Strings, Piano and Percussion (pfMentum 110/Nine Winds 341; USA) Featuring Vinny Golia on assorted reeds and ethnic percussion, Cathlene Pineda on piano, Ken Filiano on contrabass plus a string quartet. Ever since the turn of the millennium, Vinny Golia has been expanding his palette/vision by working with ever-growing community of musicians from the LA area, a number of his former students from Cal Arts where he still teaches. Although Golia’s long-running label, Nine Winds, has slowed down, he has been doing collaborative works with Jeff Kaiser’s pfMentum label.
For this new disc, Mr. Golia has organized a string quartet plus himself on multiple reeds (plus odd ethnic instruments) and varied percussion instruments plus longtime collaborator Ken Filiano on bass and a pianist named Cathlene Pineda. Unique instrumentation to say the least. This disc begins with some strange double reed(s) (gyaling?) and a gong, before Ken Filiano’s powerful bowed bass enters. Mr. Golia’s writing for the string quartet, bass and piano is fascinating, quite complex with kaleidoscopic changes. Although Golia is often the featured soloist, his playing is well-integrated into the rich tapestry of this formidable chamber ensemble. Unlike the rarely successful blending of jazz, classical and ethnic strains, Golia has worked hard to place his various reeds and percussion instruments in the center of this hybrid music which doesn’t really belong to any one culture or style. For each section Golia switches between numerous flutes, soprano & sopranino saxes, contra alto & bass clarinets, bassett horn and many more oddities that most of us haven’t heard of. Mr. Golia has come a long way since music career started in LA in the mid-seventies, his label has several hundred releases and many with him a the leader. Once or twice a year now, Mr. Golia drops another treasure on those smart enough to recognize his vast talents. Former students like Daniel Rosenboom from Burning Ghosts have also been getting some well-deserved recognition recently as well, so no doubt we will be hearing from members of the string quartet on this disc in the future. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery
CD $15

* Three New Ones from Relative Pitch:

JOHN BUTCHER / JOHN EDWARDS / MARK SANDERS - Last Dream of the Morning (Relative Pitch 1056; USA) Featuring John Butcher on tenor & soprano saxes, John Edwards on bass and Mark Sanders on drums. UK saxist, John Butcher, selects his collaborators carefully and records only on rare occasions. For this disc Mr. Butcher has chosen the premiere UK rhythm team, John Edwards and Mark Sanders, who have worked with Evan Parker, Paul Dunmall, Trevor Watts and John Tilbury. This disc was recorded live at a club called The Fish Factory in Willesden in the UK and the sound is superb. The trio is a tightly wound, expanding and contracting with a focused, group/singular sound. There are many moments when it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between the tenor sax, bowed or plucked bass and mallets or cymbals. When Mr. Butcher switches to soprano on “Syphon”, the intensity increases, the tension bristling. Folks occasionally ask me why I got rid of my TV? Mainly two reasons, I find commercials to insulting and manipulative and I find great music to be more inspiring on variously levels. There are sections here where I was transported to another place for more hopeful than many of the things going on around us. This disc features a world of wonders, one fascinating scene after another. Extra-ordinary! - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $14

FRED VAN HOVE / ROGER TURNER - The Corner (Relative Pitch 1059; USA) Featuring Fred Van Hove on piano and Roger Turner on drums & percussion. This duo set was recorded live at Cafe Oto in London in December of 2015. Although the great German pianist, Fred Van Hove’s career stretches back more than fifty years, recording more than a dozen albums with Peter Brotzmann (‘Machine Gun’ in 1968 at the beginning), Van Hove record infrequently nowadays with just a handful of discs over the past decade. This is Mr. Van Hove’s first recording with British drummer Roger Turner. Both players have worked with extreme vocalist Phil Minton, but not at the same time. Van Hove always picks great drummers to work with, like: Tony Oxley, Paul Lytton and Han Bennink. UK drummer, Roger Turner, is an appropriate choice having worked with Lol Coxhill, Konk Pack and more recently Otomo Yoshihide.
Right from the opening, there is something special, magical going on. Cascading waves of notes from the piano are perfectly matched by similar organic waves from the drums and cymbals. The duo start out quietly with a restrained, reflective sense of clam that builds in intensity, as it evolves. Mr. Van Hove is in fine form here, balancing several elements or lines at the same time, adding flourishes from calm and dreamy to near violent eruptions. What I really dig about this is when they hold back and work with this rather majestic, suspense and spaciousness, transforming everything to a more ethereal world. This set was superbly recorded and captures this duo in perfect balance of all the elements, all the extremes. Excellent! - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $14

