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Shalom, friends. We continue to be devastated by the loss of our friend, Thomas Chapin. He touched many people here in NYC,as well as around the world, with his uplifting music & positive energy. There will be a memorial service for Thomas in NYC in March, perhaps on the 10th, his birthday. We will keep you posted. In lieu of flowers, Thomas' wife Terri asks that you make contributions to Thomas Chapin Memorial fund at the Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass. ,61810 or the Leukemia Society of America. There will be a tribute gig at the Knit on March 1st @ 9pm w/ John Zorn, Ned Rothenberg, Marty Ehrlich, Mario Pavone & guests. We love you Thomas, forever & always.  


  • 1.JOHN ZORN/MASADA-9/Tet (DIW 933) Rejoice! Another colossal offering from the greatest jazz quartet of this decade! Ancient to the future, the long & difficult journey of the Jews continues, with Masada painting the pathway. This is a perfect quartet, each member a giant in their own right, but it is Zorn's music that brings them together in a rich diversity of spirits. Another gem, one more to go. At $16., this is still the best price anywhere. 
  • 2. JOHN ZORN-Filmworks VIII 1997 (Tzadik 7318) Incredibly lovely & immensely evocative. Actually, the first 45minutes feature chamber Masada pieces exquisitely played by the Masada String Trio with Marc Ribot, Anthony Coleman & Min Xiao-Fen (pipa virtuoso). The final 20 minutes feature an excellent percussion duo of Cyro Baptista & Kenny Wollesen. A perfect gift for your parents or sweetheart. Another great cover designed by Ikue. $14.
  • 3.PAINKILLER-The Complete Studio Recordings (Tzadik 7317) One of the scariest post-punk power trios to ever blast our brains right out of our skulls! Featuring Bill Laswell on mutant monster throb electro bass, John Zorn on sandblasting alto sax & vocal mutilation and Mick Harris on brain frying death metal/speedcore drum fury. This set consists of everything they put out except the "Rituals" live cd., but does include yet another live gig from Osaka & twisted artwork as well. Laswell's massive production includes dense dub & ambient remixes. Not for the squeamish. A 4cd set for $40.
  • 4.MILFORD GRAVES-Grand Unification (Tzadik 7030) Free jazz drum legend from the 60's onwards, Milford records so rarely. He is a professor at Bennington for over 20 years, a herbalist & a healer. This is a solo percussion masterwork- ritualistic chanting, percussive thunder, a walking history of the drums. Welcome back! $14.
  • 5.BUCKETHEAD & BRAIN:PIECES-I need 5 minutes alone (Avant 054) A warped power duo of Buckethead on molten metal, speed demon & totally shredding guitar & el. bass, with Brain (Praxis & Primus) on monster drums. Buckethead is a cartoon super hero who can play faster & heavier than most mortals can comprehend. $18.
  • 6.EasSide PERCUSSION-ESP (Avant 073) Superb modern percussion trio, featuring Jim Pugliese, Christine Bard (both played for Zorn & Shrek) and Michael Evans. Utilizing dozens of odd percussive instruments, household objects, acoustic & electric & even a theremin. From dense landscapes like Xenakis, to funk, rock & noise!! An excellent excursion. Often dense, dark & mysterious. $18. 
  • 7.ELLIOTT SHARP/ORCHESTRA CARBON-Rheo-Umbra (Zoar 17) Featuring the Carbon quintet & Soldier String Quartet, plus 2 bass clarinetists & the return of the slab, an E. Sharp invented string instrument. Dense, dark, bizarre textures & difficult music. Are you ready?!? Limited edition of 300, signed & numbered by Elliott. $18.
  • 8.KRAMER-Songs from the Pink Death (Shimmy/KFW 502) The master of psychedelic production, 60's style is back with a vengenance. After a couple of years of real life soap opera & courtroom drama, Kramer comes up with another gem of cosmic layered guitars, fuzz bass, mellotron & everchanging vocal characters. Complete with a Beatles cover & samples and Ziggy Stardust influence. A triumphant return to form. Why more bands don't utilize Kramer's magical production, remains a mystery to me. $13.
