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DMG Newsletter for Friday, October 12th, 2018

“Moon in June”
Written & sung by Robert Wyatt, from Soft Machine ’Third’, excerpt from…

“Living is easy here in New York State
Ah, but I wish that I were home again
Back in West Dulwich again
Just before we go on to the next part of our song
Let's all make sure we've got the time
Music-making still performs the normal functions -
Background noise for people scheming, seducing, revolting and teaching
That's all right by me, don't think that I'm complaining
After all, it's only leisure time, isn't it?
Now I love your eyes - see how the time flies
She's learning to hate, but it's just too late for me
It was the same with her love
It just wasn't enough for me
But before this feeling dies
Remember how distance can tell lies!
You can almost see her eyes, is it me she despises or you?
You're awfully nice to me and I'm sure you can see what her game is
She sees you in her place, just as if it's a race
And you're winning, and you're winning
She just can't understand that for me everything's just beginning
Until I get more homesick
So before this feeling dies, remember how distance tells us lies…”

This year is the 50th anniversary of ‘SOFT MACHINE - Volume One’! Released in 1968, a trio version of Soft Machine (Mike Ratledge, Kevin Ayers & Robert Wyatt), toured the US, opening for the Jimi Hendrix Experience. The Softs’ album, ‘Volume One’ was and still is in a class of its own, a unique blend of psych/rock/jazz & pataphysical whimsy. This album along with the debut record from CARAVAN, marked the beginning of what journalists & dreamers refer to as the Canterbury Scene. Soft Machine made eleven albums between 1968 and 1975, each one very different, since the personnel changed on each one, the band was always in flux. For those of us who are committed Canterbury fans, all numbered albums from Soft Machine (‘One’ thru ‘Seven’) plus ‘Bundles’ remain essential serious listening experiences.

To help us all celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the legendary SOFT MACHINE, a new album, known as ‘Hidden Details’ (on MoonJune) was released a couple of months ago and is well worth checking out. This coming weekend, the current version of SOFT MACHINE, with John Etheridge, Theo Travis, Roy Babbington and John Marshall, will play for three nights at the Iridium, Friday, October 12th - Sunday, October 14th. There are two sets per night for Friday & Saturday and one set on Sunday. The last time SOFT MACHINE played in New York was in 1974, more than 40 years ago. Chances are that they will not tour again. On their record disc, they redo a version of “Out-Bloody-Rageous”, from ‘Third’ and it is glorious! Serious music fan-addicts do not want to miss them this time around!

Upcoming Soft Machine US Tour Dates:
October 12 - The Iridium - NYC, NY, USA (two shows)
October 13 - The Iridium - NYC, NY, USA (two shows)
October 14 - The Iridium - NYC, NY, USA (one show)
October 16 - The Garrison - Toronto, Ontario, Canada [Gary Husband, drums]**
October 17 - The Tralf - Buffalo, NY, USA Gary Husband, drums]**
October 18 - Beachland Music Hall - Cleveland, OH, USA [Gary Husband, drums] **
October 19 - The Irving Theater - Indianapolis, IN, USA Gary Husband, drums]**
October 21 - Progtober Festival - Reggie's - Chicago, IL, USA [Gary Husband, drums]**
October 22 - Shank Hall - Milwaukee, WI, USA [Gary Husband, drums]**
October 23 - The Turf - St. Paul, MN, USA [Gary Husband, drums]**


Thanks to All who Supported Us in Our Time of Need!

A very special thanks and big Hug from Bruce Lee Gallanter and the other helpers at DMG for all of the donations that we’ve received in the past week. Around 100 or so of our Friends of DMG have helped us survive with over two grand! The donations are still coming in, I can certainly feel the love and support of those who believe in us and our mission. Please continue to spread the world and donate if you can.

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For those of you who saw my tribute to our late friend MIKE PANICO here last week, thanks to all of you who sent us their sympathy & condolences. I attended a memorial for Mike last Sunday, given by his family out in Deer Park, Long Island with Eric & Chris Stern. It felt good to be with members of his family and friends reminiscing the many positive experiences we spent with Mike through the years. Relative Pitch co-founder, Kevin Reilly and myself are working on a memorial concert for Mike Panico, to take place at The Stone in a few weeks. So stay tuned for details. - BLG/DMG

Upcoming Sets at Downtown Music Gallery - FREE, every Sunday at 6pm

Sunday, October 14th:
6pm: SEAN ALI / MICHAEL FOSTER / DEVIN GRAY - ContraBass / Saxes / Drums
8pm: GUILLERMO GREGORIO / LEONOR FALCON - Clarinet & Violin - Solo & Duo

 Sunday, October 21st:

Sunday, October 28h:
6pm: MAX KUTNER & GREGG BENDIAN - Guitarist from Evil Genius meets Drummer from Mahavishnu Project

November 4th, 2018:

DMG is located at 13 Monroe St. (between Catherine & Market Sts) in a basement below a small gallery. Take the F train to East Broadway or the 6 train to  Canal or the B or D to Grand, or the M-15 bus to Madison & Catherine. Come on Down, the Sunday Music Series is Always Free & the Vibes are Always Cosy. You can check the weekly in-store sets through our Instagram feed


Check Out New Music from:

Two from Intakt: Michael Formanek Elusion Qt: Tony Malaby / Kris Davis / Ches Smith! Don Byron & Aruan Ortiz! Eight from Clean Feed & Shhpuma: Jacob Sacks / Ellery Eskelin / Tony Malaby / M. Formanek / Dan Weiss! Chris Pitsiokos / Susana Santos Silva / Torbjorn Zetterberg! Peter McEarchern / Mario Pavone / Michael Sarin! Fredrik Nordstrom / Frederik Ljungvist! Friends & Neighbors!

Sean Moran / Hank Roberts / Vinnie Sperrazza! Lajos Dudas Rarity! Two from Accordi dei Contari! Plus Historic discs from Nina Simone! Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry! Bottleneck Guitar Compilation! Plus a No More Records CD sale: William Parker solo, Roy Campbell Pyramid Trio, Rob Brown Quartet, Mat Maneri & Randy Peterson! Two from Frank Lowe & Billy Bang! And even more vinyl!


Two New Treasures from the Fine Folks at Intakt in Stock Shortly!

