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DMG Newsletter for April 14th, 2017

A Good Passover and Happy, Healthy Easter Greetings to
All Who Celebrate These Holidays.
Here Comes the Sun so Let’s Have Some Fun
And Savor the Sounds that Help Heal and Inspire Us All
So Here is a New List of Sonic Delights to Check out:

Roscoe Mitchell & Yuganaut! Oliver Lake & Flux String Quartet! Elliott Sharp / Tectonics - 2017! Jenny Scheinman / Bill Frisell OST! Nate Wooley’s Syllables 4 CD Set! Two from Tisziji Munoz with Dave Liebman/John Medeski/Paul Shaffer! Joshua Abrams & Natural Information Society! Richard Pinhas!

Three from Maurizio Brunod w/ Miroslav Vituos! Leap of Faith at DMG CD!
Plus historic/archival music from Fuzzy Haskins & P-Funks All-Stars! John Coltrane Quartet DVD! Robert Ashley 2 CD Set! Velvet Underground! Peter Kuhn LP! Damo Suzuki and More!


The FREE DMG Weekly New Music In-Store Series Continues on Sundays with:

Sunday, April 16th: Easter Sunday, no in-store

Sunday, April 23rd:
6pm: J. A. GRANELLI & MR. LUCKY TRIO with: J.A GRANELLI - Piccolo Bass, Lap Steel Guitar / NATE SHAW - Keyboards / OWEN HOWARD - Drums

Sunday, April 30th:

Sunday, May 7th:

Sunday, May 14th:

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ROSCOE MITCHELL With YUGANAUT [STEPHEN RUSH / TOM ABBS / GEOFF MANN] - Four Ways (Nessa 38; USA) Stephen Rush and Roscoe Mitchell have collaborated on various projects for over 20 years. Documentation of this includes Rush's quartet recording 'Hymn for Roscoe' and Mitchell's Note Factory disc 'The Bad Guys'. In addition Rush recorded Mitchell's piano composition '8-8-88' which he calls 'by far the hardest notated composition I've ever played'. This is available on Roscoe's 'Numbers' cd. In 2009 Rush asked Mitchell to perform with his band Yuganaut at Ann Arbor's Edgefest and this release was recorded in the studio after the festival. Yuganaut is (1) Rush on MicroMoog, Fender Rhodes, trombone, double ocarina, etc, (2) Tom Abbs on bass, cello, violin, tuba, didgeridoo, (3) Geoff Mann on drums, cornet, banjo. Roscoe Mitchell plays flute, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone.
CD $16

OLIVER LAKE / FLUX QUARTET - Right Up On (Passin’ Thru 41236; USA) Featuring Oliver Lake on alto sax & compositions and the Flux (String) Quartet: Tom Chiu & Conrad Harris on violins, Max Mandel on viola and Felix Fan on cello. Oliver Lake has been collaborating with the Flux Quartet since 2002 and composing for string quartets for even longer. Although Mr. Lake and the Flux Quartet have been working together for 15 years, this is their first recording together. Mr. Lake keeps busy leading several bands: an organ quartet, a big band and Trio 3 (with Reggie Workman & Andrew Cyrille). This disc shows quite another side to what we’ve heard from Mr. Lake so far. Lake plays on four of the eight pieces here with everything composed by him. On the opener, “Hey Now Hey”, Mr. Lake’s sax sounds like a member of the string quartet whenever he is playing. Lake’s tart, bluesy, distinctive tone comes through the bent, shifting strings, tightly wound together. One of the things I like most about this is that it never gets too dense or difficult. The music seems to breathe and takes it time to unwind. The final and most ambitious piece is called “Einstein 100!”, written for the 100th anniversary of of Einstein’s presentation of the ‘Theory of Relativity’. This piece sounds very focused, with a number of intense unaccompanied solos, ensemble sections and unmarked improvisations. The solos often have striking eruptions by the rest of the group with bursts of coughing and other extra-curricular material. This piece ends with what sounds like a repeating melodic fragment which sounds somehow familiar and leaves us wanting for more. This disc is a departure for Oliver Lake and one that will take time to further explore. I can actually hear Mr. Lake’s distinctive voice/sound at the center of these pieces like a golden thread running a through a complex tapestry. No small feat, I assure you. - Bruce Lee Gallanter
CD $15

ELLIOTT SHARP / TECTONICS / ERIC MINGUS - Fourth Blood Moon (Yellowbird 7767; Germany) Featuring Eric Mingus: voice and E#: guitars, basses, synths, electronics, percussion, drum loops and processing. “…the more we know now the less we know now, a vast sea of ignorant opinion flooding us with intellectual sewage, the poverty of novelty bringing us back to the day...but don't get me started...they cringe in terror at a phenomenon as natural as night and day or the moon around the sun, expecting the horrific and glorious end while we take in the mystery and the beauty...weird tricks promising everything and delivering the virus...they rage and use it as an excuse to make all of our lives a little meaner, a little less Trouble knocks...we rage, too, but at the loss of what we as living beings hold dear, at the loss of doors to go through and windows to open, of air and water and a simple walk...stand back and watch but that's not all...neither guns not money will defeat our eyes and ears...we welcome the Fourth Blood Moon as it illuminates our way home…” - E. Sharp
Tectonics is an ongoing mostly solo project by Elliott Sharp which has been evolving of over several decades. Although there are occasional guests (like Zeena Parkins), Mr. Sharp creates all or most of the music with guitars, basses, synths, percussion and drum loops. For this disc Mr. Sharp uses drum samples provided by Don McKenzie and vocals by Eric Mingus, who is also a members of Sharp’s blues band Terraplane. Mr. Mingus sings and provides the words on six of the eight pieces here. After so many years, Mr. Sharp has learned how to craft those insidious, sly and hypnotic grooves, which draw us in and doesn’t let go. Sharp adds layers of backwards, psych and warped guitars which keep changing their sound on each piece. Eric Mingus does a fine, righteous job of describing the many injustices of our current crisis with his words and strong, soulful, blues-drenched voice. This disc is an elixir to help us deal with what has become a daily dose of an ongoing nightmare. There are a number of hard-hitting, bent guitar solos from Mr. Sharp which are well worth the price of admission. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $15

