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NEWSLETTER - December 11th, 2004

PAUL MILLER/DJ SPOOKY - rhythm science [130 page booklet & CD] (Mediawork/MIT press) Our good friend, DJ Spooky "delivers a manifesto for Rhythm Science - the creation of art from the flow of patterns in culture." DJ Spooky has always done a fine job of mixing, blending, slicing and dicing a wide variety of sounds and sources. In this provocative book he gives us a series of essays on DJ culture, the New Griots, sonic sculptures, the DJ as a writer and vica-versa, multiplex consciousness, rhythmic cinema and space and the way his life intersects with modern culture on different levels. DJ Spooky many a number of interesting points, so take your time to consider them, a few pages at a time should do the trick. The enclosed CD features some 33 tracks taken from the Sub Rosa audio archive, which DJ Spooky has manipulated in a wide variety of ways, blending different sonic explorers (Laswell, Charles Hayward, DJ Wally, Scelsi, e. e. cummings, Jon Hassell, etc.) into unique and unlikely combinations. The CD illustrates many of points that Spooky makes throughout his fascinating book, showing how the modern day DJ can see and use the thread than runs through all the different musics and sounds that they have at their disposal.
130 Book & CD for $20

DESDEMONE BARDIN - JAZZ ZOOM carryin' it on / photos & interviews by...[140 page 12X12 hard cover book] This is an incredible and immensely beautiful book which covers the avant-jazz scene in an amazing way. The late Ms. Bardin was an excellent photographer, as well an astute interviewer of many important members of the modern jazz scene for many years. Superb black & white photos and short unique interviews of Albert Ayler, Lester Bowie, Leroy Jenkins, Warren Smith, Anthony Davis, Fontella Bas, Frank Gordon, Eddie Allen, Aaron Stewart, Alex Harding, John Purcell, Hamiet Bluiett, Oliver Lake, Ronnie Burrage, Pheeroan AkLaff, Michele Rosewoman, Randy Weston, Sun Ra, Vincent Chancey, Craig Harris, Dick Griffin, Ahmed Abdullah, Billy Bang, Marion Brown, Fred Hopkins, Andrew Cyrille, Denis Charles, Cecil Taylor, Archie Shepp, Roswell Rudd, Reggie Workman, Charles Gayle, Rashied Ali, William Parker, Susie Ibarra & Assif Tsahar, D.D. Jackson, David Murray, Butch Morris, John Hicks, Frank Lacy, Ricky Ford, Marty Ehrlich and others. I dig the way she includes copies of posters and gig notices to show where and when these gigs took place. Put together by Ms. Bradin's husband and son, an obvious labor of love. This book is heavy in more ways than one, so that shipping will cost a pretty penny.
140 page 12X12 hard cover book for $50

AHMED ABDULLAH - Traveling the Spaceways (Planet Arts 1003-24) Featuring Ahmed Abdullah & Arunga on trumpets, Billy Bang on violin, Craig Harris on trombone, Salim Washington on tenor sax, Alex Harding on bari sax, Masujaa on guitar, Radu on bass, Cody Moffett on drums, plus vocals & poetry. A Sun Ra tribute perhaps, only time will tell.
CD for $15

DANIEL CARTER/REUBEN RADDING/GREG KEPLINGER - Not Out Of Anywhere [2 CD set] (Soul Disk 5703) Don't know Greg, but I believe he works with alto sax great Wally Shoup. Both multi-reeds & trumpet ace Daniel Carter & acoustic bass great Reuben Radding seem to be in many places at once playing for a slew of bands and projects. Daniel has played that ever inventive passion, spirit and intensity, no matter how many dozens (hundreds?) of sessions he is part of, going back some 25 plus years. The Daniel and Rueben duo CD from last year was amongst that year's finest, so no doubt this one should also blow some minds!
2 CD set for $18

MICK ROSSI - One Block from Planet Earth (Omnitone 15207) Featuring Andy Laster on clarinet, alto & bari saxes, trumpeter Russ Johnson, bassist Mark Dresser, percussionist Charles Descarfino and Mick Rossi on piano & all compositions. Organized pandemonium rules as master pianist, composer, and percussionist Mick Rossi lets fly with another breathtakingly fun and virtuoso compositions for quintet. Block was recorded live one take (!) at the Knitting Factory and offers some mind-blowing playing and improvisation from this crackshot ensemble ... enough to transport you to another world. With tunes like "Page X," "I Gotta Go to Bed," and "Biohazard," what do you expect? And, for those fans of Mick's wonderful album of a few years ago, "They Have a Word for Everything" (one of our top 10 picks of the last 10 years!), One Block gives the next, further-extended, installment of Rossi compositional (and pianistic) prowess. Bruce's review next week.
CD for $15

BIRDBRAIN - I Fly [CD-EP] (self-produced) My favorite records - the ones that have real "staying power" - are most often the ones that sneak up on you when you least expect it, and come at you with sounds you least expect at that given moment. I'm hitting you all with the tagline right out of the gate for this one - this is a serious contender for Record of the Year. "I Fly" is one of those delightful NYC artifacts that displays what has made the city's art/music/intermedia scene so wonderful for the last few decades - a sonic melting pot that uses influences not as reference points, but rather as launchpads for new explorations. The quartet - vocalist/main songwriter Yvette Perez, trombonist Peter Zummo, alto saxist Don Trubey, and tenor saxist Tim Noe - create songs that are startling in their efficiency; the arrangements exude a weightless tension that highlights the mass collective talent of these downtown veterans. For those of you that need reference points - imagine the World Saxophone Quartet dancing sambas around the sardonic, dramatic vocalese of Jill Kroesen or early Laurie Anderson and you're almost there. Few groups these days are able to make such complex beauty seem so effortless and surprising. Perez calls it "avant-pop." I call it "perfection." Highest recommendation! - Mikey "IQ" Jones at DMG.
CD for $12

CALIFORNIA GUITAR TRIO - Whitewater (Inside Out; Germany) Produced by Tony Levin, "Whitewater" contains mostly new and original CGT [Bert Lams, Hideo Moriya and Paul Richards] material. Both ethereal and blistering, this recording reveals the CGT's music in a new light by introducing some amazing electronic treatments while staying true to their warm, analog sound. The Bach Circulation piece on this recording was made using tiny, high-end, binaural microphones in producer Tony Levin's ears, just a few feet from the 3 guitars! Enhanced CD - Bonus Video included.
CD for $15

ROBYN HITCHCOCK - Spooked (Yep Roc) New 2004 release for this keeper of the "a-Syd" flame! Sometime after the release of 2003's sparse and slightly chilly Luxor, Robyn Hitchcock attended his first Gillian Welch show. Impressed by the duo's rootsy adherence to the organic -- two guitars, two voices -- he approached the longtime fans [Hitchcock unknowingly signed David Rawlings' guitar at a Boston in-store in 1989] and exchanged digits. The unlikely partnership came to fruition at Nashville's Woodland Studios a few months later, and in just six days the lovely, intimate, and typically eccentric Spooked was born. Produced by Rawlings and culled from hours of off-the-cuff originals, Dylan songs, and general weirdness, Spooked harks back to his mercurial I Often Dream of Trains period. References to fungus and food abound, but wrapped in the wooly blankets of Rawlings' signature picking and Welch's winsome harmonies, they take on a fireplace warmth that renders them amiably nostalgic rather than blatantly surreal. On the dew-soaked opener, "Television," Rawlings lays down a beautiful descending lead that wouldn't have sounded out of place on the duo's debut, and its juxtaposition with Hitchcock's "bing a bon a bing bong" vocal entrance is jarring, but when the three of them come together mid-song to harmonize, the results are quietly majestic. Much of the record revisits -- musically at least -- Hitchcock's colorful past. "Everybody Needs Love," with its breathy urgency and electric sitar, sounds like something off of Element of Light, and the lurching "Creeped Out" -- featuring Welch on drums -- could have been the B-side to 1985's "Brenda's Iron Sledge." This is Hitchcock's most rewarding and creative endeavor since 1993's Egyptian-led Respect, and the fact that Rawlings and Welch are there as eager tools to flesh out his English netherworld makes the fellowship feel even more collaborative. It's a testament to both camps' willingness to try anything -- hearing Welch and Rawlings repeating "crackle, crackle, pop" beneath Hitchcock's spoken word sales pitch to extraterrestrials looking to vacation on Earth is a pretty good example -- that ultimately succeeds in making Spooked the left-field gem that it is. ~ James Christopher Monger, AMG
CD for $15


HOPPY KAMIYAMA & BILL LASWELL - A Navel City/No One Is There (Kanpai 73043) Maverick Japanese producer and avant-garde sound creator Hoppy Kamiyama along with veteran downtown New York bassist/ producer Bill Laswell (the man is everywhere) get top billing here, but equal credit should go to drummer Kiyohiko Semba, whose explosive polyrhythms fuel much of the improvisation on this album. Sounding like it was recorded in one take during one of Laswell's recent Japan visits, A Navel City reflects the substantial skills of a trio of musicians grounded in free jazz/post-rock esthetics. Laswell lays down diaphanous bass lines that burble along underneath the bleeps, squelches and squeaks of Kamiyama's samplers and synthesizers, while Semba's drum lines threaten to steal the show. In sum, a surprisingly accessible expression of what is basically a challenging area of music.
CD for $13

THE SABOTEN - Saboten (Kanpai 73044) The Saboten is a long-running collaboration between three of Japan's most cutting edge artists - Hoppy Kamiyama, Saguaro, and DJ Force. With diverse tastes and backgrounds, these three musical masterminds create a unique sound that blends all of the purest elements of techno-electronic-progressive-experimental-jazz, while at the same time, developing something entirely new and beyond the borders of categorization. The sounds of The Saboten are experimental and truly avant-garde, yet there's a familiarity to it that keeps it palatable and accessible to those outside of their exclusive circle. Their sound, which has been described as "Mixture Head Music", is a combination of techno, rock, jazz and ambient elements... plus a dash of eclectic craziness. CD for $13


A strong improviser whose colorful and spiritual music crosses many boundaries (between World Music, free jazz and folk songs from many countries), Zusaan Kali Fasteau [or Kali Z Fasteau, as she now calls herself] plays soprano, shakuhachi flute, cello, piano, percussion and quite a few "exotic" instruments such as the ney, kaval, sheng, mizmar, moursin and the sanza. She spent her early childhood in Paris and New York and studied piano, cello, voice and flute. After earning a BA in anthropology and an MA in World Music, she became involved in the free jazz scene of New York and San Francisco in the late 1960's. In 1972 Fasteau began a 13-year musical exploration of the world (visiting 16 countries), playing music all over the globe. Among her experiences was performing with Sun Ra in Amsterdam, touring Italy with Archie Shepp and spending two years apiece in Turkey and India. At the end of 1984 Fasteau settled in New York and began integrating what she had learned into her music. Among the other musicians who she has played with have been Donald Rafael Garrett (her late husband), Rashied Ali, Dewey Redman, Oliver Lake, Jeanne Lee, William Parker and Johnny Dyani. Fasteau co-led recording sessions with Garrett on ESP [SEA ENSEMBLE] and Red and has in more recent times recorded several CDs for her own Flying Note label. - Scott Yanow, AMG
We at DMG duly add that her recordings herald an intense duality of spirituality and musicality the likes of which have rarely been heard since John Coltrane's latter days or Don Cherry's pan-ethnic excursions!!!

