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DMG Newsletter for June 2nd, 2017

Vision Festival 22 is Underway and
Spreading Those Much Needed Positive Vibes
Helping Us to Heal the World and Seeking to Find Real Inspiration
Support Arts for Art so that We can Find Our Way
Out of Darkness and into the Light, Music is the Hope that Burns Bright

Time to Check out the Sounds of:

Raoul Bjorkenheim Triad! Lindsey Horner Solo/Duo! Simon Nabatov Trio! Amina Baraka & Red Microphone with Ras Moshe! Scott Robinson & Aska Kaneko! Joseph Bowie & Oliver Lake! Louis Hayes Sextet with Charles Tolliver & Gary Bartz! Cal Massey Tribute to Coltrane!

Rob Mazurek/Mwata Bowden/Douglas Ewart! Marquis Hill/Jeff Parker Qt! Magic Malik/Jeb Bishop/Tyshawn Sorey! Plus Historic Recordings from: Linval Thompson! Alton Ellis! I-Roy! Flatt & Scruggs! More from Love Slave and More from Nimbus West!


The Legend of Downtown Music Gallery on film! DMG turned 26 years this month! Check out our history:


Sunday, June 4th at Downtown Music Gallery:

Monday, June 5th at ZURCHER GALLERY (33 Bleecker St, east of Lafayette) Note New Time!

Sunday, June 11th:
6pm: ITALIAN SODA: CODY PUTNAM / MOLLY PEASE / MILLER WREN / JACOB RICHARDS - Bassoon /Voice / Upright Bass / Drums & Electronics!
7pm: ROBBIE LEE / HAMPUS OHMAN-FROLUND - Woodwinds / Drums!

Sunday, June 18th:
6pm: KYLE MOTL & TREVOR DUNN - Bass Duo!
7pm: PAUL GIALLORENZO / JAIMIE BRANCH / ANTON HATWICH - Synth / Trumpet / Double Bass!

Monday, June 19th at THE STONE:
Bruce’s Birthday Celebration & Concert of Spiritual Jazz!
8:30: FRANKLIN KIERMYER QUARTET Featuring: JOVAN ALEXANDRE - Tenor Sax / DAVIS WHITFIELD - Piano / OTTO GARDNER - Bass / FRANKLIN KIERMYER - Drums! July, 2017 is the 50th Anniversary of the Passing of John Coltrane - We Embrace his Spirit!

Sunday, June 25th:
7pm: JOHN McCOWEN - Solo B-flat & ContraBass Clarinet

Sunday July 2nd:
BRITT CIAMPA - Acoustic Bass / Sax / Drums!

Saturday, July 15th at DMG: Super Rare Solo Performance by:
6pm: HENRY KAISER - Solo Electric Guitar!

DMG is located at 13 Monroe St. (between Catherine & Market Sts) in a basement below a small gallery. Take the F train to East Broadway or the 6 train to Canal or the B or D to Grand, or the M-15 bus to Madison & Catherine. Come on Down, the Sunday Music Series is Always Free & the Vibes are Cosy



Paris Capital of the 19th Century / New York Capital of the 20th Century
John Zorn and Kenneth Goldsmith

all texts selected by Kenneth Goldsmith
read by Kenneth Goldsmith and Luisa Muhr
all compositions by John Zorn

performers listed below - THE PROGRAM

1145 - ANGELUS NOVUS (1993)
from the CD Angelus Novus
performed by the Callithumpian Consort conducted by Steven Drury

NOON - readings
Mark Feldman (violin) Chris Otto (violin)

MERLIN (2016)
Peter Evans (trumpet)

Michael Nicolas (cello) Ches Smith (drums)

1PM readings
JACK QUARTET - Chris Otto (violin) Austin Wulliman (violin) John Pickford Richards (viola) Jay Campbell (cello)

ZEITGEHÖFT (2013) - Chris Otto (violin) Jay Campbell (cello)

DUO IMPROVISATION - John Zorn (saxophone) Ches Smith (drums)

2PM - readings
Michael Nicolas (cello) Jay Campbell (cello)

CAGLIOSTRO (2016) - John Pickford Richards (viola) David Fulmer (viola)

FREUD (2016)
Chris Otto (violin) Michael Nicolas (cello) Jay Campbell (cello)

3PM - readings
John Zorn (saxophone)

Erik Friedlander (cello) Michael Nicolas (cello)

KOL NIDRE (1996)
JACK QUARTET with David Fulmer (viola) Michael Nicolas (cello)

final reading - 4pm END



* RAOUL BJORKENHEIM TRIAD With VILLE RAUHALA / ILMARI HEIKINHEIMO - Beyond (Eclipse Music; Finland) Raoul Björkenheim is a familiar name in the jazz/experimental scene with his fiery guitar playing rooting back to early 80`s. He is best known for multiple bands including Krakatau, Scorch Trio, Ecstasy and the duo Heim(o), also with Heikinheimo on drums. Triad however makes everything bigger, bolder and more experimental. A "spectacular mayhem" of sounds. Ilmari Heikinheimo a is widely recognized drummer collaborating with many household names in the Finnish music scene. Ville Rauhala has performed professionally since 90`s (with Black Motor and many other groups) and his bass playing has a unique touch of soloist and structural elements. Beyond is a strong statement from Triad, a unique musical journey into sounds and textures, bold and raw. We just got in two dozen copies so I will review this if there any more left by next week.
CD $16

RAOUL BJORKENHEIM, who currently is living in Helsinki, will be in town for less than 2 weeks this time around. I got him two gigs this weekend which you should really check out if you are a fan of progressive/jazz/rock electric guitar:

This Sunday, June 4th at Downtown Music Gallery - FREE admission!

This Monday, June 5th at 8pm (please note new starting time!) at Zurcher Gallery:
The Zurcher Gallery is located at 33 Bleecker St, just east of Lafayette - $15

DMG/ARC CD Sale to Help Celebrate our 26th Anniversary: All DMG/ARC CDs on sale for the month of June, 2017:

CD $10

KALABALIK [ANDERS NILSSON / RAOUL BJORKENHEIM / GERALD CLEAVER] - Kalabalik: Live At Downtown Music Gallery January 2 2011 (DMG ARC 733)
CD $10

2 CD Set $15

CD $12

CD $10

CD $10

LINDSEY HORNER With JEFF BERMAN - One More Forever (Upshot Records; USA) Featuring Lindsey Horner on acoustic bass & compositions and Jeff Berman on drums (5 of 10 tracks). After a period of high visibility with Myra Melford, Jewels & Binoculars (with Michael Moore & Michael Vatcher) and a few discs as a band-leader, I lost sight of Mr. Horner for the past decade or so. Recently Mr. Horner re-emerged and left us with this solo/duo contrabass offering. Commencing with “What Might Have Been”, Mr. Horner has a superb, lovely, lyrical, enchanting sound on his bass. On half of the tracks, in-demand, diverse drummer, Jeff Berman, is added and is an inspired choice. The bass and drums lock into each others grooves and never let go. Horner often sounds like he playing a traditional folk or pop song, with each notes ringing true. At times it sounds like Horner is playing lullaby, calm and soothing. He has a golden touch and what feels like the first true day of Spring, it feels great to hear such joyous sounds. The one cover song here is a splendid, slightly funky version of Monk’s swell, “Let’s Cool One”. The vibe is positive and infectious, like a ray of sunshine breaking through those dark clouds. The riff at the center of “Wreckage on the Shores of Now” is especially enchanting and had me humming along immediately, the bowed bass solo is a gem. Solo contrabass offerings are often considered an indulgence but I must admit that this is magical, something special is going here so don’t this disc slip through your hands unnoticed. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $14