MAGDA MAYAS & JIM DENLEY - Tempe Jetz (Relative Pitch 1061; USA) Featuring Magda Mayas on clavinet and Jim Denley on alto sax & bass flute. This disc was recorded live somewhere in South Sydney in Australia. Berlin-based keyboardist, Magda Mayas, and Australian reeds wizard, Jim Denley, are both sonic explorer who excel in various extended techniques for their respective instruments. Ms Mayas often works inside the piano, manipulating the strings with different objects and has collaborated with Chris Abrahams & Tony Buck, both from the Necks. Mr. Denley has been played altered reeds with tubes attached and was/is a member of Mural and Machine for Making Sense.
For this disc/set, Ms Mayas plays a barely functioning clavinet (an ancient electric keyboard used in the seventies mostly for funk records) and field recordings were used as well. As with many recording of extended technique explorations, it is difficult to tell who is doing what. I do recognize some of the sounds that Mr. Denley is doing as I have watched/heard him live on several occasions. Plus the occasion snips of field recordings are used like minimal sonic seasoning, adding a bit of mystery here and there. What I like about this it that it is musical or somehow melodic at times with eerie suspense-filled moments floating in the ongoing stream. The vibe is most often completely mesmerizing. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $14

The Relative Pitch Sale will continue for another week. There are more than 20 discs from their back catalogue now on sale for $10 each, no minimum. Please check out this list on our homepage in the News/Sale Section.

TO BE CONTINUED With CAROL LIEBOWITZ / DANIEL CARTER / CLAIRE de BRUNNER / KEVIN NORTON - Poetry from the Future (Line Art 1003; USA) To Be Continued features Carol Liebowitz on piano, Claire de Brunner on bassoon, Daniel Carter on tenor & alto saxes, trumpet, clarinet & flute and Kevin Norton on vibes, percussion & drums. Ms. Liebowitz used to record for the New Artists label which was run by the late Connie Crothers and featured a number of musicians associated with jazz legend Lennie Tristano. More recently, Ms. Liebowitz has been involved in Line Art Records, this is their/her third release. For this disc, Ms. Liebowitz is joined by three other like-minded players: bassoonist Claire de Brunner has played here at DMG with Ken Silverman and a couple of times with the ubiquitous multi-reeds & brass man, Daniel Carter. Gifted percussionist, composer and professor, Kevin Norton, recently did a residency at The Stone (July of 2017) and played with a different group every night. This quartet played that week as well.
The instrumentation of piano, bassoon, reeds and percussion give this a chamber-like quality although the thoughtful improvisations are unpredictable yet calm and focused. Ever since hearing Lindsay Cooper from Henry Cow on bassoon and Paul McCandless from Oregon on oboe, I have been a big fan of double reeds. Daniel Carter plays with many improvisers from varied scenes, finding a way to fit into more types of music than any other Downtown musician. Carter can be explosive when playing with other Free Jazz warriors but here he lays back, the quartet taking their time and listening closely to each other. Much of this reminds me of Morton Feldman, sparse in part with each note being carefully selected. At times, there is sad, soft, melancholy vibe at the center, yet things do erupt at times but never very going too far out. Even when things begin to boil, there is calm spirit in the center of the storm. If this is indeed Poetry form the Future, than we are in good hands. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $13