THIS IS THE LATEST ONE [First mentioned last week]

KALI Z. FASTEAU With BOBBY KIDD JORDAN/BOBBY FEW/SIRONE - Making Waves (Flying Note 9010) Featuring Kidd Jordan on tenor sax, Bobby Few on piano, Sirone on bass and Kali Z. on soprano sax, synth, cello, voice, mizmar and drums. Making Waves consists of a series of mostly duets and a couple of quartets with our favorite cosmic queen of space-age, spiritual improv. Kali Z. has been around the world many times since her career in the sixties began, playing with some of the heaviest avant-jazz musicians known. She was once married to and explored the further realms with the legendary Coltrane collaborator Donald Rafael Garrett, so that wonderful free-flowing spirit consistently burns through her powerful playing, no matter which instrument she uses. On Making Waves she matches wits with three other strong musicians: Kidd Jordan on tenor sax, Bobby Few on piano and Sirone on bass. The quartet pieces are especially amazing, a little less synth might make this gem a bit more incredible for the synth snobs amongst us. Still, this is pretty cosmic music for times that could really use this spirit of exploration. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD for $14


KALI Z. FASTEAU - Oneness (Flying Note 9009) This is legendary multi-instrumental improviser and world traveler Kali Z(usaan formerly) Fasteau's 2003 release for the Flying Note label. Here Kali focuses on piano, soprano & alto saxes, nai reed flutes, mizmars, drums and voice and is joined by Lee Mixashawn Rozie on tenor sax, flute & djembe; Okkyung Lee on cello and Newman Baker, Marvin Smith & Ron McBee on drums, percussion & djembes as well. Since co-leading the Sea Ensemble (an ESP record) with her late partner Donald Rafael Garrett in the early seventies, Zusaan has continued to explore ethnic instruments from everywhere and improvise magic music with other gifted musicians from diverse backgrounds. On 'Oneness', Kali continues to work with Native American sax legend Mixashawn Rozie, three fine percussionists and our good friend & local cello wizard, Okkyung Lee. 'Oneness' was recorded live at four concerts in 2001 and captures Kali's consistently magical improv spirits. Each of the sixteen tracks range from duos to quartet segments. Kali switches between some six instruments and is convincing on each, from playing the Cecil-like free-flowing piano on "Beyond Words" to the other-world sonics pulled from inside the piano on "Grand Kanun". From the riveting double reed of the mizmar on "Elephants' Dance" to the lovely nai flutes on various pieces here. The spirited drumming of all four percussionists (Kali included) is splendid throughout and gives much of this a ritualistic and organic vibe of being in a (global) village somewhere on mother earth. Nice to hear the wonderful Okkyung Lee add her special spice added to the longest track here. Soothing and spiritual music for troubled times. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $14.00 STOCK

KALI Z. FASTEAU & RAFAEL GARRETT [SEA ENSEMBLE] - Memoirs Of A Dream [2 CD set] (Flying Note 9008) KALI FASTEAU: Composer, Nai, Shakuhachi & Kaval Flutes, Voice, CelloPiano, Sheng,Sol Clarinet, Sanza, Moursin, Conch, Cumbus Tanbur & Davul Drum.[DONALD] RAFAEL GARRETT: Composer, Contrabass, Bb Clarinet, Sol Clarinet, Shakuhachi,Nai & Transverse Flutes, Voice, Sheng, Zurna, Balafon, Sanza, Conch & Percussion. "Memoirs of a Dream is a two-disc set of archival recordings of the Sea Ensemble, a late '60s-early '70s duo of pianist/cellist/flutist Zusaan Kali Fasteau and bassist/clarinetist Donald Rafael Garrett. The husband and wife multi-instrumentalists incorporate an array of world folk music influences to create a sound that is casually ambient and relaxed; it's never aggressive but always involving. The first disc contains an hour-long improvisation, "Streaming Love," which was recorded on four-track in Leiden, Holland in May, 1975. The second disc captures a live March, 1977 performance in Ankara, Turkey -- another continuous yet ever-changing improvisation called "Come From Deep."
2 CD set for $20

KALI Z. FASTEAU With SABIR MATEEN/JOE McPHEE/HAMID DRAKE et al- Vivid (Flying Note 9007) KALI FASTEAU: Composer,Soprano Saxophone, Voice, Nai & Kaval Flutes,Mizmar, Drum Set, Moursin & Sanza.HAMID DRAKE: Drum Set, Bindir & Voice.SABIR MATEEN: Alto & Tenor Saxophones, & Bamboo Side Flute.JOE McPHEE: Soprano Saxophone & Pocket Trumpet.RON McBEE: Djembe & African Percussion.
"Kali Fasteau presents 15 live recordings named for the aural suggestion of each work and its counterpart in the visual spectrum on Vivid, and the result is an excellent display of creativity and imagination that transcends boundaries and takes her listeners to another level of music aesthetics. The multi-instrumentalist, composer, and arranger plays a set filled with exciting techniques, including her simultaneous playing of the drums, soprano sax, and voice! Joined by such expressive masters as William Parker on contrabass; Joe McPhee on soprano sax and pocket trumpet; Hamid Drake on drum set, bindir, and voice; Sabir Mateen on alto sax, tenor sax, and bamboo side flute; and Ron McBee on djembe and African percussion, the sextet exudes music's energies and colors -- whether seen, heard, or felt, within the mind's eye, ear, or touch associations. This concept, also explored and appreciated by such great artists as Avishai Cohen on Colors and the great musical educator Arnold Schoenberg, will definitely open your musical senses with its brightly colored synaesthesia. "Chartreuse," recorded live at Canada's Guelph Jazz Festival, is a six-minute piece designed with soprano sax, whirling tube, djembe, and percussion, and presents Fasteau's ambitious composition in a light that embraces this spectrum of tonalities by using intuitive approximation and subjective objectivization. Other colors explored and realized are a 12-minute version of "Sun Yellow," with Joe McPhee burning on pocket trumpet and soprano sax, and the mystical "Tamil Blue," on which Fasteau plays the nai and kaval flutes. This CD is a brilliant achievement, and for those interested in a creative display utilizing color associations with certain sounds or tonalities, Vivid is the perfect choice." - Paula Edelstein, AMG
CD for $14

KALI Z. FASTEAU With NOAH HOWARD/JOE McPHEE/BOBBY FEW et al - Comraderie (Flying Note 9006) KALI FASTEAU: Composer, Soprano Sax, Voice, Nai & Kaval Flutes, Cello & Sheng; BOBBY FEW: Piano; NOAH HOWARD: Alto Sax; JOE McPHEE: Tenor Sax; SONELIUS SMITH: Piano; WARREN SMITH: Drums; MIKE WIMBERLY: Djembe, Talking Drum & Percussion. "Multi-instrumentalist and composer Kali Fasteau plays an exotic array of free jazz and world rhythms for trio and quintet on Comraderie. Accompanied by such world-class players as Joe McPhee and drummer Warren Smith, She matches her male counterparts note-for-note on this exciting palette of musical experiences. A product of extensive world travels and excellent musical training, Kali Fasteau composed all 14 songs, which were recorded in a studio session and live in concert in 1997. Her trio session with Bobby Few on piano and Michael Wimberly on percussion feature her playing soprano saxophone, nai (a Moroccan end-blown reed flute) and Kaval flutes, sheng (a Chinese mouth organ), and cello. The quintet date with Noah Howard on alto sax, Joe McPhee on tenor sax, Sonelius Smith, on piano and Warren Smith on drums unite Kali Fasteau with highly evolved improvisations that approach her artistic freedom with wide open sounds and impressive ranges. The use of her voice as an additional instrument on "Whispersong" provides an unusual layer of aural energy to her sax and sheng spontaneity while providing an uncommon perspective of this concept. "Ethiopia" shimmers with spirituality, nuance, and African rhythms, as if the music is playing her. Fasteau reaches an ambitious pinnacle on Comraderie and displays great chops throughout this set." - Paula Edelstein, AMG
CD for $14

KALI Z. FASTEAU With WILLIAM PARKER/DANIEL CARTER/BOBBY FEW et al- Sensual Hearing (Flying Note 9005) KALI FASTEAU: Composer, Soprano Sax, Piano, Voice, Cello,Nai & Shakuhachi Flutes, Drums & Tambura; WILLIAM PARKER: Contrabass; SOMALIA RICHARDS: Violin; RON McBEE: Djembe, Berimbau & Cuica; DANIEL CARTER: Tenor Sax; MALICK SOW: Djembe; JIN HI KIM: Komungo; GOKSEL BAKTAGIR: Kanun; FERRUH YARKIN: Bindir & Davul; BOBBY FEW: Piano. Recorded for her own Flying Note Records, Sensual Hearing depicts different aspects of the multi-instrumentalist's journeys around the world. She's working with her regular band (including longtime friend, bassist William Parker), but Fasteau's range with shakuhachi, tambura, and other percussion -- not to mention her voice -- makes this album almost as diverse as music scattered all over the planet. - John Bush, AMG
CD for $14

KALI Z. FASTEAU With WILLIAM PARKER/BADAL ROY et al- Prophecy: The Whale And The Elephant Trade Notes On The State (Flying Note 9003) KALI FASTEAU: Composer, Soprano Sax, Cello, Piano, Ney, Kaval & Shakuhachi Flutes,Voice, Sheng, Moursin, Mizmar, Sanza, Synthesizer, Drums, Tympani & Gong; WILLIAM PARKER: Contrabass & Balafon; SOMALIA RICHARDS: Violin; RON McBEE: African Percussion, Djembe & Berimbau; NEWMAN TAYLOR BAKER: Drums; RONNIE BURRAGE: Drums; OSCAR BROWN III: Contrabass and BADAL ROY: Tabla. "Zusaan Kali Fasteau on this CD not only plays soprano sax, cello and tympani but such exotic instruments as a sheng, ney, mizmar, kaval, moursin, sanza and a shakuhachi flute. Assisted by the great bassist William Parker and various drummers and percussionists (in addition to violinist Sheila Somalia Richard), Fasteau engages in a wide variety of colorful sound explorations. She swings hard on several of the pieces (all 15 compositions are her originals) but also utilizes vamps and drones quite effectively and adds her haunting voice. Unlike most of the world music that appears on Billboard's charts, these creative performances are truly music of the world." - Scott Yanow, AMG
CD for $14

KALI Z. FASTEAU With RASHIED ALI et al - Worlds Beyond Worlds (Flying Note 9001) KALI FASTEAU: Composer, Soprano Sax, Piano, Nai & Shakuhachi Flutes, Voice, Mizmar, Sanza, Berimbau & Dolek Drum; RASHIED ALI: Drums; BOB CUNNINGHAM: Contrabass; ELIZABETH PANZER: Harp; JAMES JAMISON: Guitar; DAVID CORNICK: Percussion and PAUL LEAKE: Tabla.
CD for $14


CD for $14



INSPIRATION & POWER [V.A.] - 14 Free Jazz Festival 1 [2 CD set] (Art Union/MTCJ 5501/2; Japan) New reissue of this classic legendary free jazz/underground compilation, from the early 70s. Often cited as a big influence on Otomo Yoshihide. 24-bit re-master, mini-LP gatefold, packaging. CD 1 features Toshiyuki Miyama & his New Herd Orchestra, Motoharu Yoshizawa, Itaru Oki Quintet, Now Music Ensemble. CD 2 features Masahiko Togashi & Masahiko Satoh duo, New Direction for The Arts, Masahiko Satoh's Gorandoh, Yohsuke Yamashita Trio. Recorded at Shinjuku Art Theater, Tokyo, June 30 - July 12, 1973. 2 CD set for $45


BABY HUEY - Living Legend: The Baby Huey Story (Water 140) With a psychedelic brand of soul and a vocal style that drew comparisons to Otis Redding, the 300-400 pound Baby Huey was set to break out of the Chicago scene with the release of his debut album. Unfortunately, his weight and taste for drugs resulted in a fatal heart attack that prevented him from seeing the release of the disc. Featuring producer Curtis Mayfield's 'Hard Times' and 'Mighty Mighty Children' plus a cover of Sam Cooke's 'A Change Is Gonna Come,' Baby Huey's lone album has become a sought-after collectible among soul fanatics
CD $15

BETTY WRIGHT - Hard To Stop (Water 140) Betty Wright, who co-produced 16 year old UK prodigy Joss Stone's Soul Sessions, was just 17 when her own 1972 Clarence Reid penned hit 'Clean Up Woman' hit #6 on the Billboard Pop chart. Her 1973 follow-up album Hard To Stop released on Florida's Alston label, nationally distributed by Atlantic, features: 'I Am Woman'/'Sweet Wonder'/'The Experts'/'We the Two of Us'/'Let Me Go Down'/'Gimme Back My Man'/'Who'll Be the Fool'/'The Babysitter'/'If You Think You've Got Soul'/'It's Hard to Stop (Doing Something When It's Good to You)'.
CD $15