MICHAEL FORMANEK ELUSION QUARTET With TONY MALABY / KRIS DAVIS / CHES SMITH - Time Like This (Intakt 313; Switzerland) Featuring Michael Formanek on contrabass & compositions, Tony Malaby on tenor & soprano saxes, Kris Davis on piano and Ches Smith on drums, vibes & tanbou. Since moving back here from Baltimore where he taught for a long while, bassist & composer, Michael Formanek has kept a high profile leading several bands: a great quartet & big band with discs on ECM, as well as co-leading Thumbscrew and numerous collaborations with Mary Halvorson, Devin Gray, Angelica Sanchez and Dave Ballou. For this disc, Formanek has organized another fine quartet with Tony Malaby, Kris Davis and Ches Smith, each leaders on their own. This first thing I noticed about this disc is how well it is recorded: superbly. lush, spacious, elegant, enchanting. Like Charles Mingus, Mr. Foramek leads the band with his bass as the central figure. On “Culture of None”, while Formanek holds down the liquid pulse, the piano and tenor dance around him in spinning swirls. The bass and drums spin a web together on “A Fine Mess”, weaving a tight tapestry together while the Ms. Davis’ exquisite piano and Mr. Malaby’s solemn, pinched tone tenor simmer slowly on top. The epic length, “This May Get Ugly”, starts off with some stark interplay, frenetic between the piano and soprano sax, which is soon backed by the rhythm team which erupts quickly, in tight, powerful, churning spirals together which eventually break down to sparse space in the last section. “That was Then” has a most cerebral, hypnotic theme, like we’ve stepped into a dreamworld, balancing waves as they roll back and forth, the piano and tenor providing a series of steps to try and walk within. On the final piece, “The New Normal”, Ches Smith plays some quirky vibes which are inserted in an unlikely place, giving the piece an odd chamber-like quality. What is most interesting about this disc is that it is filled with assorted twists and turns, exploring unique combinations and techniques. It would seem that Mr. Formanek has chosen just the right personnel for this task since the quartet does have their own sound. There is nothing quite like this on the current horizon. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $18

DON BYRON - ARUÁN ORTIZ - Random Dances and (A)tonalities (Intakt 309; Switzerland) “Ortiz, who grew up in Santiago, Cuba, and has lived in the U. S. since 2002, is among the most creative pianists on jazz's landscape. As a boy he was performing Cuban popular music. His studies broadened to include jazz, first in Europe, finally New York, where he now lives. In Byron, Ortiz has found an unparalleled clarinetist, whose classical training and exquisite technique anchor a career spanning an unusually broad range of music that nevertheless reflects a focused line of musical inquiry. Byron was born in The Bronx, into a musical family of Antiguan descent. Some of his work has involved highly refined repertory ensembles devoted to early jazz, gospel or klezmer music. Other works assert unfettered new musical routes owing to no one style. "Random Dances and (A)tonalities" reveals the imaginative leaps of two free-thinking minds. In both, we feel an implied swing, gentle yet with conviction, and shared values of erudition and compassion. We sense a clearly documented moment between two masterly musicians.” - From the liner notes by Larry Blumenfeld
CD $18

Nine New CLEAN FEED & SHHPUMA CD’s - Just Arrived Today & Now In Stock!
We have a large amount of old Clean Feed Overstock sitting in drawers up front.
Hence, all orders for from the new batch will receive a FREE CD Clean Feed or two!

JACOB SACKS With ELLERY ESKELIN / TONY MALABY / MICHAEL FORMANEK / DAN WEISS - Fishes (Clean Feed 497; Portugal) “It makes so much sense for a Portuguese record label to release a new opus of the New York pianist and composer Jacob Sacks, considering his many connections with the jazz scene of this country and musicians like João Lencastre, Sara Serpa, André Matos, Gonçalo Marques and Demian Cabaud. Sacks is widely recognized as one of the most creative musicians in his hometown, and “Fishes” presents him in the company of other notable protagonists of the New York jazz scene, all of them members of the Clean Feed family: Ellery Eskelin, Tony Malaby, Michael Formanek and Dan Weiss. Here is a meeting of giants led by someone who has already covered the entire range of that music we call jazz, by the side of the greatest: Clark Terry, Joe Maneri, Charles Gayle, Paul Motian, Lee Konitz and too many more to mention, going from mainstream to the most audacious exploratory music. Inside this recording you’ll find all the identifying characteristics of Sacks’ personal style and more: harmonic subtleties, structural simplicity, deep and mysterious meanings, a refined sense of form, poetic beauty, rhythmic drive and lots of soul. You start to be overwhelmed by the way the little pieces of the clock function, until you let yourself go with the balance produced by the sculptures of time coming track by track.”
CD $15

CHRIS PITSIOKOS / SUSANA SANTOS SILVA / TORBJÖRN ZETTERBERG - Child of Illusion (Clean Feed 498; Portugal) Personnel: Chris Pitsiokos - alto sax, Susana Santos Silva - trumpet and Torbjörn Zetterberg - double bass. When the music we call jazz continues to reveal a number of new values with the surprising qualities of Chris Pitsiokos, Susana Santos Silva and Torbjorn Zetterberg, you have the final confirmation: this musical genre is in very good health these present days. And when musicians like the ones reunited in “Child of Illusion” distinguish themselves on the scene, you can only hope to find them in the same band. Here it is, for our common pleasure entirely. Pitsiokos, a New Yorker who is filling a new page of the book telling the history of the alto saxophone in jazz, justifies his fame as a super skilled player who is expanding the technical and lexical possibilities of his instrument, either with his own projects or in association with the greatest, from Tyshawn Sorey and Peter Evans to Lydia Lunch and Otomo Yoshihide.
Ms. Silva, a Portuguese now living in Stockholm, has a warm and acid trumpet sound which quickly positioned her in the Olympus of this music, in the company of mavericks of older generations like Fred Frith, Joe Morris, Mats Gustafsson, Joelle Léandre and Mat Maneri. Zetterberg, one of the top double bassists in Sweden, turned to be an international reference, due to his work as the leader of Hot Five or in the company of like-minded musicians who are making a difference, from Jonas Kullhamar and Alberto Pinton to Mats Aleklint and Jon Falt. If you don’t know them yet, this is a magnificent opportunity for an update.
CD $15

PETER McEACHERN TRIO With MARIO PAVONE / MICHAEL SARIN - Bone-Code (Clean Feed 494; Portugal) Personnel: Peter McEachern - trombone, Mario Pavone - double bass and Michael Sarin - drums. Peter McEachern had a long-standing collaboration with Mario Pavone by the time he met Michael Sarin in the early 90’s. The three musicians recorded “Insomnia” by Thomas Chapin as part of Chapin’s Trio Plus Brass, a formidable octet. McEachern repaid Chapin’s invitation by asking him to play on his CD “Shockwave”, and their paths continued to cross along the years. Pavone invited the trombonist for six of his records, and in addition McEachern and Sarin had an intriguing duo. “Bone-Code” is the culmination of those experiences under the spell of Chapin’s idiosyncratic saxophone lines, and Pavones’s eclectic compositions, but also of unexpected turns like McEachern’s stint with minimalist composer LaMonte Young, and his study of monophonic and microtonal music. This is coupled with the blues feeling he mastered with his twelve-year collaboration with bluesman Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown. All this is evident in an album dedicated to his trombone concepts and to his friend, trombonist Roswell Rudd. Ever present is McEachern’s love of field hollers, which contributed to the birth of jazz and blues and for the trombone trio format lead by the likes of Albert Mangelsdorff, Ray Anderson, and George Lewis, mixing tradition and innovation.
CD $15

METTE RASMUSSEN / CHRIS CORSANO - A View of the Moon [From the Sun](Clean Feed 493; Portugal) Personnel: Mette Rasmussen - alto sax and Chris Corsano - drums. Mette Rasmussen’s and Chris Corsano’s partnership continues after five years of concerts, being “A View of the Moon (from the Sun)” its second album, after “All the Ghosts at Once”. All the attraction of the two musicians for the extreme keeps very much alive and it seems now not just a process but an entire program, signaled by the title of the first track, “Many People Were Scandalized – Some Still Are”. Extreme expression, extreme timbres, extreme techniques: the Danish, but living in Trondheim, saxophonist keeps here the same attitude she has with the punk-jazz band Trio Riot and her collaborations with Cocaine Piss in the hardcore field, always pushing the envelope to the highest and the lowest notes of the alto sax, and the American drummer appears with all the energy and textural wonder he showed either with the free jazz legend Joe McPhee and with Thurston Moore, mentor of the now defunct Sonic Youth. Here you’ll find bits and pieces of several musical worlds: the most intense “new thing”, the one defined by John Coltrane and Rashied Ali in “Interstellar Space”, free improvisation derived from the encounters between Evan Parker and Paul Lytton (even considering that Corsano has more links with Mitch Mitchell than with any non-idiomatic percussionists), and what you can define as acoustic versions of electronic exploratory music. The result is mind blowing, even if you no longer get scandalized.
CD $15

