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DMG Newsletter for June 14th, 2019

The 24th Annual VISION FESTIVAL Continues…

If you don’t believe that


Then you haven’t been attending the Vision Fest This Week or in the Past!?!
I have been there at Roulette for the Vision for the last two nights and I am a True Believer!
The first night was a tribute to the Great Drummer, ANDREW CYRILLE,
And, as expected, it was sold out and completely packed!
There were eight mini-sets and all were great in their own ways.
The duos with Kidd Jordan, Peter Brotzmann and Milford Graves were all wonderful
And although all three of these men are getting older,
the fire, passion and creative juices remain intact!
Also the trios with Tomeka Reid & Beatrice Capote and Wadada Leo Smith & Brandon Ross
Were also phenomenal in their own special ways
Last night is when the sh*t truly Hit the Fans!
The first four sets showed the true diversity of Creative Downtown Music with:
A New Marc Ribot Quartet, a New Tomas Fujiwara Trio,
The Edwin Torres/Fred Moten Poets Quartet and Davalois Fearon Dance company
The final set last night was a tribute to late, great drummer Alvin Fielder featuring:
Kidd Jordan on tenor sax, Joel Futterman on piano,
William Parker on contrabass and Hamid Drake on drums
The set was OUTstanding, transcendent from the beginning to the end
The legendary New Orleans Elder, Kidd Jordan, looked frail and
claimed he didn’t know how long he could continue to play…
The amazing William Parker/Hamid Drake rhythm team took off and kept going higher & higher
Longtime associate of Kidd Jordan, pianist Joel Futterman is also something else
His near violent eruptions are almost too much at times yet he also knew when to lay back
Instead of playing those screaming, over-the-top sixties free/jazz sax solos
Kidd Jordan took his time and did the slow burn, with sizzling note fragments
He soon got Joel, William & Hamid to bring things down to a cosmic whisper
Out of nowhere, I heard an ancient melody buried within which finally broke through the turbulence
It was “Nature Boy”, a sad, lovely, solemn standard and Kidd Jordan kept toying with it
Bending it, twisting it, the melody emerging and submerging within the waves around him
I was moved to tears as my heartstrings were plucked again and again.
And yes, there was a an encore, Kidd Jordan started to play “Wade in the Water”
While the rest of the quartet got into a soulful groove, letting it fade away as it was the end of the night. Kidd Jordan walked slowly across the stage at the end
and shook everyone’s hand in the front of the stage
It was this set that helped us all to heal together.
The Vision Festival Continues tonight…

Here is the current schedule:

Friday, June 14 at Roulette
3:00pm - FreeJazz Convention Day 1
6:30pm - Ava Mendoza / Matt Nelson / Adam Lane / Hamid Drake
7:30pm - Marty Ehrlich Trio Exaltation w/ John Hebert & Nasheet Waits
8:30pm - Matthew Shipp / William Parker Duo
9:30pm - Rob Brown Quartet with Steve Swell, Chris Lightcap & Chad Taylor
10:30pm - Kris Davis Trio - January Painters with Willam Parker & Jeff “Tain” Watts

Saturday, June 15 at Roulette
1:00pm - FreeJazz Convention Day 2
5:30pm - Visionary Youth Orchestra
6:30pm - Darius Jones Quintet w/ Charlie Looker, Dezron Davis, Michael Vatcher & Carl Weinrib
7:30pm - David Virelles Mbòkó with Rahsaan Carter, Roman Dias & Eric McPherson
8:30pm - Patricia Nicholson / Val Jeanty / Cooper-Moore / Bill Mazza
9:30pm - James Brandon Lewis Unruly Quintet w/ Jaimie Branch, Anthony Pirog, Luke Stewart & Warren G. Crudup III
10:30pm - Douglas R. Ewart Tribute to Jarman w/ Brandon Ross, Mike Reed, Sara Schoenbeck, Reggie Nicholson & Manke Ndosi

Sunday, June 16 at Roulette
2:00pm - FreeJazz Convention Day 3
5:30pm - Tom Rainey / Ingrid Laubrock / Sylvie Courvoisier / Mark Feldman
6:30pm - Jason Kao Hwang Human Rites Trio with Ken Filiano & Andrew Drury
7:30pm - Jorgo Schäfer w/ Vincent Chancey Trio with Joe Fonda & Jeremy Carlstedt
8:30pm - Dianne McIntyre & Amina Claudine Myers
9:30pm - Heroes are Gang Leaders: Thomas Sayers Ellis, James Brandon Lewis, Devin Waldman…
10:30pm - D.D. Jackson Bluiett Tribute Band: James Carter, Darius Jones, William Parker & Ronnie Burrage…


The Downtown Music Gallery 28th Anniversary Celebrations began on May 1st & Continues!
Every In-store This Summer Helps Celebrate the Spirit of Creative Music Performed Live.

Sunday, June 16th: Vision Festival (June 12-16th)
No In-store on this night, check out the Vision Festival!

Rare Monday, June 17th Post-Vision Fest/BLG Birthday Celebration!
7:30pm: STEVE SWELL / MARK SEGGER - Trombone / Drums!

Sunday, June 23rd:
6pm: TOMCHESS / ZACH SWANSON - Oud, Ney & Morsing / ContraBass
7pm: TERRENCE McMANUS - Solo Guitar

Sunday, June 30th:

Sunday, July 7th:
6pm: RAF VERTESSEN / ANNA WEBBER / ADAM O’FARRILL - Drums / Reeds / Trumpet!
7pm: JOE MOFFETT / TOTO ALVAREZ / CECILIA LOPEZ - Trumpet / Guitar / Synth?