THE CURE - Three Imaginary Boys [Expanded 2 CD edition] (Fiction/Rhino) Maybe it was youthful exuberance or perhaps it was the fact that the band itself was not pulling all the strings, Three Imaginary Boys is not only a very strong debut, but a near oddity (it's an admittedly "catchy" record) in the Cure catalog. More poppy and representative of the times it was made that any other album during their long career, Three Imaginary Boys is a semi-detached bit of late-'70s English pop-punk. Angular and lyrically abstract, it's strong points are in its utter simplicity. There are no dirges here, no long suites, just short bursts of energy and a rather strange cover of Hendrix's "Foxy Lady." For some, this is the last good Cure record, many fans of this album being in no way prepared for the sparse emptiness and gloom that would be the cornerstone of future releases. For the most die-hard Cure-head, however, it's an interesting sidenote, hard to place in the general flow of the band's discography. Cure leader Robert Smith has voiced many times over his mixed feelings about the record, most notably the cover art (the three "representative" appliances on the cover, the lack of a real track listing -- all the songs are represented with arty type pictures -- and in no real order) and the production, which at times is admittedly a little muddy, but even that lends it a certain youthful charm. What the Cure would do next wasn't entirely obvious to the listener of this album, but there are some definite hints. ~ Chris True, AMG
Disc 2 contains 17 tracks never on CD before [ 6 never released previously at all!] including home demos, studio outtakes and rarities like "World War" and "Jumping Someone Else's Train", and live cuts from the period!!! 2 CD set for $24


MORTON FELDMAN - For Samuel Beckett (Kairos 1201; Germany) Conductor: Sylvain Cambreling Orchestra/Ensemble: Klangforum Wien
CD $16

MORTON FELDMAN - Something Wild: Music For Film (Kairos 1229; Germany) Composer:Morton Feldman Orchestra/Ensemble: Recherche Ensemble
CD $16


BEAT FURRER - Aria, Solo, Gaspra (Kairos 1232; Germany) Composer: Beat Furrer Performer:& Lucas Fels, Petra Hoffmann Orchestra/Ensemble: Recherche Ensemble
CD $16

BEAT FURRER - Nuun, Still, Poemas, Etc (Kairos 1206; Germany) Composer: Beat Furrer Performer: Peter Eotvos, Elizabeth Laurence Conductor: Sylvain Cambreling Orchestra/Ensemble: Klangforum Wien
CD $16

BEAT FURRER - Stimmen, Percussion Quartett, Etc (Kairos 1227; Germany) Composer: Beat Furrer Performer: Marino Formenti, Ernesto Molinari, Eva Furrer Conductor: Beat Furrer, Rupert Huber Orchestra/Ensemble: Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra, Vienna Concert Choir, Cologne Percussion Quartet, Stuttgart Southwest German Radio Vocal Ensemble
CD $16

HELMUT LACHENMANN - Das Madchen Mit Den Schwefelholzern [2 CD set] (Kairos 1228; Germany) Composer: Helmut Lachenmann Performer: Sarah Leonard, Mayumi Miyata, Salome Kammer, Elizabeth Keusch Conductor: Lothar Zagrosek Orchestra/Ensemble: Stuttgart State Opera Chorus, Stuttgart State Opera Orchestra
2 CD set for $22

HELMUT LACHENMANN - Serynade, Allegro Sostenuto (Kairos 1221; Germany) Composer: Helmut Lachenmann Performer: Yukiko-Lachenmann Sugawara, Lucas Fels, Shizuyo Oka
CD $16

HELMUT LACHENMANN - Kontrakadenz, Klangschatten, Fassade (Kairos 1223; Germany) Composer: Helmut Lachenmann Conductor: Michael Gielen Orchestra/Ensemble:& SWR Radio-Sinfonieorchester Stuttgart, NDR Sinfonieorchester, SWR Sinfonieorchester Baden-Baden und Freiburg , Michael Gielen incl. booklet texts by Helmut Lachenmann and Edgar Reitz
CD $16

HELMUT LACHENMANN - Mouvement, Consolation I, Etc (Kairos 1220; Germany) Composer: Helmut Lachenmann Performer: Helmut Lachenmann Conductor: Hans Zender, Walter Nussbaum Orchestra/Ensemble: Klangforum Wien, Schola Heidelberg, Aisthesis Ensemble
CD $16

BERNHARD LANG - Differenz/Wiederholung 2 (Kairos 1211; Germany) Composer: Bernhard Lang Performer: Dimitris Polisoidis, Robert Lepenik, Risgar Koshnaw, Salome Kammer, Todd Conductor: Sylvain Cambreling Orchestra/Ensemble: Klangforum Wien

CD $16

OLGA NEUWIRTH - Bahlamms Fest [2 CD set] (Kairos 1234; Germany) Composer: Olga Neuwirth Performer: Graham F. Valentine, Roman Sadnik, Gudrun Pelker, Andrew [ctr tenor] Watts, Isolde Siebert, Christine Whittlesey, Walter Raffeiner Conductor: Johannes Kalitzke Orchestra/Ensemble: Klangforum Wien
2 CD set for $22

OLGA NEUWIRTH - Clinamen/Nodus, Construction In Space (Kairos 1230; Germany) Composer: Olga Neuwirth Performer: Hannes Haider, Rico Gubler, Ernesto Molinari, Peter B hm, Eva Furrer Conductor: Emilio Pom rico, Pierre Boulez Orchestra/Ensemble: Klangforum Wien, London Philharmonic Orchestra
CD $16

LUIGI NONO - La Lontananza Nostalgica Utopica Futura (Kairos 1210; Germany) Composer: Luigi Nono Performer: Salvatore Sciarrino, Melise Mellinger
CD $16

WOLFGANG RIHM/ENSEMBLE RECHERCHE - Trios 1969-1994 (Kairos 1209; Germany) Composer: Wolfgang Rihm Performer: Yukiko-Lachenmann Sugawara, Teodoro Anzellotti Orchestra/Ensemble:Recherche Ensemble members
CD $16

WOLFGANG RIHM/SIEGFRIED MAUSER - Klavierstuck No 6, Nachtstudie, Etc (Kairos 1212; Germany) Composer: Wolfgang Rihm Performer: Siegfried Mauser
CD $16

WOLFGANG RIHM/TRIO RECHERCHE - Music Fur Drei Streicher (Kairos 1204; Germany) Composer: Wolfgang Rihm Performer: Lucas Fels, Barbara Maurer, Melise Mellinger Orchestra/Ensemble: Trio Recherche
CD $16

GIACINTO SCELSI/BERNARD WAMBACH - Action Music, Suite No 8 "bot-ba" (Kairos 1231; Germany) Composer: Giacinto Scelsi Performer: Bernhard Wambach
CD $16

GIACINTO SCELSI - Natura Renovatur, Elohum, Duo, Etc (Kairos 1216; Germany) Performer: Christian Eisenberger, Florian Bartussek, Aileen Dullaghan, Gunde J ch-Micko, Michael Gieler, Dimitris Polisoidis, Esther Haffner, Annelie Gahl, Benedikt Leitner, Markus Pouget, Uli Fussenegger, Andreas Lindenbaum, Annette Bik Conductor: Hans Zender Orchestra/Ensemble: Klangforum Wien
CD $16

GIACINTO SCELSI - Yamaon, Anahit, I Presagi, Etc (Kairos 1203; Germany) Composer: Giacinto Scelsi Performer: Pierre-Stephane Meug , Annette Bik, Roland Hermann Conductor: Hans Zender Orchestra/Ensemble: Klangforum Wien
CD $16

SALVATORE SCIARRINO - Lo Spazio Inverso (Kairos 1213; Germany) Composer: Salvatore Sciarrino Performer: Andrew Digby, Achim Gorsch, Marc Noetzel, Shizuyo Oka, Marc Fischer, Barbara Maurer, Melise Mellinger, Felix Borel, Clarens Bohner, Martin Fahlenbock, Jaime Gonzalez, Lucas Fels, Uwe M ckel, Jacqualine Burk, Klaus Steffes-Hollander Conductor: Kwam Ryan Orchestra/Ensemble: Recherche Ensemble
CD $16

SALVATORE SCIARRINO - Luci Mie Traditrici (Kairos 1222; Germany) Composer: Salvatore Sciarrino Performer: Simon Jaunin, Kai Wessel, Otto Katzameier, Annette Stricker Conductor: Beat Furrer Orchestra/Ensemble: Klangforum Wien
CD $16

HANS ZENDER - Music To Hear, Etc (Kairos 1226; Germany) Composer: Hans Zender
Performer: Donna Wagner-Molinari, Julie Moffat, Roland Schueler, Andreas Lindenbaum, Benedikt Leitner, Eva Furrer, Florian Muller, Johann Leutgeb, Annette Bik, Katrina Emtage Conductor: Hans Zender Orchestra/Ensemble: Klangforum Wien CD $16


KAORU ABE/SABU TOYOZUMI OVERHANG PARTY - Senzei [2 LP set] (QBICO 22/23; Italy) Kaoru Abe: (alto sax). Sabu Toyozumi: (drums, percussion). Rec. February 25 and April 15 & 30, 1978 live at Gaya, Tokyo, Japan. Unrelease recording finally available for the 1st time after more then 25 years! "Long ago, when I started listening to free jazz records and was blowing on my alto, the abrasive sax sound of Kaoru Abe immediately fascinate me and he instantly became one of my hero... by then I'd have NEVER imagined that one day I'd have released an unissued record by him. This 'dream come true' is now possible thanks to my dear friend Sabu, who discovered these very well recorded magical live sessions. Here, you'd still hear Abe piercing sound (even if in this period he suffered terribly from physical and mental pain), few months before his tragic death for 'acute stomach rupture' (official report, but his habit was known...). Unfortunately, he died too young, at 29 years old, on Sept. 9, 1978. His solo activity had been documented on at least more then 15 releases (between LP and CDs), but his collaborations had been less documented: three seminal releases in duo with guitarist Masayuki Takayanagi, another duo DLP with Sabu, a duo/trio from 1970/71, a duo LP with bassist Motoharu Yoshizawa and finally group playing with Derek Bailey and Milford Graves. So this new duo live sets are much more welcome. He was definitively one of the greatest improvisor from Japan and Sabu with his creative and powerful drumming, the ideal partner to let him freely express all his intense emotions. Raw energy, aggressive playing, heavy stuff."
LP $42.00 STOCK

MATT VALENTINE - Creek to Creation (QBICO 21; Italy) Matt Valetine: (12 string guitar, yayli tambur, prophet 600, voice); Erika Elders: (sruti box, tambura, electric jug, percussion, spoons, voice); Nemo: (Moog & vox repeat, percussion); Chris Corsano: (drums, percussion); Dredd Foole: (voice). Rec. in MV Spectrasound, Winter 2004 at Maximum Arousal Farm, Guilford, VT (USA). "This rocket opens with a brief intro 'Lunette' which set the mood for the 18 minutes 4et piece 'Variations on out of nowhere' piece (from a Frank Lowe LP title), here sinister whispers/voices, hypnotic guitar playing and spare but propulsive long distance drumming, merge together wonderfully to create a music soaked with weird vibes and which'd go on and on eternally.... zun zun zu ha zu... The other side open with another short 'Lunette #2' which give space to the central 15 minute piece 'Ring of Yod', a meditative space cosmic raga trilogy in trio (guitar, tambura, electronics)... 'Moon Lotus' brightly illuminate the end of the creek.... Let the creek to creation transport you in a vibrant place where you'd complete bath yourself in rich spectrasounds..."
LP $23.00 STOCK





In the last few months the Evolver label and its parent label Instinct, the folks who bought the KNITTING FACTORY clubs & label, have reissued a dozen of the Knit & Shimmy back catalogue items - Sex Mob, Hasidic New Wave, Cuong Vu, Daniel Johnston... Yet many artists have not been paid for their past royalties!

Furthermore, thousands of previously pressed Knit and Shimmy Disc [Kramer's label which was "acquired" by the Knit before itself being bought by Instinct] CDs were destroyed [summer 2003] leaving many former Knit artists frustrated and angry.


Here are some very telling testimonials:

Catherine Jauniaux : I am Tom Cora's widow and the sole legal administrator, executor, and, along with my 10 year old son Elia Corra, inheritor of his estate. This CD*, "It's a Brand New Day Tom Cora Live at the Knitting Factory", was released in 2000, two years after Tom's death in 1998. However, I never signed any agreements or contracts regarding this CD. Nor have I received any payments for it. I've received no sales or royalty statements.
[*The proceeds from this disc were to benefit Cora's family; Bruce Lee Gallanter donated the tapes from his archive for this project]

John Zorn: I produced the Cora tribute "It's a Brand New Day"...all the musicians involved generously agreed to donate both their music and their artist royalties to Tom's surviving family....i.e. Catherine...[it's] a shame so many cds get destroyed instead of giving or selling them to the artists...what a waste! and an ultimate comment on what they really think of the product they make...