FREDRIK NORDSTRÖM With FREDRIK LJUNGVIST / et al - Needs (Clean Feed 496; Portugal) Personnel: left channel: Fredrik Nordström tenor & baritone saxes, Mats Äleklint - trombone, Filip Augustson - double bass and Christopher Cantillo - drums. Right channel: Fredrik Ljungkvist clarinet & tenor sax, Niklas Barnö - trumpet, Torbjörn Zetterberg - double bass and Fredrik Rundqvist - drums. In his new album, saxophonist and composer Fredrik Nordström deals with a format that reminds of a double quartet of the same type as Ornette Coleman recorded in the early 1960’s. For someone always interested in exploring different possibilities of group interaction, the decision isn’t really a surprise in itself: what surprises us are the results. Instead of acting as a double quartet, Nordström and his fellow Swedish musicians sometimes acts as an octet or as a trio, a quintet, or, you name it! The (double) rhythm section shows off some groovy and hard swinging parts as one unit, but the freedom to contribute individually in this collective of great improvisers is fundamental.
Nordström’s writing and conduction of the improvisational developments are, as always, subtle and meticulous, like hidden geometrical forms in an (apparently) abstract canvas. And if the double quartet matrix is generally connoted with the free jazz subgenre, in "Needs" something else is in equation, coming from the bop and hard bop traditions (Nordström’s tenor style owes something to Dexter Gordon) adding adventurous compositions with dazzling improvisations and giving expression to what the leader of this one day session calls «progressive jazz with unquestionable influence of contemporary classical and rock music». A must.
CD $15

FRIENDS & NEIGHBORS With ANDRE ROLIGHETEN / THOMAS JOHANSSON / JON RUNE STROM / et al - What’s Next? (Clean Feed 499; Portugal) Personnel: André Roligheten tenor sax & bass clarinet, Thomas Johansson - trumpet, Oscar Grönberg - piano, Jon Rune Strøm - double bass and Tollef Østvang - drums. When a story is good and the following one is even better you naturally expect that new narratives coming next will explode your expectations, and here it is, with a title saying it all about what you’ll find inside: “What’s Next”. And what you’ll find inside is one more aspect of a huge field of possibilities when dealing with the “neo-New Thing sensation”, an expression used by the magazine Downbeat to describe what is at stake in a Friends & Neighbors record: a recreation of the free jazz spirit of the Sixties and Seventies, going from Ornette Coleman to John Carter, through Archie Shepp and Pharoah Sanders, but with a perspective very much of the present times (at the end of the second decade of the 21st century is obvious we love melodies, and that’s what you have here: melodic free jazz) and a playing style with all the characteristics of Norwegian jazz. If you know the subgenre you’re certainly aware that free jazz is many different things, so André Roligheten, Thomas Johansson, Oscar Gronberg, Jon Rune Strom and Tollef Ostvang have a wide variety of references to tell their stories, keeping them fresh and surprising, despite all the weight of history. Yes, the Old New Thing is a New New Thing again with these five brilliant and incredibly imaginative cultural recyclers.
CD $15

MÚSICA DE SELVAGEM - ”Volume Unico” (Shhpuma 043; Portugal) Featuring: Arthur Decloedt - Double bass, Filipe Nader - Alto & Baritone Saxes, Amilcar Rodrigues - Trumpet and Euphonium, Oscar Ferreira - Baritone Sax & Guilherme Marques - Drums. ‘Music of Savages’. The name of this project comes from a xenophobic saying of a French musician to Arthur Decloedt, when this São Paulo double bassist was living for some time in Paris. The music in question in that sad episode was, you guessed... Brazilian music. Returned to his country, Decloedt and saxophonist Filipe Nader decided both to turn that negative remark to a positive one, formulating a “savage” (read: spontaneous and free) kind of Brazilian jazz, to differentiate it from bossa nova and fusion, the styles generally perceived in Brazil as “jazz”. They invited another saxophonist (Oscar Ferreira), a trumpeter (Amilcar Rodrigues) and a drummer (Guilherme Marques) to play mainly improvised music. Because the refered bigot was also mentioning the work done by the singer-songwriters, the next decision was to make versions of songs written by the new generation of Brazilian Popular Music and treat them the way Charlie Haden’s Liberation Music Orchestra used to with the revolutionary hymns of the world. Here is the result, with the composers themselves singing on top, namelly Sessa (“Música”), Tim Bernardes (“Morto”), Luiza Lian (“Dois Blocos”) and Pedro Pastoriz (“Assovio”). If you enjoyed what David Sylvian did with the likes of Evan Parker, Derek Bailey, Christian Fennesz and Marc Ribot you’re gonna love this, and even more if you’re a fan of Caetano Veloso and Chico Buarque, being also an enthusiast of creative jazz and exploratory music.
CD $13

KNALPOT - Dierendag (Shhpuma 046; Portugal) Personnel: Raphael Vanoli - guitar, synth, electronics, Gerri Jäger - drums, synths, electronics and Sandor Caron - sound design.
“No computer was used during the making of this music.» The warning is intirely justifiable – the concepts applied by Raphael Vanoli, Gerri Jäger and Sandor Caron have traces of several musical practices having as common factor the use of laptops. The roots are on electro-pop, mathcore and dubstep, but is something else what this band from Amsterdam – but with a French/German and an Austrian playing – has to offer. There’s traces of Gang of Four, Fennesz, Battles, Supersilent, Sigur Rós, Squarepusher and much more, but the sound world they inhabit is very much their own. A world of unpredictable collages of procedures and styles, played with a guitar, a drumset, some synthesizers, processors and effect pedals, and a mixtable used creatively: sometimes it sounds like drone music with a song format, and in many moments you have the kind of groove produced on the fringes of techno and house, but with a drive coming directly from jazzland – after all, both Vanoli and Jäger have jazz backgrounds. Polyrhythms with crazy metrics live together with harmonic constructions showing the refinement of contemporary classical music, but the lightness of it all, the good vibes, the colorful, joyous, character are distinctive of pop music. What a surprise!
CD $13

ALBATRE - “The Fall of the Damned” (Shhpuma 045; Portugal) Personnel: Hugo Costa - alto sax & effects, Gonçalo Almeida - bass, keyboards & electronics and Philipp Ernsting - drums & electronics. Albatre are back for some more «display of urgent bass and sax noise, frantic but meticulous drumming and abrupt moodshifts», but this self-description doesn’t say it all. Something changed in this Rotterdam- based band formed by two Portuguese, Gonçalo Almeida and Hugo Costa, and a German, Philipp Ernsting, since the release of “A Descent Into Maesltrom”. They’re still crossing post-Ornette Coleman free jazz with metal and punk, but now the music is more essential and minimalist, with everything reduced to the bone. And yet, the doom factor is enhanced as never before. The riffs are slowly (sometimes very, very slowly) repeated until you get hypnotized, a bit like Otomo Yoshihide’s band Ground Zero used to do, and when something different happens – colorful harmonic cloud formations and harsh noise fusing in strange ways – it’s like discovering a new planet. There’s aspects of jazz-rock and of psychedelic and progressive rock going on, but what’s really important is the final impact on your stomach: the music strikes you there directly. With “The Fall of the Damned”, the jazzcore format goes to new territories.
CD $13