ZERO TIMES EVERYTHING With TONY GEBALLE / PIETRO RUSSINO / RICHARD SYLVARNES - Sonic Cinema (7D Media 1711; USA) ZTE features Tony Geballe on guitar & synth, Pietro Russino on guitar, bass guitar & violin and Richard Sylvarnes on Kaoss pads, analog & digital synths. If the name Tony Geballe sounds familiar, it should since he has long worked with Trey Gunn, former bassist & stickman for King Crimson. Mr. Geballe was/is also a member of the League of Crafty Guitarists and the Hellboys, two other projects associated with Crimson founder, Robert Fripp. I don’t recognize the names of the other two members of this trio, although Mr. Russino is mentioned in the DMG database for a self-produced disc backed by local musicians Mazz Swift, Mathias Kunzli and Jon Diaz.
“And Now This…” begins with a Frippish buzzing guitar before it calms down to a more dreamy, laid back, sparse vibe. Things get heavy on “Led”, perhaps a tribute to Led Zep. Short, rocking’ hard and to the point with no vocals to ruin the vibe. “Accident” has several layers of drifting soundcapes, shimmering sustained guitars, mysterious mellotron-like & eerie spoken word samples float in this resonant river of dreams. One of the things I dig most about ZTE is the way they select and alter several layers of samples, blending them into a rich, occasionally dark and mesmerizing sound or spacescape. There is a piece here called, “Vox Populi” which reminds me of Fripp’s album ‘Exposure’, a perfect blend of spoken word samples and heavy dinosaur rock sounds. There is also a very odd version of “Twenty First Century Schizoid Man”, which features the lyrics recited by what sounds like a child. The innocent sound of his voice with the disturbing music adds an unexpected disorienting quality, which fits just right in today’s cauldron of fake news and lies. As I write this review (8/3/2017), the mighty King Crimson are on tour in the US, turning fifty two years from now. Crimson fans should rejoice and embrace a number of impressive offshoot projects from present, past and related members. Check out: the Stickmen, Mumpbeak (new disc in stock soon) and now Zero Times Everything! = Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $14


LEAP OF FAITH [PEK / GLYNIS LOMON / GRANT BEALE / YURI ZBITNOV] - Dynamical Systems (Evil Clown 9148; USA) Featuring Dave PEK on clarinets, saxes, double-reeds, etc, Glynis Lomon on cello, vocals & aquasonics, Grant Beale on guitar and Yuri Zbitnov on drums & metal. This is the smallest version of Leap of Faith (LoF) to play live in recent memory, just the basic quartet with three funding members: PEK, Lomon & Zbitnov plus a newer member, Grant Beale on guitar. This was recorded at Outpost 186 in Cambridge in June of 2017. This disc/set begins quietly, spaciously, slowly evolving from humble beginnings. Patience and introspection is required for this one since things evolve so slowly here. Often the central figure in many of the Leap of Faith performances is drummer/percussionist Yuri Zbitnov. His subtle yes busy flourishes keeps things here focused and fascinating. As things begin to escalate, intense eruptions start to take place. What is different about this disc is that there have been very few guitarists involved with LoF and I like the way that newcomer Grant Beale listens, not adding anything until he feels the time is right which takes a while to get there. Like their two sets at DMG, Leap of Faith, are an acquired/informed taste. There is sometimes incredible going on here, you just have to unwind and go with the flow. When PEK begins to play one of his double-reeds, he has a way of blending several different worlds into one vision. There are three more new Leap of faith discs in stock this week which I hope to review next week when I have the time. - Bruce Lee Gallanter,DMG - 8/3/2017
CD $10