DMG is located at 13 Monroe St. (between Catherine & Market Sts) in a basement below a small gallery. Take the F train to East Broadway or the 6 train to  Canal or the B or D to Grand, or the M-15 bus to Madison & Catherine. Come on Down, the Sunday Music Series is Always Free & the Vibes are Always Cosy. You can check the weekly in-store sets through our Instagram feed



* DEREK BAILEY / HAN BENNINK / EVAN PARKER - Topographie Parisienne - Dunois, April 3rd, 1981 (Fou Records FR 34/35/36/37; France)
4 CD Set $38

So, the weekly DMG newsletter was transmitted last Thursday around 6 (as we often do), with this incredible 4 CD Box set near the top of the list. By the time I got back to the store on Friday at noon, we had sold out of this box (15 copies) very quickly! By the next day, we also sold out of the all discs on the Fou Records label and had another 20 orders for Bailey/Bennink/Parker’s ‘Topographie Parisienne’ box set. Wow! I contacted JM Foussat (who runs the label) on Monday & who just left for a month long tour and will return on July 15th. He will then send us another 25 copies of this great box set plus other items on Fou Records. So please be patient, no need to worry as we will take care of all orders at that point. Please continue to send in your orders as we need to know how many to get. Thanks for your patience.- BLG

The DMG Newsletter Begins with this Great Book:

WILLIAM PARKER / JEFF SCLANGER / JACQUES BISCEGLIA / ED HAZELL - Conversations III (Rogue Art 2019; France) 700 pages (in English), 33 Interviews by William Parker , 29 Artworks by Jeff Schlangler & 13 Photographs by Jacques Bisceglia. Edited by Ed Hazell Featuring interviews with: Josh Abrams / Pheeron AkLaff / Hamiet Bluiett / Karen Borca / Connie Crothers / Steve Dalachinsky / Marty Ehrlich / Ken Filiano / Dick Griffin / Craig Harris / Klaas Hekmann / Gerry Hemingway / Oliver Lake / Ingrid Laubrock / Bill Lowe / Tony Malaby / Joe McPhee / David Mott / Bern Nix / Mike Reed / Tomeka Reid / Michele Rosewoman / Lee Mixashawn Rozie / Dave Sewelson / Matthew Shipp / Jen Shyu / Craig Taborn / Toschi Tsuchitori / Fay Victor / Greg Ward / Andrea Wolper
Book [700 pages] $45

JEFF SCHLANGER - One Long Painting (Rogue Art; France) This is a 50 page book featuring the artwork of Jeff Schlanger, also know as the MusicWitness. If you have ever been to the Vision Festival, you will notice a dedicated old man painting up front as the music is performed live. This is Jeff Schlanger and he has been doing this for the past 44 years. He is also a sculptor, builder and music maker as well. He attends shows in concert halls, places of worship, jazz clubs and whenever creative music thrives. You have most likely seen his artwork on the cover of dozens of records or CD’s. This limited edition book features around 45 reproductions of paintings he has done, many from the ongoing series of Vision Festival performances. Here is a short list the musicians captured within these pages: David S. Ware, Anthony Braxton, William Parker, Reggie Workman, Connie Crothers, Tony Malaby, Marilyn Crispell, Joe McPhee and the World Saxophone Quartet.
BOOK [50 pages/LTD Edition of 200] $30

Back in stock:

WILLIAM PARKER//JACQUES BISCEGLIA - Conversations: William Parker Interviews With Musicians From Around The World (Rogue Art 35; France) A 450 page book including a 32 page section of photographs by Jacques Bisceglia 1 CD (bass solos and excerpts of interviews) During the last 10 years, William Parker interviewed 32 of his friends and colleagues, the musicians and artists Fred Anderson, Billy Bang, Han Bennink, Jacques Bisceglia, Dave Burrell, Roy Campbell, Cooper-Moore, Wilbert de Joode, John Edwards, Ge Gan-ru, Charles Gayle, Alan "Juice" Glover, Milford Graves, Clyde Kerr Jr., Joelle Leandre, Frank Lowe, Nicole mitchell, Louis Moholo, Joe Morris, Sunny Murray, Sainkho Namtchylak, Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson, Patricia Nicholson, Pelikan, Walter Perkins, Richard Rodriguez, Paul Rogers, Alan Silva, Warren Smith, Oluyemi Thomas, Henry P. Warner, and Mark Whitecage. The discussions focused on four main areas: sound; the multi-dimensional aspects of the musicians as human beings who are thinkers, philosophers and healers who have an affinity for other arts and sciences; recollections of the 'scene'; and family background. "There is a special level of trust and understanding that artists reach when speaking with other artists. William Parker goes deep in these one-on-one conversations to reveal brilliance, truth, wit, humanity and a relaxed eloquence that is both illuminating and a fascinating read. Conversations sheds long overdue light on some of the most important musicians of our time and in so doing presents us with an essential piece of the creative music puzzle. This is oral history at its best." - John Zorn "Artists are the best explainers and models of what they do. Their views, reflections and contemplations are closer to the truth and more authentic than any other view concerning the music-objects they create. I ask you to read deep and clear the beautiful narratives in this collection." Wadada Leo Smith "If you enjoyed the deep illumination shed on the musical and compositional processes provided by the series of exceptional Arcana essay books, or even if you are not much of a reader - no matter, I URGE YOU to go out of your way this minute and pick this up. It's so, so absorbing, so eye-opening, so important to read.

WILLIAM PARKER//JEFF SCHLANGER/JACQUES BISCEGLIA/KIDD JORDAN/ED HAZELL - Conversations II: Dialogues and Monologues (Rogue Art; France) Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice! This is the second incredible offering of important interviews/monologues with more than thirty musicians and artists that bassist/composer/multi-bandleader/visionary William Parker has done and again he and the Rogue Art label have done another outstanding job. I just finished reading Mr. Parker's first thick book of interviews that Rogue Art released a few years back and have savored learning so many things about the many musicians that help us to understand our world in different ways. Besides the interviews, there is also the artwork of MusicWitness Jeff Schlanger, pictures by the great French avant/jazz photographer Jacques Bisceglia plus a swell CD with William Parker and Kidd Jordan. Here a short list of the interviewees: Yusef Lateef, Jemeel Moondoc, Mark Helias, Marshall Allen, Tim Berne, Jerome Cooper, Butch Morris, Wadada Leo Smith, Steve Swell, David S. Ware, William Hooker, Henry Grimes and many more! This is essential reading if you care about the future of creative music. - BLG/DMG
500 Page BOOK CD = $45

Five Essential Discs from of International FREE/JAZZ from the No Business Label:

SAM RIVERS / CECIL McBEE / NORMAN CONNORS - Emanation (NoBusiness 118; Lithuania) “It is June 3, 1971, and the Sam Rivers Trio—which in addition to the multi-instrumentalist leader included Cecil McBee on bass and Norman Connors on drums and percussion—is playing Boston’s Jazz Workshop. The trio, which Rivers formed when he was at or near the end of his 1969-1971 tenure with the Cecil Taylor Unit, had played the Jazz Workshop the previous February; excerpts from a recording of that performance found their way onto Rivers’ 1973 album Hues, which for many of us at the time was our introduction to Rivers’ improvised trio music. A later, fuller performance by the trio, recorded at the Montreux Jazz Festival in July, 1973, was released the same year. But here, on the June, 1971 Boston Jazz Workshop recording, we can hear a complete performance by the group at an early stage of their development. And it was an auspicious start indeed. The two sets captured on Emanations are valuable not only in their own right—the music, as would be expected, is exhilarating—but for what they show of Rivers’ approach to free improvisation in a small-group setting. Both sets, each of which is presented as a single long track, are steered by Rivers’ playing on a succession of instruments—tenor saxophone, flute and piano for the first set, soprano saxophone, flute and piano and voice for the second set—and take on the structure, more-or-less spontaneously arrived at, of a suite, each segment of which is shaped by Rivers’ choice of instrument as well as by ongoing changes of tempo and dynamics. But the suite-like nature of the sets isn’t just a matter of structure: during each section Rivers spins out tautly melodic passages that give the section a distinctive, thematically coherent profile. The music may unfold as a stream of consciousness, but it’s one that’s focused and never loses sight of its own musical logic. It’s a focused logic that carries over to the rhythm section as well. McBee and Connors support the lead line with fast and slow swing rhythms, Afro-Latin grooves and ostinati, or more fluid, meterless playing at the music’s transition points. In addition, McBee’s long solo during the first set adds a dramatic element of timbral and dynamic contrast to the sound of the full trio. ‘Emanation’ is the first of a series of No Business Records’ planned releases of music from Rivers’ vast archive. As with the trio’s June, 1971 performance at the Jazz Workshop, it is also an auspicious start.”
CD $16

JOHNNY DYANI / FRODE GJERSTAD / JOHN STEVENS // DETAIL - Day Two (NoBusiness 114; Lithuania) Detail features Johnny Dyani on contrabass, Frode Gjerstad on tenor & soprano saxes and John Stevens on drums. This is a studio session recorded in October of 1982 in Stavanger, Norway. It was released in 1984 on a super-rare LP. Detail were one of the first European free jazz trios which consisted of reeds-wiz Frode Gjerstad from Norway and legendary/influential British free/music drummer John Stevens plus an ongoing series of great bassists: Johnny Dyani (South Africa/England/Denmark), Barry Guy & Nick Stephens (both UK). Along the way special guests have included Bobby Bradford (cornet), Paul Rutherford (trombone) & Harry Beckett (trumpet). This version of Detail with Gjerstad, Dyani and Stevens, was often considered to be the best one! Originally from South Africa and a member of the Blue Notes, Mr. Dyani lived in south France (early sixties), England (mid sixties) and then Copenhagen (in the 70’s). He is considered to be one of the greatest avant/jazz bassists, check his work with Dollar Brand (2 amazing duo discs), Don Cherry, David Murray and five fine discs as a leader on the Steeplechase label.
This disc was recorded on tape (analog) and released on LP. It does have that warm, enchanting analog sound that we vinyl freaks know & love although it is released on CD. Mr. Dyani’s superb bass is at the center of this trio, the rhythm team has that magical free-flowing, tightly spinning together sound. Mr. Gjerstad is playing soprano on the first section of this side-long piece and is in fine form, spiraling long lines in a serpent-like way. When the soprano drops out, the flow of the bass and drums continues to soar together, astonishing in the way they are united as one magnificent force. Mr. Gjerstad eventually switches to tenor and the cosmic vibe continues to soar! There is something especially uplifting about the way this trio plays together. I smile as I ride the waves up & down & around… - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $16

SUNNY MURRAY / BOB DICKIE / ROBERT ANDREANO - Homework (NoBusiness 116: Lithuania)“One of the most revered drummers of the progressive or free jazz movement of the late 1960’s to the present, Sunny Murray came of age in Philadelphia before moving to New York City as a young man. There he cemented his name is jazz history by playing in two of the most groundbreaking ensembles of the era, the early to mid 60’s bands of Cecil Taylor and Albert Ayler. Murray freed the drummer from the time keeping role, and allowed the bands he led or collaborated with to be light, nimble and entirely unpredictable. This previously unreleased recording features Murray in the company of Bob Dickie on bass and bass clarinet and Robert Andreano on guitar. Recorded in Philadelphia in 1994, this album received a very limited release (22 copies!) in 1997 before being remastered in 2019 for this compact disc version. It’s unusual and exciting to hear Murray amidst squalls of electric guitar, but that’s just what you hear on the sprawling opener “Homework” with the guitarist adding a bit of a Sonny Sharrock vibe to the proceedings, while still providing ample room for the textural improvisation Murray was known for, providing sections of quietly probing improvisation. The music moves organically, ebbing and flowing, picking up steam again as they approach the end of the track with deep rolling drums punctuated by cymbal blasts and taut thick bass framing the pointed guitar playing. There is a quieter groove established on “Swell,” patiently building from a hypnotic Murray motif, spare guitar framing and repetitive bass notes, then developing stylish variations on these themes. “Good Things” has Dickie moving to bass clarinet and the band developing a subtle and low toned performance, gradually picking up speed with gales of clarinet and Murray playing all over his kit in a dervish of sound. It’s interesting to follow how they use these bursts of speed and then fall back to more abstract sections, floating around the fulcrum of Andreano’s guitar. The wonderfully titled “Why You Need a Lawyer When Your Pants On Fire” is a feature of the drummer, who is truly at the top of his game, balancing rhythms and tempo using accents to develop textures that are just fascinating to hear. Dancing around the entire drum kit and using the cymbals to create a tactile quality that adds essence to the music, at whatever speed he chooses to play. “Memorial Day” has a strong sound with bowed bass joining the guitar and percussion and mining a rich vein of sound, braiding interwoven threads of music, leading to a powerful collective free improvisation with Dickie moving back to plucked bass and getting an elastic sound that binds the group together, before ending the album with the brief coda “In,” a short snippet of the band playing slash and burn free jazz at full volume and then leaving with a majestic conclusion which is a fitting end to this very interesting album that is justly getting wider recognition with this release.” - Tim Niland,
CD $16