SEAN MORAN With HANK ROBERTS / VINNIE SPERRAZZA - Sun Tiger (Skirl 040; USA) Featuring Sean Moran on guitar & compositions, Hank Roberts on cello and Vinnie Sperrazza on drums. Over the past few years, there have been a handful of guitarists emerging from the Downtown scene who are all becoming forces to be reckoned with. Here’s a short list of of you should be checking out: Todd Neufeld, Nate Radley, Sandy Ewen, Jonathan Goldberger and Juanma Trujillo. Guitarist Sean Moran is also a strong contender for this list, having worked with the Four Bags, Federico Ughi and Twelve 20 Six. This is Mr. Moran’s second disc as a leader, as far as I can tell. He has organized an formidable trio with the amazing Hank Roberts on cello and the ubiquitous Vinnie Sperrazza on drums. Older Downtown listeners will of course remember Hank Roberts from the eighties when he was working with Tim Berne and Bill Frisell, recording several discs for the JMT/W&W labels. Mr. Roberts moved upstate to raise a family for a couple of decades and recently moved to back to Brooklyn, leading several bands and collaborating with a variety of Downtown greats. Vinnie Sperrazza in yet another in-demand Downtown drummer, with a could of hard-to-find discs out under his own name.
The sun is out today (10/10/18) for a change, the warmth feels great! The first track here is called “Suns” and it radiates warmth and intensity. The trio is slamming with gleeful, near-metal-like power. So good to hear the crunch of the guitar along with Mr. Roberts sizzling cello weaving it together. Mr. Moran uses some of that studio sustain (mild distortion) selectively on “Arc”, while the cello and guitar play a series of fragmented melodies, slowing down to a sparse midsection before it erupts once more into a strong sort-of power trio. Hank Roberts has a most distinctive sound on cello and appears to use no devices (here) to clutter his sound. On a aptly titled piece called, “Cheyenne”, the trio seems to be coming from charming, earthy a roots rock like background. The trio erupts on “Big Shoes” which features some burnin’ guitar and vibrant cello building to a strong, passion-filled conclusion. Drum wiz Vinnie Sperrazza is the secret weapon here, he remains at the center of this trio, playing with brushes on the more restrained sections and kicking up a rhythmic storm when need be. There is something most modest about this disc, quaint or elegant in places and moving through a number of diverse moods or scenes. On “Percival”, Moran switches to slide guitar, bending certain notes inside out with Mr. Roberts’ cello also twisting his notes into a brooding web, a dark and throttling tapestry. It is hard to tell where this disc will end up since it filled with a number of unexpected twits and turns. Most impressive, nonetheless. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $14

LAJOS DUDAS with THEO JORGENSMANN / TOMMY VIG / TOM VAN DER GELD / ALI HAURAND / KURT BILLKER / et al - Return to the Future (JazzSick Records 5116; Germany) This is a collection of varied pieces from Hungarian clarinetist Lajos Dudas, recorded between 1979 & 2013. The collective personnel features Lajos Dudas, Theo Jorggensmann & Eckard Koltermann on clarinets, Tom van der Gelb (early records on ECM & Japo) or Tommy Vig on vibes, Ali Haurand on bass and Kurt Billker on drums. Similar to a 2 CD set compilation of rare tracks featuring Lajos Dudas that we got in perhaps a decade ago, this disc is also features a strong and varied collection of rarities. The only musicians here that I recognize are Jorgensmann, (who has recorded for the Hat Art, Hatology & Konnex labels) and Ali Haurand )also for Konnex).
This disc begins with a clarinet quartet, which is something relatively rare. Although Mr. Dudas is the featured soloist, the rest of the quartet sounds most enchanting, weaving their chamber-like lines together. Mr. Dudas seems to work well with vibes players, hence his do with Tommy Vig is one of this discs highlights. Even without knowing many of the musicians on this disc, there is some extraordinary playing and interaction going on, on each piece. Bassist Vitold Rek, who’s name does sound familiar to me, is incredible on “Change of Time”, spinning a furious web of lines around Dudas’ clarinet as well as locking into the directed sections with drummer W. Tarasov. On a piece called, “Real Bebop”, Mr. Dudas plays some quick, intricate bebop lines with alto saxist Sebastian Buchholtz and wordless vocalist Yildiz Ibrahimova, another highlight here. What I find most interesting about this is that the central vibe here of calmness or sublet simmering never holds back the players from showing off layers of complex craft, whether free, written or directed somehow. Lajos Dudas shows that he is an incredible clarinetist without ever having to deal with unnecessary fireworks. For those of you who know how much I love the clarinet, this disc is perhaps the clarinet masterwork of the year! - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $15

AdC [ACCORDO dei CONTRARI] - AdC (Altrock 043; Italy) Featuring Marco Marzo Maracas on electric & acoustic guitar, Giovanni Parmeggiani on Fender Rhodes, Hammond organ, miniMoog & piano, Daniele Piccinni on bass guitar and Cristian Franchi on drums. Earlier this week (October of 2018), two members of an Italian progressive band< AdC came to visit our store , bought a bunch of discs and left us with a couple of their own CD’s. Although I hadn’t heard of this band or any of its members before now, I am aware of the Altrock label, whose ranks include Yugen, Picchio Dal Pozzo and Simon Steensland. It turns out that AdC started in 2001 in Bologna, Italy and have four discs out. This disc is from 2014 and it is their third release as far as I can tell. For this disc, AdC is joined by three guest string players, one member on violin & viola and two cellists, all on different tracks. Keyboardist, Giovanni Parmeggiani, is the main composer here. From the gitgo, this quartet is tight, powerful and intense with a well written jazz/rock/prog sound. The music is intricate and well-played, with strong interaction between the guitar/electric keyboard (mostly electric piano or organ) and solid rhythm team support. Both the guitar and keyboardist are master musicians and sound wonderful playing together. On “Seth Zeugma”, Mr. Parmeggiani, has written some compelling chamber music for the two string players in the first section. Parmeggiani plays a miniMoog on this piece, a keyboard I haven’t heard since the glory days of ELP or Don Preston (in the Mothers). The main things I dig about this disc is that AdC sound like this was recorded in the mid-seventies, yet without any of the prog/fusion grandstanding. It seems to me that great music is timeless and not bound by genre when it is so well played. Guitarist Marco Marzo Maracas sounds consistently inspired here, whether taking great solos or just playing those complex lines with the keyboards. Aside from the recent Soft Machine CD (‘Hidden Details’) or perhaps Nicotina es Primavera, I haven’t heard great prog music as good as this in a long while. We got just a half dozen copies and that’s it. Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $16