Judith Ren-Lay: I released an album on Instinct over ten years ago called "Sub Dub" and have yet to receive any royalty statements.

Raz Mesinai: My contract says that I get my master back if the recording goes out of print. The record is out of print as far as I can tell, yet they claim it's not and won't return the rights to my master.

Matt Moran: When I asked to buy copies of my CD in order to sell them at gigs, they claimed they couldn't seem to find any. Then I discover they have given the music to EMusic as a free download!

Rebecca Moore: It has been several years now of total confusion. I had been working with the previous label management to establish what had happened to an entire printing of my CD, royalty-wise. A second printing was ordered right in front of me even though my royalty statements never reflect this. Then one day I call up to follow-thru and there is a whole new staff running the place. At that point I set about getting ownership of my masters, as my work was out of print and my contract entitled me. The current staff then held me in an email debate for WEEKS about the definition of "out of print." Even though they had wanted to throw out my CD's in their office-relocation, they would not just give me my masters back. It was exasperating. Then finally they tried to get me to sign a contract absolving them of all royalty responsibility in order to get back one of my masters. I refused to sign, telling them the contract I already had entitled me to get them back. It has been an odyssey no poor, struggling musician--no musician, period--should have to go through.

Hassan Hakmoun: I recorded with Knitting Factory in 1990. and I never received any $00. for 14 years t

Roy Nathanson: I have two records with the Jazz Passengers and two records with Anthony Coleman on the Knitting Factory Label (not to mention the countless cuts put on collection samplers that I know little or nothing about). This work was part of a vital scene that brought some wonderful music to the city. The complete callous disrespect shown the artists and their work by the current owners of the label is remarkable. I retrieved copies of some of these [CDs] completely by accident and had to pay for them although the current regime was ready to throw them out. This is all far beyond the lack of royalty statements. It's a matter of criminal disrespect.


Downtown Music Gallery had always supported Knitting Factory recording artists, as well as the club. Things have obviously changed. Both the club and label originally made their reputation [under founders Michael Dorf and Bob Appel] when luminaries such as Wayne Horvitz, John Zorn, Elliott Sharp, Fred Frith, et al, chose this fledgling NY performance space as their stage of choice, opening up an entire scene that allowed a great number of creative musicians to once again be seen and heard, creating a certain 'Downtown Music Scene' renaissance.

At this point, a large group of former Knitting Factory recording artists, including those above, are attempting to get back the rights to their old Knit recordings. Here is their email verbatim:


"From: Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2004 21:35:48 -0500
To: dmg@downtownmusicgallery.com

Mark your calendars, everyone. Our next big demo is set:

Time: Wednesday, December 15th, 12 NOON
Place: outside the Knitting Factory (74 Leonard Street between Broadway and Church Street)

We hope that musicians everywhere will attend this historic demonstration!

This action began when The Knitting Factory, once a home both literally and figuratively for alternative, challenging forms of music, was taken over (label and club) by Instinct Records in 2002. No official announcement was ever made to the artists on the label. Confusion ensued over the coming weeks and months, word spread about the change of ownership and suddenly many artists found themselves out in the cold: unable to get satisfactory answers about the status of their work from the new label owners, unable to get their masters back even though it was in their contracts that they could, and unable to get satisfactory accountings of their work. When Instinct moved their offices in 2003, artists were shocked to hear eyewitness accounts the following week of their CDs being thrown out by the case.

This demo is not just about our community of musicians and one indie record label: we want to help make industry-wide changes and increase awareness on behalf of indie recording artists everywhere, who have often not had access to legal help or the ability to challenge a label when they felt their contracts had not been honored. The Musicians Union, Local 802, has stepped in, offering free legal help and an unprecedented level of support for this historic action.

We've scheduled the demo at noon to get maximum press exposure. Therefore, we've got to make this demo HUGE. Come out and support all Knitting Factory/Instinct artists past and present in their fight to get their contracts honored and their work treated with respect! If you couldn't make the last demo, then it is really important that you make it to this one--we really need your presence! And please forward this message to every musician that you know.

We are also announcing a BOYCOTT to begin on FEBRUARY 14. The two month gap between then and now is to avoid inconveniencing other artists and to give Instinct another opportunity to end its stubborn refusal to negotiate. But unless that occurs we urge all artists: DON'T BOOK ANY
NEW DATES AT THE KNTTING FACTORY without first consulting the TITTB website. Gigs booked after that date may have artists and audience crossing "Don't Go In" picket lines. We urge all fans: the best Valentine's Day present you can give the indie label recording artists whose work you enjoy is your solidarity. If the club continues to stonewall the artists through FEBRUARY 14th: DON'T GO IN. BOYCOTT FOR ARTISTS RIGHTS!!!

Let's repeat and make this clear: despite the filing of our lawsuit, despite the announcement of this boycott, we remain open and willing to talk to KF/Instinct Records, should they at any point acquiesce to a sit-down meeting with us.

Performing Opportunity: we want lots of musicians to play short sets (since it will be chilly) at the demo, so there is a constant flow of music and noise and lots of photo opps. Having Kenny Wolleson and musicians playing at the last demo really made the difference. The President of Local 802, David Lennon, will be speaking at this event, and 802 is mobilizing their PR department on our behalf to make sure this demo gets coverage. Are you interested in performing (KF/Instinct artist, or anyone?) Acoustic acts are best though there might be a simple PA system of some kind there. If interested--contact us at this email address!

We are going to tell KF/Instinct records, loud and clear:

We want our masters back, as we are contractually entitled!
We want the royalties (mechanical or otherwise) we are due, and clear, accurate accountings!
We want our CDs offered to us, or Downtown Music Gallery--not thrown in the trash!!!
We want all indie artists to have their contracts honored when their label changes hands!!

See you at the demo --

the takeittothebridge crew"


DMG will no longer sell these Evolver "Knit" [and Instinct "Shimmy"] reissues until this problem has been resolved. HELL, ANY INSTINCT OR EVOVLER PRODUCT AT ALL! WE URGE YOU NOT TO BUY ANY!
We are removing the availability of those items from our website and returning all product for credit to Evolver/Instinct's distributor. We will not promote or attend gigs at the Knitting Factory clubs as well...Until such time that this problem has been resolved.

[make sure to UNCHECK the box that says "you have a record on KF/Instinct Records" - assuming you are not on any of their recordings!]


Remember, musicians and their recordings create the collective joy that brings us listeners together. Shouldn't we raise our voice to help assure their remuneration for their work? YES!

Bruce Lee Gallanter, founder Downtown Music Gallery
Emanuel "MannyLunch" Maris, Manager/Partner
"Emperor" Mike Clark, Communications
DJ Mikey "IQ" Jones and DJ John Hall, Shipping & Receiving


Below follows what we have left of the pre-Instinct Knitting Factory product.

ALL OF IT WAS PURCHASED BEFORE THE SALE of Knitting Factory to Instinct [Instinct themselves got no money from these], except for some titles that are BEING PURCHASED DIRECTLY FROM ARTISTS who took action to acquire stocks of their own recordings [Rebecca Moore, Elliott Sharp], OR who managed to get stocks AND masters/rights back from the new owners of the Knit [estate of Thomas Chapin].
HOWEVER, IN MOST CASES THERE ARE ONLY 1 OR 2 COPIES OF AN ITEM - THERE WILL BE NO BACKORDERS [OBVIOUSLY]. After those go, there will not be another chance to get these - unless we are supplied directly by the artists, and by repressings authorized by the artists at some future time when they control the property that was actually theirs all along.

RASHIED ALI QUINTET With JAMES BLOOD ULMER - Rashied Ali Quintet (KnitWorks 3021; USA) Previously released as an LP in the '70s on Ali's Survival label. Rashied's second release for his Survival label is notable not only for the powerful blowing by Earl Cross and Bob Ralston, but also for the debut of guitarist James Blood Ulmer. Ulmer spreads sparks that ignite this quintet.
CD $14

RASHIED ALI & FRANK LOWE - Duo Exchange (KnitWorks 3020; USA) Previously released as an LP in the '70s on Ali's Survival label. Duo Exchange is the first recording done for Rashied Ali's Survival label which finds both Rashied and Frank carrying on the dialogue that started with Coltrane and Rashied on Coltrane's Interstellar Space.
CD $14

RASHIED ALI QUARTET + QUINTET - Moon Flight (KnitWorks 3023; USA) Previously released as an LP in the '70s on Ali's Survival label. Recorded in New York City 8/26/75. On Moon Flight drummer Rashied Ali assembles a group of musicians who didn't have to struggle to keep up with the polyrhythms he inflicted. Joined by James Vass on alto sax, Marvin Blackman on tenor, Charles Eubanks on piano, and Benny Wilson on bass, this ensemble rages through Ali's "Blood on the Cross," Blackman's "Moon Flight," Vass's "A Light," and fellow drummer Zahir Batin's "Face of Forgotten Thought," while veering into a free jazz landscape while oddly juggling jagged hard bop roots. Acting as a balance to this intensity are tributes to John Coltrane in the form of two beautiful compositions -- Mal Waldron's "Soul Eyes" and Coltrane's "Naima," which Ali had played live with Coltrane, as documented on the Village Vanguard Again sessions on Impulse. ~ Al Campbell, AMG
CD $14

DE AMSTERDAM KLEZMER BAND - Limonchiki (KnitWorks 300; USA) with Gijs Levelt -Trumpet; Job Chajes - Sax (Alto), Vocals; Jasper DeBeer - Double Bass
CD $14

DEREK BAILEY/PAT METHENY/GREGG BENDIAN/PAUL WERTICO - The Sign of 4 [3 CD set] (KnitWorks 197; USA) Derek Bailey (guitars), Pat Metheny (guitars), Gregg Bendian (percussion), Paul Wertico (percussion). This specially priced three CD set contains more than three hours of intense collaborative improvisation between two of the most popular and successful musicians on the contemporary jazz scene, guitarist Pat Metheny and drummer Paul Wertico, and two of the foremost artists in the field of free improvisation and avant garde jazz, guitarist Derek Bailey and percussionist Gregg Bendian.
3 CD set $30

BALLIN' THE JACK [MATT DARRIAU/FRANK LONDON/ANDY LASTER/ANTHONY COLEMAN/BEN SHER et al] - The Big Head (KnitWorks 289; USA) Retro 40's big band swing!
CD $14

CD $14

LOUIS BELOGENIS/RASHIED ALI - Rings of Saturn (KnitWorks 232; USA) In 1967, While not a tribute to Coltrane or a re-creation of the original album, this album carries with it all of the spirit and vivacity that the its predecessor Interstellar Space did.
CD $14

THOMAS CHAPIN TRIO - Third Force (KnitWorks 103; USA) Mario Pavone (bass) Steve Johns (drums) Thomas Chapin (alto sax, flute, baritone & mezzo-soprano sax)
CD $14

THOMAS CHAPIN TRIO - Sky Piece (KnitWorks 208; USA) Mario Pavone (bass) Michael Sarin (drums) Thomas Chapin (alto sax, flute, baritone & mezzo-soprano sax)
CD $14

THOMAS CHAPIN TRIO - Night Bird Song (KnitWorks 240; USA) Mario Pavone (bass) Michael Sarin (drums) Thomas Chapin (alto sax, flute, baritone & mezzo-soprano sax)
CD $14

THOMAS CHAPIN TRIO - Anima (KnitWorks 121; USA) Mario Pavone (bass) Steve Johns (drums) Thomas Chapin (alto sax, flute, baritone & mezzo-soprano sax)
CD $14

THOMAS CHAPIN TRIO Plus STRINGS - Haywire (KnitWorks 176; USA) Mario Pavone (bass) Michael Sarin (drums) Thomas Chapin (alto sax, flute, baritone & mezzo-soprano sax) with Mark Feldman (violin) Kiyoto Fujiwara (bass) Boris Rayskin (cello)
CD $14

THOMAS CHAPIN TRIO - Menagerie Dreams (KnitWorks 167; USA) Mario Pavone (bass) Michael Sarin (drums) Thomas Chapin (alto sax, flute, baritone & mezzo-soprano sax)
CD $14