RODRIGO AMADO / GONCALO / AMEIDA / ONNO GOVAERT // THE ATTIC - Summer Bummer (NoBusiness 117: Lithuania) “Tenor saxophonist Rodrigo Amado’s group The Attic consists of Goncalo Almeida on bass and newcomer Onno Govaert on drums, and this album was recorded live at the Summer Bummer Festival in Antwerp in August of 2018. The track “Walking Metamorphosis” opens the show in a slow and languorous manner allowing space for dialogue among the instruments as long tones of slow burning tenor saxophone, buoyant bass and jabs of drums gradually build a deeper collective improvisation. Crisp cymbal play with leaping saxophone and deep anchoring bass set the pace for the performance. Amado lays out briefly allowing for a brief bass solo framed by drums before re-entering and coalescing the group into a spare and delicate improvisation. The group then shifts the dynamics of the performance, allowing the speed and tone of the music to increase, with upper register squeals from the saxophone adding sparkles of color to the proceedings, leading to squalls of raw sound building to a roaring climax and a drum fueled conclusion. The trio goes on a deep journey on “Free For All” as the bowed bass builds a compelling soundstage, meeting long tones of saxophone calling out into the void, buzzing in vivid color as the percussion stealthily glides in. They work with drones and extreme sounds of raw and rending saxophone and grinding bass that invokes feelings of dread but also a sense that there are no boundaries and anything is possible. The wonderfully played bowed bass continues to swirl as the drums and saxophone orbit, growing louder and more forceful, leading to a spirited free improvisation that concludes the piece. “Aimless at the Beach” is the final track, with slow and spare saxophone opening low and quiet, soon accompanied by ghostly percussive textures that allows the air to flow smoothly around their instruments. Thick and bulbous sounding bass completes the scene, soon moving to dexterous bowing as the drums pick up pace and drive the trio into a higher gear. Free range saxophone, with quicksilver bass and dynamic percussion make for a potent unit, pushing into faster and freer territory with scalding saxophone leading the three way blowout and summing up and excellent recording with power and dexterity. The dynamic range of the group's music and possibilities inherent in the textures that each member of the group can achieve are very impressive and lead to a very successful album.” - Tim Niland,
CD $16

KANG TAE HWAN / MIDORI TAKADA - An Eternal Moment (NoBusiness 115; Lithuania) Featuring Kang Tae Hwan on alto sax and Midori Takada on marimba & percussion. This set was recorded live at Cafe Amores in Yamaguchi, Japan in March or 1995. Both Kang Tae Hwan and Midori Takada are members a trio called Ton-Klami. Both Mr. Hwan and Ms. Takada are from Korea, which has a very small free music scene. This disc is some 76 minutes long and consists of two duos and a solo by Mr. Hwan. The first duo, “Syun-Soku”, features Ms. Takada playing a repeating pulse/beat on a snare drum, slowly speeding up while Mr. Hwan plays a series of fractured sax notes, spiraling, splintered and pulsating as they go. Mr. Hwan is a master of multiphonics and focused fractured patterns, which slowly manipulates as he goes. Ms. Takada is the perfect partner as she also takes her time and provides a seamless series of care rhythmic patterns, often more sparse than Mr. Hwan’s circular lines. Eventually Ms. Hwan’s drumming gets more intense, a bit louder, almost ritualistic in nature. The long solo by Mr. Hwan is also strong, focused and inspired. He again takes his time, concentrating on certain patterns, specific notes carefully buzzing, twisting and bending into fascinating fractures. The second duo is is even better as the two musicians weave their wares around one another in sympathetic, organic ways. Great free music is an international language, when it works it crosses over all man-made barriers. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $16

Three New Releases from TALIBAM!

TALIBAM! with AUDREY CHEN / PHIL MINTON / JOE McPHEE / RON STABINSKY / SANDY EWEN / LUKE STEWART / SAM KULIK / STEVE DALACHINSKY / ALAN WILKINSON / TAMIO SHIRAISHI / et al - 15th Anniversary Box Set - 2003-2018 / Presenting 15 New Albums for 2018 (Self-Produced; USA) TALIBAM! are Matt Mottell on keyboards & electronics and Kevin Shea (from MOPDTK) on drums. I am a longtime friend of keyboardist Matt Mottel, who was still in high school when I met him at the old Knitting Factory in the mid-nineties. I have always dug his dynamite duo Talibam! although for some reason, the wacky, humorous & unpredictable side of the band has often gotten in the way of certain folks taking them serious or even giving them a chance to be checked out. Talibam! often think large so I wasn’t too surprised to learn of this 15 CD set which includes many guests. It will take me a while to check the entire set out but I look forward to it, nonetheless. Check out the reviews of the 2 discs below which are included in the set.
15 CD Set $60

TALIBAM! / TAMIO SHIRAISHI / DAVID WATSON - Transynthorbital Implant (Self- Produced; USA) Featuring Matt Mottel on Keytar (keyboard in the shape of a guitar) & electronics, Kevin Shea on drums & SPD-S, Tamio Shiraishi on alto sax and David Watson on guitar & bagpipes. Tamio is a legendary Japanese saxist, who used to work with Haino Keiji way back when and currently lives in NYC. Tamio is a wizard of multiphonic sax playing, playing those high, scary notes which often make most folks uncomfortable. He is known for playing late night concerts at selective subways stops which you can check out on Youtube. Former Downunder guitarist & bagpipes player, David Watson, is longtime member of the Downtown scene and who records quite infrequently.
The opening of this disc features screeching alto sax, bagpipes and eerie electronic keyboards. If this doesn’t scare off some listeners, nothing else will! For me, the sound here is extreme, intense and focused just right. Most impressive! Mr. Mottel’s keyboard featured and sound like he has been working hard at a variety of odd textures and sounds. Mr. Shea is also playing some electronic device and both if these work well with Tamio’s squealing sax. Some folks think that Tamio is a one-trick pony but those in the know (like Kevin Reilly, Louise Jensen & myself) know better. Here Tamio concentrates, his note-bending carefully erupting with more diversity than he often gets credit for. Although Kevin Shea is often known for his ridiculous antics, he is indeed a great jazz drummer, especially in his usual band, Mostly Other People Do the Killing. Here, he gets a chance to stretch out, pushing the other members of this quartet to higher plains, shifting the rhythm currents as the improv unfolds. If you dig powerful, intense improv at its most extreme, then this disc is for you! Guaranteed to blow your mind! - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $10