STRING THEORY With PEK / GLYNIS LOMON / et al - Angular Distortion (Evil Clown 9142; USA) This version of String Theory in PEK on clarinets, saxes, double-reeds, etc., Glynis Lomon on cello & vocals, Mimi Rabson, Matt Scutchfield & Matthew Ward on violins and Silvian Castellano on bass. Dave Peck’s Leap of Faith Ensemble have several off-shoot projects which play live and are always documented for the Evil Clown label. This is the third CD from String Theory that we’ve mentioned and was recorded at Outpost 188 in Cambridge, MA in May of 2017, just a few months ago. Things begin with the sounds of aquasonics, those bowed vases that several members of Leap of Faith often play. Ritualistic, eerie and hypnotic. PEK seems to playing a sheng here, a Chinese mouth blown free reed instrument with bent-sounding notes which sounds great surrounded by buzzing strings. Although Mr. Peck is the longtime founder and leader of Leap of Faith and numerous offshoot projects, he is not the featured soloist here, hence this is a strong collective, group effort. Several subgroups emerge, submerge and interact in an organic, well-balanced way. The strings often slither and slide around one another with Peck selectively adding reeds or percussion or aquasonics, which are also played by the great cellist Glynis Lomon, also a founding member of LoF. Ms. Lomon also adds occasional weird vocal sounds which she uses selectively to add a sense of mystery to alien soundscape that this unit revels in. ‘Angular Distortion’ is one the few discs on Evil Clown which often pretty restrained. All in all, it does reveal a calmer center, yet is still like entering another world. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $10

LEAP OF FAITH ORCHESTRA & SUB UNITS With PEK / GLYNIS LOMON / CHARLIE KOHLHASE / ERIC ZINMAN / BOB MOORES / YURI ZBITNOV / et al - Differentiations (Evil Clown 9152; USA) The two previous Leap of Faith Orchestra CDs were both extraordinary so I can’t wait to hear this one! Review next week.
2 CD Set $16

CD $10

CD $10

TANYA KALMANOVITCH / MAT MANERI DUO - Magic Mountain (Dahabenzapple 001; USA) Featuring Tanya Kalmanovitch and Mat Maneri both on violas. Although I’ve been checking out Mat Maneri for more than thirty years, I believe that Mat has been reaching a new level playing over the past few years. Starting with the Ches Smith Trio’s ‘The Bell’ on ECM and onwards through a series of great trio discs on Leo, Clean Feed and Aum Fidelity, Mr. Maneri has really hit his stride! What makes these trios work so well is that Maneri has often worked with some of these musicians over and over (Ivo Perelman, Matt Shipp & Tony Malaby), hence creating their own improv/language which is ever-evolving. Mr. Maneri has also been working with another fine violist, Tanya Klamanovitch, in a trio with Ivo Perelman. Perhaps you recognize Ms. Kalmanovitch from his work with Myra Melford or her own Hut Five ensemble.
This is the first album on Mat Maneri’s own Dahabenzapple label and it is something else. Since Mat Maneri, like his late father Joe, long dealt with microtonalities, it takes a bit of getting used to the odd, unique somewhat bent-sounding notes that both Maneri’s worked with. Both Mat and Ms. Kalmanovitch appear to be coming from a similar area of tonal/timbral exploration. Their notes seem to hover close to one another like ghosts drifting or slowly dancing together. “By the Ocean of Time” is an interesting title since we are all swimming, floating or drowning in an ocean of time, sometimes struggling but always surviving (hopefully). Mat told me that he rejected several pressings of this album until he got one that sounded just right. The title track, “Magic Mountain” is a side-long, epic piece and a highlight for me. The music breathes and unfolds most organically, carefully crafted note by note. Both violas work hard at playing the same note or coming close and sharing a fragile slightly bent harmonic area, tense yet focused. Since this music moves or evolves slowly it does some time or patience to adjust. Once you find your way, you are rewarded with a unique world or view. A skewered but incredible nonetheless. This great duo will play a concert at DMG in a few weeks so stay tuned. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $14
2 LP Set $25

TONY WILLIAMS LIFETIME FEATURING JOHN McLAUGHLIN / LARRY YOUNG - Live In New York 1969 (Hi Hat 3084; UK) Tony Williams Lifetime, featuring John McLaughlin, live from New York, November 1969. Having fearlessly merged rock rhythms with jazz during a close association with Miles Davis, in 1969 the great Tony Williams founded Lifetime, featuring John McLaughlin at his innovative best, and the mighty organist Larry Young. The trio instantly won acclaim for their fiery, uncompromising improvisations, which are typified on this amazing performance. Recorded for radio broadcast in New York at the close of the year, the FM entire broadcast is presented here, digitally remastered, with background notes and images.
CD $17
LP $25