THOMAS CHAPIN - Alive [8 CD Box Set] (KnitWorks 248; USA) Incliudes all seven of the late legendary saxophonist/wind player Thomas Chapin's [trio] CD releases on the Knitting Factory [Knitworks] label (Third Force; Anima; Insomnia; Menagerie Dreams; Haywire; Sky Piece; Night Bird Song), plus an eighth PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED disc 'Live! On Tour' which contains 50 minutes from University Of California-Davis 3/4/92 concert (audio) plus "Night Bird Song (Excerpt)" at the 1995 JVC/Newport Jazz Festival (video).
Luxuriously packaged in book binder/pocket style and receives our extremely highest recommendation musically (as well as for presentation)!!!
8 CD set $60 [price has been lowered from $80 due to a fresh supply from the Chapin heirs]

CD $14

CD $14

MARK DRESSER With DAVE DOUGLAS/DENMAN MARONEY- The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (KnitWorks 155; USA) al playing. Dave Douglas' trumpet artistry shifts dramatically through a full spectrum of timbre.
CD $14

MARK DRESSER With CHRIS SPEED/ANTHONY COLEMAN- Eye'll Be Seeing You (KnitWorks 211; USA) Mark Dresser (bass) Anthony Coleman (piano & organ) Chris Speed (clarinet & tenor sax)
CD $14

JOE GALLANT & ILLUMINATI - The 'Blues For Allah' Project (KnitWorks 188; USA) Illuminati is no five saxes/trombones/trumpets blare-fest. Gallant prefers a more subtle palette. Illuminati cuts down on the brass, and adds strings, vibes, and electric keyboards. While the sound itself is markedly different from the typical big band, this CD takes the concept even further afield, as the band plays Gallant's ingenious arrangements of tunes from the Grateful Dead's classic album Blues for Allah. Gallant shows a real affinity for rock-based improv. His arrangements are meaty, yet leave plenty of room for jamming.
CD $14

CHARLES GAYLE With DAVID PLEASANT/VATEL CHERRY - Repent (KnitWorks 122; USA) There is absolutely no one playing tenor (or any other saxophone) coming close to making the kind of music created by Charles Gayle. While it's reminiscent of Albert Ayler's energetic, twisting 1960s free dates, Gayle's saxophone acrobatics and stamina are astonishing. This two-song CD was recorded live and features one number that runs 23 minutes; it's the short tune. "Jesus Christ and Scripture," the second piece, proceeds for over 50 minutes, much of that featuring Gayle's honks, bleats, turnarounds, moans, and anguished cries on tenor. After listening closely to this disc, its lack of repetition and gimmickry is commendable. It's certainly not for all (or even most tastes), but those who listen fairly and intently to Charles Gayle will be rewarded. ~ Ron Wynn, AMG
CD $14

CD $14

CD $14

DIZZY GILLESPIE - Dizzy For President (KnitWorks 3001; USA) 1963 Newport Jazz Festival. James Moody, who alternates between tenor and alto saxophone and flute, provides smoking solos throughout. 20-year-old pianist Kenny Barron. Bassist Chris White and drummer Rudy Collins Vocalist Jon Hendricks makes a guest appearance on the rowdy set finale "Vote Dizzy (Salt Peanuts) as Gillespie was in the midst of his famed presidential campaign.
CD $14

GUTBUCKET - Insomniacs Dream (KnitWorks 299; USA)
CD $14

HARRIETT TUBMAN - I Am A Man (KnitWorks 228; USA) Brandon Ross(guitar), Melvin Gibbs(bass), J.T. Lewis(drums)
CD $14

CD $14

CD $14

WILLIAM HOOKER - The Distance Between Us (KnitWorks 231; USA)
CD $14

CD $14

RONALD SHANNON JACKSON - Live At Warsaw [aka Live At Akwarian Jazz Club] (KnitWorks 3035; USA) Originally released as a giveaway CD in the Polish magazine Jazz A Go Go. Featuring: Ronald Shannon Jackson-drums, flute, boschorn (shalmei), Ngolle Pokossi-bass, James Carter-soprano and tenor saxophone
CD $10.00 7 for 6 SALE.

RONALD SHANNON JACKSON - Puttin' On The Dog [aka Pulse] (KnitWorks 3033; USA) Originally released as an LP on the OAO/Celluloid label.A compelling album of solo drum work, except for one cut with overlaid spoken word.
CD $10.00 7 for 6 SALE.

RONALD SHANNON JACKSON - Red Warrior (KnitWorks 3032; USA) This reissue of the out-of-print Axiom edition has an extra cut (7 total). Produced by Bill Laswell and Ronald Shannon Jackson. Ronald Shannon Jackson : drums; Jef Lee Johnson : guitar; Stevie Salas : guitar; Jack DeSalvo : guitar; Ramon Pooser : bass; Conrad Mathieu : bass.
CD $10.00 7 for 6 SALE.

RONALD SHANNON JACKSON - When Colors Play (KnitWorks 3027; USA) Originally released as an LP on the Caravan Of Dreams label Recorded live at the Caravan of Dreams September 12 & 13 1986
CD $10.00 7 for 6 SALE.

RONALD SHANNON JACKSON [& THE DECODING SOCIETY] - Beast In The Spider Bush [aka Live At The Caravan Of Dreams With Twins Seven Seven] (KnitWorks 3029; USA) Originally released as an LP on the Caravan Of Dreams label
CD $10.00 7 for 6 SALE.

RONALD SHANNON JACKSON [& THE DECODING SOCIETY] - Talkeye [aka Texas] (KnitWorks 3028; USA) Originally released as LP and CD on the Caravan Of Dreams label under the title 'Texas'.Texas is the equinox of the Decoding Society's harmolodic exploitation.
CD $10.00 7 for 6 SALE.

JACOB FRED JAZZ ODYSSEY - All Is One: Live In NYC (Knitworks 314; USA)
CD $14

JAZZ PASSENGERS [ROY NATHANSON/CURTIS FOWLKES et al] - Plain Old Joe (KnitWorks 139; USA) Roy Nathanson and Curtis Fowlkes with Brad Jones, E J Rodriguez, Bill Ware, and Jim Nolet
CD $10.00 7 for 6 SALE.

JIMNO - Live At The Knitting Factory (KnitWorks 129; USA)
CD $14

BRAD JONES' AKA ALIAS - Uncivilized Poise (KnitWorks 247; USA)
CD $14

MISAKO KANO QUARTET With THOMAS CHAPIN - Watch Out (KnitWorks 219; USA) w/Matt Wilson and Kiyoto Fujiwara
CD $14

ORI KAPLAN PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE - Gongol (KnitWorks 284; USA) Ori Kaplan, another young upstart is making waves in the avant jazz scene with his new CD "Gongol." The compositions and sound are inspired by Kaplan's background; a fusion of Israeli, Arabic & North African sounds and how these sounds can be applied to jazz. For the past seven years, Kaplan has been playing in William Parker's outfit the Little Huey Band and during this time Kaplan has undoubtedly picked up on the charms of Mingus, Sun Ra and Cecil Taylor. And thus Kaplan leads his ensemble to perform his compositions with an improviser's voice.
CD $14

KRAMER - Songs From The Pink Death (KnitWorks/Shimmy 502; USA) Kramer, former leader of Bongwater and Shockabilly, and producer of the Butthole Surfers and Half-Japanese (among many other notables), teams up with longtime collaborators Damon Krukowski [Galaxie 500] and Sean Eden [Luna] for this amazing jewel of post-punk rock lunacy!
CD $10.00 7 for 6 SALE.

KRAMER - The Guilt Trip [2 CD set] (knitWorks/Shimmy 5055; USA) Kramer, former leader of Bongwater and Shockabilly, and producer/collaborator of the Butthole Surfers, Daevid Allen/Gong and Half-Japanese (among many other notables), finally put out his most direct work of self-expression - 36 cuts of that are bitterly confessional, passionately inspired and totally redemptive, while also being turning all genres on their heads; abetted by drummer David Licht [ Shockabilly] and Randolph Hudson on guitars!
CD $12.00 7 for 6 SALE.

KRAMER - The Secret Of Comedy (KnitWorks/Shimmy 075; USA) Kramer, former leader of Bongwater and Shockabilly, and producer of the Butthole Surfers and Half-Japanese (among many other notables), plays everything [bass, mellotron, slide guitars, cheap flutes, kitchen sink, etc.] on this trio recording with guitarist Randolph Hudson and original Material and Curlew drummer Bill Bacon. More post-punk-art-rock lunacy!
CD $10.00 7 for 6 SALE.

CD $14

CD $14

BRIGGAN KRAUSS - Descending To End (KnitWorks 251; USA)
CD $14

[BILL LASWELL'S] OPERAZONE - The Redesign (KnitWorks 267; USA) On Operazone:The Redesign, flowing, melodic lines from the realm of opera perfectly blend with unique, unexpected rhythm patterns. Featuring Bill Laswell and Alan Douglas' sensuous production, Karl Berger's impressionistic string arrangements and Graham Haynes molten coronet and fluglehorn solos, one is certain to have a memorable experience that will be the first of many treasured days and nights at the opera.
CD $14

GARY LUCAS - Operators Are Standing By: The Essential Gary Lucas (KnitWorks 316; USA) Operators Are Standing By: The Essential Gary Lucas is a second collection of songs originally released on the Enemy label (the first was Level the Playing Field)
CD $14

GARY LUCAS - Improve the Shining Hour (KnitWorks 265; USA) The glowing and brilliant spirit of Gary Lucas is captured on Improve the Shining Hour, a new album of highlights from his prolific career. Here is the best of a Grammy nominated guitarist - a collection of music spanning an impressive twenty year career, including tracks ranging from his early days with Captain Beefheart, to his Gods and Monsters outfit and his collaborations with Joan Osborne. Guests include Nick Cave, Captain Beefheart, DJ Spooky, David Johansen, Elli Medeiros, Richard Barone, Eric Mingus, Peter Stampfel, and Mary Margret O'Hara. It is a fitting tribute to a truly innovative artist and musician who continues to awe us with his scorchingly emotional, lyrical and stunning work.
CD $14

REBECCA MOORE - Admiral Charcoal's Song (Knitworks 162; USA) Rebecca Moore (vocals, guitar, piano, drums) Reuben Radding (acoustic & electric bass) Jeff Buckley (electric 6 string bass, drums) Larry Miller (voice) Christina Campanella (backing vocals) Nina Piaseckyj (cello) Jane Scarpantoni (cello) Steven Bernstein (trumpet) Jason Brandenberg (accordian) Martina Torr (voice)
CD $14

REBECCA MOORE - Homewreckordings (Knitworks 279; USA) The new "Homewreckings" re-casts Moore in a more overtly experimental light with a mesmerizing blend of strings electronics and her alternately sweet and haunting voice. Recorded at her home from 1997-1999, Moore played all of the instruments herself (save a couple guest appearances) and the intimacy of the recording reveals the raw emotion of her true voice.
CD $14

CD $14

CD $14

ROY NATHANSON/ANTHONY COLEMAN - Lobster & Friend (KnitWorks 147; USA)
CD $14

ROY NATHANSON/ANTHONY COLEMAN - The Great Coming Millenium (KnitWorks 119; USA)
CD $14

ROY NATHANSON With ANTHONY COLEMAN/EVAN BEIGEL - Camp Stories [sndtck] (KnitWorks 199; USA) With Doug Weiselman, Curtis Fowlkes, Bill Ruhle, Mary Wooten, Tomas Ulrich, Brad Jones, E J Rodriguez, and Bob Thomas.
CD $10.00 7 for 6 SALE.

CD $14

CD $14

OTHER QUARTET - Sound Stains (KnitWorks 297; USA) Ohad Talmor (tenor and soprano saxophones), Russ Johnson (trumpet), Jim Hershman (guitar), and Michael Sarin (drums and percussion
CD $14

OTHER QUARTET - 13 Pieces (KnitWorks 262; USA) Ohad Talmor (tenor and soprano saxophones), Russ Johnson (trumpet), Jim Hershman (guitar), and Michael Sarin (drums and percussion)
CD $14

CD $14

CD $14

CD $14

ANDREA PARKINS - Cast Iron Fact (KnitWorks 184; USA) Accordionist/pianist Andrea with Briggan Krauss and Kenny Wollesen
CD $10.00 7 for 6 SALE.