TALIBAM! & ALAN WILKINSON - Malice Afterthought (Self-Produced; USA) Featuring Alan Wilkinson on saxes, Matt Motel on Keytar and Kevin Shea on drums. This disc was recorded live at Konfrontationen Nickelsdorff in 2016. Over their 15 year career, local legends Talibam! have continually sought out kindred spirits, fellow improvisers from around the world to work with, from the US: Daniel Carter, Audrey Chen & Sam Kulik to the UK: Phil Minton & Alan Wilkinson. Mr. Wilkinson plays baritone & alto saxes and has worked with Derek Bailey, Peter Brotzmann and Simon H Fell. Mr. Wilkinson was nicknamed “Iron Lungs” for his intense blasting but here he shows that he is much more diverse than that. This is the second disc by this trio and they sound like they were made to play together as they are tight, intense and consistently connected. Matt Mottel plays a Keytar, which is an electric keyboard in the shape of a guitar. When someone (well-respected) like Herbie Hancock plays one, most folks laugh and don’t take it too seriously. This was my initial reaction when I saw Matt plays this thing in our store earlier this year. However, Mr. Mottel actually know how to great sounds from this goofy looking instrument. The trio here is tight and endlessly inventive, spinning quick lines together in exhilarating spirals.
CD $10

2000 with JAN KLARE / BART MARIS / WILBERT DE JOODE / MICHAEL VATCHER* STEVE SWELL* / ELISABETH COUDOUX - Plant (El Negocito / Umland Rercords 19; EEC) Featuring Jan Klare on alto sax, Bart Maris on trumpet, Wilbert DeJoode on bass and Michael Vatcher on drums plus Elisabeth Coudoux on cello and Steve Swell on trombone. 1000 began in 2004 as a quartet with Mr. Klare, Maris, DeJoode and Vatcher. This quartet went on to record five discs, the last one included Eugene Chadbourne as their guest. Although they are an improvising unit, they have played pieces by classical composers like JS Bach, Ravel, Monteverdi and Gregorian chants. Formerly American drummer Michael Vatcher moved to New York in 2017 and has been helping out at DMG this year. 1000 expanded with two guests (Steve Swell & Elisabeth Coudoux) to become 2000 and play at the Moers Festival last year (2018). This disc features the six piece version of 2000 and was recorded in a studio in May of 2018.
Since I am only mildly familiar with the music of Bach and Ravel, I couldn’t tell you which composers inspired which pieces on this disc. All the pieces were written Jan Klare or Bart Maris with one piece as a group improv. Starting with “Garden”, there is an enchanting series of drones provided by the sax, trumpet, cello and bass with Mr. Vatcher’s subtle small percussion used as selective sonic spice. “Shells” sounds free yet there is much more going on below the surface, it sounds as if the center is constantly shifting, with different waves rising and falling. I love the sound of those shifting harmonies, the sax, trumpet, trombone and cello work well as one united sound mass. On “Toss”, the several currents shift around one another, keeping us all off balance, like balancing on raft in the ocean. The sounds of multiple horns is most triumphant, as if there is something important to take place. No matter how free things sound at times, there is a number of directed or written sections which emerge from the more chaotic moments. There is a good deal of unexpected magic going on here, sections that seem to come out of nowhere and bring together different subsections of the sextet. Longtime favorite of mine, Michael Vatcher is a perfect choice as he knows when to lay out and only contributes when it is necessary. Without a doubt, this is my favorite CD of the week! - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $14

*MICHAEL VATCHER & STEVE SWELL will both being playing at DMG this Monday (6/17/19) at 6:30 in different groups. Don’t miss it!

MILLER WREN’S ESCAPIST With VINNY GOLIA / ETHAN MARKS / CALEB VEAZEY / CLINT DODSON - Alternates (pfMENTUM 121; USA) Featuring Miller Wren on bass & compositions, Vinny Golia on bass clarinet, Ethan Marks on trumpet & piccolo trumpets, Caleb Veazey on guitar and Clint Dodson on drums & vibes. A couple of years back, an LA band called Italian Soda played here at DMG and were pretty cool. Their bassist was Miller Wren and this is his debut disc as a leader. Aside from Mr, Wren and Mr. Golia, I don’t recognize the names of the other players on this disc. From what I’ve heard and noticed, there is now an ever-evolving underground of creative musicians emerging from L.A. which has grown much larger of the past few years. Thanks to labels like Nine Winds, Cryptogramophone (now in limbo), pfMENTUM and Orenda, that scene is being well documented. If you haven’t heard bands like Burning Ghosts or Evil Genius, then you really should.
This disc seems to be a suite in six parts, named by numbers only. Since Vinny Golia is widely known for playing dozens of different reeds, here just plays bass clarinet. “Part One” moves between some intricate written and freer sections, with the trumpet, bass clarinet & guitar all swirling tightly around one another as the rhythm team speeds up & slows down together. “Part Two” features some impressive, superbly recorded bowed bass, a perfect interlude for what comes next. “Part Three” sounds more like chamber music, thoughtful, sparse, cautious and mostly bass clarinet, vibes and acoustic bass with skeletal guitar & trumpet interaction woven in. There is a section of solo trumpet which reminds me of Nate Wooley, since Ethan Marks, sounds like he stretching out the vocabulary of sounds and doing a fine job. Once we step back a bit and listen to this disc for a second or third time, we notice that there is a structure to the way things unfold, take off and come back down. There appears to be quite a lot of interesting activity going on in & around the L.A. Underground and this disc is a fine example of some the better moments. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $14

Massive Black Saint / Soul Note /CAM Jazz Box Set Sale! 30, count ’em titles!