SIMON NABATOV TRIO With STEFAN SCHONEGG / DOMINIK MAHNIG - Picking Order (Leo Records 765; UK) “Simon Nabatov is a renowned improvising jazz pianist who possesses a hefty discography on Leo Records as a leader and session artist. At times his mode of execution summons a perspective of several tentacles flailing across the keyboard via a cavalcade of intriguing perspectives and much more. But with his Cologne-based trio, Nabatov renders a shift in strategy by leaning more towards conventional song-form initiatives. And from a holistic view, the band's output is often astonishing.
The trio unfolds a manifold perspective, yet this is not boilerplate piano trio fare. Here, the musicians generate gobs of contrasts while interrogating each other's spur-of-the-moment ideas along with crashing cadenzas and succinct melodies. And while the improvisational element remains intact, Nabatov also hones in on trance-like movements while dishing out introspective moments and vividly merging classical, jazz and avant-garde persuasions into the mix. The pianist bridges the gap by transforming old school jazz values into his futuristic vision. With moments of bravado and the artists briskly performed unison choruses, they turn up the heat and throttle matters down to a whisper during various passages.
" Picking Order" is a cascading, rhythmic wonderland. However, "Growing a Soul Patch" is driven by an endearing hook, redesigned by the leader's up-tempo inner-workings along with harmonious block chords and colorific shadings. Moving forward, they bump it up into a staggered rock groove, amped by brief sojourns into the R&B world. Nabatov juxtaposes the structured works on the unbounded, experimental piece, "Turning Point."
The trio pulls out the proverbial stops on "It's a Given," marked by a gorgeous primary theme, abetted by the pianist's Tatum-like runs and a few curveballs tossed in for good measure. In addition, the musicians engage in buoyant conversations, while smashing the main plot into smithereens for the opus. In sum, Picking Order is a progressive jazz music marvel and a top-pick for 2016 or any year for that matter.” - Glenn Astarita, AllAboutJazz
CD $16

AMINA BARAKA & THE RED MICROPHONE With RAS MOSHE - The Red Microphone (ESP Disk 5021; USA) Featuring Amina Baraka on poetry/vocals, Ras Moshe Burnett on tenor sax & flute, Rocco John Iacovone on curved soprano, alto sax & piano, Laurie Towers on bass guitar and John Pietaro on drums, percussion and direction. Now that legendary poet/playwright/spoken word artist, Amiri Baraka, has passed away, his wife, Amina Baraka, is carrying the torch as a poet/spoken word artist in her own right. This is her first disc as a poet/leader of a fine ensemble of local heroes. Both saxists involved are leaders, have discs out of their own and have played here at DMG. Ms. Baraka comes from a long line of jazz poets who are not afraid to tell it like it is, which is refreshing as today as we are confronts by the constant barrage of lies a/k/a “alternative facts”. Except for poets/speakers like Jayne Cortez (who gets a song named after her here), it is rare to hear female speakers dish out the painful truth with an onslaught of barbed observations. The band behind her do a fine job of matching her feisty spirit, swirling layers of lines around her intense voice. The only musician here that I wasn’t previously familiar with is electric bassist Laurie Towers , who is at the center of the storm throughout, providing a strong support, keeping the band tightly knitted around the voice. Another fine tribute here is to the late, great violinist Billy Bang. On the longest track, “Afro American Child”, Ms. Baraka paints a long list of memories while she was growing up. The music is laid back and bluesy, which fits long list of memories that Ms. Baraka dishes up. This feels like a gospel meeting but without a soul chorus to answer the lead voice although the music does a good job of answering things as well. While Ms. Baraka is perhaps not strong a poet as her late husband, she also makes many an astute observations about what is going on right now. Her voice reaches deep and makes us think hard about our lives, our sanity, our survival… - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery
CD $12

SCOTT ROBINSON / ASKA KANEKO - Luminations for Violin and Bass Saxophone (ScienSonic 09; USA) Featuring Scott Robinson on bass sax and Aska Kaneko on violin. Multi-instrumentalist, Scott Robinson, takes his time putting out new releases, only when he has something new or special to offer. For this disc, Mr. Robinson concentrates on bass sax, a relatively rare, larger-than-life sax that few folks deal with. The bass sax is bigger than a bari sax and heavy, weight-wise. The few folks that play one: Anthony Braxton, Vinny Golia or JD Parran, keep it in a stand since it is hard to carry around unless you are younger and work out, perhaps like Colin Stetson. It also takes a great deal of wind to push through. For this duo, Mr. Robinson has chosen a violinist named Aska Kaneko, who was once in a band called Mekong Zoo with a CD on ReR. Each of the eighteen tracks contains the word “light”, which makes sense since the title of the CD is ‘Luminations’, referring to light. This begins quietly, with soft low-end sounds drifting together. As these two instruments get to know each other, they start to play more intensely, the tempo increasing, the dialogue more pronounced. There is a strong balance of playfulness, calm with a more serious side of thoughtful improvisations. There is one track, “Spacelight”, where Mr. Robinson adds some ancient delay, which makes the vibe even more mysterious. There is a most sublime, haunting quality to this music that I find most enchanting so please take some time to listen closely and let them suspense-filled sounds sink in. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $15

JOSEPH BOWIE / OLIVER LAKE - Live at ‘A SPACE’ 1976 (Sackville 2010/Delmark; USA) Jazz trombonist Joseph Bowie was 22 years young when this live album was recorded. It was his second album and he was establishing his own name, his brother Lester Bowie was already internationally renowned. Shortly after Joseph would form Defunkt. Co-leader Oliver Lake also heralded from BAG, the St. Louis music collective. The extraordinary flutist/saxophonist would co-found The World Saxophone Quartet the year following this Toronto concert.
"What Bowie and Lake played was an impassioned and demanding music of the moment that responded as much to what was written on their lead sheets or to their spontaneous concepts as it did to the ambiance of the moment." - Coda Magazine, June 1976
CD $15

LOUIS HAYES SEXTET With CHARLES TOLLIVER / GARY BARTZ / JOHN STUBBLEFIELD / et al - The Crawl (Candid 79045; UK) Since the early 1970s, this legend has worked mostly with his own groups and his sextet on this impressive live set includes talented saxophonist Gary Bartz and trumpeter Charles Tolliver. Tenor and soprano saxophonist John Stubblefield, pianist Mickey Tucker and bassist Clint Houston complete the band. Welding these gifted musicians into a band are the swift and sure hands and feet, lightning reflexes and razor sharp mind of Louis Hayes whose early influences were all the best (Kenny Clarke, Max Roach, Art Blakey, Elvin Jones, Philly Joe Jones).
“Veteran modal and post bop stylists from the 1970s are featured on this enjoyable CD. Trumpeter Charles Tolliver, altoist Gary Bartz, tenor saxophonist John Stubblefield, pianist Mickey Tucker and bassist Clint Houston along with the drummer/leader are all heard in fine form even if Tolliver and to a lesser extent Bartz had not yet lived up to their great early potential. Bartz is brilliant during his feature spot on "Autumn in New York," Tolliver shows that he was still full of strong ideas, Stubblefield sounds quite original on both tenor and soprano and the rhythm section is superb. In fact bassist Houston often steals solo honors and his speedy patterns behind the horns are always worth listening to closely. With interesting modal originals to blow on, in addition to a blues and a pair of standards, this live session from 1989 has many memorable moments.” - Scott Yanow, AllMusicGuide
CD $13

CAL MASSEY With JULIUS WATKINS / HUGH BRODIE / JIMMY GARRISON et al - Blues to Coltrane (Candid 79029; UK) Cal was one of the unsung heroes of jazz, not even rating a mention in "All Music Guide," but recognized by connoisseurs as a master of beautiful, melodic and soulful trumpet playing. This belated first release of an album recorded almost half a century ago is the only session Cal Massey ever recorded under his own name. Better known for his fine compositions - Fiesta, Nakatini Suite, Bakai, Love Song, Demon's Dance, Quiet Dawn and many others. Coltrane's influence is felt strongly in the title track and elsewhere and is especially reflected in the fine playing throughout of tenor-man Hugh Brodie - yet another unsung American jazz hero.
CD $13