ACCORDO dei CONTRARI - Violato Intatto (DPLS 009; Italy) Featuring Marco Marzo Maracas on electric & acoustic guitar, Stefano Radaelli on alto & bari saxes & bowed zither, Giovanni Parmeggiani on Fender Rhodes, Hammond organ, miniMoog & piano and Cristian Franchi on drums. This is the fourth and latest disc from Accordo die Contrari from last year (2017),who formed in 2001 in Bologna Italy. The main difference between the earlier disc (2014), which we just got in from visiting members of the band, is that the bass guitarist on the earlier disc is replaced here by a saxist (alto & bari) named Stefano Radaelli. The other three members of the quartet are the same. Like the earlier disc, there a few guests on violin, tenor sax and vocals (one track). This disc is some 73 minutes long and covers a great deal of ground. Italy has a long tradition of progressive/jazz/rock like PFM, Area and Stormy Six (in the 70’s), as well as newer bands like Deus Ex Machina and Pichio dale Pozzo. On “Monodia”, Giovanni Parmeggiani, who is all the main composer, uses mostly older keyboards, like organ, electric piano, a miniMoog & ARP synths, all made popular in the seventies. The music actually sounds fresh and somehow current, with some impressive guitar or sax and keyboard lines played tightly together. Back before the term “fusion” was used as a somewhat derogatory term, there was some seminal jazz/rock/prog like Soft Machine or live Zappa ’73-’74, which was some of the best music of its era. AdC sound like they are coming directly from that era, which is now some forty plus years later. There are a handful of unexpected delights here like a burning violin solo from Alessandro Bonetti on “Shamash”. The title of this disc, ‘Violato Intatto’ translates onto ‘Broken /Unbroken’, which is how this disc is split into those two themes. There are portions of songs here, which remind me of that Zappa-like humor, musically speaking, since there are no words or lyric involved (except for one piece, which is actually quaint/charming, with some lovely female vocals). There is a long section for some haunting, majestic keyboards midway (mellotron?), a strong moody interlude which evokes into some hypnotic looped (sounding) electric guitar, sort of Achim Reichel-like. There is even a piece where they approach that Van der Graaf/Genesis/Yes type of epic/majestic conclusion. The second half of this disc shows AdC to be one of the few progressive bands that still sound relevant without sounding dated. We only have a handful of these so hopefully our new friends in Accordo die Contrari will tighten has up in the near future. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $16

Historic & Archival Recordings & Reissues:

NINA SIMONE - New Jersey '68 (Rox Vox 2088; UK) Nina Simone, live in New Jersey 1968. By 1968, Nina Simone was deeply entrenched in the Civil Rights movement, as well as enjoying considerable commercial success. Originally broadcast on WBGO-FM radio, this superb live set contains many of her best-known songs, offering a vivid snapshot of a legendary artist at the peak of her powers. The broadcast is presented here in its entirety, digitally remastered, together with background notes and images.
CD $17

LEE 'SCRATCH' PERRY & THE UPSETTERS - The Upsetter/Scratch the Upsetter Again (Doctor Bird 022; UK) "Two seminal Trojan albums from the golden age of reggae. Annotated by Lee 'Scratch' Perry biographer, David Katz/ Lee 'Scratch' Perry is still actively touring. Released by Trojan Records at the height of the reggae explosion of late 1969, The Upsetter introduced the world at large to the work of musical genius Lee 'Scratch' Perry. Comprising nine compelling instrumental sides from the Upsetters, the set also features fine vocal offerings from Busty Brown and the Silvertones, disguised as the Muskyteers. The following year, Trojan released the popular follow-up, Scratch The Upsetter Again, which further demonstrated the producer's increasingly innovative approach to music making that was beginning to display elements of the developing dub sound. Annotated by Lee 'Scratch' Perry biographer, David Katz, the CD provides a wonderful opportunity to enjoy and experience the early work of a man whose work significantly contributed to the transformation of the sound of Jamaican music."
CD $17

BOTTLENECK GUITAR - Selected Sides 1926-2015 (JSP 77211; UK) "This superbly remastered and presented 4 CD box set presents both classic and rare and collectible slide guitar blues from some of the best ever. From early legends like Tampa Red, Blind Lemon Jefferson and Charley Patton. Through to electric blues guitar icons like J.B. Hutto and Homesick James and finally the modern blues guys-Joe Louis Walker, Lucky Peterson and Louisiana Red."
4 CD Set $28

NO MORE RECORDS CD Sale - Possible Last Copies! Recently Discovered in a Treasure Chest at the Bottom of the NY Harbor!

WILLIAM PARKER - Lifting The Sanctions (No More Records 006; USA) The last copies of this long unavailable 1998 release. William Parker's Lifting The Sanctions is a tour-de-force of solo bass. Words can't express the master musicianship that radiates from Parker's music. There is a strong focus throughout this release on Parker's bowing and composition. Parker's insightful liner notes on bass theory and technique are invaluable for anyone who is familiar with his music.
CD $10

ROY CAMPBELL PYRAMID TRIO With WILLIAM PARKER / ZEN MATSUURA - Ancestral Homeland (No More Records 007; USA) These are the last copies of this long unavailable 1998 release. The Pyramid Trio, led by Roy Campbell, has been on the New York scene since 1984. Ancestral Homeland is their first domestic release and it features the original line-up of Campbell (trumpet, flute, and percussion), William Parker (bass, percussion) and Zen Matsuura (drums). The music of this group is based on the music of the world, both composed and improvised. By encompassing African, Native American and jazz structures, the music transcends styles by freely shifting between percussion jams, beautiful melodies and improvised jazz.
CD $10

ROB BROWN QUARTET With ROY CAMPBELL / CHRIS LIGHTCAP / JACKSON KRALL - Jumping Off The Page (No More Records 008; USA) The last copies of this long unavailable 2000 release. Jumping Off The Page is a studio recording by the quartet of Rob Brown (alto sax, flute), Roy Campbell (trumpet), Chris Lightcap (bass), and Jackson Krall (drums). "Alto saxophonist and flutist Rob Brown is often featured in the context of other leaders' recordings as an inventive improviser who has enough of the early AACM in him to stretch time, space, and harmonic ideas, and enough of the late-'50s hard bop tradition in his playing to make whatever he involves himself in move. This being only his third date as a leader, it's difficult to see why. Brown is a fiery player and an inspiring bandleader. With a harsh yet rich tone that comes out of the Anthony Braxton school of alto blowing, he careens through rapid successions of crisscrossing melody lines in 'Twinkle', the opener, trading fours and overtones with Roy Campbell's trumpet. With a rhythm section comprised of the young Chris Lightcap on bass and Jackson Krall on drums, this quartet has enough heat to share a bandstand with anybody. Over seven compositions, Brown reveals how brevity is the key to dragging ideas out of his players. He is always firmly in charge, but in a capacity that is nurturing musically. There are places, such as on 'Like a Top' and 'Step With Care', where his own development in the Ornette Coleman school of melodic free improvisation shines forth as it leads the quartet into places it could never have expected to go. In all, this is an awesome example of the new jazz coming from New York." - Thom Jurek, AllMusicGuide.
CD $10