A few years back we were able to get all or most of the Black Saint/Soul Notes Box sets from Harmonia Mundi Distribution, who have since gone under. The distribution eventually went to RED who are based in NYC. I tried to do business with them but they said that DMG was too small to deal with?!? F*ck them! So we haven’t been able to get these for the past couple of years. Word is that around half of the below boxes are now out of print. We finally found a new distributor willing to do business with us and even give us better prices than we had in the past. This will probably be the last time we can get these boxes so please order them soon, we have 4 or 5 of each and that’s it. All prices have been reduced from what we used to sell them for in the past. Plus there are a couple (Muhal & Max Roach Vol 2’s) that we never offered before now. So do dig in…

MUHAL RICHARD ABRAMS With ROSCOE MITCHELL / GEORGE E LEWIS / AMINA CLAUDINE MYERS / BAIKIDA CARROLL / LEROY JENKINS / ANDREW CYRILLE / THURMAN BARKER / JEAN-PAUL BOURELLY / MARTY EHRLICH /CRAIG S HARRIS / BOB STEWART / HOWARD JOHNSON / ABDUL WADUD / JOHN PURCELL / FRED HOPKINS / et al- Complete Black Saint-Soul Note Recordings: Spihumonesty/Mama And Daddy/Blues Forever/Rejoicing With The Light/View From Within/The Hearinga Suite/Blu Blu Blu/Think All Focus One [8 CD set] (BlackSaint/Cam BXS 1021; Italy)
8 CD Set $42

9 CD Set $45

ED BLACKWELL With DEWEY REDMAN / CHARLIE HADEN / DON CHERRY / KARL BERGER / REGGIE WORKMAN / DAVID MURRAY / et al. - Complete Black Saint-Soul Note Recordings: Wall-Bridges/Old And New Dreams/A Tribute To Blackwell/Transit/In Willisau/Morning Song/From Bad To Badder (BlackSaint/Cam BXS 1030; Italy)
8 CD set $42

PAUL BLEY With JIMMY GIUFFRE/JOHN SCOFIELD/JOHN ABERCROMBIE/RED MITCHELL/CHARLIE HADEN/GARY PEACOCK/STEVE SWALLOW/FURIO DI CASTRI/PAUL MOTIAN/BARRY ALTSCHUL/TONY OXLEY et al - Complete Black Saint-Soul Note Recordings: Sonor/Tango Palace/Hot/Notes/Mindset/Live At Sweet Basil/Memoirs/Conversations With A Goose/Chaos/Not To Be A Star (BlackSaint/Cam BXS 1027; Italy)
10 CD set $45

LESTER BOWIE With THE LEADERS [ARTHUR BLYTHE/CHICO FREEMAN/KIRK LIGHTSEY/CECIL McBEE/DON MOYE]/AMINA CLAUDINE MYERS/MALACHI FAVORS/PHILLIP WILSON et al - Complete Black Saint-Soul Note Recordings: The 5th Power/Out Here Like This/Unforeseen Blessings (BlackSaint/Cam BXS 1006; Italy)
3 CD Set $28

ANDREW CYRILLE With DAVID S WARE/JIMMY LYONS/JEANNE LEE/TED DANIEL/JAMES NEWTON/ANTHONY COX/LISLE ATKNISON et al - Complete Black Saint-Soul Note Recordings: Metamusician's Stomp/Nuba/Something In Return/Special People/The Navigator/X-Man/Good To Go (BlackSaint/Cam BXS 1023; Italy)
7 CD Set $35

BILL DIXON With TONY OXLEY/ALAN SILVA/BARRY GUY/WILLIAM PARKER/PETER KOWALD/MARIO PAVONE/MARCO ENEIDI/FREDDIE WAITS/LAURENCE COOK/JOHN BUCKINGHAM - Complete Black Saint-Soul Note Recordings: In Italy Vol 1 & 2/November 1981/Thoughts/Son Of Sisyphus/Vade Mecum I & II/Papyrus Vol 1 & 2 (BlackSaint/Cam BXS 1009; Italy)
9 CD set $45

GIORGIO GASLINI With ANTHONY BRAXTON / EDDIE GOMEZ / GIANNI BEDORI / GIANLUIGI TROVESI / FABIO MORGERA / CLAUDION ALLIFRANCHINI / MAURIZIO CALDURA / et al - Complete Dischi Della Quercia Recordings: Murales/New Orleans Suite/Free Actions/Graffiti/Sharing/Live At The Public Theater NYC/Ecstasy/Four Pieces/Indian Suite/Monodrama/Skies Of China (DDQ/Cam BXS 5001; Italy)
11 CD set $45

CHARLIE HADEN With OLD AND NEW DREAMS [DON CHERRY / DEWEY REDMAN / ED BLACKWELL] / CHET BAKER / ENRICO PIERANUNZI / GERI ALLEN / PAUL MOTIAN / BILLY HIGGINS - Complete Black Saint-Soul Note Recordings: Old And New Dreams [1976]/A Tribute To Blackwell/Etudes/Silence/First Song (BlackSaint/Cam BXS 1001; Italy)
5 CD set $32

JULIUS HEMPHILL With ABDUL WADUD / FAMADOU DON MOYE / OLU DARA / WAREN SMITH / MARTY EHRLICH / JAMES CARTER / TIM BERNE / SAM FURNACE / FRED HO / et al - Complete Black Saint-Soul Note Recordings: Raw Materials And Residuals/Flat-Out Jump Suite/Fat Man And The Hard Blues/Five Chord Stud/Chile New York: Sound Environment (BlackSaint/Cam BXS 1019; Italy)
5 CD Set $32

ANDREW HILL With CLIFFORD JORDAN / RUFUS REID / BEN RILEY / ALAN SILVA / FREDDIE WAITS - The Complete Recordings on Black Saint & Soul Note (BlackSaint/Cam BXS 1039; Italy)
4 CD Set $30

STEVE LACY With MAL WALDRON / BOBBY FEW / DENIS CHARLES / JEAN-JACQUES AVENEL / OLIVER JOHNSON - Complete Black Saint-Soul Note Solos, Duos, Trios Recordings: Only Monk/More Monk/Sempre Amore/Communique/The Flame/The Window (BlackSaint/Cam BXS 1013; Italy)
6 CD Set $32

STEVE LACY With ROSWELL RUDD / HAN BENNINK / MISHA MENGELBERG / GEORGE LEWIS / BOBBY FEW / BEAVER HARRIS / et al. - Complete Black Saint-Soul Note Recordings: Trickles/Revenue/Troubles/Regeneration/Change Of The Season/Dutch Masters/The Condor/The Cry (2 Sets)/Vespers (BlackSaint/Cam BXS 1033; Italy)
9 CD set $45

OLIVER LAKE With BAIKIDA CARROLL / MICHAEL G JACKSON / CHARLES EUBANKS / GERI ALLEN /BORAH BERGMAN / REGGIE WORKMAN / FRED HOPKINS / PHEEROAN AkLAFF / ANDREW CYRILLE / et al - Complete Black Saint-Soul Note Recordings: Holding Together/Prophet/Clevont Fitzhubert/Expandable Language/Edge-Ing/Dedicated To Dolphy/A New Organization (BlackSaint/Cam BXS 1026; Italy)
7 CD Set $35