KLAUS SCHULZE & SOLAR MOON - Ultimate Docking (Made in Germany MIG 1622; Germany) "New release of the remarkable Klaus Schulze & Solar Moon System album Docking (long sought after and once released in the strictly limited wooden 10CD boxset Contemporary Works), advanced with unpublished material from the original Klaus Schulze/Solar Moon System sessions. This 2CD album became an Ultimate Docking definitely. It was a surprise when Klaus Schulze called out of the blue some late night in year Y2K Solar Moon System. A few days later they met Klaus in his infamous recording studio somewhere in the woods of northern Germany. After talking and 'vibing' for hours, they started to initiate the 'docking sequence' by putting on one of the typical Solar Moon System beats in a loop. Klaus joined in with one of his beloved Moogs. Ultimate Docking showcases/documents a space rendezvous of a different kind right at the very point of reaching the same orbit... which neither of them would have known existed before they even met. Listening back now to what they created 17 years ago, they remember mystical moments, supernatural feelings and a space station with all cockpit lights and gadgets on high alert."
2 CD Set $24

THE FALL - New Facts Emerge (Cherry Red 706; UK) "Newest release from the Fall contains 11 new tracks recorded at various studios in the UK and produced in conjunction with Mark E Smith. The band, now in their 41st year, have proven a major influence to many a band in both the UK and around the world (bands such as Pavement, Hole and even Faith No More). New Facts Emerge is their third studio album for Cherry Red and adds to the list of over 100 live and studio albums released by the band over the years. Formed in 1976 by Mark E Smith, the band has gone through numerous line ups but retain a consistency that many other bands would envy. The audio has been mastered by long time Fall engineer Andy Pearce (assisted by Matt Wortham) and art by designer Becky Stewart."
CD $17

C-SHULZE - Frühe Jahre (Unseen Worlds 14; USA) Entitled FRÜHE JAHRE, this collection is the first time C-Schulz’s early work from late 1980s and early 1990s has been reissued in any format. Schulz’s first LP, 10. HOSE HORN, was introduced alongside other debut LPs from Jim O'Rourke and Frank Dommert on Dommert's Entenpfuhl label in 1991. Combining the cathartic sounds of industrial, early techno, and innovative pop with inspiration from acousmatic, New Music, and Dada, Schulz’s music is a prime example of the Cologne experimental music scene of the time. Rhythmic delights, outlandish juxtapositions and a sustained, unresolved, aurally-fascinating tension evoke dramatic, film-like meditations. Also included in the collection are the tracks from 7. PARTY DISCO and various other cassette, 7" singles, and compilations, as well as a previously unreleased digital-only bonus track.
CD $12
LP $17

CONTROLLED BLEEDING - Carving Songs (ArtofFact 293; Canada) "Following 2016's much-lauded Larva Lumps And Baby Bumps, Controlled Bleeding returns with Carving Songs, a massive remix album totaling 20 tracks, including a 21st track, 'TROD', a brand new Controlled Bleeding composition which founder Paul Lemos referred to as 'a really a major piece for us... a VERY dark song.' The hand-picked cast of remixers includes Japanese noise-guru Merzbow, Justin K. Broadrick from industrial-metal act Godflesh (not to mention Jesu), as well as Monolake, Crowhurst, Ramleh, Child Bite, and many others. Even notorious experimental guitarist (and current Lydia Lunch Retrovirus member) Weasel Walter makes an appearance. The remixes range from straight up power noise, to post-black metal, to industrial-influenced beats, and are as varied as Controlled Bleeding itself, a project known for being impossible to classify. An essential release in the long, storied history of one of America's foremost experimenters."
2 CD Set $15