MAT MANERI/RANDY PETERSON - Light Trigger (No More Records 009; USA) The last copies of this long unavailable 2000 release. Light Trigger is studio recordings from 1998 by the duo of Mat Maneri (viola) and Randy Peterson (drums). "The voicings on this album are incredible, serene, unnervingly beautiful, and at times ponderous with an almost painful deliberateness. The commitment to each other, the push/pull, the complete acceptance, warm/cold simple facts, illuminated prisms floating precariously above a high wire, compassionately sewn together -- sometimes quirky, almost mischievous." --Steve Dalachinsky.
CD $10

FRANK LOWE/BILLY BANG QUARTET With ED SCHULLER / ABBEY RADER - One For Jazz (No More Records 011; USA) The last copies of this long unavailable 2001 release. Frank Lowe and Billy Bang pay tribute to the late Denis "Jazz" Charles with studio date One For Jazz. The three musicians worked together extensively in their '70s group The Jazz Doctors. Bang and Lowe pay tribute to their old friend by playing some serious music. Nobody plays like Bang or Lowe; they need the heavy rhythm section of Ed Schuller on bass and Abby Rader on drums to balance them out. People are still talking about their debut at the Vision Festival in NY.
CD $16

FRANK LOWE QUINTET With JACK WALRATH / BERTHA HOPE / STEVE NEIL / RALPH PETERSON - Soul Folks (No More Records 010; USA) The last copies of this long unavailable 2001 release Soul Folks is a live date from 1998, a celebration of Frank Lowe's lyrical side. The group explodes with raw beauty and emotion. There is a sweet soul that enraptures you upon listening as the music swings -- hard. Featuring Bertha Hope (piano), Jack Walrath (trumpet), Steve Neil (bass) and Ralph Peterson (drums).

LP Section:

MORTON FELDMAN - String Quartet II (God Records GodRec 050; Austria) Excerpt from liner notes by Sebastian Claren: "When Morton Feldman wrote his second string quartet -- or String Quartet II, as he titled it in the score -- in 1983, he found himself at the height of his career: prior to this, his long form compositions, of which the majority lasted around one and a half hours, had not isolated him or let him disappear from concert and festival programming, as he had expected, but were on the contrary celebrated as a major 'breakthrough' and a big 'step forward' . . . Like the long pieces that preceded it, Feldman's String Quartet II consists of repeated patterns, which usually surface at a certain point in the composition without preparation, are maintained over a given period, and then abruptly abort to possibly return later. In this context, Feldman has always emphasized the interplay of 'reiteration' and 'change' in his music -- two aspects that in his mind had been decisive criteria of the music of the twentieth century as 'repetition' and 'variation' (Stravinsky and Schoenberg). He even claimed Schoenberg's concept of 'developing variation' for his composition technique..." Live Recording! 317 minutes over six LPs. Personnel: Morton Feldman - composition; Pellegrini Quartet: Antonio Pellegrini - violin; Thomas Hofer - violin; Fabio Marano - viola; Helmut Menzler - cello.
6 LP Set $130 [Release date: 10/19/18 - pre-orders accepted]

THE RESIDENTS - Intruders (Cryptic Corporation MVD 1417; USA) "Shifting from the physical world of train wrecks to the metaphysical realm of imaginary beings, The Residents are pleased to announce the release of Intruders, their newest studio album. Inspired by the persistence of obsession, 'Intruders' are seen as alternate beings stalking the corners of our consciousness."
LP $28

DON CHERRY With SONNY SHARROCK/ALBERT MANGELSDORFF/BERNT ROSENGREN/KARL BERGER/JOACHIM KUHN et al - Eternal Rhythm (MPS 53161; USA) Gatefold exact repro reissue of Don Cherry's classic Eternal Rhythm Group, recorded at the Berlin Jazz Festival, 1968. An amazing line up of: Cherry (cornet, gender and saron [gamelan], flutes), Albert Mangelsdorff (trombone), Eje Thelin (trombone), Bernt Rosengren (tenor sax, oboe, clarinet, flute), Sonny Sharrock (guitar), Karl Berger (vibes, piano, gender), Joachim Kuhn (piano, prepared piano), Arild Andersen (bass), & Jacques Thollot (drums, saron, gong, bells, voice). Two "side-long" pieces with gamelan underlining for the perfect gush of cosmic interlude.
LP $15 (restocked)

STOP MOTION ORCHESTRA - Lightworks (Megaphone/Knock /Em Dead 036; USA) LP version, CD not released yet. Megaphone and Knock'em Dead Records present the long-awaited second album by Austin, Texas based Stop Motion Orchestra. On Lightworks, the group draws on influences ranging from Henry Cow, Magma, Haniwa-Chan, and Picchio Dal Pozzo, to traditional music from Eastern Europe and South Asia. While the musicians who appear on Lightworks have extensive resumés in Austin's progressive and experimental scenes, the collective voice that emerges across the five instrumental works transcends both scene and genre, revealing a close-knit telepathic unit at the height of their powers. The tracks deliver thunderous juxtapositions of style in the spirit of the "rock in opposition" movement: Eastern folk melodies played on sax and violin are interlaced with synthesized bass lines and layered electric and acoustic guitars; meticulous notation is balanced by a raw, DIY aesthetic that emphasizes texture, and atmosphere; ancient myths are given a new soundtrack for the 21st century. CD version out soon.
LP $24

THE METERS - At Rozy's (Reg Associates 001; USA) "New Orleans finest, most influential funk band throws down a blistering live set of vintage, perfected grooves on this superb 1977 release. Their dynamic tension and steamy, slow-simmered syncopation create an ideal showcase for the Meters distinct, masterly style and this choice collection of taut, strutting, richly atmospheric workouts both defines and extend the rich New Orleans funk heritage."
LP $17

MIKEY DREAD - At The Control Dubwise (DATC DR 859; UK) "One of Jamaica's most endearing and creative DJ-broadcasters Mikey Dread helped carry dub into the 1980's with impressive sonic aplomb and also enjoyed an unusual crossover thanks to Dread's subsequent close collaboration with the Clash. Deft, charismatic technically accomplished and possessed of a vocal style that was loaded with magnetic appeal, this classic 1979 album was a break out achievement that cemented his reputation as a musical force to be reckoned with."
LP $17

Bruce Lee Gallanter’s Recommended Gig List for October of 2018:


10/12 Friday
8:30 pm - Oscalypso - Michael Blake (sax) Kirsten Lamb (bass) Michael Sarin (drums) Erik Friedlander (cello); Music by or inspired by Oscar Pettiford, the extraordinary bassist who turned a broken arm into a remarkable career also playing the cello.