  • 9.DEREK BAILEY & EUGENE CHADBOURNE- (Rectangle L) 10"ep. For the last few years, my old buddy Eugene has been on a roll. Less comedy & politics, more legendary free-jazz guitar prowess. Both gigs & releases are getting better. His duo tour/cd with Paul Lovens, reunion gig with Zorn, and his Insect & Western free/bluegrass unit all show him to be the master he really is. This duo w/ Bailey is another fine release. Commencing with mostly acoustic guitars, there is a nice balance of free & playful episodes, with Eugene occasionally breaking into a line or two of vocals. There are excursions of free-form guitar freak-outs, as well. Funny speech by Derek closes this ep. Good vinyl & simple b & w cover. $12. for French import.
  • 10.FRED FRITH & NOEL AKCHOTE-Reel (Rectangle K) 10" ep. Noel Akchote is new name to me, but not for long. This is his label & they now have out 4 records of outstanding improv. Noel is a fine out guitarist in his own right, a great match of wits for Frith & Derek Bailey. Fred is the master of guitar as noise-making device. A variety of approaches to wacky string manipulation, volume pedal grace, much mutant & alien like sounds. Live, May '96. $12. for 10" import vinyl.
  • 11.DEREK BAILEY & NOEL AKCHOTE-Close to the Kitchen (Rectangle F) 12'' lp. Studio recordings. Serious improv, both guitarists constantly on target! From quiet acoustic sounds to double burning squeal/scree/skronk explosions. Noel seems younger, with his Beefheart & more post-punk sounds. Strong stuff, a must for Bailey fans. $12. also for 48 minute full length french import lp.
  • 12.TELECTU/CHRIS CUTLER/JAC BERROCAL-s/t (Fabrica De Sons 001) Telectu are a weird electronic duo from Spain that have collaborated with LaMonte Young & Elliott Sharp. Chris Cutler is master percussionist from Henry Cow, Art Bears, News from Babel... Jac Berrocal is a legendary French avant trumpeter who has played with Catalogue 80, Gilbert Artman & the (NY) Sirens. Together, this unit provides an amazing journey through ever-evolving electronic landscapes. Intricate, selective, swirling sounds with some tortured guitar thrown in. 3 long live pieces on an import cd for $17.
  • 13.THE FONDA/STEVENS GROUP- "Live from Brugge" (De Werf 010) More great music by these local unsung giants! Herb Robertson on trumpets & Mark Whitecage on alto sax, both monster players! Michael J. Stevens on piano, Joe Fonda on bass & Harvey Sorgen on drums (from Hot Tuna) are a great rhythm team as well. Blue Note like swing, Mingus like swagger, not to be ignored, but cherished. $14.
  • 14.MICHAEL JEFREY STEVENS & MARK WHITECAGE-Short Stories (Red Toucan 9312) Outstanding duo of piano & alto/soprano sax & alto clarinet. Often beautiful little stories, two masters weaving streams of histories...Whitecage is a continual wonder with his great Dolphyesque bent tone on alto sax. Stevens also sizzles & explores the piano inside & out. $14.
  • 15.AHLAM- "Acting Salam" (Barbitity 009) Bill Laswell produced & played most fat bass on this release, Bob Musso on el. guitar. Algerian slammin', jammin', funky, throbbing bass, total groove, ecstatic, Rai rockin', trance inducing, psychedelic dub & a massive Musso/Laswell duet! A load of fun, so put on your dancin' shoes! $14.
  • 16.IF, BWANA-Tripping India (Pogus 21013) Al Margolis' continuing project of the total manipulation of sounds. Like Morton Feldman, one must be patient to appreciate the minimal scenery & slowly unfolding mystery. The trip to India is especially compelling. A steal for $10.
  • 17.Q.R. GHAZALA-Requiem for a Radio (Realization 012) Reed Ghazala is an instrument maker you might recall from that groovy "Gravichords" comp that came out last year. A four part requiem for a radio that is slowly destroyed & transformed. Shadowing an actual requiem mass, this is quite successful as bizarre journey through technology as it is being melted down to scrap. $10. for now.