JENNY SCHEINMAN WITH BILL FRISELL / ROBBIE FULKS / DANNY BARNES / ROBBY GJERSOE - Here on Earth (Royal Potato Family; USA) “Jenny Scheinman ‘Here on Earth’ presents songs that were composed for the film, ‘Kannapolis: A Moving Portrait,’ a collaboration with director Finn Taylor and commissioned by Aaron Greenwald at Duke Performances. The movie collects archival footage taken between 1936-42 by H. Lee Waters, a North Carolina photographer who traveled across the Piedmont, taking short movies of ordinary, small town folks living through the Great Depression.
When Scheinman first watched the raw footage, the faces onscreen felt like those from a bygone era, yet still oddly familiar. As much as America has changed from the previous century, the human condition at its core remains constant. Thus it inspired a collection of fiddle tunes that on first listen may seem rooted in the past, but ultimately reveal themselves to be definitively modern upon repeated listens.
Scheinman based her band for these recordings on a specific scene from the movie, where three musicians (fiddle, banjo and guitar) are playing at a dance party. To recreate this dynamic in the studio, she enlisted Danny Barnes (banjo, guitar, tuba), Robbie Fulks (guitar, banjo), Bill Frisell (guitar) and Robbie Gjersoe (resonator guitar), not just for their brilliant skills and deep-rooted understanding of fiddle music, but because they brought the barn-stomping, slightly unhinged energy she was trying to conjure.
‘Here on Earth’ captures this magic-in-a-bottle on songs like “Don’t Knock Out The Old Dog’s Teeth.” The rhythmic weave created here is nothing short of intoxicating, the perfect melody for gathering around a burn barrel and hollowing out your demons. There are also songs like ”Rowan,” which embodies the spirit of campfire music; an aura of community and unity. Of course, no Scheinman album would be complete without a few big signature melodies such as those found on “Annabelle And The Bird” and “Esme.”
‘Here on Earth’ is about the present and the past. It’s about daydreams and poetry and the rituals that keep people sane and human. It’s a collection of songs that are both deeply personal to Scheinman and a tribute to hundreds of ordinary people from another time who just happened to look at a camera and reveal a little of their humanity. Above all, it’s about the frenetic, joyful melody of being alive on this planet.”
CD $13

NATE WOOLEY - The Complete Syllables Music (Pleasure of the Text Records 1307; USA) This is from Nate Wooley: “In 2011, I started an experiment.... The idea was to create compositional frameworks that would force me to sidestep ideas of virtuosity or the traditional sound of the trumpet. I wanted to set myself up to "fail" and see what I could learn from the sound of that failure. The result was three epic solo pieces that used the mechanics of the International Phonetic Alphabet to produced untenable embouchure "machines" that would break down as the muscles fell prey to the increasingly long duration of each gesture.
‘[8] Syllables’ and ‘[9] Syllables’ were the first experiments in these pieces and were released on Peira and Mnoad Records respectively. They almost immediately sold out and have been out of print for years and I'm so happy to have them available here again on disc.”
Last night (4/11/17), I caught what was one of the most memorable sets at The Stone in recent memory. It featured solos and duos from Jeremiah Cymerman on clarinet and Nate Wooley on trumpet. Quite extraordinary! Nate Wooley is the current Renaissance man of the trumpet here in NYC, as a composer, conceptualizer and ever-evolving instrumentalist. Besides leading several of his own projects like Seven Story Mountain and Battles Pieces, Mr. Wooley has been collaborating with an impressive array of musicians: Evan Parker, Ken Vandermark, Steve Swell and Harris Eisenstadt. The central part of what makes Mr. Wooley unique is the way his own solo playing has evolved over the years. This modest 4 CD box set captures the many splendors of Wooley’s ongoing explorations. Considering that the first two discs here are rare reissues, you can read reviews of these on-line if you wish. Disc three, “For Kenneth Gaburob Part One” is an all acoustic tour-de-force. This performance was recorded at the Priem Experimental Performing Arts Center in Troy, NY. After witnessing Mr. Wooley play a ten minute trumpet solo last night, I saw and heard how much more is going on than one might imagine. There are so many variables, both physically and conceptually involved, that it takes time to absorb the many sonic events taking place. This disc is some 76 minutes long so Wooley takes his time to explore several themes. There is an impressive booklet enclosed where Mr. Wooley explains his ideas and methodology which helps us get a better idea of what is going on here. The actual sounds/music itself is something else, a marvel of invention which is always shifting in textures, timbres, sounds and silences. I dig the way Wooley stretches out certain notes or sounds, bending them carefully, the effect they have always in flux. Some of this sounds like trains or foghorns in the distance or a radiator hissing nearby. There is so much more going on though, so I keep listening…
The final disc, ‘For Kenneth Gaburo Part Two (Electro-Acoustic)’ is again the culmination of years of working with manipulating sounds with electronics of different sorts, including the use of tapes. It seems hard to believe that there is only a trumpet at the center of all of these explorations, but this is only the starting point for things to come. It sounds like Wooley has taken certain segments, taped and then altered them, seamlessly blending several layers of sounds. Much of this piece is more sparse with numerous sections of silence in between assorted floating phantoms. There are elements which sound like the tapping of cymbals or wooden objects or organ-like drones, all well-selected and placed. This piece is most successful since it sounds it was planned, directed or written out in advance, somewhere between chamber and symphonic with selective electronic sounds sewn into the fascinating tapestry. This last long disc is the perfect conclusion for our four CD odyssey through Nate Wolley’s kaleidoscopic vision. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
4 CD Set $25

Two New Discs from Spiritual Guitarist TISZIJI MUNOZ:

TISZIJI MUNOZ With DAVE LIEBMAN / JOHN MEDESKI / DON PATE / DAVID FINCK / RAKALAM BOB MOSES / TONY FALCO / ADAM BENHAM - Scream of Ensoundment (Anami 071; USA) Featuring Tisziji Munoz on guitar & compositions, Dave Liebman on soprano & tenor saxes, John Medeski on piano, Don Pate & David Finck on bases and Rakalam Bob Moses, Tony Falco & Adam Benham on drums & percussion. Legendary NY saxist Dave Liebman was an integral part of bands led by Elvin Jones and Miles Davis (late sixties/early seventies), besides leading a number of his own bands ever since. Both guitarist Tisziji Munoz and Mr. Liebman are heavily influenced by the music of John Coltrane and have played together on a number of occasions/recordings. This is the second recent collaboration with Munoz and Liebman but this is the one where they go all the way, reaching for new heights on each song. Mr. Liebman kicks this disc open on soprano for “No Self, No Thought, No Mind” which features a rambunctious piano solo from the great John Medeski. The double rhythm team here is one of the things that makes this unit special, there is a constant swirling of spirits or undercurrents on which the sax, guitar and piano are well supported and often pushed higher. Some songs start out quietly like, “Goodbye Dear Sweet Mother” with poignant sax, piano and guitar playing the melody before they ascend into the heavens. I love the way this ensemble simmers with the constant flow in energy moving in waves connecting the spirits below and above the ocean of sounds. If you need some healing music in these troubling times, this is the music for you! The more I listen deeply, the better I feel. Each piece has a solemn, prayer-like vibe at the center of the storm. Even when the big waves are crashing, the heart/fire keeps on pumping life, energy and inspiration needed by all of those still living, breathing and listening closely. I am currently working of getting Tisziji Munoz and his band a gig in town this summer to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the passing of John Coltrane. So stay tuned… - Bruce Lee Gallanter, BMG
CD $12

TISZIJI MUNOZ / PAUL SHAFFER With DON PATE / GEORGE KOLLER / RAKALAM BOB MOSES / TONY FALCO - When Coltrane Calls! Session 2: Liberation First! (Anami 064; USA) Featuring Tisziji Munoz on guitar & compositions, Paul Shaffer on piano, Don Pate & George Koller on acoustic basses and Rakalam Bob Moses & Tony Falco on drums. Longtime David Letterman Show keyboard wiz/sidekick, Paul Shaffer, has been friends with spiritual/guitarist Tisziji Munoz since they met in Toronto in the early seventies. Mr. Shaffer has also helped/promoted Munoz on many occasions culminating in concerts at the Underground and Dizzy’s. Being a well-known TV personality, Mr. Shaffer rarely gets the recognition he deserves as a gifted keyboard player. Each of the half dozen discs on which Mr. Shaffer has worked with Munoz, show how to be an important part of Munoz’ magical/spiritual sound. This is the second session that Mr. Munoz has dedicated to the godfather of spiritual jazz, John Coltrane. For the last few years, Munoz has expanded his band by doubling his rhythm team: two bassists and two drummers and rather than cluttering their sound, they sound like one united spirit. “The Heart’s Way” starts out slowly and builds, ascending throughout. Mr. Shaffer takes a strong solo, waves upon waves, until Munoz finally comes back, the intensity increasing as the soar together. My favorite piece is the oddly titled, “Dead Guitar Player Completely on Fire!”, another one of those memorable simmering modal melodies that Munoz excels in composing. Mr. Munoz slows down the tempo midway so we get a chance to appreciate each note before the energy increases into those stratospheric, lightning-like licks. Munoz always concludes with something uplifting, pushing his sextet higher and higher. “Playing the Planet and Saving Humanity” is the grand conclusion, once again, building and then sailing heaven-wards. This music does obviously come from the heart and fires up our souls once again. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $12

Three Discs from Italian Guitarist MAURIZIO BRUNOD:

MAURIZIO BRUNOD With MIROSLAV VITOUS / ACHILLE SUCCI / DANILO GALLO / DANIELE di BONAVENTURA / MASSIMO BARBIERO - Duets (Caligola 2170; Italy) Featuring guitarist Maurizio Brunod in duets with Miroslav Vitous on double bass, Achille Succhi on alto sax & flute, Daniele Di Bonaventura on bandoneon, Danilo Gallo on acoustic & electric basses and Massimo Barbieri on marimba. When Maurizio Brunod left us with three discs earlier this week (early April of 2017), I had no clue that he was one of the best guitarists to emerge from Italy in many years. I had only heard of Mr. Brunod due to a couple of old discs from a quartet called Enter Eller which included Tim Berne as their guest. All three discs that Mr. Brunod left us with are great and somewhat different in sound and/or personnel.
This one might be the most ambitious as it features duos with five other musicians, some known (Miroslav Vitous from Weather Report), some little known but all well-selected. The only name here I don’t recognize at all is the bandoneon player, di Bonaventura, who sound especially enchanting on the opening piece. Mr. Brunod composed a handful of the pieces for this disc and each one has some special ingredient within. “Carousel| has a sunny, uplifting melody which is superbly played by saxist Achille Succi, another one of the under-recognized young Italian masters who can be heard in more than two dozen discs in the past decade or so. Although Miroslav Vitous plays acoustic bass, he often uses selective devices to alter his sound. He uses some subtle, eerie wah-wah on his first duo with Brunod, his bowing as endearing as it always is, in perfect tandem with Mr. Brunod’s exquisite acoustic guitar playing. Each piece is solid and self-contained whether written or improvised. There are some seventeen tracks here and each one a winner in its own way. This is just one of the three gems that Maurizio Brunod left us with earlier this week, we have just five copies of each and no idea if or when they will returns once we do sell out. Act quickly, please. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $15

MAURIZIO BRUNOD / GARRISON FEWELL - Unbroken Circuit (Caligola 2199; Italy) Featuring Maurizio Brunod on electric guitar, oops & live samples and Garrison Fewell on electric, acoustic guitars & prepared guitars, violin bow and percussion. I got to know the work of the late Boston-based guitarist Garrison Fewell from the ten discs we got from him like his own Variable Density Orchestra, trio with Roy Campbell & Luther Gary or several collaborations with John Tchicai. Guitar duos are not so uncommon nowadays (Gyan Riley & Julian Lage or Fred Frith & Henry Kaiser), yet each duo sounds completely different.
Outside of the three discs that Mr. Brunod just left us with, I am not familiar with his playing or background. “Ayleristic” features one guitar being played calmly, drifting in a Dead-like way while the other guitar explodes quietly in a free freakout fashion. Mr. Brunod plays subdued acoustic guitar on “Karnataka”, banging on the strings lightly with chopsticks, perhaps while Fewell plays some hushed Frippish sustained guitar in the distance. There is a somber, dreamy ambiance here, similar to one of those sublime, space jams from the Dead or Pink Floyd or even some restrained kraukrock. Both guitarists alter their sounds for each piece, covering a good deal of textures, tones and references to jazz, rock and ethnic influences. Fewell erupts with controlled distortion on “Mississippi Moon Clouds” while Brunod bows his guitar, sound like a bird or defenseless monster of sort sort. Brunod sounds as if he is playing his guitar in his lap, like a hammered dulcimer on “Ascent”, with Fewell getting those seagull like sounds nearby. The sense of calm at the center of this disc makes it all the more inviting, never too far out of disorienting. Garrison Fewell passed away in July of 2015 at just 61. Rest in peace. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $15