THE ECCENTRONIC RESEARCH COUNCIL - 1612 Underture (Bird Eggs 014; UK) 1612 Underture is a 12 chapter sound poem based of the mistreatment and memory of the Pendle Witches who were executed in Lancashire, England, on August 20, 1612. Although the nucleus of the project is based on historical events, The Eccentronic Research Council identify an uncanny relevance to the current political and social climate. The album's dialogue bounces between an unspecified contemporary time zone and the events leading up to August 1612, contrasting fictional/factional occurrences around various Pendle Witches whilst being routed by a modern day travelogue to Pendle as seen through the eyes of a Catholic nun and priest. On the journey, there's an encounter with 1960s feminist poetry, mythical news stories, a synthesizer folk duet, and the raising of a dead witch via a ouija board. It's a concept record. Exactly 400 years since the trials and execution of the 12 women now known as The Pendle Witches, a purpose assembled collective of artists, sound designers, experimental pop performers, writers, poets pay homage to the legendary Lancastrian sisterhood. One part political commentary and feminist manifesto and two parts theatrical fake-loric sound poem, the 1612 Underture is a sonic mass of multi-disciplined creative reactions, both rehearsed and improvised, built around a skeleton narrative of semi-fictional and symbolic events involving a modern day pilgrimage to Pendle Hill to explore the misconceptions that led to these miscarriages of justice. The collaborative reactions of Adrian Flannagan (Kings Have Long Arms), actress Maxine Peake, and Dean Hohner (I Monster), under the umbrella moniker The Eccentronic Research Council, take their collective experiences in theater, music technology, television, pop cultural archiving, and radio to reimagine a time and place, baron of authority and religious faith, where the unified working classes and alternative thinkers are mocked and persecuted at the hands of a paranoid government and monarchy. Stylistically, The ERC opt for a vast array of mechanical music machines and synthesized effects to create this conceptual non-populist pop using analog and acoustic equipment alongside tape manipulation, vocalizations, and spoken word, remaining faithful to a pre-digital and unpredictable era taking cues from Mort Garson, Suzanne Ciani, Sorel Hayes, Joe Meek, Daphne Oram, JP Massiera, and Delia Derbyshire, amongst others. Conceived with the same ambitions and goals of an electronic Smithsonian Folkways record, the 1612 Underture is a concept album that aims to reevaluate and positively re-contextualize an important historical and cultural feminine incident.
CD $12

SUZANNE CIANI - Seven Waves (Bird Eggs 015; UK) A reissue of Suzanne Ciani's Seven Waves, originally released in 1982. Following Finders Keepers' first time compendium of Suzanne Ciani's vintage electronic private music, custom made commercials and sound effects with Lixiviation (FKR 053CD/LP), and providing a brilliant companion piece to the recently deleted limited edition handmade edition of her ultra-rare 1970 art house installation record Voice Of Packaged Souls, released via the Demdike Stare/Finders Keepers Dead Cert company in 2012, the sonic sisterhood at Bird Records now present a specially packaged 30th anniversary edition of the record that "The Delia Derbyshire Of The Atari Generation" regards as her finest hour with this internationally exalted commercial debut Seven Waves from 1982. Ciani on Seven Waves: "Originally released exactly 30 years ago, Seven Waves was my first commercial album. It took two years to complete and was first released in Japan in 1982. Seven Waves is special for me because it expresses my love for and fascination with early electronic instruments. With this album I blended my classical-romantic sense for melodies with the astounding possibilities offered by electronics. Because most of the instruments on Seven Waves no longer exist, this recording is a historic footprint in the evolution of music, unique to its time yet still valid today." With a portfolio that boasts music from the Xenon pinball machine, the sounds for the Meco Star Wars theme, the Atari TV commercials, and the electronic sound effects in the original Stepford Wives film (amongst many others), the mutant electronic-music CV of Suzanne Ciani is proof that in a 1970s commercial world of boys toys, monopolized by male-dominated advertising industry, a woman's touch was the essential secret ingredient to successful sonic seduction. Recently, and rapidly, enjoying a new resurgence amongst fans of all streams of electronic, experimental and neo-tantrik music, Suzanne Ciani collaborates with the Finders Keepers/Bird family to present a new generation with the record, seldom celebrated this side of the Atlantic, that truly turned her career from behind-the-scenes library composer to a leading light in modern American electronica, spearheading the musical new-age movement, and drawing indelible parallels with krautrock, early techno, and electronic soundtracks. Features nine bonus tracks in the form of Voice Of Packaged Souls, the art house project album released on vinyl on Dead Cert in 2012; Available here for the first time ever on CD.
CD $12