GEORGE E LEWIS With DOUGLAS EWART/ROSCOE MITCHELL/LEROY JENKINS/MUHAL RICHARD ABRAMS/ABDUL WADUD/ANTHONY DAVIS/RICHARD TEITELBAUM/STEVE LACY/MISHA MENGELBERG/HAN BENNINK/ERNST REIJSEGER/HARJEN GORTER - Complete Black Saint-Soul Note Recordings: Shadowgraph, 5 (Sextet)/Jila-Save! Mon - The Imaginary Suite/Homage To Charles Parker/Change Of Season: The Music Of Herbie Nichols/Dutch Masters (BlackSaint/Cam BXS 1022; Italy)
7 CD Set $35

JIMMY LYONS With ANDREW CYRILLE/WILLIAM PARKER/JEANNE LEE/RAPHE MALIK/ENRICO RAVA et al. - Complete Black Saint-Soul Note Recordings: Wee Sneezawee/Give It Up/Burnt Offering/Nuba/Something in Return (BlackSaint/Cam BXS 1028; Italy)
5 CD Set $35

9 CD Set $45

DAVID MURRAY With JOHN HICKS/DAVE BURRELL/REGGIE WORKMAN/FRED HOPKINS/RAY DRUMMOND/RICHARD DAVIS/ED BLACKWELL/SUNNY MURRAY/RASHIED ALI/WILBER MORRIS/STEVE McCALL/JOE CHAMBERS et al - Complete Black Saint-Soul Note Recordings Vol 2: Sweet Lovely/Morning Song/I Want To Talk About You/The Hill/A Sanctuary Within/Body And Soul/Windward Passages (BlackSaint/Cam BXS 1024; Italy)
7 CD Set $35

DAVID MURRAY OCTET S With HENRY THREADGILL/LAWRENCE 'BUTCH' MORRIS/BOBBY BRADFORD/GEORGE E LEWIS/CRAIG S HARRIS/OLU DARA/WILBER MORRIS/STEVE McCALL et al - Complete Black Saint-Soul Note Recordings Vol 1 - Octets: Ming/Home/Murray's Steps/New Life/Hope Scope (BlackSaint/Cam BXS 1010; Italy)
5 CD $32

DON PULLEN With SAM RIVERS/CHICO FREEMAN/OLU DARA/JOSEPH JARMAN/FRED HOPKINS /DON MOYE et al - Complete Black Saint-Soul Note Recordings: Capricorn Rising/Healing Force/Warriors/Milano Strut/The Magic Triangle/Evidence Of Things Unseen/The Sixth Sense (BlackSaint/Cam BXS 1017; Italy)
7 CD Set $35

MAX ROACH With CECIL TAYLOR / M'BOOM / ANTHONY BRAXTON / ODEAN POPE / CECIL BRIDGEWATER /JOE CHAMBERS / WARREN SMITH / Et al - The Complete Recordings on Black Saint & Soul Note (BlackSaint/Cam BXS 1038; Italy)
6 CD Set $35

MAX ROACH with CECIL BRIDGEWATER / ODEAN POPE / CALVIN HILL / TYRONE BROWN / LEE KONITZ / TONY SCOTT / RAY MANTILLA / et al - The Complete Recordings on Black Saint & Soul Note - Volume 2 (BlackSaint/SoulNote/CAM BXS 1044; Italy)
6 CD Set $35

GEORGE RUSSELL With JAN GARBAREK / MANFRED SCHOOF / MARTY EHRLICH / TERJE RYPDAL / PALLE MIKKELBORG / STANLEY COWELL / BOBO STENSON / et al - Complete Black Saint-Soul Note Recordings: Electronic Sonata For Souls Loved By Nature 1968 & 1980/Othello Ballet Suite & Electronic Organ Sonata/Vertical Form VI/Listen To The Silence/Trip To Prillarguri/New York Big Band/The Essence Of George Russell (BlackSaint/Cam BXS 1005 ,Italy)
9 CD Box Set $45

ARCHIE SHEPP With DAVE BURRELL / CHARLES GREENLEE / ENRICO RAVA / CAMERON BROWN / GEORGE CABLES / KENNY WERNER / BEAVER HARRIS / et al - The Complete Recordings on Black Saint & Soul Note (BlackSaint/Cam BXS 1035; Italy)
4 CD $30

CECIL TAYLOR With MAX ROACH / JIMMY LYONS / PETER BROTZMANN / FRANK WRIGHT / TOMASZ STANKO / WILLIAM PARKER / STEVE McCALL / et al - Complete Black Saint-Soul Note Recordings: Winged Serpent/Historic Concerts: With Max Roach at Columbia University 1979/Olu Iwa/For Olim (BlackSaint/Cam BXS 1007; Italy)
5 CD Set $32

GIANLUIGI TROVESI - Complete Black Saint-Soul Note Recordings: From G To G/Les Hommes Armes/The Village Fair/Around Small Fairy Tales/Electric Five/Missa/ Baghet/Cinque Piccole Storie/Nivola (BlackSaint/Cam BXS 1032; Italy)
9 CD Set $45

11 CD Set $46

5 CD Set $32

WORLD SAXOPHONE QUARTET [WSQ: DAVID MURRAY/JULIUS HEMPHILL/OLIVER LAKE/HAMIET BLUIETT et al] - Complete Black Saint-Soul Note Recordings: Steppin' With The World Saxophone Quartet/W.S.Q./Revue/Live In Zurich/Live at the Brooklyn Academy of Music/Moving Right Along (BlackSaint/Cam BXS 1015; Italy)
6 CD Set $32


Bruce Lee Gallanter’s Recommended Gig List for June of 2019:

Is Located at the New School’s Glass Box Theatre
55 West 13th street - just east of 6th ave


6/14 Friday
8:30 pm - QUARTET: Myra Melford (piano) Cuong Vu (trumpet) Stomu Takeishi (bass) Rudy Royston (drums)

6/15 Saturday
8:30 pm - SNOWY EGRET - Myra Melford (piano) Ron Miles (trumpet) Liberty Ellman (guitar) Stomu Takeishi (bass) Gerald Cleaver (drums)