Three Discs from the French-Meets-Chicago based Bridge Sessions Label:
Half Dozen Copies Each were left with us so don’t hesitate if you want these…

ROB MAZUREK / MWATA BOWDEN DOUGLAS EWART [SHORE TO SHORE] - Four Views of a Three Sided Garden (The Bridge Sessions 03; France) Shore to Shore features Rob Mazurek on cornet & electronics, Mwata Bowden on clarinet, bari sax & didgeridoo, Julian Desprez on electric guitar, Matt Lux on electric bass guitar and Mathieu Sourisseasu on acoustic bass guitar plus guest Douglas Ewart on English Horn & bamboo piccolo. Chicago-based cornetist, Rob Mazurek, has remained extremely busy over the past decade, recurring more than a dozen discs on several labels: Cuneiform, Rouge Art and Delmark. Another staple of the Chicago Scene is reeds-player Mwata Bowden, who has worked with Edward Wilkerson in several bands. Matt Lux is yet another Chicago-based player who has worked with Mr. Mazurek in several projects. Spacious, flowing, with layers of cornet, flute, clarinet and/or English horn (double reed, oboe-like instrument), guitar, basses and electronics. The subtle yet weird electronics and echo devices add a mysterious quality to the proceedings, as if we are swimming in an ocean of slowly shifting currents. Although Mr. Mazurek does get to take a couple of inspired cornet solos, this music is more about submerging ourselves in a haze shifting waves. The vibe is often pretty hypnotic so that we don’t really want it end or leave what feels just right. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery
CD $14

MARQUIS HILL / JEFF PARKER / JOACHIM FLORENT / DENIS FOURNIER - Escape Lane (The Bridge Sessions 05; France) Featuring Marquis Hill on trumpet, Jeff Parker on guitar, Joachim Florent on double bass and Denis Fournier on drums. Every few years a new trumpet player or cornetist emerges from the Chicago Scene and becomes the toast of the town. It the past the spotlight has shined on Lester Bowie, Corey Wilkes and Josh Berman, more recently we’ve been hearing more about Jaimie Branch and Marquis Hill. The first records by Mr. Hill and Ms. Branch have been released in the past year. Chicago all-star guitarist, Jeff Parker, moved to L.A. recently but still comes back to play old cohorts from Windy City from time to time. The one member of the French rhythm team that we know previously is Denis Fournier, who is also a member of Watershed with Nicole Mitchell, with a CD out on Rogue Art. This session was recorded at a studio in Chicago and the sound is splendid, relaxed yet slowly burning as well. Both Hill’s trumpet and Mr. Parker’s guitar play very well together, dream-like at times with several currents softly flowing around one another. Slowly, the quartet start to soar together, flying high, tightly swerving through the rapids together. This Bridge Sessions Series took place during a tour of Chicago and Milwaukee, the transatlantic network keeps getting better all the time. Solid! - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $14

MAGIC MALIK / JEB BISHOP / TYSHAWN SOREY / KHARI B. / GUILLAUME ORTI / FREDERIC BBREIT - Vent Fort (The Bridge Sessions 04; France) Featuring Magic Malik on flute, piano & voice, Khari B. on spoken word voice, Guillaume Orti on soprano, alto & bari saxes, Jeb Bishop on trombone, Frederic BBreit on double bass and Tyshawn Sorey on drums & bass trombone. No time to review this yet so hopefully next week if and when I get the time. - BLG
CD $14

THE MOTHERS EARTH EXPERIMENT - The Mothers Earth Experiment (Swordfish 035; UK) The Mothers Earth Experiment is a six-piece contemporary progressive outfit from the UK. With a wide range of influences, ranging from electronica, jazz, psychedelia to black metal and back, the band of childhood friends pride themselves on their eclectic inspirations, and weave detailed sonic tapestries and propel their message of social consciousness and environmental awareness. The band is proud to have provided support for such artists as Syd Arthur, Purson, Acid Mothers Temple, Nicholas Allbrook (Pond, Tame Impala), Braids, Arthur Brown, and Soft Machine. In the band's own words: "We feel artistic freedom has become the music industry and we aim to express what is close to us and raise awareness through our art." "The band fuses together such a variety of genres that it is both old and fresh simultaneously." - Birmingham Review
CD $15

KING SIZE DUB - Reggae Germany Downtown Chapter 3 (Echo Beach 124; Germany) The release of King Size Dub: Reggae Germany Downtown Chapter 3 - the first chapter came out in 2004, the second one in 2013 (EB 096CD) - is another impressive display of how a musical style has progressed. Dub as a style, with all its reference points between commerce and innovation. The subtitle, "file under logical dubgression", shows the way and the track listing fulfills all expectations. The variety of styles (reggae, dub, pop, dancehall, dope beats) is the pivot for more "logical dubgression" with all the usual -- and some very unusual -- suspects of the remixer and artist set. Features: Mungo's HiFi, Charlie P, Irie Worryah, Uwe Kaa, JStar, Frankminister, Eddie Domingo, Italee, Illbilly Hitec, Kinetical, Parly B, Looney Roots, Aldubb, Chassy Wezar, Oliver Frost, The Evolution, Gentleman, Dub Divison, Dubvisionist,Frost & Wagner, Tetrack, Senior Allstars, Beam Up, Terence Alfonso Bowry, Umberto Echo, Runkus, aDUBta, Roger Robinson, Jah Schulz, TVS, James Joseph, AudioArt and Saralène.
CD $10

LINVAL THOMPSON - Don't Cut Off Your Dreadlocks (Radiation Roots 309; Italy)
Radiation Roots present a reissue of Linval Thompson's Don't Cut Off Your Dreadlocks, originally released in 1976. Distinctive tenor singer Linval Thompson honed his singing craft in his formative years, growing in the west Kingston ghetto of Three Mile, where he was associated with Dennis Brown, Johnnie Clarke, and Al Campbell. A subsequent move to New York brought him into expatriate act Hugh Hendricks and the Buccaneers, with his debut recording, "No Other Woman", being made circa early 1974 at Patrick Alley's Art Craft studio. A series of other singles followed from his New York sojourn, but the return to Jamaica in 1974 led to more noteworthy singles for Stamma Hobson, Phil Pratt, and Lee 'Scratch' Perry, with "Jah Jah Redder Than Red" and "Girl You've Got To Run", both cut at the Black Ark for Pratt, being the most successful. Yet, it was all but a prelude to the breakthrough success he would finally achieve upon teaming up with Bunny Lee for "Don't Cut Off Your Dreadlocks" one of the most popular releases of 1975; a debut album of the same name, issued by Third World in 1976, contained some of his most outstanding material, including the devotional "Jah Jah The Conqueror" and "Long Long Dreadlocks", the romance thriller "Black Princess Lady" and the anti-rude boy opus, "Cool Down Your Temper".
CD $15

ALTON ELLIS - Love To Share (Radiation Roots 310; Italy) Radiation Roots present a reissue of Alton Ellis's Love To Share, originally released in 1979. One of Jamaica's most highly-rated vocalists, Alton Ellis made an incredible contribution to the island's popular music. Blessed with a particularly emotive voice that brings shivers to the spine, whether singing original material or cover tunes, Ellis was born and raised in Trench Town, the west Kingston ghetto area that gave rise to Bob Marley and the Wailers and countless other singers. Ellis and singing partner Eddie Parkins hit big in 1961 with the ballad "Muriel" for Coxsone Dodd, and after Parkins moved to the USA, Ellis teamed briefly with John Holt, and then began fronting the Flames harmony group. He excelled in the rocksteady style, christening the genre with "Rock Steady" and "I Have Got A Date", bouncing between Studio One and Treasure Isle for a number of years. From 1971, he spent increasing period in London, but continued to record hits in Jamaica for various producers. The 1979 release Love To Share was arranged by the great Studio One keyboardist Jackie Mittoo, who co-produced the album with Junior Lincoln, founder of the London-based Bamboo label; the disc straddles the line between lover's rock and roots reggae, remaining a lesser-known classic.
CD $15