10/13 Saturday
8:30 pm - Throw a Glass - Uri Caine (piano) Ches Smith (drums) Mark Helias (bass) Erik Friedlander (cello)


10/16 Tuesday
8:30 pm - QUINTET - Joel M. Ross (vibes, marimba) Adam O’Farrill (trumpet) María Grand (tenor) Micah Thomas (piano) Ben Tiberio (bass) Jeremy Dutton (drums)

10/17 Wednesday
8:30 pm - DUO - Joel M. Ross (piano) Sergio Tabanico (tenor sax)

10/18 Thursday
8:30 pm - 4nette - Joel M. Ross (vibes, marimba) Immanuel Wilkins (alto sax) Nimrod Speaks (bass) Craig Weinrib (drums)

10/19 Friday
8:30 pm - Good Vibes - Joel M. Ross (vibes, marimba) Immanuel Wilkins (alto sax) Jeremy Corren (piano) Or Bareket (bass) Jeremy Dutton (drums)

10/20 Saturday
8:30 pm - Parables - Joel M. Ross (vibes, marimba) Immanuel Wilkins (alto sax) Adam O’Farrill (trumpet) Maria Grand (tenor sax) Kalia Vandever (trombone) Micah Thomas (piano) Rick Rosato (bass) Craig Weinrib (drums)

THE (NEW) STONE is located in The New School’s Glass Box Theatre 
55 West 13th street - near 6th ave
All Sets at The New Stone start at 8:30pm Tickets: $20
There are no refreshments or merchandise at The Stone.
Only music. All ages are welcome. Cash Only at the door.
A serious listening environment.
The Stone is booked purely on a curatorial basis

The CORNELIA STREET CAFE - 212-989-9319
29 Cornelia St in the heart of the West Greenwich Village, NYC

Friday Oct 12
6:00PM DAVID LOPATO QUARTET - Postponed!! David Lopato, piano; Lucas Pino, saxes, clarinet; Ratzo Harris, string bass; Rudy Royston, drums
8:35PM JOEL HARRISON, CD RELEASE: ANGEL BAND - Joel Harrison, guitar, voice; Jon Irabagon, tenor sax; Uri Caine, piano; Stephan Crump, bass; Brian Blade, drums

Saturday Oct 13
8:35PM KYLE NASSER SEXTET, "PERSISTENT FANCY" CD RELEASE - Roman Filiu, alto sax; Jeff Miles, guitar; Dov Manski, piano; Nick Jost, bass; Allan Mednard, drums; Kyle Nasser, tenor sax

Sunday Oct 14
8:00PM ISRAELI JAZZ SPOTLIGHT: ALMOG SHARVIT QUINTET - Gaya Feldheim Schorr, voice; David Leon, sax; Dierk Peters, vibraphone; Almog Sharvit, bass; Ben Silashi, drums
9:30PM ADI MEYERSON TRIO - Adi Meyerson, bass; Mike King, piano; Kush Abadey, drums

Tues Oct 16th:
8:00PM NITZAN GAVRIELI TRIO - Nitzan Gavrieli, piano; Rick Rosato, bass; Francisco Mela, drums
9:30PM NATE RADLEY QUARTET - Nate Radley, guitar; Gary Versace, tenor sax; Tony Scherr, bass; Mark Ferber, drums

Wed Oct 17th:
8:01PM DAVE ALLEN QUINTET - Jon Irabagon, tenor sax; John Escreet, piano; Drew Gress, bass; Mark Ferber, drums; Dave Allen, guitar

Oct 18
8:01PM MARIO PAVONE, TRIO PULSE - Mario Pavone, bass, comp.; Angelica Sanchez, piano; Michael Sarin, drums

Friday Oct 19
6:00PM ANNIE CHEN TRIO - Annie Chen, vocals, composition; Marius Duboule, guitar; Mat Muntz, bass
8:35PM MARTA SANCHEZ QUINTET - Alex LoRre, alto sax; Jerome Sabagh, tenor sax; Marta Sanchez, piano; Simon Wilson, bass; Daniel Dor, drums

Saturday Oct 20
8:35PM FRANCISCO MELA TRIO - Francisco Mela, drums; Juanma Trujillo, guitar; Hery Paz, tenor sax

Sunday Oct 21
8:01PM NEW BRAZILIAN PERSPECTIVES: BILLY NEWMAN QUINTET - Billy Newman, guitar; Eric Schugren, tenor, sopranino sax; Michel Gentile, alto sax, flute; Leco Reis, bass; Vinnie Sperazza, drums


The Spectrum is Now Located in Brooklyn (address below)
Here’s the week’s schedule:
Friday 12 October
7 PM - Michael Lytle (jazz / improvisation)
8 PM - Aurelia Trio
9 PM - Ten World Premieres for Social Justice
Lior Willinger, piano
Saturday 13 October
7 PM - Katie Procell / Bergamot Quartet, et al.
La Noche Pura (The Pure Night): Canciones Hispanas y Españolas
(Hispanic and Spanish Songs).
Alberto Ginastera: Cuarteto de Cuerdas No. 3 (String Quartet No. 3)
Peter Dayton: Si Solamente, 3 Canciones de Pablo Neruda
(If Only, 3 Songs on the Texts by Pablo Neruda)
Sunday 14 October
3 PM - Svjetlana Bukvich, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist.
7 PM - Pianist Matteo Ramon Arevalos (Italy)
PER PIANO - Works for piano by Fausto Razzi
concert presentation of the CD recorded at Area Sismica - Italy
published by ReR Megacorp UK
compositions by Matteo Ramon Arevalos for video prepared piano

Wednesday 17 October
8 PM - Kinds of Strings: Kinds of Kings Desdemona at Spectrum NYC
Platforms                                by Susanna Hancock
Dying is a Wild Night by Emma O’Halloran
SAY by Shelley Washington
Do You Hear Me Now? by Finola Merivale
jaune doré by Maria Kaoutzani
Erasure by Gemma Peacocke
Friday 19 October
7:30 PM - Albany's Bright Dog Red returns to Spectrum
 BDR has a long history at Spectrum, a leading destination for creative, improvised, new music. The band served as the inaugural act for the “Club Disorder” series when it launched in July of 2017. In January of 2016, BDR kicked off another Spectrum series, “Friday Night Prog,” at the venue’s former location on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.
  Since debuting in 2015, BDR has generated comparisons to " Mahavishnu Orchestra meets Digable Planets" (Paul Schulman), "electronic Ahmad Jamal," (Don Lucoff) and to other psychedelic, jazz fusion, and hip hop luminaries. BDR's set, completely improvised, will feature "an innovative and psychedelic mesh of jazz, hip-hop and electronica" (The Alt). 
9 PM - Teodora Stepancic: Piano
Piano #10: piano visuals
Works for piano and video
Sarah Friedland and Teodora Stepancic - new work
Evelyn Emile - new work
Anton Lukoszevieze - Mapping Amnon
Gabriela Areal - Solo de armonio 
Saturday 20 October
7 PM - Madrid-based pianist Jose Menor continues his ambitious Spectrum residency
9 PM - Music for Electric Guitar And Piano: Pat Irwin, guitar; Jon Cowherd, piano

Sunday 21 October
7 PM - Madrid-based pianist Jose Menor continues his ambitious Spectrum residency

Spectrum is located at 70 Flushing Ave, Garage A, Brooklyn, NY 11205
on Flushing Avenue, halfway between Carlton and Cumberland,
directly across from the Brooklyn Navy Yard
Transport: York Street stop on the F Train
DeKalb Avenue stop on the B, D and Q trains
B57 and B69 Buses:
Flushing Av/Cumberland St (westbound)
Flushing Av/N Portland Av (eastbound)


I-Beam Presents:

8:30 PM : Catherine Sikora - Tenor Sax
9:30 pm - Catherine Sikora - Tenor Sax
Mazz Swift - Violin

8 & 10pm: Anais Maviel - Voice & Surdo Drum
Adam Lane - Bass
Mara Rosenbloom - Piano & Composition

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2018 - 8:30 PM 11:30 PM
Chronos Collective
Caleb Curtis - alto saxophone
Kenneth Jimenez - bass
Davey Jones - guitar
Samuel Jones - drums
Vinnie Sperrazza/Caleb Curtis Duo
Vinnie Sperrazza - drums
Caleb Curtis - alto saxophone

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2018 - 8:30 PM 11:00 PM
Ryan Ferreira - Guitar
Michaël Attias - alto saxophone
Ches Smith - bowed percussion, tympani
Stephan Crump - acoustic bass

8:30 PM 10:30 PM
Zeena Parkins - Accordion / Electronics
Ingrid Laubrock - Tenor Saxophone
Tom Rainey - Drums
I-Beam is located at  168 7th Street in Brooklyn, NY 11215 - Directions: SUBWAY:  Take the F or R trains to 4th Ave & 9th Street.  Walk down 4th ave to 7th street.  Make a left on 7th and walk past 3rd ave.  We are located on the ground floor, the grey doors to the right of the stairs of #168.


