New Pandemic Schedule:

Monday - Saturday, from noon til 6pm, closed on Sundays.

We ask that you still wear your masks, no more than six customers at one time.
Hand cleaner still provided.

You can call first at 212-473-0043 or just knock when you get here.

13 Monroe Street // New York, NY 10002-7351 // (212) 473-0043 //

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LARGE DMG SALE CD LIST! 100 Plus Discs for Your Listening Pleasure!


Ever since the pandemic forced DMG to close for several months, all three employees, Frank, John & myself have been slowly going through all sorts of crates, shelves & drawers at the store and discovering discs that were long forgotten, misplaced or ripe for discovery. We’ve listed more than 1,000 LP’s, CD’s & even cassettes on Discogs & ebay over the past year alone. I’ve been working on a masterlist of CD’s & LP’s which we have multiple copies of so that all we be listed on Discogs

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Sizzling Early Summer USED CD Sale! Biggest One Yet!


GREAT GOOGOOLEY MOOGOOLLY to all My FAVE BUBBIES/Serious Music Listeners out there everywhere!

We haven’t done a large USED CD list in a long while so here we go one more time. Below is a long list of around 400 CD’s. We’ve gotten several collections over the past few months plus a recent trip to an indoor flea market which was really fun. The below list is pretty diverse: avant/jazz, rock, psych, klez, modern classical, some rare and some not -so-rare. PLEASE take your time and c

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Happy 30th Anniversary to Downtown Music Gallery!

Saturday, May 1st was the actual anniversary of Downtown Music Gallery, 30 years to the day! I am immensely proud of all we’ve accomplished since we opened out doors on 211 East 5th St. in the East Village. Special thanks to all of the well-wishers who’ve written to us or come down in the past month, we do appreciate your kind words of support! We, here at DMG, are going to celebrate for the entire month with some live outdoor events, some in-store on-line events and a series of on-line epis

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Last Friday, May 1st, was the 29th anniversary of the modest beginning of Downtown Music Gallery. We opened our doors on May 1st of 1991! Our first store was at 211 East 5th St., around the corner from Cooper Union. Our rent was cheap ($750) and the store was not very big (750 sq ft). There were two owners, David Yamner & Steve Popkin, and I worked for them 6 days a week. Their plan was to sell Used CD’s and vinyl while I promoted Downtown/Progressive/Avant Jazz, what I dug the most. There wer

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Spotlight on Downtown Music Gallery

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