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The KONK PACK gig at the Knit this Monday has had a time change to 10pm, one set only! KONK PACK features Tim Hodgkinson from Henry Cow, Thomas Lehn from MIMEO and Roger Turner. The Willem Breuker gig at Tonic has been cancelled so please check out KONK PACK.


1. COSMOSAMATICS-s/t (Boxholder 22) Featuring Sonny Simmons & Michael Marcus on various saxes, William Parker on bass, Jay Rosen on drums and special guests James Carter on baritone sax & Karen Borca on bassoon. Holy shit! A truly colossal, burning endeavor where everyone involved plays positively possessed and inspired throughout!!! It is the first time this rhythm team ever played together and do they ever rise and push together throughout. All three saxes are blasting from the gitgo and the tunes are all great ones as well! The spirit of Coltrane and Eric Dolphy live on through this music. $14.

2. NELS CLINE-ROD POOLE-JIM McAULEY-Acoustic Guitar Trio (Incus 46) Extraordinary L.A. based acoustic guitar trio recorded just last year. Rod Poole is a master of just-intonation guitar explorations and played here at DMG earlier this year, as did our fave guitar hero Nels Cline! Jim McAuley is a specialist in renaissance and baroque classical guitar. This was released by Derek Bailey, so you know it is a treasure for guitar fanatics worldwide! $16.

3. MARK HELIAS' OPEN LOOSE - New School (enja 9413) Featuring Tony Malaby on tenor sax, Mark Helias on contrabass and Tom Rainey on drums. An excellent trio that just keeps getting better each time they perform! Please complain to Koch about their price raise. $16.

4. JOHN MEDESKI-ROBERT RANDOLPH-NORTH MISSISSIPPI ALL-STARS-The Word (Ropeadope 93046) Burnin', bluesy, gospel-inspired, funky and incredible!! Robert Randolph is one the heroes Arhoolie's 'Sacred Steel' compilations that have been knocking us pedal steel fans out for the past few years. He is only 22 and hails from north Jersey. The North Mississippi All-Stars include Luther & Cody Dickinson (sons of Jim - the great southern producer & player) on guitar & drums and Chris Chew on el. bass. John Medeski from Emergency & MMW plays wicked, greasy organ throughout! Most made up of gospel standards and a few originals, this reminds me somewhat of Little Feat and the Meters at their best! $16.

5. SABIR MATEEN - Symphony for the Creator (self-produced) Recorded in September of 1996 and put out by Test's phenomenal sax hero himself playing alto & tenor sax, drums, clarinet, flute, vocals & even some synth. Sabir always delivers strong & inspired sets! Limited editions CDR in handmade insert for $14.

6. SUN RA & HENRY DUMAS -The Ark and The Ankh (IKEF 02) This is long lost collaboration between the late storyteller, activist and poet - Henry Dumas with the visionary composer, player and big band leader from Saturn - Sun Ra from 1966, recorded at Slug's Saloon. A fascinating blend of Henry's words with the cosmic music of Sun Ra and his Arkestra! $14.

7. SUN CITY GIRLS - The Handsome Stranger [Carnival Folklore Resurrection-Vol. 8] (Abduction 020) Recorded in 1997/'98 and a strange Goucher-led acid fantasy of John Kennedy's spirit elevation that moves a variety of twisted soundscapes and psychodramas! $14.

8. JACKIE-O MOTHERFUCKER - Liberation (Roadcone 031) This is JOMF's 7th bizarre and challenging full-length release and it moves into some new sonic realms. Strings and vibes add to the fragile beauty, both free and filled with twisted patterns. Shimmering noise, soft clouds and primitive psychedelic chaos wind their way using saxes, guitars, percussion, strings and electronics turns their listener's minds inside-out! $13.

9. ESTRADASPHERE - Buck Fever (Mimicry 008) An odd fusion of Balkan, gypsy, throat-singing, Latin, surf, rock, jazz, death-metal & even more. There are many layers of tracks on each tune, dada-like compositions, orchestrations and improvisations. Trey Spruance from Mr. Bungle and Secret Chiefs 3 does some of the engineering and production and word is that their local gigs have been amazing and off-the-wall! $14.

10. ICEBREAKER - Extractions (Between the Lines 018) An impressive British new music ensemble perform new works by Damian Le Gassik ["Mad Legs in a Sack"] and Gordon McPherson ["The Baby Bear's Bead" and "Goldylox"]. "These works provide the listener with plethora of musical impressions which directly address their imagination - numerous highly diverse sequences emerge, some evoking naturalistic landscapes, others in a stark contrast -the jungle of a futuristic metropolis." $15.