Small Vinyl Section:

BARRY GUY - Frogs (Trost 166EP; Austria) 7" picture disc for Barry Guy's 70th birthday. Interspecies personnel: Laubfrosch (Hyla Arborea) - acoustic sounds; Wasserfrosch (Rana Esculenta) - acoustic sounds; Barry Guy - acoustic sounds. Recorded May 30th, 2011 by Maya Homburger in Oberstammheim, Switzerland; Edited and mastered by Mikael Werliin at Studio Oodion Göteborg; Photos by Maya Homburger; Graphic design by Lasse Marhaug; Produced by Mats Gustafsson. Limited edition of 300 (numbered).
7” Picture Disc $15

MAGMA - Zuhn Wol Unsai - Live 1974 (Made in Germany 1101; Germany) "Wherever they perform -- whether at the legendary hippie Burg Herzberg Festival or at the Leverkusener Jazztage in Germany at the end of the 90s, the Nancy Jazz Pulsations Festival in '76. Or the renowned Bell Atlantic Jazz Festival in New York -- French cult ensemble Magma has always left their fans as well as the curious 'uninitiated' stunned and in awe. Led by their drummer and 'master of ceremonies' Christian Vander, the band has consistently poured their tonal magic potion, a substance brewed from 20th century classical music (Stravinsky, Orff, Bartok) and radical tendencies in '60s and '70s jazz and rock, over a spellbound audience for over 45 years. Despite their more jazzy leanings, Magma has always been able to attract a more rock-oriented, young audience from the very beginning. The latter due to Vander's fascination by the cathartic nature of rock music's optimistic spirit in the late '60s, similar to many of his famous jazz contemporaries including John Mclaughlin, Chick Corea, and Miles Davis. As a result, he decided to orchestrate his up-to-one-hour-long suites with all the ingredients electric rock music had developed by the turn of the century. This 2LP documents a live performance recorded at Magma's first concert in Germany on February 6th 1974. This official, professional and sonically improved Radio Bremen recording of this rather short-lived line-up contains a slightly shorter than usual version of 'Mekanïk Destruktïẁ Kommandöh', and with the remaining tracks 'Sowiloi', 'Drum Solo' and 'Theusz Hamtaahk' representing an indispensable supplement to Magma's other live albums released on their own label, Seventh Records."
2 LP Set $35


Bruce Lee Gallanter’s Recommended Gig List for August of 2017


Will Greene (guitar) Simon Hanes (bass) Aaron Edgcomb (drums)

8/4 Friday
8:30 pm - Trio - Zeena Parkins (electric harp) Devin Hoff (bass) Michael TA Thompson (drums) New Trio.

8/5 Saturday
8:30 pm - Trio - George Lewis (trombone, electronics), Ikue Mori (electronics) - Trio with George Lewis and long time duo partner Ikue Mori.

8/6 Sunday
8:30 pm - Green Dome - Ryan Sawyer (drums) Ryan Ross Smith (prepared piano, electronics) Zeena Parkins (acoustic harp) Performing the Shetland Lace Set.

Bill Frisell graces The Stone with a special week of solo guitar music!

8/8 Tuesday
8:30 pm - Bill Frisell Solo 1 (guitar)

8/9 Wednesday
8:30 pm - Bill Frisell Solo 2 (guitar)

8/10 Thursday
8:30 pm - Bill Frisell Solo 3 (guitar)

Kris Davis (piano) Eric Revis (bass) Andrew Cyrille (drums)

8/11 Friday
8:30 pm - Bill Frisell Solo 4 (guitar)

8/12 Saturday
8:30 pm - Bill Frisell Solo 5 (guitar)

8/13 Sunday
8:30 pm - Bill Frisell Solo 6 (guitar)

All Sets start at 8:30pm Tickets: $20
There are no refreshments or merchandise at The Stone.
Only music. All ages are welcome.
Cash Only at the door. There is no phone.
There is no food or beverage served or allowed
just a serious listening environment.
The Stone is booked purely on a curatorial basis