6/18 Tuesday
8:30 pm - Chamber Music- Sara Salomon (violin) Sun Kyoung Min (cello) Gabe Garcia (alto sax) Steven Long (piano, electric organ) Carlo Costa (percussion) Joanna Mattrey (viola) Tanya Kalmanovich (viola) Ted Reichman (accordion) Anthony Coleman (piano); The Other of Language (2007) Sara Salomon (violin) Sun Kyoung Min (cello) Flaubert/Sofa/Sentence (2012) Gabe Garcia (alto sax) Steven Long (piano, electric organ) Carlo Costa (percussion) The Worms Are In Their Brains (Premiere) Joanna Mattrey (viola) Unbelievable Ponašanje (2015) Tanya Kalmanovich (viola) Ted Reichman (accordion) Anthony Coleman (piano)

6/19 Wednesday
8:30 pm - DUO - Anthony Coleman (piano) Brian Chase (drums)

6/20 Thursday
8:30 pm - Misreading the Great American Songbook — Year III: Anthony Coleman plays the Bill Evans album “Waltz for Debby” - Anthony Coleman (piano)

6/21 Friday
8:30 pm - TRIO - Anthony Coleman (piano) Henry Fraser (bass) Francisco Mela (drums)

6/22 Saturday
8:30 pm - Survivors Breakfast Invitational - Margaret Sloyer (flute) Allison Burik (alto sax, bs. clarinet) Kalun Leung (trombone) Doug Wieselman (clarinet,bs. clarinet) Marty Ehrlich (alto sax, clarinet, bs. clarinet) Magdalena Abrego, Matthew Okun (electric guitars) Alexander Whiting (mandolin) Steven Long (keyboards) Sara Salomon (violin), Sun Kyoung Min (cello) Henry Fraser (bass) Jolee Gordon (voice) Anthony Coleman (director)

THE (NEW) STONE is located in The New School’s Glass Box Theatre  
All Sets at The New Stone start at 8:30pm Tickets: $20
There are no refreshments or merchandise at The Stone. 
Only music. All ages are welcome. Cash Only at the door. 
A serious listening environment.
The Stone is booked purely on a curatorial basis


JOHN ZORN Presents The STONE SERIES at Happy Lucky No. 1:

2 night residencies
Friday-Saturday weekends

Friday, June 14 & Saturday, June 15, 2019 - 8:00 PM 9:00 PM
Mary Halvorson- guitar
Sylvie Courvoisier - piano

Happy Lucky No. 1: 734 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11216
646 623 0414 /
by subway: Take 2, 4, or 5 trains to Franklin;
Take 3 train to Nostrand Ave.
Take A or C to Nostrand Ave.


Bushwick Improvised Music Series Continues:

Monday June 17th
7pm Camille Emaille - drums
Tom Weeks - saxophone
Alex Cohen - guitar

8pm Stephen Gauci - tenor saxophone
Sandy Ewen - guitar/electronics
Adam Lane - bass
Kevin Shea - drums

Sean Conly - bass
Michaël Attias - alto saxophone
Tom Rainey - drums

9:45pm Brian Groder - trumpet/flugal horn/compositions
Anders Nilsson - guitar/electronics
Adam Lane - bass
Colin Avery Hinton - drums

10:45pm ALIYA ULTAN - cello
Todd Neufeld - guitar
Billy Mintz - drums

11:30pm Nina Rosalind Dante - vocals
Matteo Liberatore - guitar

Monday June 24th
7pm Paul Austerlitz - contra bass clarinet
Isaiah Obama Richardson Jr. - clarinet
Jasper Dütz - alto & bass clarinet
Ivan Barenboim - contra - bass clarinet
Charles Townsend - electric violin

8pm Stephen Gauci - tenor saxophone
Adam Lane - bass
Kevin Shea - drums

9pm Eric Plaks - piano
Daniel Carter - woodwinds
Matt Lavelle - trumpet/bs. clarinet
Aquilles Navarro - trumpet
Andrew Hadro - baritone sax/bs. clarinet
Adam Lane - bass
Jon Panikkar - drums

9:45pm Joe Hertenstein Quartet

10:45pm Kenneth Jimenez - bass
Hery Paz - tenor saxophone/bs. clarinet
Santiago Leibson - keyboard

11:30pm Austin White - synth
Dave Miller - drums

Downstairs @ Bushwick Public House
1288 Myrtle Avenue , Bushwick
(Across the street from M train Central Ave stop)
$10 suggested donation


I-BEAM Presents:

FRIDAY, JUNE 14, 2019 - 7:30 PM 11:00 PM
Gordon Beeferman Organ Trio (7:30 pm)
Record Release Party
Anders Nilsson - Guitar
Ches Smith - Drums / Percussion
Gordon Beeferman - Organ
Novoa / Kamaguchi / Smith (9:00 pm)
Eva Novoa, piano
Masa Kamaguchi, bass
Ches Smith, drums 

SATURDAY, JUNE 15, 2019 - 9:00 PM 10:30 PM
Ingrid Laubrock, tenor sax
Eva Novoa, piano
Drew Gress, bass
Tom Rainey, drums

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 19, 2019 - 8:00 PM 10:00 PM
8pm: Shahzad Ismaily
9:00 PM - Gordon Grdina- Guitar, Oud
Oscar Noriega- Alto Sax, Clarinet
Russ Lossing- Piano
Satoshi Takeishi- Drums



Zürcher Gallery invites you to our
SUMMER JAZZ SEASON - Concert Program

Luciano Pagliarini 
Lou Grassi
Joe Fonda
& Special Guest: Kenny Wessel
Thursday June 20, 2019 at 8:00 PM

Peter Evans 
Nick Joziack 
Savannah Harris
Tuesday, June 25, 2019 at 8:00 PM

Performing John Coltrane’s “Meditations”
Thursday, June 27 at 8:00 PM

Zürcher Gallery
33 Bleecker St (just east of Lafayette)
New York, NY, 10012-2432


Three Upcoming Shows from Guitar Great GARY LUCAS:

Sat June 15th
Gary Lucas performs his live score for The Golem at
The Metrograph Theater at 8pm, 7 Ludlow Street

Sun June 16th
Gary Lucas performs solo acoustic
With special guest vocalist Felice Rosser
At the 55 Bar, 55 Christopher Street, from 3-5pm

Fri June 21st
Gary Lucas, Feifei Yang and Jason Candler
Perform their Chinese pop-jazz fusion project "The Edge of Heaven" at
5pm on the Joe’s Pub Outdoor Stage by the Cube
At Astor Place as part of the free Make Music New York Festival