11. MUSIC OF THE BIBAYAK PYGMIES OF GABON - Epic Cantors (Ocora 582053) Vocal music of the earliest inhabitants of Africa - this music erupts in the broken vocalizing of pure sound - the voices enter successively and adjust to one another in canons - the yodeling vocals give rise to certain contrapuntal techniques. Quite mesmerizing! This is the beginning of Ocora's new midline budget series and it is one of best all the traditional world music labels. $13.

12. MUNIR BASHIR - The Art of the Ud in Iraq (Ocora 583068) The late oud master Munir Bashir was known for his long Indian-like raga-influenced improvisations. This is beautifully presented solo Arabic string music from a peak performance in 1971. A perfect balance of fire, melodic invention and classical discipline which is a vehicle for a metaphysical musical language. Transcendent! $13.

IN STOCK NOW!!! The new issue of Signal To Noise. Features the 9 page Sunny Murray article in which he RIPS Rashied Ali and Milford Graves. Also Marco Eneidi, Dr. Chadbourne, E#, Dave Fiuczynski, David Gilmore and hundreds of reviews $3.95


***DMG has gotten a number of letters of complaints from Bill Laswell fans that have purchased his 'Filmtracks 2000' cd on Tzadik. It seems that this is cd is a compilation of mostly previously available tracks from releases like 'Permutations' or 'Broken Vessels' (out-of-print, but we still have some copies at $10.) or 'Opera Zone' and one of my friends claims that a couple of tracks are slight remixes from the last cd by Omar Faruk Tekbilek. We apologize if anyone feels mislead.

13. HERBIE HANCOCK - Future 2 Future (Transparent 500112) Produced by Bill Laswell & Herbie and featuring Wayne Shorter, Jack DeJohnette, Charnett Moffett, Carl Craig, Karsh Kale, Gigi and Laswell on bass. Better than anticipated mix of funk, pop, world and hip-hop. Finally in stock at $16.

Mr. Laswell's latest release on Meta 'Spiritual Beauty' is now due out in about two weeks, but let's wait and see. Jah Wobble & Deep Space's 'Largely Live in Hartepool & Manchester' (30 Hertz #15) is also due out in the next few weeks, Bill is a guest on some of the tracks. It is a double cd set and will sell for about $24. Jah Wobble's Solaris will be on tour in England from October 21st-28th and features Bill, Harold Budd, Graham Haynes and Jaki Liebezeit. Anyone who attends any of these shows and wishes to write a short review, please e-mail it to us & we will happily include it here.

BILL LASWELL - Points of Order (Inner Rhythmic 011) This one features Buckethead, Graham Haynes, Toshinori Kondo, Karsh Kale, Karl Berger and members of the Anti-Pop Consortium. We just received the promo today and Manny says this was previously available only as a download at eMusic under the title 'Cyclops'. Release date is October 23rd.

MASSACRE - Live at the Meltdown Festival in London/June 2001 (on Tzadik) will be released on the third Tuesday in November. This version of Massacre features Fred Frith on lead guitar, Bill Laswell on (sonic-destroyer) bass and Charles Hayward (from This Heat) on drums. We are really looking forward to this one!!


14. JAZZACTUEL BOXSET (Get Back 300) A fantastic six lp box set collection of avant-free/jazz-psychedelic music from the incredible BYG/Actuel label from 1969-1971 and based in Paris. Featuring one track each from Sunny Murray, Archie Shepp, Steve Lacy, Daevid Allen, Dave Burrell, Grachan Moncur III, GONG, Sun Ra & Solar Myth Arkestra, Art Ensemble of Chicago, Burton Greene, Arthur Jones, Don Cherry, Anthony Braxton, Jimmy Lyons, Music Electronica Viva, Jacques Coursil, Andrew Cyrille, Dewey Redman, Frank Wright, Paul Bley and Alan Silva's Celestial Communication Orchestra. Still available as a three cd set for $35. or as a heavy duty six lp box with each album pressed on high quality vinyl and informative liner notes from historians Thurston Moore & Byron Coley for $55.!!!!

15. DANIEL CARTER & ANDREW BARKER - s/t (Qbica 2) Amazing lp only duo record from multi reeds & trumpet hero for Test & Other Dimensions in Music - Daniel Carter and that superb drummer - Andrew Barker - from the Gold Sparkle Band & Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra!! Extremely limited edition of 200 lps for $15.

16.SUNNY MURRAY - Sunshine (Get Back 348/Actuel/BYG) High energy free-form avant jazz insanity featuring Archie Shepp, Roscoe Mitchell, Arthur Jones & Kenneth Terroade on saxes, Lester Bowie on trumpet, Alan Silva & Malachi Favors on contrabasses and Sunny Murray on drums! Recorded in Paris on August 15th, 1969 and still able to wake the dead! $15.