I-ROY - Can't Conquer Rasta (Radiation Roots 311; Italy) Radiation Roots present a reissue of I Roy's Can't Conquer Rasta, originally released in 1977. Born Roy Samuel Reid in Saint Thomas in 1944, I Roy was one of Jamaica's all-time greatest deejays. A natural-born toaster, his rhyming raps always sounded effortless, whether describing the harsh realities of the inner city, or making light of nonsense nursery rhymes. A former employee at Customs and Excise, he was first active on a sound system called Soul Bunnies in the rocksteady era, moving to Son's Junior in 1968, and later, to the legendary Supreme Ruler of Sound, defecting to the rival Stereo sound system after that. Hits for Harry Mudie and other producers soon followed, and after the killer debut album Presenting I Roy (1973) impacted overseas, the toaster began spending frequent periods in London. His longstanding working relationship with hit-making producer Bunny Lee led to some of his most noteworthy albums during the mid-1970s; the 1977 set Can't Conquer Rasta is a superb "showcase"-style album, on which the toaster blows hard lyrics over five of Lee's killer "rockers" rhythms (recorded with the likes of Johnny Clarke), each complete with a corresponding Aggrovators dub on the flip, all mixed by Prince Jammy at King Tubby's studio.
CD $15

AGGROVATORS - Rasta Dub '76 (Radiation Roots 312; Italy) Radiation Roots present a reissue of Aggrovators' Rasta Dub '76, originally released in 1976. During the mid-1970s, the Aggrovators could do no wrong. This ace team of session musicians, forged as an off-shoot of the Soul Syndicate, were responsible for some of the biggest hits of the decade, recorded with Bunny Lee's rising stars, such as Johnnie Clarke and his rival, Cornell Campbell. Following on from the great Shalom Dub set of 1975 (RR 313CD/LP), Rasta Dub '76 is another truly magnificent dub set culled from Aggrovators hits (by Johnnie Clarke, Cornell Campbell and others); this time, the entire album was given a scintillating mix-down at King Tubby's studio by the great Prince Jammy, and the sonic excellence has stood the test of time. Another must-have for all connoisseurs of dub.
CD $15

FLATTS & SCRUGGS - New River Ranch Rising Sun, Maryland 1959 - 1961 (Echoes 2090; UK) Flatt & Scruggs, live on the radio, at New River Ranch Rising Sun, Maryland 1959-1961. Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs were among the greatest bluegrass performers. Recorded for broadcast at the New River Ranch in Rising Sun, Maryland between 1959 and 1961, this CD documents the pair in their prime. The wide assortment of material includes standards like "Foggy Mountain Breakdown", "Orange Blossom Special", and "Gotta Travel On", as well as favorites from their early recording career like "Dim Lights, Thick Smoke" and "I'll Go Stepping Too." Includes the entire FM radio broadcast, digitally remastered, with background liners.
CD $17

LP Section:

MARCIA BASSETT & SAMARA LUBELSKI - Live NYC (Feeding Tube Records 302; USA)
"This is the third LP to feature the exquisite improvising duo, Marcia Bassett and Samara Lubelski. And as great as the first two were (on Kye and Golden Lab (ROWF 047LP, 2015), respectively), Live NYC is even better. It elegantly shows just how much brain damage you can do using only a guitar and a violin. The pair have deep deep roots in the East Coast sub-underground. Marcia's solo projects and work with groups (Un, Double Leopards, Hototogisu, GHQ, Zaika, etc.) has been exploding minds since the mid '90s. The same is true for Samara, except her history reaches even further back, with non-solo-aktion including bands like Tower Recordings, Hall of Fame, Chelsea Light Moving, Metabolismus, and too many more to name. But neither of them has really destroyed on the pure level they manage to sustain with this duo. The two sets were recorded on different nights, at different venues, and their sound is as variated as could be. The first side, recorded by Bob Bellerue at Knockabout Center, is a tale of twinned and lightly fuzzed tones, twirling and blending in the air like a lost track from Heldon's It's Always Rock & Roll (1975) (or maybe a Fripp & Eno radio broadcast from 1974). The threads of sound absolutely phosphoresce. It's an incredible mix of motion, stillness and power all wrapped up in a psychedelic diaper. The other side, recorded by Kevin Reilly at Trans Pecos sounds more like some crazy BBC Radio Workshop soundtrack to a Peter Cushing science fiction tragedy. The feel is pure outer space, with all the vast emptiness and glittering promise that implies. I'm having a hell of a hard time figuring out which approach I like better. But they're both incredible sonic shards. And the silkscreened cover art is pretty amazing in its own right. Hard to think of what more you could ask for. Except maybe a sandwich." --Byron Coley, 2017 Silkscreen printed covers by Neil Burke; Edition of 400.
LP $21

GARY WILSON & TREDICI BACCI - Another Lonely Night In Brooklyn (Feeding Tube Records 319; USA) "Totally great live LP by Gary Wilson (the world's forgotten boy) with a cover photo that makes him look like a dead ringer for the late Mike Kelley, back when Mike was a fake hippie. Anyway, Gary shouldn't need much of an introduction. If you don't know him, you might well access one of the many other LPs of his we've done. But then again, Another Lonely Night In Brooklyn might be just the place to start your own little wagon rolling down the road of Gary Wilson fandom. The tunes on this album are representative of the live set Gary's been doing lately, with a heavy emphasis on tracks originally recorded around the time of his 1977 breakout LP, You Think You Really Know Me (FTR 236LP). What lifts things to a higher-than-usual level is the lovely musical backing provided by Tredici Bacci. This New York City unit formed to perform classic-era faux Italian film music, but they really find their own special place as Gary's backing group. Wilson's best songs of longing and loss have always been built around strong narrative centers as much as melodies, but Tredici Bacci's expansive accompaniment manages to give these narratives a width that is positively cinematic. And I'm not trying to put down Gary's other backing bands or anything, but I think anyone who's familiar with Wilson's work will have a similar response. The songs are not re-cast, but they feel a lot less compressed now, and this open-ness gives them a universality they didn't always have. No one would ever dare suggest that Wilson isn't a weirdo of the first order, but the sound of this album (and the jocularity of Gary's on stage raps) might well bring him to a whole new audience. Let the era of Wilson-Mania begin." - Byron Coley, 2017
LP CD $21
CD $10

EEEE EEEEE - Eeee Eeeee (Feeding Tube 278; USA) "There is a certain genius in curating and archiving if it's done in the right way. Boston's Phil Milstein is a master of this art. His projects recontextualizing 'found' material are as inventive and original as anything you'll run across. Another maestro of the form is Maine's Skot Spear (aka id m theft able). We already vinylized one of the projects he uncovered, The Weeny Man LP (FTR 037LP, 2013). And now it's time for another. Originally released by Skot in 2002 as a CDR on his own Maang-Disc label, EEEE EEEEE documents a cassette he found in the basement of a friend's house late in the last century. The music is a solo set recorded by Skot's friend's younger brother, back when he was in sixth or seventh grade. And it's kind of a masterpiece, along the lines of Human Skab, Teddy Fire and the like (although, truthfully, we think it's the best of this particular pre-pubescent breed). What the hell EEEE thought he was doing is anyone's guess, but the results are weird, self-consciously smutty, and possessed of a de facto avant garde heft that is difficult to resist. Lyrical topics are downbeat (as befits the artist's age group) and the key/rhythm-box based arrangements really sneak up on you. It's guaranteed to make you feel like you (yourself) are rolling around on filthy shag carpeting in a damp rural basement, dreaming that you were anywhere else, and moaning in as musical a way as your damage will allow. A readymade classic that would have been lost were it not for Mr. Spear. Let us salute him and all the other geniuses of trash recycling. They are the true vanguard." - Byron Coley, 2017 Edition of 300.
LP $18