MAURIZIO BRUNOD / DANILO GALLO / MASSIMO BARBIERO - Extrema Ratio (Caligola 2216; Italy) Featuring Maurizio Brunod on electric & acoustic guitars & sampling, Danilo Gallo electric & acoustic bass & bass balalaika and Massimo Barbiero on drums & percussion. Italian guitarist Maurizio Brunod just left us with three very different discs, each one showing different sides to his guitar playing and band leading. Aside from his work with an Italian quartet called Enter Eller, I hadn’t heard of Mr. Brunod before now. Bassist Danilo Gallo can be found on more than a dozen discs from the El Gallo Rojo label including his and the Roosters.
This disc is a mixed bag of traditional songs, originals, group improvs and a couple of covers from Charlie Haden and Chris Speed. The opening track is a traditional song called, “Reine”. The piece is stripped down and spacious, filled with suspense and subtle nuance. When the melody floats in, it has a rather folky charm. Mr. Brunod takes a long, sustain-toned solo at a low volume which is sly, story-like and most enchanting. Another tasty tune is the version of Charlie Haden’s “Our Spanish Love Song”, which features a wonderful bitter-sweet electric guitar solo from Brunod. There are four trio improv pieces here which are well selected and sour like they were written or at least directed previously. Whether playing drums, marimba, glockenspiel or other percussion, Mr. Barbiero does a fine job of crafting infectious grooves to center the activity and flow of the trio. This is a modest yet ever-inventive trio that reinvents itself on every piece. Nothing too far out yet somehow engaging on its own terms. In some ways, this reminds me of the earthy charm of a Bill Frisell Trio record without any of those wimpy elements. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $15

A Few More from the Massive, Ever-growing Leap of Faith Catalogue of Oddities:

LEAP OF FAITH - Infinite Perimeters (Evil Clown 9138; USA) Free music legends from the Boston area, Leap of Faith, took their annual sojourn south and played here at DMG on Sunday, April 2nd, less than two weeks ago. In the mail yesterday, we got a package from Dave PEK, leader of Leap of Faith, and lo & behold, we have a new disc of that recent set. There are two sets on this disc, one from the Armory in Sommerville, MA in November of 2016, the other recorded here at DMG. Three core members: Dave PEK on various reeds, Glynis Lomon on cello and Yuri Zbitnov were in each set here, as they often are. This disc features just the first set at DMG that night, which also featured an awesome solo set from Jeremiah Cymerman on clarinet and Leap of Faith with Jeremiah sitting in for the third set. An extraordinary night here at DMG once again for those in attendance.
Besides the three aforementioned core members, the first set also featured Mimi Rapson on violin and Kevin Dacey on drums, vibes and metal. Leap of Faith (LoF) sets/discs are always well-recorded and after checking them out live on three occasions, I know what to expect yet they still surprise my with their focused improv. The first section features a long, impressive solo from Ms. Lomon’s cello along with spirited layers of percussion from both drummers and other members as well. Ms. Lomon is in fine form, her long solo spirited and endlessly inventive. For this set, PEK concentrates on just five reeds, unlike his usual collection of up to 20 assorted reeds & double-reeds.
The opening set from DMG featured two more newer members besides the core three: Dan O’Brien on tenor sax, clarinet & flute and Zach Bartolamei on soprano & alto saxes & clarinet. The music here is ritualistic sounding, kind of like the Art Ensemble of Chicago playing an intimate set here at DMG. Considering that I hadn’t heard of either reeds player before this set, I was greatly impressed by each one. Zach’s soprano is at the center with strong yet sparse cello and drums underneath. PEK starts with the low end grumbles of (contra-alto?) clarinet and then moves to the snake-charming sound of a mussette. The music has a more relaxed sense in the first long section, taking its time to unwind and build. What makes this special is the way these folks play together: tight, intricate dialogue without anyone ever stepping on anyone else’s toes. PEK had a expensive mic placed right up front in the center so it sounds as if we sitting in the middle of the band. It seems hard to believe that this disc was recorded at DMG since it captures Leap of Faith at their best, relaxed yet still cosmic. Start your Leap of Faith collection today with this treasure chest! - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $15

SYLVAIN GUERINEAU / KENT CARTER / ITARU OKI / MAKOTO SATOH - D'Une Rive a L'Autre (Improvised Beings 47; France) Dedicated to sailors, their adventures and rough living conditions while at sea, from the collective free improv quartet of US jazz master and Lacy associate Kent Carter on bass, French saxophonist Sylvain Guerineau, Makoto Sato on drums and Itaru Oki on trumpet & flute. There has been an often little noticed free/progressive music underground in and around Paris, which erupted with influential American expats like Steve Lacy, Anthony Braxton, Archie Shepp, the Art Ensemble… in the late sixties, early seventies, inspiring French musicians: Barney Willen, Francois Tusques, Joelle Leandre, Louis Sclavis… in the last decade or so, another dozen or two musicians have emerged from the underground. Labels like Potlatch and Improvised Beings, have been documenting this/these scene(s). American born bassist Kent Carter, played with Steve Lacy in the mid-sixties in Paris and has remained in France ever since. Legendary Japanese trumpet player, Itaru Oki, once taught Natsuki Tamura, and has lived in Paris for many years. Longer review next week.
CD $13