17. ALAN SILVA - Skillfullness (Get Back 1027/ESP 1091) Featuring Dave Burrell, Karl Berger, Becky Friend, Mike Ephron, Lawrence Cook and Barry Altschul. Originally released on ESP in 1970, this was Alan Silva's first album as a leader and it is of course a gem of avant-jazz cosmic sounds. $14.

18.& 19. SUN RA & HIS SOLAR MYTH ARKESTRA - The Solar Myth Approach Volume 1 and 2 (Get Back 340 & 341) A wild, passionate mix of interstellar free jazz, solo synthesizer and philosophy from other worlds. Blinding, illuminating, free spirits and other dimensions. Each of these two separate albums cost $15.

20.THE SEA ENSEMBLE - We Move Together (Get Back 1026/ESP) Originally released in 1974, this was one of the last ESP releases. It features Donald Rafael Garrett on bass clarinet and bass (a later Coltrane collaborator) and multi-instrumentalist Zusaan Kali Fasteau on piano, cello and flute. Beautiful free-flowing sounds from this incredibly talented husband and wife duo! $14.

21. CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & HIS MAGIC BAND - Strictly Personal (SimplyVinyl/UK import) Virgin vinyl import pressing & currently not available in then US on cd. This was the Captain's second studio effort and it is pretty great and pretty psychedelic! Import lp for $15.

22. JOHN COLTRANE & DON CHERRY - The Avant-Garde (Atlantic) with Percy Heath and Ed Blackwell - a rare and wonderful collaboration from 1966! $9.

23. CHARLES MINGUS - Blues & Roots (Atlantic) Amazing jazz/blues/gospel treasure with an all-star cast of Booker Ervin, John Handy, Jackie McLean, Pepper Adams, Jimmy Knepper, Horace Tapscott & Mal Waldron!! $9.

24. CHARLES MINGUS - Pithecanthropus Erectus (Atlantic) Oh yeah! Featuring Jackie McLean & J.R. Monterose on saxes, Mal Waldron on piano & Willie Jones on drums! Another amazing Mingus record! $9.

25. SONNY ROLLINS - Freedom Suite (Riverside) Classic trio date with Oscar Petiford on bass and Max Roach on drums! Featuring the fabulous side-long title track. $9.

26. SABU & HIS PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE - Sorcery! (Columbia) $9.

27. PHAROAH SANDERS - Izipho Zam [My Gifts] (Strata East) Featuring Sonny Sharrock, Sonny Fortune, Howard Johnson, Cecil McBee, Sirone, Lonnie Liston Smith & Leon Thomas! Completely over the top and currently not available on cd! Back in stock next week. Probably $14.

28. SUN RA - Monorails & Satellites (Saturn/reissue) Rare solo piano offering from 1966 - brilliant and engaging! I have seen an original release of this rarity. $14.

29. SUN RA & HIS ARKESTRA - Lanquidity (Philly Jazz/reissue) Space music, funk, chanting and cosmic grooves - one of his best ever!! $14.

30. SUN RA ARKESTRA - Cosmos (Inner City/reissue) Excellent studio date from 1976 and currently never available on cd! $9.

31. LEON THOMAS - Spirits Known & Unknown (Flying Dutchman/reissue) Leon was an extraordinary vocalist who could yodel in his own distinctive way and sang the anthem "The Creator Has a Master Plan" with Pharoah Sanders on 'Karma'. This is perhaps his best effort and it not available on cd at present. $9.

32. MAL WALDRON/ERIC DOLPHY - The Quest (OJC) Featuring also Booker Ervin, Ron Carter and Charlie Persip!! A superb record with an all-star cast! Both sax giants Booker Ervin and Eric Dolphy had played with Charles Mingus previously! $9.

33. BOB DYLAN - Unplugged (Simply Vinyl) This is only a few years old and was recorded live at Sony studios with Dylan and his great acoustic band. A two lp set on high import quality for $17.

34. JOHN CALE & TERRY RILEY- Church Of Anthrax (Columbia) Minimalist classic from 1970!$7

35. SANTANA- Welcome (Columbia) Features John McLaughlin, Alice Coltrane, Larry Young, Leon Thomas, Flora Purim $7

36. ILLY B EATS Volume 1- Groove, Bang and Jive Around (Amulet Records) Billy Martin of MMW and Scotty Hard produce a breakbeat album for DJs. Features Billy's trademark Latin syncopations. Not available in the US on CD $14

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