Back in stock after many years and at reduced prices:

DAVID TRONZO / PETER EPSTEIN / J.A. GRANELLI - Crunch (Love Slave 101; USA)In the past decade since slide guitar hero Dave Tronzo has come to town, he has been an invaluable and unique addition to each ensemble he has played with - The President, Lounge Lizards, Spanish Fly, his own trio and an assortment of solo and group improv situations, like this here trio. After spending a year in Amsterdam, he is back in the apple and currently fronts an excellent quartet called Slowpoke (w/ Michael Blake, Tony Scherr & Kenny Wollesen) - whose cd on Intuition might not ever be released here - bad news! In the meantime, we have this fine release to savor! This great improv trio consists of J.A. Granelli on basses (son of fine drummer Jerry Granelli & owner of this new label) and Peter Epstein on saxes. Tronzo is a master of weird sounds emanating from his el. guitar, often by using a cup, bottle or other unexpected object as a slide for his guitar. Half of these pieces are group improvs called "Things", often slow and mysterious, with hazy shades and shadows. The trio sounds as if they have been together for a long time, since the improv pieces sound as if they can anticipate each other's moves so well, that the pieces sound composed. Usually one player will provide the pulse or skeletal structure, while the other one or two fly out to the stratosphere. On "Dance of the hillbilly robots," Tronzo starts to add some fuzz & wah effects, sort of Hendrix-like, but more restrained. Peter Epstein plays mostly soprano sax on this cd and has a sly yet soothing tone, usually snaking his way around Tronzo's excursions simpatico - BLG
CD $10

TRIDRUGA [BRAD SHEPIK / TONY SCHERR / YURI LEMESHEV] - Tridruga (Love Slave 103; USA)"With Brad on nylon string guitar, Yuri on accordion and Tony on bass balalaika(!?!). This is a completely acoustic disc featuring Brad (from Pachora & Tiny Bell Trio), Tony - bassist (Slowpoke) and Yuri - a local accordionist with whom I am unfamiliar. All tunes were written by Brad or Yuri, except for a lone cover by modern classical composer Alfred Schnittke. The pieces are all quite lovely and like most of the music that Brad is involved with in his other bands, eastern European in nature. The music is elegant, quaint and complex, but never too much so - there is fine balance of melancholy melodies and quietly engaging solos from Yuri & Brad both. This is a grand trio that consistently fits together as one refined & charming web. Brad brings one of his tunes from his solo effort from earlier this year, yet it sounds as if it were written for this trio. The Schnittke piece is a bit darker and concludes this fine cd on a more ponderous note. There is a delicate grace throughout, perfect for quiet evenings of romance by candle-light. Warm and soothing." - BLG In their premier recording, Tridruga (three friends) Lemeshev, Shepik, and Scherr create a sound that is familiar yet new. The band uses the sounds and colors of accordian, guitar, and contrabass balalaika to make a music of rich melodies and masterful solo spaces that join the european folk music and jazz traditions in an unforgettable way. This recording transports the listener to a unique time and place. Featuring: Yuri Lemeshev - accordian (Les Trois Accordeons, Bob Telson, Matt Darriau, Frank London) Brad Shepik - nylon string guitar (Dave Douglas Tiny Bell Trio, Paradox Trio, The Commuters, Pachora) Tony Scherr - contrabass balalaika (Bill Frisell, John Scofield, Sex Mob, Slow Poke, Lounge Lizards) "Shepik's got the mind of a pioneer. The rhythmic complexity of his compositions has few parallels in jazz - or any other genre, for that matter. With all his exotic influences, and all his different axes, he makes us rethink what it means to be a guitarist and a musician. There's no telling where he'll go next." - David Adler, "Using what is for most Jazz fans an unusual instrumentation, these three friends combine to create a rare and beautiful masterpiece." - Blaine Fallis,
CD $10

RALPH ALESSI And MODULAR THEATRE With HANK ROBERTS / PETER EPSTEIN / SHANE ENDSLEY / et al - Hissy Fit (Love Slave 102; USA) Featuring Ralph Alessi on trumpet, Peter Epstein on saxes, Hank Roberts on cello, Shane Endsley on drums & trumpet and Carl Walker on voice. Although many of us know of great cellist Hank Roberts, saxist Peter Epstein also seems to be becoming more of a known quantity (his trio w/ Dave Tronzo is reviewed above), Ralph Alessi is a name that I am also just becoming familiar with. I just noticed his name on the new Sam Rivers Big Band cd also reviewed up top. This cd is taken from a performance at the Bop Shop in Rochester, NY and from a session at Ralph's house the next day. Since there is no bassist, the drums & cello often provide the bottom end groove. The overall vibe of this cd is one of somber improv, with an understated beat - the trumpet, sax & cello mingle, slowly letting the sparks fly. Their occasional vocalist is also known as "Kokayi" and is the hip-hop type, telling tales of the drudgery of life on line. A few of these pieces take quite a while to build, when they finally do, the trumpet & sax weave hypnotic, circular lines together. "Ice Man" is a nice, short, melancholy cello solo piece. On "Litost" the horns & cello also slowly hover together without the drums, perhaps that's their drummer Shane Endsley on the other trumpet. On Epstein's piece "Ornette's Advice", the energy finally begins to erupt with the drummer pushing harder to kick the horns & cello in high gear. The well needed excitement is a bit too late for a cd that takes too long to get there. This release is mostly good for late night listening. - BLG
CD $10

JERRY GRANELLI / JEFF REILLY - Iron Sky (Love Slave 106; USA) Jerry Granelli - sound sculpture, electro acoustic percussion Jeff Reilly - clarinet, bass clarinet, sound sculpture Recorded on location in the shop of master blacksmith John Little, Granelli (UFB, Badlands) and Reilly play an amazing array of steel instruments that were created for this project, including gongs, cymbals, a giant steel bass drum and all metal stringed banjos. In this sonically beautiful recording the listener is taken on an improvisational journey of textures and sounds never before heard.
CD $10

EZ POUR SPOUT [J A GRANELLI / JAMIE SAFT / BRIGGAN KRAUSS / CURTIS HASSELBRING / JOHN METTAM] - Don't Shave The Feeling (Love Slave 104; USA) Featuring: Briggan Krauss - alto sax; Jamie Saft - keyboards, guitar; Curtis Hasselbring - trombone, guitar, J. A. Granelli - bass & John Mettam - drums The Spout plays hard rock and pop covers that are beyond twisted. Frankie Vali meets Albert Ayler on the way to Led Zeppelin's house. This is more than a mere cover album, more than improvisors playing "rock", more than stale "groove" bullshit. This is the real deal, so sit up straight and pay attention. "Definitely the party album of the year. Highly recommended." - Dave Wayne, JazzWeekly. “this is just so perverse, rambunctious and clever that it gets better with each listen.
CD $10

More Gems from the Great NimbusWest Catalogue! Sold out NimbusWest CDs:

CD $10

CD $10

CD $15

CD $10

CURTIS CLARK With SEAN BERGIN /LOUIS MOHOLO / TRISTAN HONSINGER et al - Dreams Deferred (NimbusWest 3813) This little gem features two different line-ups, each with Blue Notes/Brotherhood of Breath's drum wizard, Louis Moholo. The trio consists of Curtis Clark on piano, Wayne Dockery on bass and Moholo on drums. They do five tunes by Thelonius Monk, recorded at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam from 1993. The septet is also from 1993, but is a studio recording and features the same trio plus a fine ICP all-star cast with Sean Bergin & Tobias Delius on saxes, Felicity Provan on trumpet and Tristan Honsinger on cello. Curtis Clark is a great American jazz pianist who has lived in Amsterdam for quite a while and recorded with a number of the better Dutch players there. He can be heard on records with David Murray, Charles Tyler and Richard Davis. The trio does a fine job of covering Monk's "Light Blue", "Worry Later/San Francisco Holiday", "Well You Needn't", "Monk's Mood" and "Misterioso". The trio often approaches these tunes with a certain surreal restraint, sometimes slowing them down to a dream-like ambiance. Bassist Dockery is featured in a few sections and adds a lovely melodic undertow, the entire trio has this haunting elegance. The septet do all originals by Mr. Clark, except for one cover of "All the Things You Are". Clark's writing pretty adventurous and this marvelous septet rise to the challenge. "Two Shadows in the Mist" is an apt title as the horns plays these swirling parts tightly together as the trio scurry around them, layers of interconnected parts emerging and submerging. "Scratched" is much straighter and swings deliciously with some inspired (Archie Shepp-like) solos from the saxes. "Sean" is a great blues song that might've been done by the Jazz Messengers back in their heyday with both saxes playing together and soloing superbly. Yeah! "Diaphane" is an enchanting, solemn piece and features some lovely bowed bass from Dockery. Curtis Clark plays superbly throughout, he is most gifted pianist. When Sean Bergin takes a marvelous soprano solo on "Nelson", Clark dances around him sublimely as Moholo also weaves intricately around both. Two very different sessions, both well recorded, which do fit together in an inexplicable sort of way. - BLG
CD $10

CURTIS CLARK - Reach, Believe It & Play: Solo Piano (NimbusWest 3924)This American-born, Amsterdam-based pianist, Curtis Clark's 7th disc for the Nimbus West label. After working with David Murray, Billy Bang and Charles Tyler over here, Mr. Clark moved to Amsterdam and has been working with mostly Dutch musicians ever since. Curtis has recorded duo, trio and quintet discs for Nimbus, this being his first solo piano effort. All of the songs are originals by Mr. Clark and show a wealth of ideas and influences. "Boogie Stomp" is dedicated to "Amos & Andy," an early American TV show that had an exaggerated view of black life in the US and was withdrawn due to the racial stereotypes. This piece has warm vibe and covers an early history of jazz and blues-oriented piano styles, with an eye to the future of freer styles. "Monk Me" does have a fine, slightly bent Monkisk style and I dig the way Curtis runs a couple of lines at the same time and then smashes a few more violent chords at certain points. "Renuphee" is an epic-length work that evolves through different sections from the melancholy yet majestic opening to the more silent movie/cinematic mid-section. This piece develops like a story unfolding and sets up a few different scenes as it flows. "Everlasting Love" has an elegant, sublime and haunting vibe and feels romantic in a more subdued way. The last three pieces are connected and sound as if they are part of a suite called, "Reach, Believe It and Play." "Reach" is quietly turbulent and leans towards a dramatic, melodic contour. "Believe It" has a more stark and slightly dark vibe and is enchanting in a way that is difficult to explain. "Play" brings thing to a close with a rich, older, bluesy style that sounds righteous and is a perfect way to bring this rich and historical sounding disc to a fine conclusion. - BLG
CD $10

CREATIVE ARTS ENSEMBLE - One Step Out (NimbusWest 913)Featuring Kaeef Ruzadun on piano & compositions, Shaleethia B.J. Crowley on vocals, Wilbert "Jiggs" Helmsley on tenor sax, Gary Bias on alto & soprano saxes, Jeff Clayton on bari sax, Dadesi Komolafe on flute, George Bohannon on trombone, Al White on trumpet, Henry Franklin on bass and Sunship Theus on drums. Like another Nimbus artist, pianist Kaeef Ruzadun also encouraged and inspired by Horace Tapscott. And like the great pianist & bandleaders, Horace Tapscott and Sun Ra, Kaeef's great ten piece band embraces the history of jazz. The title piece is a powerful work which features the enchanting vocals of Shaleethia Crowley, the great McCoy-like piano of Kaeef and the tight, rambunctious playing of this superb little big band. The only players I am familiar with here are the rhythm team of Henry Franklin on bass and Woody "Sunship" Theus, who once played with in John McLaughlin's Electric Dreams band. The rhythm section play excitingly throughout and Kaeef's writing for the six horns is also a thing of great beauty and passion. Solos are kept relatively short, but no less engaging, especially George Bohannon's trombone, Jeff Clayton's bari sax and Jiggs Helmsley on tenor sax. Mr. Ruzadun's short snippets of lyrics and overall vibe is that of spiritual concerns and it all feels just right. In a blindfold test one might have pegged this for a long lost McCoy Tyner large group session from the early 70's, it is just as good! - BLG
CD $10

DANIELE D'AGARO With TRISTAN HONSINGER / ERNST GLERUM - Lingua Franca (NimbusWest 507) Daniel D'Agaro was born in Spilimbergo (Friuli, Italy) on August the 13th, 1958. He started his professional activities in 1979, playing with the Mittel Europa Orchestra, an Italian big band that performed improvised music along with many international guest artists.
In 1979 Daniel D'Agaro has moved to Berlin, Germany and later on to Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where he resided since 1983. He has performed and toured with many musicians representative of jazz and improvised music. He was member of many dutch bands like J.C. Tans Orchestra, Sean Bergin's M.O.B. and toured with the Carribean group Frankie Douglas' Sunchild. He formed the Lingua Franca Trio with the American cellist Tristan Honsinger and the Dutch bassist Ernst Glerum.
CD $10

NARADA BURTON GREENE - Solo Orchestra in Real Time (NimbusWest 504)
CD $10

BILLIE HARRIS - I Want Some Water (NimbusWest 510) w/ Horace Tapscott & Sabir Martin! Wonderful 10 piece avant/jazz orchestra w/ some Sun Ra sounds!
CD $13

DADISI KOMOLAFE QUINTET With RICKY KELLY/ERIC TILLMAN/ROBERTO MIRANDA/WOODY 'SONSHIP' THEUS - Hassan's Walk (NimbusWest 3035)Dadisi Komolafe flute and alto sax, Ricky Kelly vibes, Eric Tillman piano, Roberto Miranda bass, Sunhip Theus on drums. Recorded 1984 at Paramount Studios, Hollywood. A very beautiful West Coast outsider record from members of Tapscott's Pan-Arkestra.
CD $13

NATE MORGAN - Journey Into Nigritia (NimbusWest 3257)Featuring Nate Morgan piano & compositions, Dadisa Komolafe on alto sax, Jeff Littleton double bass and Fritz Wise drums. Nate Morgan is an extremely gifted pianist and composer who studied and worked with Horace Tapscott, but seems to be even more inspired by McCoy Tyner. This splendid disc is very much like a McCoy Tyner release from the late 60's or early 70's. Nate does a fine job of keeping those dark and dancing chords coming from his left hand as he spins the ivories with the power and passion of his right hand. Considering I am unfamiliar with all four members of this fine quartet, each one plays strongly throughout. Nate plays with that transcendent harp-like grace on "Morning Prayer", which is an awesome solo piano effort. Nate's composing is also quite beautiful and there seems to be a spiritual vibe running through all of his tunes. The title piece moves back and forth between two different difficult sections, each in a different tempo and is certainly an extraordinary work, the quartet blending their playing into one solid unit. I played this CD for Matt Shipp and he was most impressed as well. - BLG
CD $13