FUZZY HASKINS With BERNIE WORRELL / BOOTSY COLLINS / GARY SHIDER / CORDELL “BOOGIE” MOSSON / TIKI FULWOOD / et al - I Got My Thang Together - The Westbound Years (Westbound 156’ UK) One of the original members of Parliament, and an integral voice on Funkadelic's groundbreaking series of albums for Westbound, Fuzzy Haskins also made two solo sets for that label. They contain some of the finest P-Funk-related music and are a must for fans of the Parliafunkadelicment Thang. This compilation - compiled by P-Funk expert Marcel Visser - selects the best music from his two albums, "A Whole Nother Thang" and "Radio Active", as well as previously new-to-CD 12-inch versions of 'I Think I Got My Thang Together' and 'Not Yet', and a previously unreleased mix of 'Which Way Do I Disco'. Haskins was joined on the LPs by most of the P-Funk crew including Bernie Worrell, Bootsy Collins, Gary Shider, Tiki Fulwood and Cordell "Boogie" Mosson. They lay down tight grooves, with the open drums on 'The Fuzz & Da Boog' being some of the most sampled in music, used by amongst others Prodigy, Fatboy Slim, Beck, Ice T and Cypress Hill.
CD $17


JOHN COLTRANE With McCOY TYNER / JIMMY GARRISON / ELVIN JONES - Live in France 1965 (Mosaic Contemporary 2001; EEC) Every night this band played was a major event and spiritual experience for those who witnessed it. What made their performances of July 27 & 28, 1965 even more important was the first and possibly only public performances of “Ascension” (which they had recorded exactly one month earlier with seven additional musicians) and “A Love Supreme” which they'd recorded eight months earlier and had become an instant and influential hit in the jazz world. NTSC all region, 52 minutes.
DVD $18

ROBERT ASHLEY - Perfect Lives (Lovely Music 4917; USA) Robert Ashley's Perfect Lives has been called "the most influential music/theater/literary work of the 1980s." At its center is the hypnotic voice of Robert Ashley. His continuous song narrates the events of the story and describes a 1980s update of the mythology of small town America. Perfect Lives is populated with myriad characters revolving around two musicians - "R", the singer of myth and legend, and his friend, Buddy, "The World's Greatest Piano Player". They have come to a small town in the Midwest to entertain at the Perfect Lives Lounge. As Robert Ashley describes in the opera synopsis, "they fall in with two locals to commit the perfect crime, a metaphor for something philosophical: in this case, to remove a sizable about of money from The Bank for one day (and one day only) and let the whole world know that it was missing." The eloping couple, Ed and Gwyn, the old people at the home, the sheriff and his wife (Will and Ida) who finally unravel the mystery, and Isolde, who watches the celebration of the changing of the light at sundown from the doorway of her mother's house, are some of the characters who journey through the seven episodes of the opera. Derived from a colloquial idiom, Perfect Lives transforms familiar material into an elaborate metaphor for the rebirth of the human soul. It has been called a comic opera about reincarnation. Personnel: Robert Ashley - solo voice; Jill Kroesen, David Van Tieghem - chorus; "Blue" Gene Tyranny - keyboards; David Van Tieghem - non-keyboard percussion; Peter Gordon - music producer; Paul Shorr - soundtrack producer. First time on DVD, digitally re-mastered. Deluxe digipak packaging.2005 release.
2 DVD Set $38

THE VELVET UNDERGROUND - The Boston Tea Party January 10th 1969 (Spyglass 3001; UK) The Velvet Underground, live at The Boston Tea Party on January 10th, 1969. Doug Yule joined the VU in October 1968, and had become an important contributor to the band by early 1969. This superb live set was taped on January 10th at the Boston Tea Party, which Lou Reed once described as his favorite place to play, and finds the quartet tearing through a series of extended and reworked versions of their classics, with fiery guitar interplay throughout - an essential document of a great band at their most vital. The entire set is presented here, remastered, with background notes and images.
2 CD Set $20
2 LP Set $32

THE VELVET UNDERGROUND - The Boston Tea Party July 11th 1969 (Spyglass 3002; UK) The Velvet Underground, live at The Boston Tea Party on July 11th, 1969. The Boston Tea Party was the leading underground rock club, and something of a home from home for the Velvet Underground. Lou Reed even described it as his favorite place to play in the late '60s. This superb live set was taped there on Friday, July 11th, and finds the quartet performing numerous tracks from their recently released third album (1969), as well as epic renditions of "Run Run Run" and "Sister Ray" - an essential document of a great band at their peak. The entire set is presented here, remastered, with background notes and images.
2 CD Set $20
2 LP Set $32

LP Section:

JOSHUA ABRAMS AND NATURAL INFORMATION SOCIETY With HAMID DRAKE / MICHAEL AVERY / FRANK ROSALY / BEN BOYE / EMMETT KELLY / LISA ALVARADO / ARI BOWN - Simultonality (Eremite 068; USA) ‘Simultonality’ is the follow-up to Joshua Abrams's critically acclaimed 2015 album Magnetoception (MTE 063-64LP, 2015). Credited to Joshua Abrams and Natural Information Society (NIS), it is the first recording in the project's nine year, four album history made by a regularly gigging manifestation, rather than a special assembly of friends. Recorded in 2014 and 2015 in single takes by the full ensemble during and after tours of the US and Canada, Simultonality once more affirms the project's unique approach to joining traditional musics, American minimalism, and jazz with the Gnawa ceremonial instrument the guimbri. Stasis, continuity, and repetition, central qualities of Abrams language, defined Magnetoception, listed by many as one of the best records of 2015. These same qualities form the heart of Abrams's music on Simultonality. But where Abrams once said Magnetoception is about "winter and death", Simultonality, in Abrams's words, is an album of "pure motion". Without sounding frenetic it is the most explosive NIS music on record, and without sounding over-determined, it is Abrams's most structured and through-composed music yet. Much of it is also fast, a mass of densely patterned elements swiftly orbiting constantly reconfiguring centers that are variously harmonic and rhythmic, clearly stated or implied. The music is at no time any more disorderly than a colony of bees pollinating a vast garden. Its many moving parts function in mutualistic relationship toward fulfilling Abrams's long stated intention for the project: to help listener's achieve a meditative center and to consciously use music as a gateway to living. Abrams credits William Parker as an inspiration for this intention. The musicians on Simultonality date back to the nascency of NIS. Along with Hamid Drake, Mikel Avery and Frank Rosaly are Abrams first-call drummers for the project. On Simultonality, Avery is in the left channel, Rosaly the right. Astute heads may recognize the rhythm in "Sideways Fall" as Jaki Leibezeit's drum break in Can's "Vitamin C". At Abrams behest, the two drummers divided the beat into separate parts. According to Hamid Drake, the rhythm was popularized, if not originated, by John "Jabo" Starks and Clyde Stubblefield of the J.B.'s. Nearly ten years into its existence, Abrams and the NIS wear their influences with creativity and ease. Long standing NIS members, Ben Boye and Emmett Kelly, were previously together with Abrams, or not, in Bonnie Prince Billy's band, and Abrams and Boye have at different times played in Kelly's band The Cairo Gang. Harmonium player Lisa Alvarado contributes the large format pattern paintings used by NIS at concerts and for its album covers. Personnel: Joshua Abrams - guimbri, bass, small harp, bells; Lisa Alvarado - harmonium, Leslie, percussion; Michael Avery - drums and percussion; Ben Boye - chromatic electric autoharp, piano, Wurlitzer; Ari Brown - tenor saxophone (on "2128½"); Emmett Kelly - electric guitar; Frank Rosaly - drums and percussion, resonator bells. Pressed on premium quality audiophile vinyl by RTI, presented in replica audiophile dust sleeves and heavyweight Stoughton LaserDisc jackets screenprinted by Alan Sherry/Siwa. Edition of 825 copies.
LP $30