  • 18.RUINS-Refusal Fossil (Skin Graft 45) 20 track 60min. comp of unreleased material live w/ guests & studio from '88 to '95. You either love or hate this wacky jap post punk/prog power duo! Guests include members of Tipographica, Omoide Hatoba & Demi Semi Quaver. Totally obnoxious,in your face, fast & furious, blastin', that Magma like operatic voice seriousness/silliness. The final treat is the dreaded Prog Rock medley. You get the picture. $14.
  • 19.IVO PERELMAN.WILLIAM PARKER.RASHID ALI-Live (Zero In) Ivo continues to unleash his tenor blasting freedom with two other local giants of free jazz. Recording live at the Knit by yours truly on my birthday, June 19th, '96. Does Ivo ever rest, it certainly doesn't seem like it. 10 cds in 3 or so years. A frenzy of intense activity from this solid trio. William works his mystical buzzing bass, too. $14.
  • 20.SINGERS & PLAYERS-Revenge of the Underdog (On U 0011) Second superb offering by early dub vocal unit from 1981, featuring the lovely vocals of Bim Sherman & the ancient cosmic rasp of Prince Far I. Adrian Sherwood is always on a mission to echo & accentuate little nuggets of surprise. Grab these On U reissues before they disappear once again. $14.
  • 21.DUB SYNDICATE-Tunes from the missing channel (ON U 0038) 
  • Another cosmic dub reissue, this time from '85. Important contributions from Jah Wobble, Keith Levene, Steve Beresford & Dr. Pablo. Mostly instrumental, even more psychedelized, throb thick bass groove and dance/trance vibes. Progressive production & effects. $14. 
  • ERIK FRIEDLANDER'S CHIMERA-Feb 17-21 Knit Old Office 8 & 9:30
  • ELLERY ESKELIN/ANDREA PARKINS/JIM BLACK-Feb 20 &21 @ the Internet Café 82 e. 3rd st. 10 & 11:30
  • MARK HELIAS solo acoustic bass @ Downtown Music Gallery this Sun Feb 22nd @ 7pm free 13 Monroe St. (bet 2nd & 3rd Ave.)
  • MARTY EHRLICH TRIO & GREGG BENDIAN'S INTERZONE on Sun Feb 22nd @ KF main space @ 8pm
  • MATT SHIPP TRIO & ROGER MILLER DUO @ KF Tues Feb 24th @8pm
  • GOLD SPARKLE BAND great avantjazz from Atlanta Wed Feb 25th @ AlterKnit @ KF @ 11pm
  • DANIELSON FAMILY & a 40 piece gospel choir @ Threadwaxing on Thur Feb 26 @ 8pm
  • GAWK & EasSide Percussion @ the Baggott Inn @ 10pm on Fri Feb 27th
  • TRISTAN HONSINGER-HAL ONSERUD-BLAISE SIWULA-JACKSON KRALL rare group gig by this FMP allstar cellist on Fri Feb 27th @ the AlterKnit @ 11pm
  • ART ENSEMBLE OF CHICAGO @ AliceTully Hall on Sat Feb 28th @ 8pm tix $25. 
  • SABIR MATEEN & BECKY SCHMOYER sax & guitar/voice duo here @ DMG on Sun March 1st @ 7pm free 
  • THOMAS CHAPIN TRIBUTE @ the Knit w/ Zorn, Rothenberg, Ehrlich, Pavone... Sun Mar 1st @ 9pm
  • DEEP LISTENING BAND @ the World Financial Center on Mon Mar 2nd @ 7pm
  • ELLIOT SHARP'S TERRAPLANE smokin' instrumental blues unit w/ Sim Cain (Rollins Band) on drums @ the Knit Old Office Mar 4th-7th @ 8 & 9:30
  • JOHN ZORN'S MASADA STRING TRIO @ Merkin Hall on Thur Mar 5th @ 8pm 
  • BANG ON A CAN ALL STARS DO ENO'S MUSIC FOR AIRPORTS Alice Tully Hall on Sat Mar 7th @ 8pm for $30.
  • RANDY HUDSON rare solo el. guitar & guitar synth from former Bongwater lead guitar great here @ DMG @ 7pm for free
  • CURLEW & KAMIKAZE GROUND CREW @ the knit on Tue Mar 10th @ 10pm
  • THE POOOL W/ HOPPY KAMIYAMA video improv adventurists @ the Kitchen on Thur Mar 12 @ 8pm
  • JOHN ZORN & FRIENDS & TONY TRISCHKA @ the Lion's Den on Fri Mar 13 on 214 Sullivan St.
  • JOHN ZORN & MIKE PATTON @ the Knit on Sat Mar 14th
  • Maya MASAOKA/OLIVER LAKE/REGGIE WORKMAN/ANDREW CYRILLE @ the Knit Sun Mar 15th @ 8pm Maya is a koto master from the Bay area
  • OLIVIA.NEW.TON.JON w/ HOPPY KAMIYAMA @ Coney Island High On Tue Mar 17th this God Mt.'s founder Hoppy's post punk improv crazies!
Hello all, welcome to this latest episode in mindlessness known as MIKESSPACE. Here's hoping that 1998 thus far has been good to you. Sorry that I was on auto-pilot for that last issue but due to the absence of worthwhile review material (and wittiness), I had to be. So enough with APOLOGIES, onward to the DEDICATION. This missive is dedicated to all of our faithful customers who keep this place going in the good times and especially to those who keep us afloat in the bad.  