CHARLIE ROUSE - Brazil [aka Cinnamon Flower] (KnitWorks 3011; USA)
CD $14

CD $14

ELLIOTT SHARP'S TERRAPLANE - Blues For Next [2 CD set] (KnitWorks 294; USA) a double CD masterpiece. The first CD features nine compositions Sharp has constructed with the help of Eric Mingus, Dean Bowman, and legendary blues guitarist Hubert Sumlin. The second CD features seven instrumental pieces written by Sharp alone. NOT TO BE MISSED! - MannyLunch
2 CD set $20

ELLIOTT SHARP/TECTONICS - Field & Stream (Knitworks 227; USA) This is E#'s second of three ongoing post-drum n'bass solo efforts from 1998 with help from Zeena Parkins and Frank Rothkamm.
CD $14

BRAD SHEPIK TRIO - Short Trip (KnitWorks 290; USA)
CD $14

[KAZUTOKI UMEZU] SHAKUSHAIN - Desert In Hand (KnitWorks 215; USA)
CD $14

[BILL WARE] VIBES With DEBBY HARRY et al - 4 [Four] (KnitWorks 293; USA)
CD $14






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*(Not included are these four titles: Fujieda - Night Chant [7003]; Shelley Hirsch - O Little Town Of East New York [7104]; Zeena Parkins - Mouth Maul Betrayer [7109]; and Otomo Yoshihide - Flutter [7232], which will not be remanufactured in time for end-of-year delivery)







SONNY ROLLINS//BEN WEBSTER - Live At Laren, 1973//Big Ben In Europe [DVD] (Rhapsody 2869043; EEC)
SONNY ROLLINS: Live at Loren 1973 Color 36 min.
"Yes, the band does Rollins justice. They open by stoking a blazing swing. In jumps Sonny -- gutsy, sardonic, fanciful -- revving a stunning ride through 'There Is No Greater Love.' It's worth seeing a band (pianist Walter Davis, Jr., guitarist Masuo, bassist Bob Crenshaw, drummer David Lee) swing this band. Rollins rambles like an idiosyncratic genius, chasing melodies out of the womb, doubling back through odd harmonic byways, emerging like an old fox. This 1973 performance adds up to greatness and, in closeups, Sonny sweats hard -- genius only appears effortless. Other songs, 'Don't Stop the Carnival,' 'Alfie' and 'St. Thomas.'" - Kevin Lynch, DOWNBEAT
BIG BEN: Big Ben Webster in Europe, 1967 B&W 31 min.
"Johan van der Keuken, who made this film in Amesterdam, compresses into 31 minutes the life and times of the expatriate tenor sax giant (1909-73). In addition to poignant moments of Webster playing 'My Romance' and other standards, this odd montage shows him playing along with a Fats Waller record, talking to his Dutch landlady ('She's like a second mother to me.'), reminiscing about Duke Ellington's band ('You never get it out of your system.'), shooting pool, visiting the zoo. Here is a masterful example of filmmaking that truly penetrates the heart of this big, sad, lonely bachelor." - Leonard Feather, LOS ANGELES TIMES
DOUBLE FEATURE! Both episodes in 1 DVD
DVD $25.00


ART ENSEMBLE OF CHICAGO - In Concert: Live From The Jazz Showcase [DVD] (Rhapsody 2869005; EEC) 1981 Color 50 min. Lester Bowie (trumpet and percussion), Joseph Jarman (reeds and percussion), Roscoe Mitchell (reeds and percussion), Malachi Favors Maghostut (bass and percussion), Famoudou Don Moye (percussion) performing "We-Bop Promenade," "On the Cote Bamako," "Bedouin Village," "New York Is Full of Lonely People," "New Orleans," "Funky AECO2 and "Theme (Odwalla)" on Nov. 1, 1981. "The Art Ensemble of Chicago has been the jazz avant-garde's best stage show for a decade. Members of the quintet perform in quasi-African costumes, masks and face paint, surrounded by two tons of instruments -- drums, gongs, bells, saxophones, toys and just about anything else that makes useful noises -- all the while sharing musical and visual jokes as they go caroming through the history of jazz.... One of the most intelligent jazz documentaries around." -- Jon Pareles, THE NEW YORK TIMES
DVD for $25

COUNT BASIE/BIG JOE TURNER/LESTER YOUNG et al - The Last Of The Blue Devils: The Kansas City Jazz Story [DVD] (Rhapsody 2869012; EEC) 80 minutes; color
Feat. Count Basie, Big Joe Turner, Lester Young, Paul Quinichette, Charles McPherson & Jay McShann; 1979 - This unique documentary recreates one of the most exciting musical developments in American history. Contains vintage footage of the featured musicians. It is beautiful to see the excitement shared by these musicians, who take turns at the bandstand and swap stories of days gone by.
"A VERY HAPPY MOVIE... the music of the film covers everything from the Basie big-band sound to Kansas City jazz and blues and the rock and roll that brought attention to Big Joe Turner ("Shake, Rattle and Roll") in the '50s... The talk also transforms a movie about music into a movie about time, about its passage and about the way, through art, it can be made to stand still." -- Vincent Canby, THE NEW YORK TIMES
DVD for $25

JAKI BYARD//ELVIN JONES - Anything For Jazz//Different Drummer [DVD] (Rhapsody 2869018)
DIFFERENT DRUMMER: Elvin Jones; A Film by Ed Gray 1979 Color 30 min.
"This is an excellent visual and aural study of the great drum innovator, with some smoking work from his 1979 quartet with saxophonist Pat La Barbara, guitarist Ryo Kawasaki, and bassist David Williams. One can begin to feel and understand how this man combines power with complexity. He shows step-by-step the great strokes which, upon impact, merge dynamically with an intersecting rhythm. Elvin's concepts also include impressionistic philosophy; he explains his vision of drums and cymbals as sonic agents of color. The treat midway through the clip is of the classic Coltrane quartet in full flight. Elvin comments: 'We didn't have to talk much. It was telepathy.'" -- Kevin Lynch, DOWNBEAT
ANYTHING FOR JAZZ: Jaki Byard 1980 B&W 25 min. Directed by Dan Algrant
"This intimate view of pianist Jaki Byard shows a warm and charming man, open and unpretentious...Commentary by bassist Ron Carter and pianist Bill Evans (who died in 1980 shortly after this program was made) shows Byard's place as a skilled musician to be of much greater importance than his moderate fame would indicate. The tape is a mixture of performance -- solo piano and Byard's big band, the Apollo Stompers -- and commentary in a very relaxed and natural manner by Byard." -- John S. Wilson, VIDEO REVIEW
DOUBLE FEATURE! Both episodes in 1 DVD
DVD $25.00

ORNETTE COLEMAN//ROLAND KIRK & JOHN CAGE: Two Films By DICK FONTAINE - Ornette Coleman Trio//Sound? Featuring Roland Kirk & John Cage [DVD] (Rhapsody 2869045; EEC) region,
SOUND??: Rahsaan Roland Kirk and John Cage; 1967 B&W 27 Min. Directed by Dick Fontaine
Although Rahsaan Roland Kirk and John Cage never actually meet in this film (Cage's enigmatic questions about sound are intercut with some of Kirk's more ambitious experiments with it) these two very different musical iconoclasts share a similar vision of the boundless possibilities of music. Kirk plays three saxes at once, switches to flute, incorporates tapes of birds played backwards, and finally hands out whistles to his audience and encourages them to accompany him, "in the key of W, if you please." Cage, on the other hand, is preparing a work for musical bicycle with David Tudor and Merce Cunningham at the Seville Theatre in London. Cage meets Rahsaan's music in an echo chamber, and he ends his search for the sound of silence in his favorite spot -- the anechoic chamber -- where it turns out to be the uproar of "your nervous system in operation."
DAVID, MOFFETT AND ORNETTE: The Ornette Coleman Trio, 1966 B&W 26 min. A Film by Dick Fontaine
"Director Dick Fontaine set out to catch the music, the thoughts and the personalities of Ornette Coleman's mid-1960s trio during two days in Paris while they worked on scoring a film. He did that job exceptionally well. There is a memorable performance of Ornette's 'Sadness' (complete and uninterrupted from David Izenzon's bowed introduction to the end!) during which Fontaine quickly cuts away from images of the musicians responding to the movie screen to concentrate his cameras directly on the players' serious, passionate involvement with their improvisations. It is one of the best filmed jazz performances I have ever seen." - Martin Williams, JAZZ TIMES
DOUBLE FEATURE! Both episodes in 1 DVD
DVD for $25

SONNY CRISS & THE L.A. ALL STARS//LES McCANN TRIO - In Concert [DVD] (Rhapsody 2869002; EEC)
SONNY CRISS & THE L.A. ALL STARS In Concert 1970 Color 28 min.
Hampton Hawes (piano), Leroy Vinnegar (bass), Bobby Thompson (bass), Joe Turner (vocals), Sweets Edison (trumpet), Sonny Criss (saxophone) and Teddy Edwards (saxophone) perform "Memory Lane Blues," "Feeling Happy" (vocal), "Shake, Rattle & Roll" (vocal) and "Teddy's Blues."
"The All Stars come on with a lot of vitality and Big Joe Turner has his usual galvanizing effect upon the group. 'Sweets' Edison is all relaxed authority, while Sonny Criss and Teddy Edwards blow hard and fast. This is a rare opportunity to see Criss in action and fortunately he is featured extensively" - Stanley Dance, JAZZTIMES
LES McCANN TRIO 1970 Color 28 min.
Les McCann (piano and vocals), Jimmy Rowser (bass) and Donald Dean (drums) perform "Right On," "Sunny," "With These Hands" and "Compared to What" at Shelly's Manne Hole Club in Los Angeles.
"To be able to go back to the 1960s to see and hear Les McCann struttin' his considerable stuff is a special treat. Caught in a 1970 performance at Shelly's Manne Hole, McCann serves up the unique blend of jazz rhythm'n'blues that made him one of the decade's hottest jazz acts. With solid support from bassist Jimmy Rowser and drummer Donald Dean, McCann leans into foot-tappers 'Right On,' a gospel-seasoned cooker, and 'Sunny,' Bobby Heebs' crossover hit. For contrast, there is McCann's vocalized paen to marital commitment, 'With These Hands.' The show-stopper is McCann's galvanizing 'Compared to What.' An earthy sizzler, it is also one of the great protest songs of the tumultuous 1960s, with pointed barbs at the hypocrisies of racism and the Vietnam war." -- Chuck Berg, JAZZTIMES
DOUBLE FEATURE! Both episodes in 1 DVD
DVD $25.00

HERBERT DANSKA/MAL WALDRON/CHARLES McPHERSON - Sweet Love, Bitter [DVD] (Rhapsody 2869014; EEC) 1966 B&W 92 min. Directed by Herbert Danska
In this thinly disguised account of the last years of Charlie "Bird" Parker, comedian DICK GREGORY stars as Richie "Eagle" Stokes, a jazz saxophonist with a genius for friendship and self-destruction.
"Off the market for over a quarter-century, SWEET LOVE, BITTER remains one of the first honest portrayals of the jazz experience! Dick Gregory gives a powerful performance. Charles McPherson ghosts for Gregory in an evocative score by Mal Waldron." -- Richard Harrington, WASHINGTON POST

BILL EVANS - The Universal Mind Of Bill Evans [DVD] (Rhapsody 2869016; EEC) 1966 B&W 45 min. Directed by Louis Carvell "A restoration of a 1966 TV program introduced by Steve Allen... and is it wondrously dated. Here is the late, brilliantly original jazz pianist in intense conversation with his composer brother, Harry, on the nature of creativity in jazz. Occasionally, they stroll to the piano for a musical illustration (Evans plays splendidly). What makes the film fascinating is Evans' rap, a stream of ideas that issue forth like shamanistic lore. Onstage, Evans was famously reticent about speaking. Here he's surprisingly, stirringly provocative." -- Gary Giddins, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY
Includes "Spartacus Love Theme," "How About You," "Star Eyes," "Very Early," "Time Remembered" and "My Bells" DVD $25.00