PETER KUHN with TOSHINORI KONDO / ARTHUR WILLIAMS / WILLIAM PARKER / DENIS CHARLES - Livin' Right (Big City Records 225; USA) ‘Livin’ Right’ was released in 1978 and is a clarinet led, two trumpet and rhythm team quintet. I was fortunate to have caught Japanese trumpet madman. Toshinroi Kondo, on several occasions in the early eighties with Fred Frith, Henry Kaiser and others. The other trumpeter here, Arthur Williams is much less well known although he did work with William Parker & Jemeel Moondoc. This was the early days of William Parker who was then involved with several seminal bands like Muntu and Commitmnent. The legendary drummer Denis Charles moved to the US in the fifties and worked with Cecil Taylor, remaining in NY ever since. He is a mostly well-regarded yet under-recorded drummer, a true legend. Other than Perry Robinson (& Gunter Hampel), who was a friend of Kuhn’s, there were not very many great clarinet improvisers on the Downtown scene at that point. Mr. Kuhn plays clarinets only on this album. This disc opens with a great drum solo from Denis Charles who always had his own unique sound: exuberant but never flashy. The quintet sounds like they were inspired by the original Ornette Quartet although that clarinet & 2 trumpet frontline doesn’t quite sound like any other. The interplay between the clarinet and bass & drums is especially tight and free-flowing, expanding and contracting with ease. The trumpets also sail in and out, creating a great dialogue with several lines moving tightly together. Midway through “Manteca, Long Gone…”, there is a haunting section for bass clarinet, muted trumpets, arco bass and hushed drums which sounds like we are emerging from a dream. There is also a long duo section for bass clarinet and bass which unfolds slowly and tells a long, fascinating story. Eventually the trumpets reappear and begin or add to the heated discussion already taking place. This album was/is a long-forgotten classic from the early Downtown days. So glad it is back in print for all us music freaks to hear. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
LP $16 (original copy from forty years ago!)

RICHARD PINHAS & TATSUYA YOSHIDA - Hakata Shibuya - Live In Japan 2014 (Bam Balam Records 035; France) Collaboration between Richard Pinhas and Tatsuya Yoshida. Richard Pinhas, founder of '70s legends Heldon, is one of France's best known experimental musicians. He is a key figure in development of rock music processing with electronic music. Yoshida Tatsuya is one of the most important musicians of the Japanese experimental music scene, spearheading at least a half dozen of that country's most important groups, including Ruins, Sax Ruins, Koenji Hyakkei, and Korekyojinn. Recorded live at several venues in Japan between November 16 and December 1, 2014. 44 minutes of live, progressive, psychedelic, electronics - tumultuous and deep-whirling inspiration. Both musicians form a perfectly balanced communion of excesses, extending their performing skills in many ways.
LP $21

RICHARD PINHAS/TATSUYA YOSHIDA/RYOKO ONO - Live At Tusk Festival (Bam Balam Records BBLP 040; France) French psych-experimental-rock genius Richard Pinhas in collaboration with Sax Ruins drummer, Tatsuya Yoshida, and saxophonist, Ryoko Ono. Recorded live at Tusk Festival, at Gateshead Old Town Hall, on October 10, 2015. Richard Pinhas, the founder of '70s legends Heldon, is one of France's best known experimental musicians and is a key figure in development of rock music fusing with electronic music. Yoshida Tatsuya is one of the most innovative musicians of the Japanese experimental music scene, spearheading at least a half dozen of that country's most important groups, including Ruins, Sax Ruins, Koenji Hyakkei and Korekyojinn. Yoshida has worked with many musicians such as John Zorn, Derek Bailey, Bill Laswell and Keiji Haino. Ryoko Ono is one of the most active Japanese female saxophone players, specializing in improvised music and works for saxophone and electronics. Her saxophone playing is beautiful and flavorful, even if it is avant-garde or experimental. She is renowned as a collaborator with Acid Mothers Temple. Edition of 500.
LP $17

RICHARD PINHAS - De l'Un et du Multiple (Bam Balam Records BBLP 036; France)
Bam Balam Records present a reissue of Richard Pinhas's De l'un et du Multiple, originally released in 1996. Available for the first time on vinyl. Richard Pinhas, the founder of '70s legends Heldon, is one of France's best known experimental musicians and is a key figure in development of rock music fusing with electronic music. This solo album was recorded at his home studio in Paris between June and September of 1995. Solo guitar and processing - Drone electronics with use of a Metatronic Loop system. No re-recording. Features brand new cover art. Includes a bonus track, "Humain, Trop Humain", with vocals by Maurice Dantec. Edition of 500.
2 LP Set $28

AKWABA ABIDJAN - Afrofunk In 1970's Ivory-Coast (Oriki Music 006; France)
Double LP version. Akwaba Abidjan: Afrofunk In 1970's Ivory-Coast, the new Oriki Music compilation, includes serious 1970s Afro dancefloor hits - A promising favorite among DJs, Afrofunk, and tropical music revival aficionados. Vinyl diggers can finally play some of Ivory Coast's hardest to find deep funk, Afrobeat, Manding, and tropical rhythms tunes, recorded by such legends as Moussa Doumbia, De Frank Jr, or Francis Kingsley. Compiled by pioneer African music digger and respected DJ Greg De Villanova, a legend among Afro/tropical music collectors and DJs. The consistent liner notes focus on the original label history of Société Ivoirienne Du Disque, based on interviews with the producer. This compilation also marks the great return of the dormant French record label, which released such wonders as Orchestra Baobab's A Night At Club Baobab (2006) or Moussa Doumbia's Keleya (2007). Also features: Afro Train, Sewa Jacintho, Les Frères Kante, Les Nidrou, Afro Soul System, and L'orchestre De La RTI. Includes original and unreleased pictures of the artists and the city of Abidjan in the 1970s, and great artwork.
2 LP Set $27