My DESERT ISLAND____________ for this outing is DI Video (cartoons). If I could have just 10 tapes (taped at the slowest possible speed, of course) and filled with nothing but cartoons they would be-  

  • 1. a Daffy Duck anthology
  • 2. a Bugs Bunny anthology
  • 3. a Beavis & Butthead anthology
  • 4. a SGC2C/Cartoon Planet anthology
  • 5. a Cow & Chicken anthology
  • 6. a Dexter's Laboratory anthology
  • 7. a Johnny Bravo anthology
  • 8. a Ren & Stimpy anthology
  • 9. a Sailor Moon anthology (shut up)
  • 10. an Aeon Flux anthology

I'll begin with the Go-Out-And-Buy-This-Now! review. It goes to MONO, the album is Formica Blues and it will be available on 2/10. If you like your Portishead mixed with your Burt Bacharach and your Phil Spector, this is for you. James Bond themes sung by the Carpenters or maybe Dionne Warwick doing Marlene Dietrich torch tunes. Whatever... go get it. The track "Life In Mono" should be impacting radio as I type this. The award also goes to Chicane- Far From The Maddening Crowd on Edel America records. Now, I like this thing and I'm unapologetic about it, if I gush, forgive me. This piece straddles the sonic space between New Age, House, Big Beat, Jungle and even Soul. Seriously, track one is that kind of piece where you can't tell if it's ambient or just a great New Age tune without all the mush. Track two touches on Flamenco and stirs in some nice pads and strings and it's not until halfway through track three that this wolf takes off its sheep costume and reveals itself as a fine Trance/Ambient/Jungle/whatever hybrid of beautiful proportions. Oh yeah, say hello to the stunning vocal hook on track four while you're at it. This is a total brain vacation of gorgeous, lush sounds set to beats that you can dance to or relax in a tub with. It's Yanni-Techno... ok, that's harsh and won't sell you on it. It's... nice, real nice. Fans of Opus III, Orbital, Way Out West, Salt Tank, Rabbit In The Moon, etc., take note; this is your CD!!!  

    Ozric Tentacles- Curious Corn- [Mad Fish] 
    (RIYL: Gong-type space jams, Cul De Sac, Subarachnoid Space)  

    Nothing too new presented here/just more of the same that some hold dear like twiddly-knob synth and wank guitar/like galactic collisions seen from afar  

    Various Artists- Firestarter- [Century Media]  
    (RIYL: Blackend 1 & 2) $3.98 list for 15 tracks!  

    Black Metal comp. features cream of the crop/but nothing here's unreleased Emperor, Ulver and Mayhem gathered/for a summoning of the Beast  

    Tribes Of Neurot/Walking Time Bombs- Static Migration- [Release](RIYL: Neurosis, Pain Teens)  

    Industrial drones 
    night trips through dark factories 
    with jungle drums 

    Actually, this release deserves more than that because it is truly multi-dimensional. There's a track on here that sounds like ZZ Top jamming on Hawkwind material. Another sounds like Labradford on acid. Very interesting...  

    God Dethroned- The Grand Grimoire- [Metal Blade] 
    (RIYL: Dark Funeral, Kreator)  

    For you a new orifice ripped/compliments of these Dutch four maiming with sheer ugly hatred/is this sonic paean to war  

    Steve Roach/Vidna Obmana- Cavern Of Sirens- [Projekt] 
    (RIYL: Early Steve Roach, Trance Mission)  

    drones and chants and drifts 
    a deep and gorgeous haunting 
    goth new age and noir 

    Mithotyn- In The Sign Of The Ravens- [Death] 
    (RIYL: Arcturus, Mythological Cold Towers)  

    Folk-tinged Black Metal 
    Harshest screams meet baleful tongues 
    in misted forests  

    Vond- Slipp Sorgen Les- [Dark Dungeon] 
    (RIYL: Medieval electronics, re-issues that don't say so on the cover)  

    Cleverly packaged and sold again/a new title for 'Selvmord' if you like Mortiis you'll love this piece/ if not you'll soon be bored  

    Defleshed- Under The Blade- [Death]  
    (RIYL: Kreator, Destruction)  

    Is this, like, Germany 1985?/bands like this keep retro alive but this old school project is one to savor/death metal done with some 80's thrash flavor  

    Jeff Greinke- Cities In Fog- [Projekt] 
    (RIYL: dark ambient) (2cd set, his first album and it sequel in one package)  

    empty factories 
    at night when ghosts are roaming 
    and traffic's distant 

    Unsane- Occupational Hazard- [Relapse]  
    (RIYL: Today Is The Day, Deadguy, Swans)  

    aural bludgeoning 
    with a truncheon for guitar 
    and razored vocals 

    Gates Of Ishtar- The Dawn Of Flames- [Death] 
    (RIYL: Swedish Melodic Death eg, Dark Tranquility)  

    Not too good and not too bad/ which ain't to say it doesn't rate but nothing not yet done to death/on the last two At The Gates  

    Craig Armstrong- The Space Between Us- [Melankolic] 
    (RIYL: Musique Noir... has that been coined yet? ya know: Portishead, Alpha, Autour De Lucie, etc)  

    Big and orchestral/like In The Nursery 
    with Elizabeth Fraser/whose singin' ain't cursory.  

    That sucked. Try this...  

    I like it, I'm just not sure how to feel about it. It's kind of a soundtrack without the movie. A Mike Figgis movie, at that. You know, depressing but sexy, painful but full of hope, dark but... dark. 

Anyway, that's it from me. Until next time,  

His Most Benevolent and Divine Appointedness,  

Emperor Mike I