NATE MORGAN/JEFF LITTLETON/FRITZ WISE - Live In Santa Barbara (NimbusWest 508 ,USA)
CD $10

NATE MORGAN With JESSE SHARPS / DANNY CORTEZ / JOEL ECTOR / FRITZ WISE - Retribution, Reparation (NimbusWest 3479 C)
CD $13

THE NIMBUS COLLECTIVE [NATE MORGAN/JESSE SHARPS/RICKEY KELLY/DANNY CORTEZ/JOEL ECTOR/DEREK ROBERTS] - Live In Lotusland [2 CD set] (NimbusWest 4257) Featuring Nate Morgan on piano, Jesse Sharps on reeds, Danny Cortez on trumpet, Rickey Kelly on vibes, Joel Ector on bass and Derek Roberts on drums. This 2 disc set was recorded in Santa Barbara in July of 1987. Since the passing of the great pianist/composer/bandleader Horace Tapscott, the Nimbus West label has continued to document the underground L.A. jazz scene that Mr. Tapscott was once at the center of. A number of great musicians who once collaborated with Tapscott, like Jesse Sharps & Nate Morgan, have recorded discs as leaders on Nimbus West. The short liner notes state that "trying to play serious music in an area as shallow & fad-driven as Los Angeles, were too much for this band to deal with..." so they didn't last too long. No doubt. This disc is proof that this collective's music was strong, spirited, original and had a great deal to offer. I can't say that I've heard of any of the rhythm section players but all six members of the collective are excellent musicians nonetheless. Nate Morgan's "Retribution, Reparation" is first and it has one of those McCoy Tyner-like 70's ensemble vibes with spirited piano and Trane-ish tenor sax sailing on top. The entire sextet is in great form with impressive solos from trumpeter Danny Cortez, vibist Rickey Kelly and pianist Nate Morgan. How musicians as incredible as this escaped notice, I will never understand. The sextet is ultra-tight and swings furiously throughout. Bassist John Ector's "Big Spliff" has a most memorable theme that had me smiling all the way through. The long & inspired soprano solo by Jesse Sharps and that great piano interplay & solo makes this piece even more special. The only cover on this double disc is Monk's "Well You Needn't" and it too is done exuberantly. There are over 100 minutes of outstanding music on this wonderful two disc set. Another buried treasure to add to you collection of great gifts from the gods. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery
2 CD Set $12

ERNST REIJSEGER / ALAN 'GUNGA' PURVES - TA (NimbusWest 503; USA) An outstanding duo offering from former ICP cellist Ernst Reijseger and Dutch drummer Alan ‘Gunga’ Purves.
CD $10

ADELE SEBASTIAN With BILLY HIGGINS / et al - Desert Fairy Princess (NimbusWest 680) Adele Sebastian was an Afro American jazz flutist and singer, active from the early 70s on (when she was still a teenager) until her untimely death at the age of 27 (!) in 1983 from a kidney failure. In fact she had been depending on monthly dialysis to stay alive for years. She lived through and for the music and you can hear it on her only solo album “Desert fairy princess” , which was first issued in 1981. The mostly acoustic instrumentation brings a very natural and therefore rather retrospective sound considering the year the album has been released. Adele and her band pull it off right from the start as if it had been 1966 and it was time for a revolution to shake the dust from the old time jazz. In a perfect way she mixes classic American vocal jazz elements with playful and more free passages, Latin music and tribal African sounds in the lengthy and quite rhythm oriented “Man From Tanganyika" and makes the title track start with a mystical „Allahu akbar“ chant while it turns more and more into a dark and gloomy song with something like a psychedelic edge reminiscent of Pharoah Sanders on his early works. Wild rhythms from drums, percussions with tons of bells and chimes weave a thick groove carpet and conjure a magical atmosphere. And it is only one of the cool tracks here for there are six all in all. Those jazz aficionados who love the mid 60s John Coltrane, his sidekick Pharoah Sanders and Alice Coltrane will go crazy for this album. - preschmedia
CD $13

JESSE SHARPS QUINTET & P.A.P.A. [PAN AFRIKAN PEOPLES ORCHESTRA] - Sharps And Flats (NimbusWest 3702) Jesse's quintet features Nate Morgan on piano, Jesse Sharps on reeds, Steve Smith on trumpet, Joel Ector on bass and Carl Burnett on drums. The Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra was led by legendary LA pianist, bandleader and teacher, Horace Tapscott and here they are a nine piece band with Sabir Mateen, Billie Harris and Jesse Sharps on saxes and Horace on piano. The quintet session was done in a studio in 1985 and Tapscott is a guest on two pieces. The Arkestra piece is 16 1/2 minutes long and was recorded live at Immanuel United Church in 1979. Like many of the (non-Tapscott led) Nimbus releases, the modal spirit of McCoy Tyner is at the center of this music. Pianist Nate Morgan, who also has a CD out on Nimbus, has an enchanting McCoy-like touch. Jesse plays some exquisite soprano sax in the Trane-like mode, just more laid back and lovely. Tapscott's "Carnival" has an island groove with Jesse playing some festive flute and Horace getting a steel drum-like sound on piano. The final long, live work is called McKowsky's First Fifth" and features some fine piano from Tapscott throughout the entire piece, a superb flute solo from Adele Sebastian and a strong bass solo from Alan Hines. This nifty little jewel, is a must for the Horace Tapscott completist, as well as anyone who digs those great McCoy like spiritual sides from the seventies.
CD $10


Bruce Lee Gallanter’s Recommended Gig List for June of 2017

The 22nd Annual VISION FESTIVAL will continue to take place until June 3rd

At The Judson Memorial Church, 55 Washington Square South, New York, NY

Here are some highlights:

Friday, June 2nd: Steve Swell/Gebhard Ullmann QT; Joe McPhee Dream Book; Dave Burrell QT & BassDrumBone: Ray Anderson/Mark Helias/Gerry Hemingway!

Saturday, June 3rd: Positive Knowledge; Tony Malaby/Mat Maneri/Daniel Levin; Ivo Perelman Quartet; David murray Trio & Oliver Lake/William Parker Free World!

For the full line up:
Ticket info:



FRIDAY AND SATURDAY JUNE 2-3 AT 830PM For the inaugural weekend at our new home The STONE presents two of our legendary improv nights. Expect the unexpected and many special guests!
JUNE 2—John Zorn (sax) Ikue Mori (electronics) Peter Evans (trumpet) Wadada Leo Smith (trumpet) Craig Taborn (piano) Sylvie Courvoisier (piano) Kenny Wollesen (drums); JUNE 3—John Zorn (sax) Dave Douglas (trumpet) Uri Caine (piano) Ches Smith (drums) Chris Tordini (bass) Jonathan Finlayson (trumpet) Jim Staley (trombone)

6/2 Friday
8:30pm: Brad Barrett (bass) Eric Stillwell (trombone) Joe Morris (guitar)

6/3 Saturday
8:30pm: Shock Axis - Joe Morris (guitar) Chris Cretella (electric bass) Dave Parmelee

6/4 Sunday
830 pm- Joe Morris (guitar) Dre Hocevar (drums) Chris Pitsiokos (alto) Henry Fraser (bass) Lester St. Louis (cello) Charmaine Lee (voice)

6/5 Monday
8:30pm: BRIAN MARSELLA TRIO—BUER - Brian Marsella (piano) Trevor Dunn (bass) Kenny Wollesen (drums); CD release concert! 16 Masada compositions performed by a dynamic piano trio featuring Brian Marsella, the astonishing and passionate pianist from Banquet of the Spirits, Zion80 and The Flail. Joined here by the classic Masada rhythm section of Trevor Dunn and Kenny Wollesen, the performances are powerful, focused and incredibly varied. Each piece presents a different musical world, referencing McCoy Tyner, Erik Satie, Conlon Nancarrow, Horace Silver, Lennie Tristano, Bill Evans, Bud Powell, Richard Twardzik, Debussy and many others.