The CORNELIA STREET CAFE - 212-989-9319
29 Cornelia St in the heart of the West Greenwich Village, NYC

Friday Aug 04
9:00PM & 10:30PM TONY MALABY FEST.: APPARITIONS - Tony Malaby, tenor sax; Michael Formanek, cello; Tom Rainey, drums; Randy Peterson, drums

Saturday Aug 05
9:00PM & 10:30PM TONY MALABY FEST.: TONY MALABY QUARTET - Tony Malaby, tenor sax; Brandon Seabrook, guitar; William Parker, bass; Billy Mintz, drums

Wed Aug 9th:
8:00PM THE DAVE SCOTT QUINTET - Dave Scott, trumpet; Rich Perry, tenor sax; Gary Versace, piano; Johannes Weismueller, bass; Jeff Williams, drums
9:30PM HASHEM ASSADULLAHI QUARTET - Hashem Assadullahi, alto sax; Leonard Thompson, piano; Peter Brendler, bass; Vinnie Sperrazza, drums

Thurs Aug 10th:
8:01PM HEKSELFEST: W/BEN WILLIAMS, BILLY HART - Gilad Hekselman, guitar; Ben Williams, bass; Billy Hart, drums

Friday Aug 11
9:00PM & 10:30PM HEKSELFEST: W/BECCA STEVENS, ANTONIO SANCHEZ - Gilad Hekselman, guitar; Becca Stevens , voice; ntonio Sanchez, drums

Saturday Aug 12
9:00PM & 10:30PM - HEKSELFEST: W/JOEL ROSS, NATE WOOD - Gilad Hekselman, guitar; Joel Ross, vibraphone; Nate Wood, drums

Sunday Aug 13
8:35PM STREAMS - Yago Vazquez, piano; Scott Lee, bass; Jeff Hirshfield, drums


Shapeshifter August, 2017:

Aug 6 - David Smith
Brooklyn Jazz Underground 11th Annual Festival
6pm - Brooklyn Youth Ensembles with Brooklyn Jazz Underground
7pm - Brooklyn Jazz Underground Ensemble
7:50pm - Owen Howard Group
8:40pm - Adam Kolker Group
9:30pm - David Smith Quintet

Aug 7
7pm: be steadwell live
Be Steadwell featuring musical guests- queer pop singer songwriter from DC performs her cheezy, cathartic tunes live.

Aug 9 
7p and 8:15p - Nathan Peck & the Funky Electrical Unit/Andy Bianco Quintet
9:30p - Beledo, Doron, and Tony with Special Guests
Beledo (guitar, piano)
Tony Steele (bass)
Doron Lev (drums)

Aug 11
7pm: Earthdrive 

Shapeshifter is located at
18 Whitwell Place in Brooklyn, NY
R train to Union stop


I-Beam Presents:

Friday, August 18th 8:30 & 9:30pm
Hermione Johnson
Susan Alcorn
Ingrid Laubrock
Leila Bordreuil
Laura Henningsdottir

Saturday, August 19th 8:30 PM
Laura Henningsdottir (alto sax)
J.P. Lakehill (piano)
Ollie Herman (drums)

Friday, August 25th
Novoa / Makabe Duo Novoa / Paz / Jiménez / Hyde Quartet
8pm - Novoa / Makabe Duo
Emi Makabe – vocals, effects & shamisen 
Eva Novoa – piano & gongs
9pm - Novoa / Paz / Jiménez / Hyde Quartet
Hery Paz – tenor sax
Eva Novoa – piano 
Kenneth Jiménez – bass
Evan Hyde – drums 

Saturday, August 26th 8:30 PM
Billy Mintz Quintet
Tony Malaby – tenor saxophone
Adam Kolker – tenor saxophone
Roberta Piket – piano
Hilliard Greene – bass
Billy Mintz – drums

I-Beam is located at 168 7th Street in Brooklyn, NY 11215 - Directions: SUBWAY: Take the F or R trains to 4th Ave & 9th Street. Walk down 4th ave to 7th street. Make a left on 7th and walk past 3rd ave. We are located on the ground floor, the grey doors to the right of the stairs of #168.