DAMO SUZUKI & SOUND CARRIERS - Live At Marie-Antoinette (Play Loud! Productions 063; Germany) The Play Loud! (live) music series is based on three precepts: Alan Lomax's work as an archivist and chronicler, John Peel's BBC radio sessions, and the work of Direct Cinema pioneers, such as the Maysles Brothers, Leacock, Wildenhahn and Pennebaker. Filming live shows means not doing things TV-style, but in a very personal, intuitive and adventurous manner - nothing is staged for the shoot. Play Loud!'s intention is it to create an extensive archive of interesting popular music and culture that includes both, the huge quantity of unreleased filmed material by the filmmakers and also material that comes from other sources. Some of the recordings - if popular demand is strong - will be offered as limited vinyl LPs.
Dietmar Post and Lucía Palacios on filming live music: "As filmmakers, it is important the performance we film will be recorded unadulterated. At the same time we do select by positioning and framing the camera, i.e. we watch subjectively. In principle we try to edit inside the camera because we would like to show the presentation in its entirety. It is crucial to know that most of the time we only work with one single camera. . . . Our work turns into an active composition during the show. It could be called a form of drawing (in German the term 'drawing' inhabits the word 'recording') with the camera. As with all spontaneous/improvised art this sometimes works out nicely, other times it fails poorly."
Dirk Dresselhaus/Schneider TM on the concert: "I find it fairly difficult to say something about how the music in this concert came about, cause we didn't plan or rehearse anything and hardly were able to hear each other on stage. Wherever it came from, the energy and course of this concert is very much based on group dynamics and an almost telepathic sort of communication, like a swarm of fish. When I mixed the sound later on in the studio I discovered a lot of weird things on the separate tracks: for example Kptmichigan's guitar signal is changing level for about /-30 dB once in a while which is a lot and was probably caused by a broken microphone cable. Luckily the f*cked up parts made the sound even heavier and more distorted instead of destroying it."
2 LP Set $27


Bruce Lee Gallanter’s Recommended Gig List for April of 2017

As a special treat, each concert will begin with a short solo performance by some of Jeremiah's favorite musicians and best friends.

4/14 Friday
830 pm - TRIO / Brandon Lopez Solo - Jeremiah Cymerman (clarinet, pedals) Matt Mitchell (piano) Chris Corsano (drums) Brandon Lopez (bass)

4/15 Saturday
830 pm - Bloodmist / Josh Sinton Solo - Jeremiah Cymerman (clarinet, electronics) Toby Driver (bass) Mario Diaz de Leon (guitar) Josh Sinton (sax)

4/16 Sunday
830 pm - Systema Munditotius / Jon Irabagon Solo - Jeremiah Cymerman, Patrick Holmes, Matt Bauder, Aaron Novik (clarinets) Brian Chase, Russell Greenberg (percussion) Jon Irabagon (sax)

4/17 Monday
830 pm - Michael Nicolas, Sylvie Courvoisier and Ches Smith
Michael Nicolas (cello) Sylvie Courvoisier (piano) Ches Smith (drums)
A special improv concert by these three master musicians!

Wadada’s Light-field Harmony with a View of Jupiter

4/18 Tuesday
830 pm - Wadada Leo Smith & Hardedge: The Nile—Solo / Duo / Solo / Duo
Wadada Leo Smith (trumpet) Hardedge (sound design)

Wednesday, April 19:
Quartetquartet - Wadada Leo Smith – trumpet Angelica Sanchez – piano Ken Filiano - bass Reggie Nicholson - drums

Thursday, April 20:
The Crystal Sextet - Pacifica, Viola Quartet No. 12 with Trumpet and Electronics; Stephanie Griffin – viola Gwen Lester – viola
Tanya Kalmanovitch - viola Jason Kao Hwang - viola
Hardedge - electronics Wadada Leo Smith - trumpet

Friday, April 21:
Wadada Leo Smith / Pheeroan akLaff:
The Blue Mountain’s Sun Drummer
Wadada Leo Smith - trumpet Pheeroan AkLaff - drums

Saturday, April 22:
Wadada Leo Smith’s Najwa:
Wadada Leo Smith - trumpet Bill Laswell – electric bass Brandon Ross – guitar Lamar Smith - guitar Hardedge – soundesign Pheeroan AkLaff - drums

Sunday, April 23:
Wadada Leo Smith’s Great Lakes Quartet performs The Great Lakes - Wadada Leo Smith – trumpet, Jonathon Haffner – alto saxophone Mark Helias - bass; Marcus Gilmore – drums

All Sets start at 8:30pm Tickets: $20
There are no refreshments or merchandise at The Stone.
Only music. All ages are welcome.
Cash Only at the door. There is no phone.
There is no food or beverage served or allowed
just a serious listening environment.
The Stone is booked purely on a curatorial basis


The CORNELIA STREET CAFE - 212-989-9319
29 Cornelia St in the heart of the West Greenwich Village, NYC

Friday Apr 14
6:00PM DANIEL MERON TRIO - Daniel Meron, piano; Pablo Menares, upright bass; Felix Lecaros, drums
9:00PM & 10:30PM TONY MALABY QUARTET - Tony Malaby, tenor sax; Leo Genovese, piano; William Parker, bass; Billy Mintz, drums

Saturday Apr 15
6:00PM AUDREY SILVER, JAZZ SINGER & SONGWRITER - Jazz Standards, Originals, And Contemporary Songs - Audrey Silver, vocals; Bruce Barth, piano; Paul Beaudry, bass; Gene Lewin, drums
9:00PM & 10:30PM TONY MALABY QUARTET - Tony Malaby, tenor sax; Leo Genovese, piano; William Parker, bass; Billy Mintz, drums