JIM HALL - A Life In Progress [DVD] (Rhapsody 2869011; EEC)Feat. Tom Harrell, Joe Lovano, Pat Metheny, Greg Osby, Chico Hamilton, Jimmy Giuffre, Sonny Rollins, Bill Evans1998 Color/B&W 60 Min Hi-Fi Stereo "Jazz is full of exceedingly strange people, but the guitarist Jim Hall isn't one of them. Indeed, the lasting impression of Mr. Hall after this documentary ends is of a mild-mannered, curious Midwesterner in his 60's who is admired by his colleagues because he is so certifiably sane. ('I want to be like him when I grow up,' says the fully-grown saxophonist Greg Osby, when asked to sum up Mr. Hall at one point in the film)
The film, by Bruce Ricker, benefits from good timing: Mr. Hall is now going through a creative burst. He has suddenly discovered an affinity for writing arrangements, and he has been releasing a slew of albums, showing off his expanded visions, with brass and string sections and guest soloists. The film's contemporary segments center on the recording of Mr. Hall's most recent album, 'By Arrangement,' and because it involves some of Mr. Hall's friends (including the saxophonist Joe Lovano, the guitarist Pat Metheny and Mr. Osby), it manages to lead some of jazz's more important figures into excited assessments of Mr. Hall's accomplishments.
Outside of the recording studio, Mr. Hall narrates his own life, with film footage of him playing with Jimmy Giuffre, Chico Hamilton, Sonny Rollins and other performers, as well as glimpses of Mr. Hall's domestic life with his wife and daughter. As he talks, he's measured in his self-assessment, and wryly funny; he's a reliable guide to his own career, and the film lets him tell most of the story." -- Ben Ratliff, THE NEW YORK TIMES Also appearing Thelonious Monk, Art Farmer, Lester Young, Ben Webster and Count Basie among others...
DVD $25.00

BARRY HARRIS Featuring BUD POWELL/CHARLIE PARKER/DIZZY GILLESPIE et al - The Spirit Of Bebop [DVD] (Rhapsody 2869009; EEC) Feat. Bud Powell, Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Tommy Flanagan U.S. 1999 Color 55 Min. Director: Edgar B. Howard This intimate portrait of modern jazz pianist Barry Harris becomes an historic walk with some of the best known jazz musicians of the 1950s and 160s. Memorable scenes span from archival footage of Harris playing at his piano, to more recent reminiscing about his circle of friends and influences, such as Charlie "Bird" Parker, Thelonious Monk, Dizzy Gillespie and Miles Davis. Dubbed the "key conservator" of bebop music by Gary Giddins, jazz critic for The Village Voice, Harris shares with us his heartfelt music, insights into his personal style of playing and his far-reaching love of teaching. Checkerboard has created a lively picture of a musician and teacher who has worked hard, often in the face of prevailing musical trends, to keep the spirit of bebop alive. Through his playing, composing, bandleading and teaching, Harris has touched the lives of many. During the film, we see Harris on many levels. In one scene, his playfulness surfaces as he composes a new work. During a gig at the Village Vanguard in New York City, he banters with the small audience and plays soulfully with his trio. Later in the film, we see him tackling an orchestral and choral work at a concert. Highlights include many of Harris1 students, of all ages and nationalities, sharing stories about this beloved musician as a teacher and mentor. Harris retains his unflappable good humor throughout this 55-minute documentation of one of the world1s living legends of jazz.
DVD $25.00

COLEMAN HAWKINS//PEE WEE RUSSELL - After Hours//Jazz Dance [DVD] (Rhapsody 2869008; EEC)
JAZZ DANCE:Jimmy McPartland, Pee Wee Russell, Willie "The Lion" Smith 1954 B&W 22 min. Directed by Roger Tilton
Featuring Jimmy McPartland (trumpet, vocals), Jimmy Archey (trombone), Pee Wee Russell (clarinet), Willie "The Lion" Smith (piano) George "Pops" Foster (bass) and George Wettling (drums) performing "When the Saints Go Marching In," "Ballin' the Jack," "Royal Garden Blues" and "Jazz Me Blues."
Often called the first cinema verite film, this exuberant documentary captures a great jazz band playing for the regulars and two professional dancers at the Central Park Dance Hall in Manhattan in 1954. Its director, Roger Tilton, used special search lights to shoot the film, which is marked by extraordinary camerawork as it builds to a rousing climax with "When the Saints Go Marching In."
AFTER HOURS: Coleman Hawkins & Roy Eldridge 1961 B&W 27 min. Directed by Shepherd Traube
Coleman Hawkins (saxophone), Roy Eldridge (trumpet), Milt Hinton (bass), Johnny Guarnieri (piano) and Cozy Cole (drums) performing "Lover Man," "Taking a Chance on Love," "Sunday" and "Just You, Just Me."
"Here's the goofy essence of '50s hipsterism -- what purports to be footage of a late-night jam session at the 'After Hours Club,' staged for TV. Whether or not it took place in the 'wee small hours' of the New York dawn, there's some fine playing from swing veterans. Roy Eldridge burns through 'Sunday' as Cozy Cole socks the drums behind him. Tenor saxophonist Coleman Hawkins takes a warm, impetuous string of choruses on 'Lover Man.' AFTER HOURS is a fond glimpse into jazz as never-never land." - Jon Pareles, VIDEO REVIEW
DOUBLE FEATURE! Both episodes in 1 DVD
DVD $25.00
ILLINOIS JACQUET - Texas Tenor: The Illinois Jacquet Story [DVD] (Rhapsody 2869015; EEC)1991 B&W 81 min. Directed by Arthur Elgort
"From the opening moments of TEXAS TENOR, where a pair of weathered hands lovingly caress a metal link and a reed being readied for combat, we know we've wandered into something special. Indeed, this stylist film by director Arthur Elgort is a stunning portrait of tenor titan Jean Baptiste "Illinois" Jacquet, the last of the white-hot Texas tenors. Instead of the usual chronological approach, this 'portrait' is a collage: a mosaic of interviews, rehearsals, strolls through Paris, performances at New York's Blue Note, archival footage, and memorabilia that criss-cross through time as freely as Orson Welles' Citizen Kane... Though one of jazzdom's great extroverts and entertainers, the Jacquet who emerges here is also warm, magnanimous, and a study in artistic concentration. His balladic limnings of 'Misty' and 'Don't Blame Me,' even in excerpted form, are showstoppers. And the full-bodied reprise of 'Flying Home,' his great 1942 hit with Lionel Hampton1s band, is nothing short of sensational. We even get a bit of vocalizing on 'Sunny Side of the Street,' Illinois' tip-of-the-hat to Louis Armstrong. Along the way, in a batch of pithy clips, we get revealing encomiums and anecdotes from Lionel Hampton, Dizzy Gillespie, Sonny Rollins, Clark Terry, Al Hibbler, Harry 'Sweets' Edison, Bob Porter, Les Paul, Javon Jackson, Cecil Payne, Walter Blanding, Jr., Milt Hinton, Jonah Jones, and Dorothy Donegan, among others. We also come to appreciate the influence of Basie on Jacquet1s current big band. Every scene is redolent with feeling and meaning -- and an essential aspect of Jacquet1s large persona. In all, this is a must for all saxophonists, big band enthusiasts, and jazz history classes." -- Chuck Berg, JAZZ EDUCATORS JOURNAL
DVD $25.00
EDDIE JEFFERSON - Eddie Jefferson In Concert [DVD] (Rhapsody 2869003; EEC) 1979 Color 50 min.
Eddie Jefferson (vocals) with Richie Cole (alto sax) and John Campbell (piano), Kelly Sill (Bass) and Joel Spencer (drums) perform "Jeanine," "Night in Tunisia," "Trane's Blues," "I Cover the Waterfront." "So What?" "I Got the Blues," "When You're Smiling," "My Baby Has Gone Away," "Body and Soul," "How High the Moon," "Bennie's from Heaven," "Moody's Mood for Love," "Summertime" and "Freedom Jazz Dance."
"There is an extra-musical element involved in this report of a performance by jazz singer Eddie Jefferson at Joe Segal1s Jazz Showcase in Chicago. It took place on May 6, 1979, two nights before Jefferson was shot and killed on a street in Detroit... Jefferson builds a program that gives a well-rounded view of his singing and writing." -- John S. Wilson, VIDEO REVIEW
DVD $25.00

LORD KITCHENER/CALYPSO ROSE - One Hand Don't Clap: Calypso Music History [DVD] (Rhapsody 2869017; EEC) 1991 Color 92 min. Directed by Kavery Dutta
This critically-acclaimed documentary explores the popularity of calypso and soca and introduces the viewer to the reigning king and queen: Lord Kitchener and Calypso Rose. Upon its theatrical release, Vincent Canby of The New York Times called ONE HAND DON'T CLAP "Most engaging! Show stopping!" New York Newsday awarded it four stars and the Post called it "An enticing introduction to an appealing and unique form of music." DVD $25.00

LEE KONITZ Featuring HAROLD DANKO - Portrait Of An Artist As Saxophonist [DVD] (Rhapsody 2869013; EEC) 1988 Color 83 min. A Film by Robert Daudelin
Features the songs "Stella by Starlight," "Struttin With Some Barbecue," "Hi Beck," "Kary's Trance," "Subconscious-Lee" and "She's as Wild as Springtime"
"If only more jazz docs were as good as Montrealer Robert Daudelin's 1988 LEE KONITZ: PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST AS A SAXOPHONIST. Devoid of narration, this film lets the altoist reveal himself in conversation, in duets with pianist Harold Danko and in a workshop with students. Konitz talks of the lasting impact study with Lennie Tristano made on his music. Konitz is a man obsessed with line and rhythm, insisting on the importance of playing melodies straight, and singing old Armstrong solos in unison with Danko (who strums piano strings, autoharp style, on 'Struttin' With Some Barbecue')." -- Kevin Whitehead, DOWNBEAT
DVD $25.00

STEVE LACY - Lift The Bandstand [DVD] (Rhapsody 2869046; EEC) AS a subject for a jazz documentary, Steve Lacy makes things easy. He is both an important musician - the first soprano saxophonist in modern jazz - and an articulate one. In the 50 minute film, ''Steve Lacy: Lift the Bandstand,'' the film maker Peter Bull lets him tell his own story, illustrating it with remarkable archival footage and live performances from a 1983 Public Theater concert by Mr. Lacy's sextet.
The film includes both a solo excerpt from ''Gay Paree-Bop'' and a full-length sextet version, with Mr. Lacy transformed from introvert to extrovert. Other tunes performed include "Evidence"and "Prospectus" - Jon Pareles, New York Times Indispensable for anyone interested in Steve Lacy
DVD $25.00

CHARLES MINGUS- Mingus In Greenwich Village [DVD] (Rhapsody 2869032; EEC) 1968 B&W 58 min. A Film by Thomas Reichman MINGUS is an excellent portrait of this great bassist/composer and some of the hard times that came his way. The film features a superb MINGUS in action at a nightclub near Boston ("All the Things You Are," "Secret Love," "Take the A Train"), where he is joined by DANNIE RICHMOND, WALTER BISHOP, JOHN GILMORE and CHARLES McPHERSON; as well as scenes of him conducting his big band, composing, singing and reciting his own poetry.
"Although there are performances, most of this black-and-white film is harrowing cinema verite of the great composer and jazz bassist in his New York loft, surrounded by the clutter of his life and art, waiting for the police to evict him. During the wait, Reichman tossed out a few questions, and even in his distraction, Mingus spoke passionately, and at length, about politics, family, education, 'sex as a source of survival,' the politics and consequences of racism. Mingus is wry, bitter, resigned, yet always proud.. The film succeeds mostly because of Reichman's supple juxtaposition of joy (the bassist's sweet interaction with his five-year-old daughter) and great pain. There is a defiance that gives way to tears -- Mingus' and ours -- when the Department of Sanitation coldly trucks away his possessions, including his beloved bass, to temporary storage, and again when Mingus is arrested after hypodermic needles are found in the apartment (a reporter tells Mingus not to worry, he's getting 'a million dollars in publicity'). If this film were ever colorized, it would be all blues." - Richard Harrington, WASHINGTON POST
DVD $25.00