The Bushwick Improvised Music Series

Monday October 15th

7pm Kenneth Jimenez - bass
, Hery Paz - tenor saxophone/bs.clarinet
8pm Stephen Gauci - tenor saxophone, 
Sandy Ewen - guitar/electronics & 
Adam Lane - bass
9pm Vijay Anderson - drums
, Ava Mendoza - guitar
, Sarah Bernstein - violin/electronics
, Adam Lane - bass

9:45pm Andrew Neumann - electronics/syth
Hans Tammen - Buchla
,Michael Evans - drums

10:45pm Raf Vertessen - drums
, Will Greene - guitar
Jesse Heasly - bass
11:30pm  Michael Larocca - drums
, Henry Mermer - drums & 
Finn Carroll - bass

Downstairs @ Bushwick Public House
1288 Myrtle Avenue in Bushwick
(Across the street from M train Central Ave stop)

Sound It Out Series @ Greenwich House —
Concerts, September-December 2018
Thursday Oct 25, 8pm — Michael Formanek’s Very Practical Trio w/ Tim Berne & Mary Halvorson - Michael Formanek, double-bass; Tim Berne, alto saxophone; Mary Halvorson, electric guitar

Saturday Oct 27, 8pm — Amanda Monaco & Friends - Amanda Monaco, guitar; Joe Fiedler, trombone; Sean Conly, double-bass; Jeff Davis, drums

Saturday Nov 10, 7:30pm — Josh Sinton’s Predicate Trio the trio of Avram Fefer, Sean Conly & Michael Wimberly - Double-bill — Josh Sinton’s Predicate Trio: Josh Sinton, baritone saxophone & bass clarinet; Chris Hoffman, cello; Tom Rainey, drums the trio of Avram Fefer, alto/tenor saxophones & bass clarinet; Sean Conly, double-bass; Michael Wimberly, drums

Thursday Nov 29, 7:30pm — Nick Millevoi’s Desertion Trio the duo of Anders Nilsson & Aaron Dugan - Double-bill — Nick Millevoi’s Desertion Trio: Nick Millevoi, electric guitar; Johnny DeBlase, bass guitar; Kevin Shea, drums the duo of Anders Nilsson, guitar & Aaron Dugan, guitar

Saturday Dec 1, 8pm — Devin Gray’s Dirigo Rataplan - Devin Gray, drums; Dave Ballou, trumpet; Ellery Eskelin, tenor sax; Michael Formanek, double-bass

Thursday Dec 6, 7:30pm — “The Afro-Cubism of Aruán Ortiz, from Avant-Jazz to Contemporary Chamber Music” - Aruán Ortiz, piano/composer

At the Greenwich House Music School: 46 Barrow Street, just west of 7th Avenue South in New York City’s West Village;, 212-242-4770.


Jazz Habitat at El Barrio Artspace - PS 109
215 E 99th St (between 2nd & 3rd Aves)

10/14: Sunday
7pm - Kenny Warren (tr), Adam Hopkins (bass), Gerald Cleaver (dr)
8pm - Eric Plaks (piano), Andrew Hadro (bari sax & bass cl), Evan Crane (bass), Leonid Galaganov (dr)

10/28: Sunday
7pm - Welf Dorr (sax), tba, Andrew Drury (dr)
8pm - Sana Nagano (violin), Kei Su Ke (guitar), Tyler Luppi (bass), Paolo Cantarella (dr)



Tuesday, October 16, 2018 - Music Box, 1148 Main Ave., Cleveland, OH - Doors 5:30 pm & Show 7:30 pm

Wednesday, October 17, 2018 - El Club, 4114 Vernor Hwy, Detroit, MI - Show 8:00 pm

Thursday, October 25, 2018 - Rhodes College, 2000 North Parkway, Memphis, TN -

Wednesday, October 31, 2018 - Philadelphia, PA - Venue & Showtime TBA

The Sun Ra Arkestra Directed by Marshall Allen has four CD recordings. Two are El Ra Records releases "A Song for the Sun" and "Music for the 21st Century" and the other two are In Out Record label releases "Live at the Paradox" and "Babylon Live".

For additional information about Sun Ra Arkestra Directed by Marshall Allen performances, including venue weblinks, please click on the "Tourdates" tab of the Sun Ra Arkestra website.  Booking information for the Sun Ra Arkestra Directed by Marshall Allen is available by clicking on the "Info" tab of the Sun Ra Arkestra website, which is located at:


Bill Laswell concerts

Oct. 26, 2018 (fri)
Jah Wobble & The Invaders of the Heart with special guest Bill Laswell
@ Elsewhere Hall, Brooklyn, NY

Oct. 30, 2018 (tue)
Artists at Noguchi - Hideo Yamaki & Bill Laswell
@ The Noguchi Museum, Long Island City, NY

Oct. 31, 2018 (wed)
Blue Buddha: Louie Belogenis, Dave Douglas, Bill Laswell, Michael Wimberly
@ The Stone, NYC - starts at 8:30 pm

Nov. 6, 2018 (tue)
KNOX OM PAX John Zorn & Bill Laswell
@ Teatro dal Verme, Milano, Italy

Nov. 11, 2018 (sun)
Nublu Jazz Festival
Peter Apfelbaum (keys, sax) Brandon Seabrook (gt) Bill Laswell (b)
Aaron Johnston (ds) @ Nublu, NYC

Uplift Europe tour
Dave Douglas (tp) Jon Irabagon (sax) Mary Halvorson (gt)
Rafiq Bhatia (gt) Bill Laswell (b) Ches Smith (ds)
Nov. 15 @ Centro Cultrual Vila Flor, Guimaraes, Portugal
Nov. 16 @ EFG London Jazz Festival, London, England
Nov. 17 @ Bielskie Centrum Kultury, Bielsko-Biala, Poland
Nov. 18 @ Teatro Victoria Eugenia Antzokia, San Sebastián, Spain
Nov. 19 @ De Bijloke Muziekcentrum, Gent, Belgium

Dec. 14, 2018 (fri)
Peter Apfelbaum (keys, sax) Brandon Seabrook (gt)
Bill Laswell (b), Mark Guiliana (ds) @ Nublu, NYC


Sirius Quartet Presents:
2018 Progressive Chamber Music Festival
November 10th 11th, 2018

Sirius Quartet
Neue Vocalsolisten
David Krakauer and Kathleen Tagg: Breath and Hammer
Erik Friedlander
String Noise
Richard Sussman
Rob Mosher's Brooklynburg

At The Spectrum /
70 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205
46 Barrow St, New York, NY 10014