Sunday Apr 16

Tues April 18th:
8:01PM KIND FOLK - Alex Lore, alto sax; John Raymond, trumpet; Noam Wiesenberg, bass; Colin Stranahan, drums Kind Folk image

Wednesday Apr 19
Book Launch! Guesswork: A Reckoning with Loss by Martha Cooley

Thursday Apr 20
Ingrid Laubrock, tenor sax; Cory Smythe, piano; Stephan Crump, bass Crump, Laubrock & Smythe, CD Release:

Friday Apr 21
9:00PM & 10:30PM CHRIS DINGMAN TRIO - Chris Dingman, vibraphone; Linda Oh, bass; Kenny Wolleson, drums

Sat April 22nd:
9:00PM & 10:30PM AUBREY JOHNSON GROUP - Aubrey Johnson, voice, comp.; Tomoko Omura, violin; Michael Sachs, bass clarinet, alto sax; Chris Ziemba, piano; Matt Aronoff, bass; Jeremy Noller, drums

Sunday Apr 23
8:35PM NEW BRAZILIAN PERSPECTIVES: HELIO ALVES QUARTET - Helio Alves, piano; Vic Juris, guitar; Edward Perez, bass; Edu Ribeiro, drums


Shapeshifter April, 2017:

Apr 14
7p On Ka'a Davis (leader, guitar, violin)
Lamy Istrefi jr(drums)
Dmitry Ishcenko (el. bass)
A color wheel of pulse beat jazzes! Edged blue music from the outer realms!

Apr 17
7p- "Rags to Ragas”
Blaise Siwula clarinet/sax & Luciano Trojan piano

April 18
7p - Vinnie Sperrazza trio:
Jacob Sacks - piano
Chet Doxas - tenor
Vinnie Sperrazza - drums
8:15: Moppa Elliott's Advancing on a Wild Pitch:
Sam Kulik - trombone
Charles Evans - baritone saxophone
Danny Fox - piano
Moppa Elliott - bass
Christian Coleman - drums

Apr 19 - Daryl Chen
A Night of Illusions IV featuring: Oddfellows & Trifecta
A) 8.15 pm - Oddfellow : Kevin Quinn (Guitars), Eric Quinn (Trombone), Jason Smith (Bass) & John Luther (Drums)
B) 9:30: Daryl's Trifecta: Alfredo Colon(EWI/Alto Sax) Nat Janoff (Guitar), Sean Wayland(Piano/Synths), Daryl Chen (Electric Bass) & Kenny Grohowski

Apr 20
7pm show - The Summer Ludlow quintet featuring Luca Chesney
Vocals: Luca Chesney
Saxophone: Inhigo Galdeano
Piano: Summer Ludlow
Bass: Pete Zagare
Drums: Nahum Corona
8:15pm show - Joao Martins Quartet
Piano: Joao Martins
Sax: Inhigo Galdeano
Bass: John Murchison
Drums: Nahum Corona

Apr 20
"ShapeShifter Plus Presents Lisanne Tremblay - Ecdyses”
9:30p -“ ShapeShifter Plus Presents Lisanne Tremblay - Ecdyses” - Lisanne Tremblay - violin, Liberty Ellman on guitar, John Hébert on bass & E.J. Strickland on drums

Apri 21-
8:15p-10:15p - Charles Blenzig

Apr 22
7pm: Everything is Fine! A children's show for scared adults living in a scary world. The Pregnant Baby Theater

Apr 23
9:30p - Annie Chen Octet
Annie Chen - voice and compositions
Tomoko Omura - violin
David Smith - trumpet
Alex LoRe - alto saxophone and flute
Rafal Sarnecki - guitar
Glenn Zaleski - piano
Mathew Muntz - bass
Erad Lippi - drums

Shapeshifter is located at
18 Whitwell Place in Brooklyn, NY
R train to Union stop


I-Beam Presents:

Friday - April 28th 8:30 PM
Vinnie Sperrazza – Solo Drums

Saturday, May 6th 8:30 PM
Franz Hautzinger and Isabelle Duthoit
8:30 Franz Hautzinger and Isabelle Duthoit
9:30 Franz Hautzinger and Isabelle Duthoit with
Leila Bordreuil and Brandon Lopez

I-Beam is located at 168 7th Street in Brooklyn, NY 11215 - Directions: SUBWAY: Take the F or R trains to 4th Ave & 9th Street. Walk down 4th ave to 7th street. Make a left on 7th and walk past 3rd ave. We are located on the ground floor, the grey doors to the right of the stairs of #168.


This Saturday, April 15th 2017
Music Now! At Scholes St. Studios
New Music For the New Year.

7pm: Music Now!
with Ras Moshe Burnett-Reeds
Matt Lavelle-Trumpet
Dave Ross-Guitar
John Pietaro-Percussion
Charles Downs-Drums
8pm: Lindsey Wilson & The Human Hearts Trio
with Lindsey Wilson-Guitar and Vocal
Reggie Sylvester-Drums
Michael Trotman-Bass



Sound It Out series @ Greenwich House – Concerts, January-June 2017

Wednesday, April 19, 8:00 p.m. – Album release celebration!
Eivind Opsvik’s Overseas - Eivind Opsvik, double-bass; Tony Malaby, tenor sax; Jacob Sacks, piano; Brandon Seabrook, guitar; Kenny Wolleson, drums

Saturday, April 22, 8:00 p.m. – House-rocking trio returns!
Anna Webber’s Simple Trio - Anna Webber, tenor saxophone/flute; Matt Mitchell, piano; John Hollenbeck, drums

Saturday, May 6, 8:00 p.m. – New chamber jazz!
Harris Eisenstadt’s Recent Developments - Harris Eisenstadt, drums/compositions; Nate Wooley, trumpet; Hank Roberts, cello; Anna Webber, flute; Brandon Seabrook, banjo

Saturday, May 20, 7:30 p.m. – Double album release show!
André Matos David Ambrose/Russ Meissner Sextet
André Matos, guitar solo
David Ambrose, double-bass; Russ Meissner, drums; Loren Stillman, alto saxophone; Matt Renzi, tenor saxophone; Nate Radley, guitar; Leonard Thompson, piano

Greenwich House Music School:
46 Barrow Street, just west of 7th Avenue South in
New York City’s West Village; / 212-242-4770