PEE WEE RUSSELL//BABY LAURENCE - Portrait Of Pee Wee Russell//Jazz Hooter [DVD] (Rhapsody 2869019; EEC)
PORTRAIT OF PEE WEE RUSSELL 1998 Color 30 min.Directed by Jud Yalkut
With Charles Ellsworth "Pee Wee" Russell Mary Russell, Dan Morgenstern
Pee Wee Russell was a legendary clarinetist whose music spanned the history of jazz. He played with a range of musicians from traditionalists Jack Teagarden, Louis Prima, Eddie Condon and Bobby Hackett to modernists like Jimmy Giuffre and Thelonious Monk. Starting in late 1965, I started filming Pee Wee painting as he did at home, in the living room overlooking New York's Eighth Avenue. It was this location which he also memorialized in his jazz composition "28th and 8th." This filming in 16mm color continued into 1967, over the course of his painting approximately 12 major works. During this time I also audiotaped Pee Wee's reminiscences, including his life in Oklahoma, the early music scene from Chicago to New York, and his drinking acquaintance with painter Jackson Pollock. Dan Morgenstern, director of the Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers University, serves as commentator and supplemented my historic footage with images from the Institute's archive and collection of Pee Wee's paintings, allowing me to bring the breadth of Pee Wee's creativity to a larger audience. -- Jud Yalkut
JAZZ HOOFER:Baby Laurence 1981 Color 28 min. Directed by Bill Hancock
JAZZ HOOFER records the bebop dance style and life of one of the great old tap dancers, Baby Laurence, who "led tap into its last creative phase" (Marshall Stearns, JAZZ DANCE). "His legs and feet were speed and thunder and surprise" (THE NEW YORKER). In addition to performances of his unique style, we are also treated to a vivid history of tap with demonstrations of the steps used by other great tap dancers: King Rastus Brown, Bill Robinson and John Bubbles. Unusual film clips of Charlie Parker and Art Tatum illustrate the music that inspired the one-of-a-kind tap-dancing legend. "A rare record of a vital and very American art form." -- THE NEW YORK TIMES
DOUBLE FEATURE! Both episodes in 1 DVD
DVD $25.00

ZOOT SIMS QUARTET//SHELLY MANNE QUARTET - In Concert [DVD] (Rhapsody 2869004; EEC) DOUBLE FEATURE! Both episodes in 1 DVD
ZOOT SIMS QUARTET 1970 Color 28 min.
"The swinging tenor-saxophonist, joined by pianist Roger Kellaway, bassist Chuck Berghofer and drummer Larry Bunker, is seen at the late lamented Dante's in Los Angeles. The quartet jams on a cooking 'Zoot's Piece' (based on 'Doxy'), a tender 'My Old Flame' and a medium-tempo 'On the Trail.' Sims is in typically brilliant form, Kellaway is particularly creative on a fast blues piece called 'Motoring Along.' Highly recommended and, in its own way, priceless." -- Scott Yanow, CODA Magazine
SHELLY MANNE QUARTET 1970 Color 28 min.
Shelly Manne (drums), Ray Brown (bass), Hampton Hawes (piano) and Bob Cooper (saxophone) perform "Stella by Starlight" and "Milestones" at Shelly's Manne Hole Club in L.A.
"This is an attractive souvenir of Los Angeles yesterday. Hampton Hawes appears to good advantage, where the musical atmosphere is cool. He finds the form that distinguished his contemporary trio albums in 'Stella by Starlight.' Ray Brown steals the opening blues, and Bob Cooper also shines on it with Prez-like statements." -- Stanley Dance, JAZZTIMES
DOUBLE FEATURE! Both episodes in 1 DVD
DVD $25.00

CHESTER ZARDIS Featuring MILT HINTON/ALAN LOMAX et al - Legendary New Orleans Jazz Musicians [DVD] (Rhapsody 2869010; EEC) 1989 Color 88 min. Featuring Milt Hinton, Chester Zardis, Danny Barker, Alan Lomax, Chester Zardis
"Bassists will love Chester Zardis, The Spirit of New Orleans, a 1989 documentary without narration but with plenty of expert testimony from veteran bassist and 'neighborhood musician' Chester Zardis (he died the following year, at 90). Also on hand are musicians Danny Barker and Milt Hinton (who delivers a jazz-bass mini-lecture), and experts Bill Russell and Alan Lomax. The New Orleans atmosphere is heavy -- Bertha Zardis cooks up some shrimp etoufee -- and you see and hear Chester play with Barker, trombonist Louis Nelson, trumpeters Kid Sheik Colar and Wendell Brunious, and clarinetist Michael White, among others. Set your VCR for slow-tracking when Zardis and Hinton demonstrate slap-bass technique, and you'll learn more in a minute than you can reading any informational text." -- Kevin Whitehead, DOWNBEAT
DVD $25.00


RALPH J GLEASON'S JAZZ CASUAL [V.A.] - The Complete Jazz Casual Series [8 DVD set] (Idem 28690268; EEC)
[complete program on each side of the disc: one side NTSC all region, other side PAL all region!]
The first television program devoted entirely to Jazz and Blues, Ralph J Gleason's legendary series was expertly recorded in the studio during the musically fertile '60s, produced from 1961 to 1968 for the National Educational Television Network.
Over 14 hours [28 episodes] of TV broadcasts includes performances [appx segment time in brackets] by:
John Coltrane Quartet '64 - w/ McCoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison, Elvin Jones [30 min.],
Sonny Rollins Quartet '62 - w/ Jim Hall, Bob Cranshaw, Ben Riley [22 min],
B B King Blues Band '68 - w/ Mose Thomas, Lee Gatling, James Toney, Sonny Freeman [15 min],
Gerry Mulligan Quartet '62 - w/ Bob Brookmeyer, Wyatt Ruther, Gus Johnson [21 min],
Art Farmer Quartet '64 - w/ Jim Hall, Steve Swallow, Walter Perkins [25 min],
Art Pepper Quartet '64 - w/ Frank Strazzeri, Hersh Hamel, Bill Goodwin [25 min],
Charles Lloyd Quartet '68 - w/ Keith Jarrett, Ron McLure, Jack DeJohnnette [30 min],
Dizzy Gillespie Quintet '61 - w/ Lalo Schifrin, Leo Wright, Bob Cunningham, Chuck Lampkin [22 min],
Cannonball Adderley Quintet '61 - w/ Joe Zawinul, Sam Jones, Louis Hayes [22 min],
Paul Winter Sextet '63 - w/ Richard Whitsell, Jay Cameron, Warren Bernhardt, Arthur Harper Jr, Ben Riley [24 min],
Bola Sete & Vince Guaraldi Trio '63 - w/ Fred Marshall, Jerry Granelli [25 min],
Turk Murphy San Francisco Band '62 - w/ Bob Neighbor, Bob Helm, Peter Clute, Harold Johnson, Lloyd Byasse [21 min],
Woody Herman And His Swinging Herd: 3 segments between '63-'64 - w/ Sal Nitisco, Nat Pierce, Jake Hanna et al [total of 78 min],
Modern Jazz Quartet '62 - John Lewis, Milt Jackson, Percy Heath, Connie Kay [21 min],
Dave Brubeck Quartet '61 - w/ Paul Desmond, Gene Wright, Joe Morello [17 min],
Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orch. '68 - w/ Pepper Adams, Bob Brookmeyer, Snooky Young, Roland Hanna, Richard Davis, Jerome Richardson, Jerry Dodgion et al [24 min],
Muggsy Spanier Sextet '63 - w/ Robert Mielke, Darnell Howard, Joe Sullivan, Pops Foster, Earl Watkins [24 min],
Joe Sullivan solo'63 [13 min],
Mel Torme Quartet '64 - w/ Gary Long, Perry Lind, Benny Barth [17 min],
Jimmy Witherspoon & Ben Webster '62 - w/ Vince Guaraldi, Monty Budwig, Colin Bailey[23 min],
Carmen McRae Quartet '62 - w/ Norman Simmons, Victor Sproles, Walter Perkins [20 min],
Lambert, Hendricks and Yolande Bavan '63 - w/ Pony Poindexter, George Tucker, [drummer] Jimmy Smith [23 min],
Count Basie Quartet '68 - w/ Freddy Green, Neil Keenan, Sonny Payne [18 min],
Earl "Fatha" Hines Trio '63 - w/ John Green, Earl Watkins [8 min],
Jimmy Rushing solo'62 [13 min], and
Louis Armstrong - commenting on his work [12 min].
Some of this material was released on VHS over a decade ago, more recently only a few of those videotapes have made it to individual DVD release. Here it is in a handsome hard-box slipcase with a 32 page booklet of short bios on all the featured musical personalities.
8 DVD BOX SET - NOW AT THE LOWER PRICE OF $160.00 [was $175]

FREDDIE REDD QUARTET With JACKIE McLEAN/SHIRLEY CLARKE - Jack Gelber's 'The Connection' [DVD] (Efor 2869032; EEC) [complete program on each side of the disc: one side NTSC all region, other side PAL all region!] Total Time: 102 mins The late Shirley Clarke [ex-wife of Arthur C Clarke, who also made the Ornette Coleman 'Made In America' documentary that took two decades to complete] directed this Cannes Festival prize-winning 1962 film is based on the Living Theatre's production of the Jack Gelber play 'The Connection'. "A quintessential work of '60s cinema - a harrowing depiction of junkies waiting for their 'connection' to show up is lightened by the performance of the jazzmen who are also waiting for their fix" - John Summiliani, Philadelphia Inquirer Freddie Redd composed the music for Jack Gelber's The Connection, a gritty play about musician junkies. Gelber had originally thought that the play would feature real musicians -- who would also double as actors in minor roles -- improvising on blues and jazz standards in the tradition of Charlie Parker, but Redd convinced him to use an original score. The two weaved Redd's original compositions into the score, making it an integral part of the play, but the music holds up superbly on its own. Using the direction "in the tradition of Charlie Parker" as a starting point, the pianist wrote seven pieces of straight-ahead bop, wide open for improvisations, and then assembled a sterling quartet featuring himself, alto saxophonist Jackie McLean, bassist Michael Mattos, and drummer Larry Ritchie. In this film it is performed on camera by the quartet as part of the actual play, filmed entirely inside a one-room apartment! [This score was later re-recorded under studio conditions by the same quartet for the Blue Note record of the same name] This is as real as it has ever got - musically and otherwise.
DVD for $25


DMG RECOMMENDED CALENDAR OF NYC MUSIC EVENTS FOR the DEC. 11th WEEKEND [Our apologies - we didn't have time to prepare a full week this time]

Friday December 11th & Saturday December 11tth-

JOHN ZORN'S MASADA MINI-FESTIVAL - The Book of Masada Volume II - at Tonic from Wednesday December 8th to Saturday December 11th, sets at 8 & 10pm each night!!! Featuring an incredible cast with Jamie Saft (keyboard), Ben Perowsky (drums), John Zorn (alto sax), Erik Friedlander (cello), Ikue Mori (drum machine/power book), Dave Douglas (trumpet), Marc Ribot (guitar), Cyro Baptista (percussion), Sylvie Courvoisier (piano), Greg Cohen (bass), Trevor Dunn (bass), Shanir Blumenkranz (bass), Jon Madof (guitar) & Mathias Kunzli (drums). Ten years ago John Zorn composed the first hundred Masada songs in one year. Since September of this year, Mr. Zorn has composed another 240 songs for Second Volume of Masada, he remains immensely inspired & still the book grows! This incredible four-day festival will feature 80 new Masada tunes, ten per set, two sets per night. Bruce's love (Huguette) has come all the down from Canada to check this out, so please say hello!

Fri Dec 10th-

LEROY JENKINS & MARY GRIFFIN at Roulette at Location One - 20 Greene St. at 8:30 - Leroy is the furthest out of all violins & is currently playing with the re-united Revolutionary Ensemble. W/ Newman Taylor Baker, Blue Gene Tyranny, Mary Griffin (video) and others!!

Sat Dec 11th-

MARILYN CRISPELL & DAVID ROTHENBERG - at Roulette at Location One - 20 Greene St. at 8:30 - one of the greatest of all living avant-jazz pianists (Ms. Crispell) meets local reeds hero David Rothenberg!

Sunday December 12th-


SUNDAY FREE-STYLE SERIES at CB's Lounge (313 Bowery) starts at about -
7 pm - Sayuri Goto, Becky Schmoyer, Adam Lane, Mike Fortune, Daniel Carter
8 pm - Borah Bergman & Dee Pop
9 pm - George Colligan's Mad Science
10 pm - Billy Mintz Two Bass Band: Rich Perry, Adam Koker, John O'Gallagher, Clay Jenkins, Dave Scott, Rock Ciccerone, Ben Gurstein, Masa Kamaguchi, John Hebert!

MATT LAVELLE/SABIR MATEEN/ROY CAMPBELL/RAS MOSHE/ANDRE MARTINEZ/CHRIS FORBES/FRANCOIS GRILLOT at Roulette at Location One - 20 Greene St. at 8:30 - another stellar line-up!!

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