6/6 Tuesday
830 pm - SOLO PIANO—CAINE PLAYS ZORN - Uri Caine (piano) plays selections of John Zorn's Bagatelles and compositions from his Masada songbooks.

6/7 Wednesday
830 pm - URI CAINE TRIO - Uri Caine (piano) John Hebert (bass) Ben Perowsky (drums)

6/8 Thursday
830 pm - Ofakim - Uri Caine (piano) Jim Black (drums) Ralph Alessi (trumpet)

Mark Feldman (violin) Sylvie Courvoisier (piano)

6/9 Friday
830 pm - MAHLER - Uri Caine (piano) Joyce Hammann (violin) Ralph Alessi (trumpet) Chris Speed (reeds) Mark Helias (bass) Jim Black (drums)

6/10 Saturday
Uri Caine (piano) Mark Helias (bass) Clarence Penn (drums)

6/11 Sunday
830 pm - CHAMBER MUSIC - Uri Caine (piano) and many special guests

All Sets start at 8:30pm Tickets: $20
There are no refreshments or merchandise at The Stone.
Only music. All ages are welcome.
Cash Only at the door. There is no phone.
There is no food or beverage served or allowed
just a serious listening environment.
The Stone is booked purely on a curatorial basis


The CORNELIA STREET CAFE - 212-989-9319
29 Cornelia St in the heart of the West Greenwich Village, NYC

Friday Jun 02
9:00PM & 10:30PM DAYNA STEPHENS QUARTET - Dayna Stephens, tenor sax; Philip Dizack, trumpet; Gilad Hekselman, guitar; Jaimeo Brown, drums

Saturday Jun 03
9:00PM & 10:30PM SCOTT DUBOIS QUARTET - Scott DuBois, guitar; Michael Bates, bass; Gerald Cleaver, drums; special guest tba, tenor sax, bass clarinet

Sunday Jun 04
8:35PM DJANGO AT CORNELIA STREET, KORAN AGAN - Koran Agan, guitar; Josh Kaye, guitar; Eduardo Belo, bass

Mon June 05:
8:00PM VOXECSTATIC: SARI KESSLER QUARTET - Sari Kessler, voice; Ben Paterson, piano; Sean Smith, bass; Tommy Campbell, drums
9:30PM VOXECSTATIC: BEAT KAESTLI - Beat Kaestli, voice; Jesse Lewis, guitar; Vitor Gonçalves, accordion

Wednesday Jun 07
8:01PM DEVIN GRAY'S DEEG TRIO - Devin Gray, drums, comp.; Ellery Eskelin, tenor sax; Drew Gress, bass

Thurs June 08:
8:01PM THE POINTLESS FOREST PRESENTS: NILSSON ‘71 - Matt Robbins, vocals; Russell Moore, trumpet; Caleb Curtis, woodwinds; Tom Erickson, woodwinds; Chris Pattishal, piano; Eric Burns, guitar; Adrian Moring, bass; Arthur Vint, drums
9:30-Nilsson Schmilsson - Nilsson’s grammy winning 7th album remains his most successful. Packed with memorable songs like “Without You”, “Coconut”, and “Jump Into the Fire”, this fan favorite is still being used in movies, tv and radio. Some contemporary takes on this classic album round out our favorite year of Nilsson’s career!

Friday Jun 09
9:00PM & 10:30PM MICHAEL BATES' NORTHERN SPY - Michael Bates, bass; Michael Blake, tenor sax; Jeremy ‘Bean’ Clemons, drums

Saturday Jun 10
9:00PM & 10:30PM MATT BREWER TRIO - Matt Brewer, bass; Mark Shim, tenor sax; Damion Reid, drums

Sunday Jun 11
8:00PM ALHAMBRA - Jenny Luna, vocals; Adam Good, oud, guitar; Marandi Hostetter, violin; Isabelle Ganz, vocals, flute, shawm; Rami El Aasser, percussion
9:30PM KRIS ALLEN QUARTET - Kris Allen, alto sax; Frank Kozyra, tenor sax; Dezron Douglass, bass; Kush Abadey, drums


Shapeshifter June, 2017:

Jun 5
7pm: SYMPHOlab: Progger x SYMPHO

Jun 6
8:15p and 9:30p - Jim Nolet live at ShapeShifter Lab
Featuring Arturo O'Farrill"
Jim Nolet: Viola and Perc
Arturo O'Farrill: Piano
Zack O'Farrill, Rafael Barata: Drums
Neymar Dias: Bass

Jun 8
7pm-7:30 Mike Avram Fefer/Michael Bisio Duo
7:45-8:30 In the Sea - Tristan Honsinger/Nicolas Caloia/Joshua Zubot
8:45p - Anti-Social Music presents: PEOPSSONGS, by Franz Nicolay
9:30p - “Mó" subject to change: Alejandro Aviles,Livio Almeida Dave Pietro, Larry Bustante- Saxophones; Ron Wilkins, Becca Paterson, Jesus Viramontes, Mariel Bildstein -Trombones - Josh Deustsch Seneca Black, Jim Seeley, Kali Rodrigues - Trumpets
Vitor Gonçalves - Piano / Eduardo Belo - Bass / MAuricio Zotarelli -Drums / Rafael Picolloto - Conductor

Jun 10
4pm - "Lights Living in the Dark"
Hannah L. Barnard - Creative Director/Choreographer
Molly Aronson - Cello/Instrumental Composition
Sonia Szajnberg - Electronics/Vocal Composition
Kate Koenig - Trumpet/Guitar
Kristen McGuire - Flute
Harmonnia Junus - Violin
Kyle P. Walker - Piano
Robert Guilford - Percussion
Catherine Murcek - Dance
Emily Pope - Dance

Shapeshifter is located at
18 Whitwell Place in Brooklyn, NY
R train to Union stop


I-Beam Presents:

Friday, June 2nd 8:30 PM
Innocent When You Dream: The Music of Tom Waits CD Launch
8pm - Brian Drye – Solo Trombone
8:45pm - Innocent When You Dream
Aaron Shragge – trumpet/shakuhachi
Ryan Anselmi – tenor sax
Myk Freedman – lap steel guitar
Mike Gam – bass
Deric Dickens – Drums

Friday, June 9th 9:00 PM
Eva Novoa Trio
Novoa / Gress / Gray
Eva Novoa, piano & compositions
Drew Gress, bass
Devin Gray, drums
Novoa / Kamaguchi / Takeishi

Saturday, June 10th 8:00 PM
Eva Novoa, piano & gongs
Masatoshi Kamaguchi, bass
Satoshi Takeishi, drums
8pm & 9pm (2sets)

Friday, June 23rd 8:30 PM
Satoko Fujii KAZE
Kappa Maki – trumpet
Christian Bezos - trumpet
Satoko Fujii – piano
Peter Ménard – drums

I-Beam is located at 168 7th Street in Brooklyn, NY 11215 - Directions: SUBWAY: Take the F or R trains to 4th Ave & 9th Street. Walk down 4th ave to 7th street. Make a left on 7th and walk past 3rd ave. We are located on the ground floor, the grey doors to the right of the stairs of #168.


Solo Acoustic Guitar
At Joe’s Pub - Thursday, June 8th at 7:30pm

Gary Lucas’ special guest will be vocalist Feifei Yang, with whom he is currently working on Vol. Two of the ongoing 30’s Chinese pop tribute, “The Edge of Heaven”. Feifei will perform selections from our forthcoming album, as well as “Grace”, which I co-wrote with my friend the late Jeff Buckley.